Best CPU?

Looking for a new CPU for my computer I have no idea what I should get though
My budget for the CPU would be around 180 maybe a bit higher 230+ would be limit would also need a new motherboard that fits with the CPU the budget for the mother board is 80 maybe a little more.
CPU I have been looking at but not sure on yet would like others opinions
AMD A10 7850K
Intel i5 4670k
AMD FX 8350
The purpose of my computer is mostly games and not much else maybe occasional browsing but not much more

I hear that intel model is pretty good. The "K" means you can overclock it, but I can't offer anything else in the way of CPU information. Most people have told me to avoid going for an AMD processor right now.

This motherboard goes over budget, but appears compatible:

The Escapists here may be able to help you further:

The APU is pretty much out of the question since you already have a GPU.
According to most benchmarks, the i5 has superior performance but not by that much. Some people believe that the extra 4 cores in the FX will be beneficial for gaming in the future since the next gen consoles adopted the amd octacore design. I'd go for what's cheaper since CPU isn't that important gaming wise, the 8320 has a better price to performance ratio since it's just a slightly underclocked 8350.


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