Recommend me a graphics card

Yesterday I got myself a cliniq 13hd draw pad, and when I tried to hook it up to my computer I discovered that my current card (ati readon 6700 or something) did not support 3 screens.

I am currently using a dual screen setup with a 42" as a main with HDMI, and a 22" secondary with the old standard plug (don't recall it's name right now).

I want to keep both these, and have the pad on the side. Also while I am at it a upgrade may be in order as well when it comes to the power of the card for future games.

So with these two things in mind, what should I look for?
Price is not a huge issue, but don't want to go all out.

PS. Every single ATI card I have ever had have had the same problem, after about a year the fan comes loose, so want to avoid those if I can.

I think it would be easier to buy a HDMI/DP adapter. That way you don't need to buy an expensive new video card, but can still use your new draw pad by simply plugging it into an USB port. There are very few cards with 3+ ports to begin with anyway.


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