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so have noticed that my other data has grown and grown and last i checked it is at 14gb on my phone.

Everywhere i look it says a restore to factory settign fixes it but i cant see whats involved with that. will i need to enter my phone providors details?

seems like a lot of hassel to re install and set up all my apps.

Anyone know a better solution? or got hints or tips on how to restore it so i dont end up with a paper weight


Did you try to backup/restore your phone yet? A friend of mine backed up his iPhone 4 for his new 5S. He said that everything remained intact (texts, photos) except a few game saves were lost, as well as non-iTunes music.

He ran into the same problems that you're having (frankly, a lot of people are) with his phone data available space magically disappearing. He gave his old iPhone 4 to me after reformatting, and I haven't run into the same problem at all. The difference is that I don't text a whole lot and I don't take a lot of photos. Or, if I do take photos, I immediately connect to my PC and rip them from the phone. I use the majority of my data for MP3s/podcasts, not pics.

yeah back up/restore worked. i was thinking that a restore would end up restoring the "other" data but it didnt. phone is back to actually having space and still ahs all my apps and contacts.


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