samsung s24a300h with a S24B150BL

So I went to buy a second monitor today, only to find my monitor was discontinued and I couldn't seem to find it anywhere, even a friend who works for Samsung said he'd have trouble getting one.So I looked at the newer still available model. I need to know what these two will look like side by side, they look pretty identical... Will the colours match etc... and if I decided to get another for eyefinity will they look nice together.

So in short:

Will they line up next to each other on my desk at the same height?
Will I be able to tell the difference between an image on one screen and one on the other?

I'd much prefer to just get another of my current monitor if anyone knows where to get one...

Thanks for you're help guys.

The quick answer is no, you won't get a perfect matching image if you use the second monitor. Incidentally, which is which? Which is your current model?

On the outside, both monitors are exactly the same. The physical dimensions for both are:

(Panel only, without stand)
22.4" X 13.5" X 2.1"

(With stand)
22.4" X 16.4" X 2.1"

Unfortunately, the S24B150BL has a screen size of 23.6", while the S24A300H has a screen size of 24". That equals a 2 centimeter diagonal screen difference. However, consider the fact that both monitors are the same on the outside, so the displays are likely centered. Therefore, that 2 centimeter diagonal difference will (hopefully) be distributed evenly in each direction, meaning the larger screen will only be larger by 5 millimeters at the top, 5 millimeters at the bottom, and less than 2 millimeters on the sides.

Overall, I would say that, had you no other choice, I would go for what you can get. Otherwise, if you had the money, and if minor visual differences really bother you, I would try to get two of the S24A300H.

Color-wise, I bet that the different monitors are very similar, but what would make the biggest difference is the signal type going to each display. They would both have to be DVI or both HDMI. I have two HDTVs, one with DVI, the other HDMI (from my PC) and the HDMI color is very saturated. I've swapped both signals to both TVs and the saturation follows the HDMI. I actually prefer the DVI and incidentally, I don't mind the color difference because my TVs are stacked vertically, not side by side.

Here are the basic specs I used for my comparison:

The s24a300h is my current screen. Thank you so much for you're help, this is super useful stuff!

If you know a place where you can get the s24a300h still let me know and I'll snap them up!


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