How to find Gaming friends?

Hello i'm a lonely gamer who wants some people to play with. I play xbox 360 live like halo and call of duty and have many pc steam games. I'm looking for someone to play with generally. Like after talking and getting to know eachother we would decide what game to play and not have it all be based on one game forum or game. That is why I find it tricky to find someone because most ppl lf others look in that specific games forums but I just wanna play co-op any game. Actually thinking about finding some people to play an mmo with because I can't stand those games by myself.

Do you know any good sites or methods on finding people without having to leave the house and convey your personal info?i.e. facebook. I do hope to develop a relationship with this person but striclty for fun and gaming.

Well I made some friends while playing EVE online. It was a big "clan", and sometimes we would play Minecraft or LoL together. So I guess you could try withsome MMO that you like and gathers together lots of people (intelligent people if you can. EVE is so hard that it auto-purges the idiots).

Well it would involve leaving the house but you could go and check out your local comic book/trading card stores if you have any. In my experience a lot of these will have a "gaming area" where people can hang out to play Smash Bros or whatever. You could see if you can meet people there.

Get steam for your pc, play online games as you normally would through steam.

You'll have people requesting to add you without lifting a finger. Whilst these will be superficial relations, chances are you'll encounter peeps you can just talk to and things will naturally take its course from there.

Seriouly people add others all the time on steam without really thinking about it, I find it obnoxious as I'd rather get to know someone first before adding them, but in your case if you just wanna have access to a pool of people to game with and maybe become friends with over time, this wouldn't seem like too much of a bad idea if you no rl solution applies to you.

Hi everyone,

I realise this is an old thread, but just to help any stumblers like me... have you checked out It's a free site specifically for helping people connect with each other for online gaming. It's profile based and supports most platforms and games. I found it helpful.

Hope that's useful :-)


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