Where to get trading cards rated and where to sell for a fair price

I have a bunch of old pokemon cards that I saved and I have been trying to find a place to get them graded. I found a few online places where you ship them your cards and you get them back a few weeks later, but the cost is a bit over the top I feel. Some of the cards I have may only be worth 5-10$ and the cost of grading them depending on the site is anywhere from 5-25$...It just doesn't seem worth it to have those graded even though grading them could raise the value from 5$ up to 25$....the cost of grading just doesn't make it worth while.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone knows about local resources for grading or if anyone has experience with grading, and is it maybe even possible to get some sort of license myself and grade them?

If anyone is in the north Atlanta area or know about local stores anywhere north of Atlanta that do grading in house please let me know.

...Oh yah; any suggestion on where to sell would be great to. I feel like if I had a store value a card and it was worth 100$ they would offer me 50$ tops...which doesn't seem like a great price since ebay might net 80% of the value or more...

Thanks for anyone's help I really appreciate it.

I usually have good luck with conventions. There's usually a card dealing booth where someone will know what he's talking about. Internet isn't a bad resource either. I usually sell cards on eBay, which is also a good way to check prices.


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