Google Chrome - recent speed and stability issues

I am writing this on Firefox despite having given it up two years ago. I switched to Chrome because it seemed faster and more capable. Which it was, until now. However, these past few weeks, Chrome has steadily been getting slower, heavier (it has been clocked at using 1 GB of memory - well that is what it says), and much more unstable. Videos won't play properly, and writing anything is a nightmare. Does anyone know what has gone wrong and is there anyway to fix it? Thanks for any help.

I think a good place to start would be your Chrome plugins. Type ' about:plugins ' into your address bar and see what comes up (no quotes, just the text plus colon). The biggest issue for me was how both Google and Adobe had Flash plugins, which end up interfering with each other. This went on for a long time. Ultimately I gave up on Google and went with Adobe instead.


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