is it possible to install Nexus mods without relocating your Steam files?

Hi all, been meaning to ask this for a while but for some reason never got around to it, I've been playing games on my PC a lot more lately since I managed to get the display working on my TV (I have a great rig but my room is situated in such a way that there's not much of a place to put it so my monitor and keyboard were on a cabinet by my bed which means the monitor is far too low to look at the screen for long, so in order to use it I had to kneel between the two, but I digress.)

with that said I still got 35 hours of Skyrim and 49 of Mount and Blade: Warband under those conditions, anyway...

one extra HDMI cable and a wireless keyboard/mouse later, I can now play PC games from an armchair in front of my awesome TV without the worry of causing irreparable damage to my spine, so next logical step, mods

I've limited myself thus far to mods avaliable on the Steam workshop, which has been great for Skyrim but there are a few that just aren't avaliable there, just as an example I'd love to be able to have a second sheath while Dual Weilding so your off-hand weapon doesn't just vanish when you put it away. for such mods as this I was directed to the Nexus (still something of a newcomer to PC gaming or at least mods so I'm not sure how widely used it is)

I looked up how to install mods from this site and it apparently the location of all my Steam files on my C drive is not ideal, they're in program files, as opposed to games.

thing is I have about 70 games on Steam (and have played maybe 10 of them...thank you Steam sales) and I really don't want to take the risk of moving all those files manually to another location in case I mess up (which knowing me I might well) and lose save data or games in the process

so my very long winded lead up concludes with the question, can I install mods from the Nexus while keeping my Steam files where they are? if so, can one of you more savvy people explain in lamens terms how to do it? if not any help you might be able to give in an alternative I would very much appreciate


Sure. If you manually place Nexus mods into the directories of the games. In simpler terms, move the mod files to the installation, not the installation to the mod files. Even the Nexus mod manager program (if you're using it) allows you to change directories.

Quick screencap tutorial for you if you're using the mod manager.

Step one. Open up Nexus Mod Manager.
It will scan your mod compatible games. Click the green arrows to confirm installation location.
Click the red 'x' to ignore games you don't have. Once done, press ok.

Step two. Select the game you want to mod.

Step three. Here's where you can select installation directories. Click the ... to browse your computer.


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