Can't get Rainbow six 3 working.

So recently, between watching Flashpoint and hearing about the new upcoming R6: Siege I decided I wanted to go back and play R6 3, unfortunately I can't get it to work and I was wondering if anyone here could help out.

The problem:
When I click on the icon the disk spins up and nothing happens for a few seconds, then I get an error message that tells me "Failed to initialize 3d hardware, please make sure DirectX 8.1 or higher is installed". Problem is, I know for a fact that I have dX11 installed so this seems to be a compatibility issue. Is there a fix or am I just SOL?

Things I have Tried:
Reinstalling the game
Running in compatibility mode for winXP
Running as administrator.
Patching the game with the newest official update.
Running the dX installer on the disk.

EDIT: No idea if this makes any difference, but I'm using the original disks, not the Steam version.


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