Fraternal Novelty Gifts

It appears that several members of my fraternity are looking to me to run for show next year. So, I'm currently trying to put together a program and budget. However, one thing that I'm having trouble with is trying to figure out a suitable gift to give out for those celebrating the anniversary of their initiation and for our visitors. I've searched through National Pen (thank to the ads here) catalogs, and its ilk, but can't really find anything interesting.

So, I open the floor to any suggestions of a small gift, that I'm able to at least put our logo on. Maybe my fraternity's name, and hopefully my name as well. I'm looking for a price point of under two dollars a unit, with maybe 2 hundred units. And please, no mugs, pens or flashlights. We've got enough of them to last a lifetime.

I suppose shot glasses would be unbecoming?


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