Planning my first PC build. Would like some advice.

I'm planning to build a PC for the first time. It'll probably be a couple of months before I actually start but at the moment I'm doing some advance planning. My budget will likely be around $1500-$1600 (that's €873-€932 for those of you across the pond). Would like to play most modern games at 1080p and at least 60fps. I'm especially wanting to make sure this build will run The Witcher 3 well. For processor and GPU I'm considering the I5 5670k and the Gigabyte GTX 770. For the case I will probably go with this:

Anyway, I'd like to see what you all think in regards to components, whether I'm going overkill or not enough. Also, any advice about motherboards or any other component that you recommend. I'm really looking forward to this build, I've been gaming on a 2010 macbook fat with integrated graphics, which as you can imagine isn't ideal.

Edit: Would also like advice on what version of Windows to get. I'll be going with more than 4 GB of ram so it'll need to be 64 bit.


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