Should I get a real monitor

I have been using my TV as a monitor for my computer at 1920x1080 for pretty much everything however recently I have had some troubles with the screen randomly turning of then back on again and I feel like its the TV monitor. So should I just ignore it or should a buy a new monitor and if I do buy a new monitor can someone recommend me a good one that's not to expensive (Max would be 150 ish).
P.S not sure if related but sometimes when I watch you tube videos I get a blue screen is there any way I can fix this?

Hmm. Can you right-click on your desktop and select 'screen resolution'? What's the listed recommended resolution?

Flashing is fairly common when using HDTVs as monitors, but mainly when you first turn the TV on. The YouTube blue screen aspect is...interesting to say the least, and I'm willing to be it has to do with how idiotic they've been with everything including the lack of caching and constantly changing resolution on-the-fly because they think they know more about your PC than you do.


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