Anyone built a "Charging Station" for their home?

It seems that we have so many devices to charge and no central place to charge them all (aside from the phones on the counter) that I want to build a charging station to accommodate everything, including:

-Nintendo DS
-Any other gadgets I find

Has anyone tried to build one? Looking for ideas before I tackle it. Trying to think of something that's not a complete eyesore, but that will handle all that.

I don't have a charging station the way you're describing, but I knew that I wanted a lot of power outlets for my PC area.

In your case I think a simple surge protector would work well, with some extras, namely these mini extension cords. When I bought the five-pack it was just $10. At its current price of $20 I think it's still worth it as you will get the full use of a single power strip when large, blocky power adapters are involved.

Incidentally, I got a few of these "jumper" power cords from my old job. They're basically extension cords for PCs and monitors. At work we always called monitor and tower power cords "D" plugs, so I guess these are D-plug extensions. I love them because I have HDTVs mounted on monitor arms, so I needed the length to snake all the way up the arms. I honestly don't know why these things aren't sold in stores because they would solve so many headaches for home PC users.

Here's one on Amazon, 6 feet for $7, but I don't see any reviews.

At least four of those devices can be charged via USB so you might want to get a multi USB port AC adapter like this one and some USB charger cables for any of them you don't already have that for. After that you'll probably just need a socket for your Chromebook charger, assuming it's not also 5v and can't be charged via USB. My charging station is a single USB cable on my desk that comes from the back of my computer so I can't say I've ever built something dedicated.

In retrospect, at my old job we got one of these for free from HP. We used them for Mini Notebooks for charging and mass distribution of updates.


I bet you could easily make one, starting with this. You can cut holes in the back. The backing on these cheap bookcase/cabinets are usually just cardboard, but even so, it will be a thin piece of particle board at most.

There are also plenty of cheap options you could add, like self-sealing gromets for cords coming out of the top. Hell, you could even install a simple vent for air intake, and shove a square of cheap, washable filter material in there, cut to size. The one thing I would definitely want is a fan for airflow, in which case this USB-powered PC case fan might work.

Let's see what the monetary damage is so far:

"Room Essentials" 2-Door Organizer = $34.99 at Target
"Soffit vent" = $2.07 at Home Depot (you might have to spraypaint it)
Small, washable filter material, cut to size = $5.46 at Home Depot
USB-powered PC fan for external use = $26.99 at Newegg
The USB-powered fan is even cheaper at Amazon = $10.43. Free shipping if you have Prime.

This makes your new total $52.95 before taxes and shipping, so all you need are the requisite tools and a powered USB hub.


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