Help Changing Xbox Live Gamer Tag

I made my Xbox live account way back in 2009, and for whatever reason I didn't properly capitalize anything in my gamer tag. Well it's been 8 years since I created my account, and I want to finally try and change that. The problem is that Xbox live does not make tags case sensitive, so for example if I change my gamer tag from zodiacmaster101 to ZodiacMaster101 it won't work since the system counts it as the same thing regardless of the capitalized letters.

I was thinking of changing it first to something slightly different like Zodiac-Master101, and then afterward changing it again to ZodiacMaster101. Does anyone else know if this will actually work, or is there something that I don't know about that would stop it?

Also, sorry if this post is poorly/awkwardly worded, I tried to type this up without being super repetitive with the words gamer and tag.

Unless they changed it, you have to pay to change your name, so doing it a bunch of times wont be cheap.

Yeah, last I heard, it was like $10. So make sure it's really worth it.

You could ask a representative on the Xbox site in the chat option, but it will probably take at least half an hour of your time, and in my experience you've got a 30% chance of ending up with someone who knows what they're talking about. Seriously, I once spent hours with someone who didn't understand anything about how an Xbox 360 worked, and they were just repeating what someone else was telling them (not exaggerating, they said as much), but by the end they were acting like they were an expert. And no, they never solved my issue.


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