New? Reddit not always working.

Sometime in February (I think) Reddit changed for me.
Previous to that, the subreddit I was heavily into (HFY) loaded instantly and I had no problem navigating around the site but ever since the change I can't even open a bookmarked page without getting stuck in endless loading screen.
A red pulsing reddit logo that just wont go away.
Sometimes it does work (a rare occasion) but takes tens of seconds to load.

I'm wondering if I'm on the mobile site since I get throttled when I reach my cap and the mobile site link at the bottom of the page does nothing.
Then again, I see no and shouldn't the mobile link change to desktop link?
I'm not currently being throttled so...

If you know what is happening or can get me back to the desktop version I would be grateful.

P.S. I don't have a reddit account.

Well, don't I feel foolish for creating this thread now..
I "solved" it.
I kept trying and trying but nothing was working..So I removed the reddit cookies and it went back to normal.
Weird that I can't get back to the desktop version whenever I so chose.

Stupid reddit.


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