weird computer problem

been a while now that I feel like my computer is "dieing"
the issues is, while I use it I get complete freeze for like 15-30 seconds, and that not even barely using it, like being on youtube and such.
If I play a game like diablo 3, I can barely play for more than 15 minutes without a freeze and sometimes those freeze can last up to a minute.
The weirdest issues is I have trouble looking at twitch stream or VOD but not youtube (I can hear the sound but the video is just froze, not the computer)
I have a hunch its the cpu dieing, is there a way to know if its the cpu, ram or harddrive?

I don't know much about anything, but I was of the impression that if it was RAM you'd probably just go straight to BSOD.

I had some few blue screen, thought very seldom

Hi Siyano,

Is your computer still working? Are you still having the same problem? Have you tried any diagnostic programs out for checking your RAM or performed a checkdisk on your harddrive to check for errors including bad sectors on disk?

When your computer freezes does sound persist or hang? Or does everything stop? Is your mouse cursor still movable? Can you press CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to bring up the task manager in those instances?

I'm going to call it first; bloatware.

Might want to check to see if you have too many or even software running when you've not even really using it. From experience, CPUs die inexplicably.

It's a pretty vague problem but given that the screen freezes but the sounds continues I want to say it could be the GPU. If you have both a dedicated graphics card and onboard video I suggest you try running without the graphics card and see if the issue persists. Also update your video drivers if you haven't.

Do a run through with Malwarebytes, Spybot, or some type of virus/malware cleaning program. If you recently upgraded your video drivers, try reverting them. I had a friend that had a similar problem with Radeon drivers and streaming. There were ways around it messing with by enabling flash to stream instead of html5, but in the end we had to just go through a bunch of different driver versions to fix it. If all fails, back up everything, pull all your keys, and reinstall your OS. If the issue still persist then move to hardware.

I've actually had someone with a similar issue recently, and it turned out their GPU was so choked up with dust that it was overheating. The computer would just entirely shut down with no warning.

Cracked open the card, removed the dust and put new paste on, and it runs perfectly fine now.

So could it be a heat issue? This person was getting like upwards of 90-100*C in games.


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