Should I bring a (small)gift?

Hey, Advice section of the forum. Longtime listener, first time caller. I've got a dilemma that I hope you internet strangers can advise me on.

Basically there is a co-worker(oh no) I am interested in, we've known each other over a year but recently started properly talking a month or so ago after hitting it off at a social event. We chat daily on facebook and over the company IM chat solution(due to shifts face to face interaction at work is limited to non-existent), with her being the initiator 8/10 times. We have been on two "dates" so far which have gone well but no kissing, very little physical contact because I haven't really been sure of just how interested she is, a good friend(and colleague) has already told me she is interested but I am a low self esteem guy so haven't believed him. Now, to the meat and potatoes of it all. It is her birthday next week and she has invited me to a birthday meal with her(just the two of us).

My question to you is would it be strange/too full on to bring a small gift? I'm thinking something very small, on the same level of a birthday card. If this were a friend(which she is at the very least) I would bring something no question but the romantic/dating angle is screwing me up.

If you would bring one for a friend, then why wouldnt you bring one for a hopeful future relationship?

Just keep it cheap and simple, but thoughtful would be good. Dont know how much you know about her, but if there is anything (again cheap and simple) that would specifically appeal to her, I'd probably go with that.

Bring a gift, it's her birthday. And Saelune is correct, if possible give her something you know has personal appeal to her.



Thanks for the replies. Seems a bit of a silly question now ha.


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