I need advice for my channel (not a plug)

So I guess this will probably get deleted immediately for some reason with my luck, but I really don't know where else to ask (because despite the dozens of people I've given feedback to on various YouTube subreddits and forums, none of them could be bothered to reciprocate).

I started a channel where I play a lazy apathetic guy who does videos (just stuff like reviews so far) where he clearly doesn't bother to learn how to play the game or put effort into stuff.

But I have no idea if anyone's watching my stuff so far, and I don't know how much of it is the fact that I'm not covering popular brand new games and how much people think I'm just running a generic review/Let's Play channel (which seems to be 90% of all new stuff these days). I have no idea to present the channel, since most people seem to think it's unintentionally bad. I'm wondering what more I could do market my videos with titles/thumbnails/etc. so people know it's a joke. I'd appreciate any help, because it feels kind of pointless when no one including friends is even watching the stuff I make. Hell, I still don't know if this is even good.

The slowness is infuriating. The lazy/intentionally bad review can work, but the slowness, I cant stand it.

And I get you want to sound bored/uninterested, but its not working for me.

Ever heard of Casually Explained? You may want to check them out, cause I think they do alot of what you want to do in their presentation, but in an entertaining way.

I did try watching your video at 2x speed, and it was better, and I did chuckle a bit, so there is hope perhaps.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate the constructive criticism. Maybe I might see about trying it less monotone but still coming off like an idiot.

I know that I'm about 12 days late, but I figured I'd give my 2 cents.

Firstly, I'll have to echo the statement made by Saelune, it goes by far too slowly, and 2x speed is absolutely perfect. It still gets across that lazy bum feeling that you're going for. It made the jokes punchier and gave it an appropriate length for the material present.

Maybe I might see about trying it less monotone but still coming off like an idiot.

I actually like the monotone, it's what made most of the jokes work for me. It limits the types of jokes you can tell, but you've clearly made your jokes based upon it, so I feel that it works well. It works better in the "Gary's Xexyz Review" in my opinion though. Something to keep in mind though, this sort of humour is really divisive, but it is worth trying out something different to see what works best for you. Just know that it's a stylistic choice that won't always work.

Not all the jokes hit, but I will say that I genuinely laughed at the Bronson joke, this is something that I feel will come with practice. EDIT: Just checked out your "Gary's Xexyz Review" to see what others were like for the sake of being thorough, actually laughed a fair number of times. I feel that it's much stronger than the video you provided in the OP.

I'd personally add in slightly more structure, it feels as though you're going level to level and describing things. You may feel as though this would detract from things, but this sort of thing is more about the illusion of not putting in effort rather than the reality of it. With the video you've placed in the OP I'd simply say that you could just arrange things based upon theme. Music > Graphics > Gameplay > Enemies > Story/Levels. Even if you do have a format, feel free to break it a lot for the sake of humor. It's just the sort of thing that gives your videos a flow, as though they're moving forward. If you do it lazy enough it will look more like a review, but a review by a lazy prick, which I think is still what you're hoping to do. This is something that your most recent video has addressed a great deal (you've improved a great deal rapidly, I'm glad to see you fixed the potato audio quality), though I feel it could still use improvement, even if it's just some sort of notable transition, something as small as a card onscreen.

For a good example of a similar idea that's been successful I'd compare it to the Plinkett reviews by Red Letter Media, they run with the monotone and very basic transitions and it comes across as though there's minimal effort put in (well, a simulation of no effort, but it's trying to give the effect) and that it's barely strung together. However those are tied together with long-winded insightful breakdowns with only a peppering of jokes, so that's where the similarities really end, but I feel as though it could be useful to look at.

The fact is, as you've said yourself, limiting yourself to obscure retro titles does limit your potential audience. A lot. Picking big new titles is what's going to get you the most attention as that's the sort of thing that people are actively seeking. Now, if you want that sort of attention you needn't limit yourself to new titles, though that is the most effective method. You could target titles that are just going to always maintain some level of interest or are tangentially related to things that are upcoming, for example Metal Gear Solid is going to be something that is consistently relevant for a while, as will Mario titles, these will have a good point of reference for people and are commonly searched, causing you to pop up in recommendations, Crash Bandicoot is having a HD remake coming out, so you could ride that train by doing some of the classic games. Ultimately though this is something that you should be doing for yourself, so if you are most passionate about random retro titles then run with it. If you don't enjoy making the videos then you're not going to last long.

That's also an issue to do with properly tagging your videos, if you aren't doing that you're not going to be showing up in people's searches.

Finally, some people will fail to get the joke and this that you're being sincere. The technical term for these sorts of people is "Gibbering Retard". You're going to have to ignore these sorts of people and push on, at most put in some more blatant statements, but I personally cannot think of any way that you could ham it up any more that wouldn't change what you're doing at present. Admitting that it's a joke ruins the joke.

EDIT: You're only a few episodes into your new video series. People don't get views for a very long time. You're not doing unreasonably for how few episodes you've put out at all. Those who do are incredible outliers.

Sorry if what I've written is all over the place, it's 2am and I'm too lazy to go back and edit all of that. This is probably almost as long as the University Essay that I am meant to be writing instead of this.


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