Gaming mouse/mousepad recs/questions

I'm going to be replacing my mouse soon, since I've noticed it doesn't slide as smoothly as it used to, to the point where I can tell it's actually affecting how well I do in games. I currently have a Razer Abyssus that I've been using since 2010, and I'd like some recommendations for similar mice that aren't terribly expensive or overcomplicated- I'm not opposed to additional buttons but I'd really like to keep them to a minimum, since I don't tend to find them helpful in many games (and do tend to hit them by accident).

Also, I was wondering if I should buy a new mousepad as well (I'm using a Razer Goliathus that's as old as the mouse). Is it possible/likely that it too is showing its age and affecting the 'slide' of my mouse? Is it worth getting a new one? I don't really know anything about 'gaming mousepads', and have no idea how long mousepads in general last before actually showing wear.

I personally use a Sharkoon Drakonia. And I think it's wonderful. There's a button up top to change the DPI on the fly, which really helps in some games that have terrible mouse sensitivity. It also has 3 buttons near the thumb, and 1 on the right side near the pinky finger. Though I personally only use two of the thumb buttons out of those. More importantly, it also has a compartment you can put small weights in, making the mouse lighter or heavier to your tastes. If you don't like flashy stuff though, it might not be for you. As it has a green led for the dpi indicator, and a configurable colour led where your palm goes on the right side.

As for mouse pads, I don't think getting expensive or special 'gamer' mouse pads makes any difference. Unless you're a pro gamer that plays in big tournaments that is. Anything below 20 euro/dollars will do just fine as long as it has a smooth plastic surface. I have a trust gaming series one that cost me 10 euro I believe. And it does it's job just fine.


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