Dark Tower fans, help me with a purchasing decision please.

A friend of mine got me into the Dark Tower series a little while ago and I think it's great and I'd really like to get my father into the series but there's a thing.

I never bought my own copies, my friend let me borrow her's and if I'm gonna get dad into it, it may as well be my own copies, I haven't finished the series but I like it enough to pick up the tab and have a collection of my own.

Here's another thing: Spoken-of friend of mine had somewhat old editions of the books, not first edition, I don't think but old enough that it had the illustrations in them, you know, the one's that had a picture every seventy-five to one-hundred pages or so, and I really like those ones and I'd like to have them but there are so many different editions of books as far as I can tell that finding the illustrated editions is kind of tricky on my part.

Short version is: I'd like the illustrated editions of The Dark Tower series please, which ones are those?

My local Barnes & Noble doesn't have them although I haven't asked to see if they might be able to order them for me though, I'll try that but assuming that doesn't work out, which editions do I buy online?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you, even if these editions are lost to history as far as I know, that would suck but if thems the brakes I guess that's it, hope not though.

P.S. As long as I'm here, if you want to know, I've finished The Waste Lands, next is Wizard and Glass I believe

Michael Wehlan did all the really good illustrations. I'm not sure they're in print, so try googling Dark Tower Illustrated and see if you get some eBay or Amazon reseller hits. But expect to be paying a huge premium for them.


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