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Viking Incognito:

Viking Incognito:


Viking Incognito:

sorry for double post but bringing this up so it doesn't get burried:

The next morning...

akasumi and Amya were standin on a balcony overlooking the courtyard, the thousands of citizens gathered in it.
"It is in great sorrow that i bring the unfortunate news of the emporers death." Akasumi said
The entire crowd went silent.
"The emporer was making his way out of the royal palace as it was being attack and defended his family, The future of the empire to the death when assasins struck."

"Fear not though, We have found a successor, and by the royal family title bestowed upon me and my sister, i shall name a new emporoer, one who will bring freedom and peace to this world."

"Japan shall dawn a new age, the age of the Shinobi! This man shall lead our civilization to glory!"

"I ask you all to take a test, to see what your chakra capabilities are. If you are capable enough, you'll be asked to join the military. It is completely optional as there is a force rising that threatens our empire."

"We know not where this force comes from, but it is our own countrymen as its body. we ask you to help us find this force. If they lay down their arms we'll welcome them back into the country with great acceptence."

The crowd was soon cheeering in acceptance.

In the royal quarters.
"Your highness, please give the people freedom as it will only help our cause. opressing our own peole will not help us in any way shape or form." Amaya said on her knees acroos the table from Matako.

"I also ask permission to create a Hidden village, a military village that trains shinobi in the arts of Tai, Nin and Gen - Jutsu." Akasumi said, sitting next to her younger twin.

A clap of thunder roared through the land and a brilliant beam of lighting struck in awe-inspiring accompany-meant. A small crater had been made on the ground outside of Rugal's dojo, and inside it stood a man in bombastic blue armor and bright crimson cape. He hefted his axe above his head and said in a booming voice,

"Who among you is strong enough to vie for Odin's favor?"

MeanWhile At the Temple of The Lord God Rugal
Rugal was relaying orders to his Army.
He grinned and snapped his fingers.
Then some men came in with baskets full of homemade Pistols and Machine-Guns.
His men started to hand them out to the puzzled Martial Artists.
The Martial Artists roaring in response.
"Soon...there will be no-one left to stop me... AHAHAHAHAAHHAAAA!!!!"


Caim and the dragoness called Severin into conference. The dragoness began with the following, "Severin, we have allowed you into our ranks, so it is only fitting that you receive your first duty. I am going to send Caim to see this Rugal character; as well as myself, as Caim is unable to speak. Unfortunately, this will leave our ranks exposed. Thus, I am going to trust YOU with this base. We will negotiate terms with Rugal and see if he can aid us with our cause. I do not like the idea of searching for his aid, however, should we want to take upon an empire; we need all the help we can get. I have seen your prowess, Severin. Let this be a chance to test your skills. Should things go wrong, we will find a way to let you know. Goodbye, and good luck."

With that, the dragoness took her leave with her rider, and went to see Kazuma for directions to the base.

West of Osaka
Kazuya was at the meeting place, searching the skies above.
Then he saw the Dragon and shouted "THEY HAVE ARRIVED!! LIGHT THE FIREWORK!!"
And with that, one of the men under his command lit it up and let it fly into the air

West of Osaka
Kazuya was at the meeting place, searching the skies above.
Then he saw the Dragon and "THEY HAVE ARRIVED!! LIGHT THE FIREWORK!!"
And with that, one of the men is his command lit it up and let it fly into the air

Viking Incognito:

Some of Rugal's spies came running up to him "MY LORD! We have just seen a massive flash to the east, it might be the Angel!!"
Rugal paused for a moment then yelled "THEN WHAT ARE YOU GOING?! BRING HIM HERE!!"

"You have permission to start up these villages and run them as you see fit. Just try not let get out of hand or anything. As for the people of this land, I think I'm going to give them the same freedom that Americans have, just toned down a little bit. With that your free to go, just send in the next guy on your way out," Matt/Matako said to the sisters.

The two sisters Bowed and sat back up. "The crowd is also waiting for your crowning your highness, when you're ready, make you way to the balcony please." The twin sisters said. they opened the door for the next person and then the clones poofed their way into smoke.

The viking saw the men approaching him and bellowed, "Are you here to answer the challenge of Odin?"

"We need to take you to our Lord! Rugal!"

"I KNOW WHO YOU SERVE WRETCH!" the warrior raged. "Your lord will answer the call of the gods himself, or he will find himself facing the fury of Asgard for this insult!" he continued.

"Tell this Rugal that Okänd, the emissary of the All-Father demands to appraise his forces' strength and the worthiness of an alliance."

Okänd punctuated this by splitting the spy that insulted him in half from the top of the skull to the middle of the chest with one axe swing. The other two stared in horror then ran to tell Rugal.

Severin was in charge of the base. Caim was insane. And righteous.

"Okay everybody, I'm in charge now! This calls for a celebration! Cheese for everyone!" a rebel soldier whispered in his ear, which caused Sev's grin to falter a bit, "Actually, no cheese! That can be just as much a celebration if you don't like cheese," Sev stormed off to his tent, where a massive map of Japan was laid out before him.

"What do we know?" Sev asked a lieutenant.

"Scouts have reported massive sea monsters making their way across the Philippines," he reported, charting an aggregate course with a small wooden pole. Sev chewed his pipe and spat out some smoke.

"How long until they get here?"
"Not sure"
"I ordered my pizza like, an hour ago"
"Wait what?"
"Sorry, I get confused, what were we talking about?" Sev was chewing on a chair at this point, something was irritating him.

"I need to go, keep me posted," Sev dissipated into the air and reformed in his tent. He ripped off his shirt and grabbed at his back, it was irritating him something terrible. On his back was a massive intricate tattoo, the word "Doom" overly stylized and covered with thorns, no, Diamond Spikes.

"Dooooooooooom," a voice rang out through his ears, vibrating violently, feeling like they were going to explode. Severin screamed in pain as his ears shook with his voice... then stopped.


Rex collapsed and ripped off his shirt, grabbing at his back. The word "Blackness" was in the same intricate tattoo as his father's. His sister ran up to him, the two were carrying firewood back to the settlement when all of a sudden a massive blizzard hit them and Rex started screaming like a dinosaur.

"Blaaaaaackneeeeesssss," the same voice rang through Rex's ears, but he was stronger than his father, Rex stood and roared his loudest roar, then exploded. His sister was covered in blood, but knew it was just a theatrics thing. Rex was fine wherever he was, the only question being, well, where was he?


Rex formed in front of a massive mountain, shirtless, and panting. Soon, his three non-baby siblings appeared next to him, all shirtless, save Rebecca, whose shirt was ripped across her neck, revealing a more snake-like tattoo.

"He's coming for us," Rex said as he stood up, his wrist claws glistening. Drek and Jake stood as well, the former aiding the sister up.

"Blackness, Solitude, Wisdom, and Grace, we will rid ourselves of these names," Drek said, touching the backs of his siblings. He was "Wisdom", despite being the youngest, Jake was "Solitude", and Rebecca, "Grace". She nodded at Drek's words.

"Doom should be around here somewhere, we'll meet up with him and see what we can do against Zero," and so they were off, walking down the mountain to a nearby town.

"If we don't finish him here, then he'll find Yearning; he'll find her, and he'll do to her what he did to us," Jake choked up, thinking about his childhood. Drek calmed his brother as they walked into the town, the populace giving the Westerners odd glances. They'd never seen a White Man before, and were a bit put off by their massive stature.

I also forgot to mention that they're all about the size of Severin, a good 7 feet, save Drek, who is 8 feet tall.

They approached a shopkeep and, in perfect Japanese, were able to acquire four robes and a few days worth of food for their long trek. And no, they couldn't just use their dissipation trick because they're not entirely sure where Severin is, and they're too tired from the massive distance they covered from Sweden to Japan.


Baby Saturn whimpered as her mother tried to comfort her, a small irritation had started on her neck, and a "Y" was beginning to burn its way into her skin.

West of Osaka
Kazuya motioned the Dragon to land near him and his men.
Red landed and Caim dis-mounted.
Kazuya gave them a quick bow and said"I see you have accepted My Lord's Invitation, He will be very pleased, just one thing..."
He turned to his men and nodded.
They walked over with a Blindfold and a large Cloak for Caim and Red.
"...We cannot reveal our position to you until an allegiance is made, so if you would put these on and we will escort you there."
Rugal face-plammed.
"Fail me like that again...don't bother coming back" He said to his men as the survivors of Okänd's attack were killed by his guards.
He got his jacket off his Throne and said "This is unexpected...though not unwelcome..."
He made his way from his base to meet the Viking.

Mr A halted his ritual for summoning his brothers, and rushed to the sight of the flash of lightning. He knew from the amount of raw energy that was released in that flash that he could be getting his hands on a hugely powerful individual if he played his cards right. Not to mention, he needed to garner some support if he was ever to eradicate Akasumi and Rugal, who "The Circle" (The Void's governing body) had deemed threats to dimensional stability.

Mr A made himself go faster he teleported, and arrived there, presumably first. He walked up to the giant of a man in shining blue armor and introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Mr A, and I am a denizen and guardian of the void, and the stability of all that is correct and just in the continuum of space and time. How did you end up at this place Mr...?" Mr A didn't leave time for Odin to reply before continuing, "anyway, what is your purpose? You must speak now and soon, as I fear that powerful individuals are fast approaching, who might seek to use you for purposes of their own."

"MR. A!! Long time no see..." Rugal shouted from a nearby hill.
"We last met at That dump Dillon called a Castle, wasn't it?, Hm hm hm hm, and You!" he pointed to Okänd: "You came looking for a being of massive strength and power, well...Here I am..." He chuckled as his Red-Eye glowed.

The was a swirl in the air on a nearby and Akasumi came out of the vortex. "Good ay everyone, my clones at the castle are covering for me. i couldn't help but notice this flash of lightning in the sky and well, there are no storms today so i came to find whoever was at the end of it." she said and took in the people here.

"Mr.A, how nice to see you, you also, Rugal."

Mr A nodded, and turned back to Okänd."These were the people I was discussing before. Now , what brings you here?".

Rugal laughed madly "Didn't enjoy me killing you enough the first time?" as he took off his jacket and laid it on a nearby rock.
He slowly got into his power and combat stance.
"Should have brought a few clones,Mmmmmm mmm, the thoughts of what I would do to them..." he chuckled.

"Come on please, we're all respectable people here. violence isn't the only answer. Truth be told, i respect each of you, Mr. A for that fun sparring match and.. Well rugal, you managed to survive my susanoo." Akasumi said then turned her attention to the new man.
"What brings a being of great power like you to this world?"

Rugal frowned for a moment then said "Awwww...And I got all hyped up and all..." as he calmed himself down and put his jacket back on.
Rugal then turned to Okänd "Sooo...why did you kill my men?"

Caim and the dragoness nodded to the demands, after all, they were in enemy territory. After being led a little way, they found themselves at Rugal's base. The dragon harumphed to herself, and said quietly to Caim,

"These ruler types, always a flair for the dramatic eh?
Caim smiled to himself, and the two continued onwards. When they arrived in Rugal's throne room, a messenger ran in front of them, gave a quick bow, and said,

"Greatest apologies, guests. His lordship is not here. However, should you wait here, he should return any moment."

With another shaky nod, the messenger ran; after all, a dragon is not one you want to be around when she is kept waiting.

Youmu missed the coronation entirely, because she was too busy just looking around the palace for secret passages and suchlike. She was poking behind a small statue of the previous Emperor when Matt found her. "What's going on here?" he asked. "What could possibly be back there?"

She squeaked a bit from the surprise, then pointed back behind it. "I-I was just...looking for secret passages," she explained, slowly. "I thought, someone might try and come in through one, or we might have to go out--"

"Pull your head out of the clouds," Matt sharply cut her off. "You've been reading too many fantasy novels. Real castles don't just have secret passages everywhere. Jutsu is one thing, but fitting lots of secret passages into a castle is a kind of magic that just doesn't exist!"

"...Yeah, I guess you're right," was Youmu's reply. Both of them walked off together, ignoring the painting next to the statue and the switch behind it.

After the coronation and the moving speech, Matt/Hitoshi gave some instructions to his personal aid. "Send a messenger to the leaders of the revolutionaries. Tell them that the new emperor wishes to negotiate with them. I want to avoid bloodshed if it's at all possible. What's the word from the research division?" Matt asked him. "They say that they are moving along nicely thanks to your detailed plans," his aid replied back. "Good, I hope they get enough finished before this Rugal attacks. One last thing, double the amount of patrols around the palace. I want to be prepared in case of a sneak attack," he finished before going off to do emperor stuff.

Amaya had taken around a thousand of the people who displayed the ability of chakra, with her into the forest. A strange bubble had appeared where they were. it was about a mile around and anything that went into it just appeared on the other side, as if they never went through the distance the bubble encompassed.

Akasumi's clone apeared next to Hitoshi. "The hidden village is in place and we'll have a full army of nin at your call your Highness."

"Good job. Hopefully with your nin and my secret project, we'll be able to hold off any would be attackers. And please don't ask about it, I would like for it to remain a secret until it is deployed," Hitoshi explained to her. "If that is all you are free to go," he said politely and calmly.

"Thank you your highness. we've already gone through four generations of nin and developed a amazing variety of clans. you'll be pleased if we ever need to use them." Akasumi sai and bowed before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Okänd Spoke to all of them at once, "The Asgardians have been watching your conflict and after much...deliberation...we have decided to take part. This will be a world changing war and whoever can prove that their cause is most worthy of our support shall have it."

Then he turned to Rugal "Your man came to me, messenger of the all-father, as if I were to follow his orders, so I destroyed him."

Rugal chuckled loudly.
"So a God is looking to meet up with another...Heheheh...Alright, I'll play your How can Rugal Bernstein prove his might to your leaders?"

"I don't know if it means anything but i swallowed the moon up. I'd be more than happy to prove my cause is worth supportting."Akasumi said with a smile. Anyone could look at her and think she was 18.

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