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Rugal jumped over them and went for a large flying Axe kick to the throne.

Akasumi tugged two small thread, causing the shurikens to disintegrate, sending peices flying at rugals back. Akasumi met the kick with the ribcage and watched the peices silently fly at his back.

The skuriken pieces traveled to Rugal's back, As he was in front of Akasumi.
Rugal smiled and did a backflip, narrowly avoiding them, allowing the pieces to fly at the now exposed Akasumi.

Soon a skeletal arm emerged and blocked the peices. A second one swung at rugal mid-air with a punch. The entire skeletal structure was then completed. "You shall feel the power of the susanoo..."

"This is it? the power to make a skeleton?" Rugal said as he blocked the punch and landed.
"Not really blowing me away..." He sighed as he ran back in with hard Right Straight.

The skeleton grew to two stories tall and the muscles formed. The punch met a rib and shattered some of rugal's fingers. "Amaterasu!" she said and unleashed the flames at rugal, point blank.

Rugal brought his arms up to protect him and it worked, but his suit was lit up.
He quickly took it off and yelled "THAT SUIT...WAS TAILORED!!!" as he went for another "KAISER WAVE".

Akasumi pressed forth with Amaterasu. During this, her Susanoo came to full form.
The spear came down behind rugal, trapping him.

As Matt pushed forward toward Amaya, he suddenly came across the fire barrier that was protecting her area. God dammit, I'll never understand this magic bullshit, he thought before getting up close. "Hey, can somebody let me in? This is Matt to see Amaya," he yelled out to see if somebody would let him in.

The shield broke under the next of Red's tail-rams. She roared in triumph, and swooped down, knocking down soldiers every which way. There was a call of rousing affect, and the dragoness turned. The Red Army had arrived. The dragoness roared in triumph, and called out to Okand, "My friend, take heart, for allies have arrived!"

Caim on the other hand, felt his heart leap upon the triumphant roar of the dragon, and let loose a mental call himself. He rushed the nearest units, and swept his sword in an arch, knocking down some units.

Rugal stared down the massive beast before him.
just need an opening...
Rugal then asked "Hey seeing how much I know about you, What do you know about me?" he said as he went to punch the beast in the face.

"I don't care about you. but i can see your death!" Akasumi said as the punch laned on the susanoo, having no effect. Akasumi pushed rugal back with the free hand of the susanoo, before the Yata Mirror on its free arm. The susanoo swung its pike down at rugal.

The fire barrier split for Matt and he walked in. "So i see you've escaped her clutches. We're not the evil rebels that were depicted to you, now are we?"

"Even so child...You should know..." Rugal chuckled as his right hand started to glow.
The pike came down, but Rugal had rushed forward and performed "GIGANTIC PRESSURE!!" on the susanoo, causing a massive red skull shaped blast.

The blast had knock the Susanoo down and Rugal yelled "...TO NEVER TAKE ON THE LORD GOD RUGAL!" as he went to do the same to Akasumi.




"Amaterasu!" Akasumi said and the eternal black flames caught the lunging rugal.
Her susanoo's pike disappeared and it grebbed the cork of the gorde on its back.

Out of it came the Sword of Totsuka .

"I'm going to seal you in here forever, along with the rest of the rebel forces!" Akasumi said as the sword sung down onto the burning Rugal.


Present day
"Sir, we are ready!"
Rugal had finished prepping himself for what lay ahead, stuffing some blueprints into his jacket.
He turned to the wired up Goenitz.
"Brace yourself..." He chuckled to the near death Angel.
The lab techs powered up the machines rigged up to the Gateway.
Cries of pain from Goenitz filled the air.
A small rift opened.
Rugal Smiled and took a long run up to the rift, jumping into it.

Ruins of BlackNoah
The flooded halls of the wreaked BattleShip came to life with computers buzzing and lights flashing as Rugal leapt though time and space.

The new Rugal sighed "I will never get used to that..."
He remembered he was on a sunken Battleship.
He cracked open a Bottle of wine, poured himself a glass and said "Now...How do I get out of here?..."


"You assume that I thought that at all. From the very beginning I only wanted to negotiate with them. I'm guessing my messenger never got my message to any of the leaders. And when I saw all of this marching towards the capitol, I just wanted to surrender. But the generals are under Akasumi's genjutsu," Matt said as he watched the battle in front of him. "Before I forget, could you get rid of this jutsu that makes me look Japanese and any others I might be under," he said to Amaya without looking away from the battle.



ooc=still he DID impale himself on it and fucked if i'm re-writing all that :p
so just pick one of the outcomes
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(on a mobile that really likes double posts)

Suddenly, the army of Amaya's Nin and Mr A's voidmen burst into the palace. They were only able to do this as the fight with Rugal had weakened Akasumi, and she had put slack on her fire shield. Mr A shouted "Voidmen, prepare to launch a reverse abyssus initiative!" while Amaya's Nin distracted Akasumi. "You shall now be judged by The Circle!" Suddenly an Abyssus, 100 times larger was forged into existence. Mr A started a Buddhist dance movement and then shouted " Hidden Void Style: Hell's Passage". The abyssus merged into a huge gate which sucked in every character apart from Mr A and Amaya and their armies. Meanwhile, all the characters landed, in a courtroom, with higher level deities as their judges.

Youmu slowly returned to consciousness, once again face-down. Damn it, she thought, why do I keep making entrances like this? Looking around, she saw a black void with herself and not a lot else. Besides all the people in the very high judges' chairs. Did I finally run out of luck? Am I really dead, now?

Matt's face was back to normal from the void trip.

Akasumi looked around, everything was blurry. she couldn't see any details, nor read the seal on her. Her susanoo formed again and was about to seal away the judges when she and the susanoo disappeared into a vortex.
She appeared infront of Amaya who had Hyuga clan nin in a circle around them. Each one went in and beat the chakra out of Akasumi, slowly killing her. With her dead, Amya undid the seal on her stomach and tore the yin ten tails chakra out of her. she sealed it into Akasumi's dead body and decapitated Akasumi. With a vortex, Amaya an all of her nin disappeared back into the Hidden leaf.

"Doctor, they can still be transplanted right?"

"Yes they can."

"Good, begin the surgery."

The dragoness was flying when the void appeared. She called out for her partner,
"Caim, CAIM!"
to no avail.
The blackness enveloped her, and she awoke to find herself crumpled on the ground, with her partner curled up close to her face. She lifted her head up, and gently poked Caim with it. He didn't respond for a moment, and then woke. He rubbed his eyes, and lightly patted the dragon. "...I'm okay, dragon."
The dragoness stopped breathing for a moment. "Caim.... What did you just say?"
Caim looked at the dragon funny, and then spoke again; "What are you looking at me like that for?"
After he said that, the realization hit Caim.
"I... I can talk. Dragon, what's going on?"
"I don't know, Caim; but stick out your tongue, let's see if the pact mark remains..."
Caim did so, and the tattoo remained, albeit faded quite a bit.
The dragon was taken aback, and turned to her right. She saw several being sitting in high chairs. With quiet alarm, she said to her companion,
"Caim, I don't mean to cause you any alarm or distress, but I do believe that we are no longer amongst the living. Also, due to the current circumstances, you are free to call me by my name..."
Caim stopped moving, his eyes wide. He gave a nervous laugh and said to the dragon; "Dead?! Surely you jest, drago-er, Angelus!"
Angelus shook her head, "Oh, how I wish I was, Caim. How I wish I was... I remember the stories my mother told me as a hatchling. These are the judges, and they will tell where we go in this new realm. That explains why you can speak again. We are dead, and the pact is broken. Our hearts are two once more."
Caim stopped. "No more pact? So... does that mean...?"
The dragon nodded, "You are but a mortal now, and you have what little you had before we sealed the pact. Your sword, and... That strange ability of yours to jump." She gave a bitter laugh at the end of the sentence, and turned to their judges.
Caim felt shaken. They were dead, and unsure about his fate in this new place. He reached tentatively for Angelus' wing. His hands shook, as he tried to pet her, and he asked her, "Angelus? Whatever happens, even with the pact broken... Will you be with me?"
The dragon chuckled. "Of course, fool. After this long, why should the obligations of our pact matter anymore?"
She then whispered, "Besides, I am just as fearful as you are. It is... Comforting, to have a familiar face in the unknown, eh?"
Caim nodded grimly, and kept a firm grip on the dragon's side.

A man in a blue suit came running at the group.
He introduced himself "Hey there (gasp) I'm Phoenix wright (gasp) Ace Attorney, I'm your (gasp)Defence Attorney"

suddenly they heard footsteps of someone approaching.
It was Dillon who had somehow taken Rugal's advice and gotten a real suit, a Black silk suit, with a deep maroon silk shirt.
he looked at the heroes and villains, smiling
"And I am your prosecutor, I intend to serve justice in this courthouse."
Dillon then shook hands with Phoenix and walked out the room.

Phoenix kept panting, Running was never his strong suit.
He pointed to Dillon and said "Leave us (gasp) We needed time to (Gasp) prepare our case"

Dillon laughed as he walked away, his angelic wings of light grew out of his back, not ripping the suit, he flew away laughing that his opposition was little more than a human.
Now Dillon was still a pure human himself, but with his angel of light powers, amd his golden iPod he was very powerful.

"Hey I got a question," Matt started saying. "Why am I being prosecuted? I didn't travel to the past on purpose. I was just flying over a mountain when I was suddenly hit by a beam of light. Next thing I know I'm flying over Feudal Japan," Matt finished explaining to the defense attorney.

You have been part if said groups that did unjustly interfere with the course of space-time.

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