The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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There was a flash of yellow before Dillon discussing the case. Amaya was standing before him in robes of red and white. Across her back was a large scroll and in her left hand was a red wool sack. Though, wrapped around her head and across her eyes was a black cloth.
"Hello Dillon, i beleive i have something that would be of great value to you." Amaya said an pulled out Akasumi's eyeless head out of the sack.

Kazuya had just finished organizing his court testimony when Dillon said "uhhhh...I'm going to have to call back..." Dillon the hung up.
Kazuya was confused by this, He had no idea what the glass and metal box he was in was for as he drop the pay-phone and pulled out a much more complex one.
He slowly pushed a few buttons and held it up to his ear.
"My Lord, I have reached this Dillon and have set up an appearance. Thank you, it was my honor to serve you, just what do I do to end this... the-the red one Ohhhh, thank you"

Mr A wasn't surprised. "Hello Amaya! Dillon's somewhat busy dealing punishment for the moment, and I also still need to seal that juubi" Mr A said, with what would've been a grin.

Amaya turned to Face Mr. A while putting the head back in the sack. "You want the ten tails? Sure." she said and Akasumi's body was dumped into his hand by a yellow flash.
"How long has it been? Two Millenia? Good to see you again."

"I thought I might mention, seeing as you've teleported into the Void and you happen to be involved in this case, if you leave or "escape" you will disintegrate, so please, just have a wander round, and don't lie on any beds as they explode."

"Ok... that should be all you need. How has life treated you in the past two thousand years?"

Angelus shook her head. "If the judges are against us... Caim, I am tired again. Warm me as you do... Please."
She walked to an empty area, and sat down, as best as she could manage. Caim followed after, and lightly petted the dragon's nose:

It was a small comfort the two could share before their fates were sealed.

Red finished off the final bowl of Ramen before tipping the waitress and leaving, noticing that the presence of Amaya had faded considerably he decided to walk up to the massive buildings with the "fire" character on it hop through one of the windows. Wondering if he was late he greeted Amaya urgently and asked for transportation.

Phoenix went to get his phone went he saw Amaya and the Dead body.
"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, While he done loads of murder cases, He was always shocked by the sight of a dead body.

Dillon looked at Akasumi's head.
Tears were rolling down his eyes, he was hyperventilating and thwe others could see a conflict within him
Inside Dillon's head
The Id was playing the piano, a sad sorrowful tune, but he was picking up thje tempo, he was trying to turn the sadness into anger
"C'mon let me take the lead, I can make handle this."
The super ego glared at the Id.
"No I'll take the lead, I know how to handle this."
Back to reality
A villainous grin spread across Dillon's face
"Your right this is valuable to me."
Dillon used hi black beetles to put the head in a clear plastic bag. sealing it allowing it to be preserved.
He looked at Phoenix with his eyes, which weren't the sinister creepy yellow, but a deep blue.
"You claimed all your clients were you quote
'Not guilty of all charges' though I wasn't around so I fear i may have misheard, Well nonetheless I have evidence that one of your clients committed murder of a powerful deity-esque being and upset then yin-yang balance."
Dillon began to laugh as this was his main case, prosecuting the murderer of Akasumi the others could burn in hell for all he cared(pun intended).

Phoenix Shouted
"My clients state that Rugal was the one who Killed Akasumi, not them, He then died from his wounds soon after!"

Mr A laughed before storing Akasumi's headless body in a pocket dimension. He would seal it later. "Not so bad myself, time doesn't flow in the void so I haven't aged at all! Still looking for my face though. That mystery remains unsolved."

...Meanwhile in Court:

One of the judges boomed: "Let not your emotion take hold of you. We seek only what is true and correct! Some may be innocent of one crime, yet guilty of others!"

Amaya back handed Phoenix across his face. "This was a family feud, not to mention i killed her. Now if you want to continue dwelling on the subject of me saving every plane of existance, i'll gladly supply another dose of hand to you, liberally." she said before turning back to Mr.A.

"I became a sage and mastered the rest of the elemental releases, Picked up a few more tricks along the way. There's no way in hell we'll win the case, so why don't they just spare us the time and give the sentence already?"

She then turned to Dillon. "What ever you liked in Akasumi was me, that crazy bitch who didn't even give notice to you is now dead, cheer up."

Dillon did a comical double take at that.
"but-but, wha?"
Dillon swayed back and forth before fainting, without a prosecutor it was possible all charges could be forced to drop.
Meanwhile the three entities in Dillon's head were trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Matt walked into a bar he found and sat at the counter. "How much for a glass of your finest scotch on the rocks with a burger and a side of fries?" he asked the bartender. "For anybody facing the judges, completely free. Your order will be ready in a few minutes," the bartender said before walking away. Mattwas going to enjoy this place while it lasted.

Amaya's eyes were under the cloth, out of view but still they changed. They shifted into an eternal mangekyo sharingan, the mot sacred of all Uchiha powers. She used Genjutsu and was in an average feudal jaan style room. The three personalities of Dillon were infront of her now.

"Good, it seems that you're all here now." she said to them.

"But how'd you ge-" The real Dillon was about to ask.

"Genjutsu, easier than traveling into your head. But now i have to ask, which one of you posses Dillon's body?"

The three entities looked at each other.
There was the ego who had Dillon's basic appearance but was in a black suit with a maroon shirt.
The Id was on the piano, his all black suit, yellow eyes messy black hair and fangs like teeth.
and finally was the super ego, a beautiful women in a startling white silk dress, her soft face and warm eyes regarded Amaya for a while before they all pointed at each other and said
"he is" said the ego pointing at the id
"she is" said the id pointing at the super ego
"he is" said the superego pointing at the ego
This was all said at the same time followed by them all saying
"I am?"
The super ego though was able to keep it together
"Look none of us is in direct control, we all work together, no one of us has complete control."

The other then looked at each other, being all a part of Dillon's mind they suspected this girl had hopes of taking control.
They all turned to Amaya, The ego had his hands in a rough fighting position electricity crackled between his fingers, The id curled his fingers into claws, black lighting snapped and writhed, white light emanated from The super Ego's hands.
"Now then what can we do for you?" they asked as one

The dragon lifted her head slightly, and chuckled darkly at Akasumi's dead body. "Serves that little witch right." she whispered to Caim, and then said to the bartender, "If you are somehow able to bring cows into this dimension, one would be nice. If not that, then a sheep or goat would be nice." She laid her head down again, enjoying the gentle feel of Caim's hand upon her nose.
Caim spoke up, "I'll also take a burger and fries, but with two glasses of wine, one red and another white. Water would be nice too, if you would be so kind."
Caim continued his small gesture of comfort, and, from another's perspective, small chatter could be heard from the two. They were going over experiences with one another, small laughter emanating from them. If the circumstances weren't so dire, one could have mistaken the two for having sharing pleasantries for the sake of wasting time. No, it was the only way the two were allowing themselves from falling into despair.

Phoenix, using the Defence's court desk, slowly dragged himself up from the ground with a huge slam-mark on his face.
Why didn't I just stick to Small-Claims court?...
He then saw a scared and musclar man with sliced back hair in a purple suit enter the room and walk up to him.

He then pulled out a small Japanese-English Dictionary
"Are...You (Turns page) Dillon?"

Aaya dropped the cloth around her eyes to reveal them.
"I killed my own sister to save everything. This is what i got for doing so. Now i'll rephrase the question, which of you is the insane one?"

Aaya dropped the cloth around her eyes to reveal them.
"I killed my own sister to save everything. This is what i got for doing so. Now i'll rephrase the question, which of you is the insane one?"

The three entities looked at each other.
The id got off the piano and walked up to Amaya, completely ignoring the evil voodoo eyes.
"I got this he told the others as he embraced Amaya and kissed her full on the lips.
"What is he doing?" asked the super ego
"the same thing He did way back, exactly what he wants to. According to her whatever it was in Akasumi that I had cared for was just her which means when I kissed Akasumi I was really kissing Amaya, and she wasn't kissing me she was kissing him.
So therefore she should recognize him if he kisses her, I could probably do the same but I couldn't kiss her if your watching him meanwhile.........."

As The Ego spoke The Id was still kissing Amaya, Searching for a sign that this was the women he had kissed before.

An ever so familier chirping sound filled the room. in a quick movement, Amaya tapped ID and sent him flying off of her with electrical shocks all over his body. With a flick of her wrist, Amaya's hand went back to normal, non shocky self.
"That answers that question." she said then pointed to the super ego. "You're something else entirly." then pointed to the 'moral' Dillon. "You're the only one thats left so i know you were the one that cared."

She walked over and hugged him. "I can make us the ruler of this world. This is my gift to you." Amaya said quoting him. "You were there all along, locked away but you were there."

Real world
Kazuya was starting to tire of asking Phoenix if he was Dillon, english was not his strong point.
Phoenix was busy mouthing off "Hold on there nn-no need to get angry"
At that point Kazuya grabbed Phoenix by the throat, holding him several feet up in the air and shouted "IT'S A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION! ARE. YOU. DILLON?!"

Angelus raised her head again, and said to Kazuya in Japanese "Kazuya, put that man down. That our lawyer, Phoenix Wright. If you want Dillon, his is with that woman over there, looking paralyzed and irritating. Best be on your way, before I smote you with my fire..."

Darn the double posts... Stupid hungry forum

Kazuya dropped Phoenix atop the defence's desk and turned, put his fist to his chest and mouthed to the Dragon "For The Lord God" before leaving phoenix and walking over the comatose Dillon.

suddenly Dillon awoke as the three entities has come to an agreement once again.
Dillon Stared at the man straight in the eye, he figured a direct stare would be best.
"Who in God's are you and what do you want?" he said recognizing the voice belonging to the same person on the phone.
Dillon got ready in case he had to use lightning but he was certain he was going to face punishment for what he had done, while he was insane, he would have to accept it, but He would keep his dignity.

Kazuya pulled out the Dictionary again and say without looking back up.
"My...Name...Is Kazuya...I called you on the tela Grrrrr please tell me you can speak Japanese..."

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