The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Matt could sense that something was following him but did not react to it. Instead he got out his fully upgraded M404 heavy rifle in case whatever it was decided to attack him. Getting thirsty, Matt stopped to take a drink of the vodka he still had in his water bottle.


Manor Rugal
The Tech Lad was buzzing with it's workers trying their best to avoid Rugal's Temper.
He and Kazuya were playing Chess as this went on.
"Check, I win, it's your turn..." Kazuya said.
"You never told me you were so good at this..." Rugal replied as he got up.
He then grabbed a passing Tech and snapping his spine in full view of everyone.
He held up his dead body and said "Best Hurry up with the Angel..."
And they did.
"so thats 10-7 to you, another game?"

Amaya had been sprinting through the tree tops. She had found the second puppet and was tailing it. Over her unnaturally long life, she had mastered many different Jutsu's. In her right hand, a swirling ball of energy formed and soon after it was a perfect sphere, electricity arked from it to the surrounding trees. She ran up silently behind the doll and jumped high into the air. "Raisengan!" she souted as the scrack of lightning sounded across the island. The ball infront of her expanded and quickly disintergrated trees.

The Stickman entered the room in Manor Rugal with an awesome riff from his guitar. He didn't know where he was and he didn't care. He was only here to rock. He pointed at Rugal, still holding the dead Tech who's spine he snapped.

"Dude, I challenge you to a rock off!" The Stickman said in a harsh Swedish accent, his voice low and raspy.

Matt was taking a long sip of his vodka when a large ball of swirling energy came out of the foliage and headed straight for him. Thankfully he was fast on his feet and he managed to dodge out of the way in time. When the ball dissipated, he a few scraps of some kind of material in the crater. That is when he noticed Amaya standing nearby. "So what brings you over here?" he asked as he took another sip.


The Void
Phoenix and Dillon travelled though a portal to a shell company of the Bernstien Cartel, a Gentleman's club, "The Royal Standard", in South-East Asia.
They appeared on the roof of a building just across the road.
Phoenix jogged over to the side of the building and pointed at the Club.
"There. the computer we're looking for is in the basement of that building, but how can we get in?...Any Idea's?"


Manor Rugal
After several deaths, the Tech unit, or what was left of it, had finished draining enough Arch-Angel Power for Geonitz for Rugal to use his Powers.
A tried and frightened Lab Tech handed the Power Drainer to Rugal.
"Gentlemen, I thank you, you have not merely proved the power of our organisation, but have created...A God..." he said as he armed the Device and plunged it into his chest.
He winced a little before he turned it on.
A golden aura surrounded Rugal.
He started crying out in pain as a large tornado started to fill the room, sending computers and unluckly Lab Techs into the air.
Then the crying stopped and was replaced by roaring laughter.
The lab then returned to normal as Rugal disappeared in a gust of wind.

Sahara Desert
Tomoya was about to set off when he felt a strong wind and a strange presence.
"Hello have you been?" Rugal laughed.

Tomoya was about to prepare the ship for take-off in the large underground hanger but sighed as he remembered this presence from a long, long time ago, "This is such a pain. Rugal, I kind of figured out we would meet again." he said that and turned away from the airship to face Rugal with a misplaced smirk.

"How are you, would you fancy a drink?" He said as he clapped his hands and a Mr.Handy (Fallout) robot came from the air, "What would you like to drink Sir?" it said in a polite manner, "I'll have a pepsi max...and you Rugal?" Tomoya said as he sat down on a nice plush chair another robot brought down, and one behind Rugal, then more robots came down and placed a medium sized table in the middle and small tables beside the chairs.

"You finest Red wine, please" Rugal said before disappearing in a gust.
He reppeared at the other side of the table.
"I have to admit...I really didn't think that teleportation would be worth my time, but now I see that I was wrong..." He said before appearing before Tomoya.

"Goentiz is dead...or as close as an Angel can be...his power is now mine" he said before creating small tornado his his hand then crushing it.
"...tell your boss that this is my world now...send more angels...I'll just grow stronger...send more heroes...I will kill them...My Iron will stall rule humanity and lead us into a new golden can do this the easy way I.E. you leave now and never come back orrr...."
He readied him.
"...stall I have to get...anti-social?"

A robot appeared from above with a red wine from a early century France and put it on Diablo's side table as Tomoya put his hand down calmly and disappeared into the air, Tomoya sighed again and ruffled his hair, "Well, were not planning to do anything...yet, we'll see how you go for now Rugal, but if you try anything bad, evil or etc, etc, I'll come to get you, you see, were currently fighting a battle from Hell and Heaven and we can't supply any angels to go to Earth anymore, my order are to stay here as protector of Earth and to make sure nothing happens to Earth..." Tomoya stopped and began again.

"Listen here Rugal, the battle between Heaven and Hell is happening, and I'm sure at some point it will overfill and burst out into this realm, the layers between worlds is fading and if you do anything to disturb this balance, the whole world will be turned into a battlefield, and I am sure you do not want that...also try not to turn out as Sev, he kind of screwed the world up from here to another galaxy." Tomoya said as he began pacing.

"So I would let me go for now and focus whatever is on your plate now...and the only reason I'm being nice is because I got ordered don't piss me off or I'll come back and bite you back" Tomoya asked him.

A portal appeared behind Rugal's chair. "I would suggest go through the portal and forget about me".

Rugal Smiled.
"This world is mine to do with as I please, I've beat you once, I can do it again if needed...No need for the portal, I'll see myself out...We will meet again in battle, Oh ever find yourself in hell, tell them I said "Hi" Hehehahahahah"
He vanished in a gust by the his Manor.

"I just saved your bacon from that puppet. I didn't think that you couldn't handle yourself, but help is always offered and given." amya said jumping down from the tree and walking towards Matt.

"I'll be watching you...Rugal" Tomoya said in a harsh tone as he ordered the robots to get rid of the tables and glasses and turned around and shouted "Computer, fuel the StormCraft and order the BlackHawke to keep and eye on Rugal...I need to get back into shape" Tomoya said as he walked into the elevator again and walk towards the dojo.

"Thanks for the help. While I knew something was following me, I just wasn't sure what it was," Matt said as he offered the vodka to Amaya. "Anyways, I'm heading towards that mountain in the distance to find some kind of weapon in a cave near the top," he explained to her.

"Have fun with that. But no thanks to the drink, it looks stronger than sake." Amaya said. She looked back upon the puppets and though about them.
"Odds are the puppet had flame throwers, kunai launchers and explosive dispensers in it. As I said, deadly little things."


When the two heard the command, they looked at each other in panic, and felt a burning in their skin, Caim, his pact mark burning deeper into his tongue, and Angelus felt runes dig themselves into her skin:

With a scream from both human and dragon, a large black hole erupted beneath them. The two were suspended in the air, feebly reaching for one another. Hands reaching for talons, roars permeating the air with screams. Phoenix turned away, a sickened expression on his face. A judge waved his hand, ENOUGH OF THIS SPECTACLE. YOUR JUDGEMENT IS NOW. With a wave of his hand, the two plummeted into separate sections of darkness.

-----Sometime later, up to speed with the other chracters-----

Caim felt himself still in the darkness, nothing having changed from when he first landed in it. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? Days even? Perhaps something longer. He had heard stories of men journeying to other lands, be it the land of the dead or Avalon, and time passing far more quickly or slowly than in normal times. He held a hand up, and took a small look. It seemed strange, to stare at his hand and actually look at it. Sure, his hands had aided him before, but what use were they now? He couldn't escape his prison... Could he? Before he could do anything, he wanted to know what happened to Angelus. She was his partner after all; and it wouldn't be right for him to escape Hell, or wherever this was place was, without his longtime ally with him. Caim thought for another moment and smiled.
He knew exactly how this place worked. It was meant to break one's spirits.

A self induced hell of one's thoughts as one's only comfort. And after one got rid of all the good in their mind to think of, all was left in the bad. Caim had only known "bad" all his life, save for an occasional moment (which would quickly be interrupted by "bad" again. What more did he have to lose? He still had his sword, and Angelus was around here somewhere. People don't die in hell! People suffer in hell! Caim grinned, for the first time in ages. "A nonstop battlefield... Sounds like my kind of place!" He stood up, and began to attack the darkness around him, yelling, "Hey dragon! If you can hear me, I'm coming for ya! Just sit tight and I'll get you out!"

- In the internal security systems of hell -

A devil, Screwtape, took a look over the cameras. He was in charge of the Confinement Chambers for the next decade or so. However, he saw a strange anomaly in chambers 684.213 and 684.214. The prisoners contained were calling out to each other. Calling, to each other. Screwtape rubbed his eyes for a moment, and stared back at the monitor. This was unthinkable. Mortals weren't supposed to do this sort of thing.... Did they even have the capacity? He didn't know, but he picked up a phone and began dialing numbers.


"The Royal Standard", South-East Asia.
Phoenix and Dillon had dress themselves as Pimps in sneak into the Brothel.
"I can't believe my career would come to this...I feel like a massive self-righteous prick..."

"Sound like nasty things to be ambushed by in a jungle. Anyway, if you don't need my help with anything, I'll be on my way," Matt said as he packed up his stuff. He put away his machine gun and got out his .50 caliber revolver. It was much lighter and easier to handle in the dense jungle.

Caim and Angelus continued their raging, flailing wildly in their prison. Finally, Caim felt his sword snag on something. With a rip, he felt the dark around him begin to dissipate. He fell and with a whoop, landed on the dragoness. The dragoness gave a roar of joy, and with a quick reunion nose rub, the two attacked the prison around themselves. It didn't stand a chance.

Manor Rugal
"Ummmm My Lord? we are detecting large changes in energy in a pocket realm, namely Hell Island.
"My Lord, it seems as if the Heroes are trying to escape..."
"Ohhhhh I thought it was bad news..."


The Stickman entered the room in Manor Rugal with an awesome riff from his guitar. He didn't know where he was and he didn't care. He was only here to rock. He pointed at Rugal, still holding the dead Tech who's spine he snapped.

"Dude, I challenge you to a rock off!" The Stickman said in a harsh Swedish accent, his voice low and raspy.

Rugal finally took the time to attend to the Stickman
"...Can I help you?..."

The air screamed as a massive ship ripped across the sky, plummeting towards a field outside Manor Rugal. With a huge boom, The Maelstrom rocketed into the ground. A massive Cruise ship, glowing with the insignia of some empire long lost to the folds of time eons ago.

A hole opened in the top of the ship. A light shone from it, a pillar of pure energy. Two massive figures levitated from it, one at least a foot taller than the other. They pulled out two guitars and started to shred, the light around them flashing into a cavalcade of colors and noise.

"SPACE! THE FINAL FRONTIER!" Severin screamed, his new robotic eye firing lazers into the ether.

"IT WAS TOO MUCH OF A WUSS TO HANDLE US!" Drek roared, his new crew-cut shimmering with silver highlights, lightning spewing from his nostrils and mouth as the shredding started to rip apart the atmosphere itself.

"DREK AND SEVERIN SANGUINE! EMPERORS OF THE SWEDEN!" The two fired massive beams of light from their guitars into Manor Rugal, one in each of the ruler's eyes. The two exploded and reformed on either side of him.

"'Ello Gohv-nah!" Sev started, trilling his fingers about Rugal's right shouder.

"Miss us?" Drek asked. A servant walked in the room and began to talk in a feeble, demi-British voice.

"Ehrm, Mahstar Rrrrrrrrrugal? It would appear as if a ship hahs crash-,"

"WHERE'S THE BEEF?" Drek asked loudly as a massive black fist shot from hiss wrist, slamming into the servant and sending him flying through a few walls. Drek struck a pose and milked the crowd as Severin applauded loudly.

Matt stumbled through the jungle with revolver in hand, not really able to see where he was going. As he was walking, he heard the sound of a sword cutting through the air. Reflexes took over as he was barely able to doge the downward slice of a sword. When he looked down, he saw that the cut went from the top left to the bottom right of his chest. When he looked up he saw a typical demon with red skin, large black wings, and clawed feet. Already pissed off from the attack, Matt pointed his large revolver at the demon and fired.

After breaking free from the prison, Caim and Angelus were enjoying a wonderful flight in the skies, burning demons that came too close, and shouting obscenities to devils who feared getting too close. Not caring for anyone in particular, the two began a search for their older comrades, to learn what became of them, carving a path of dragonfire and smoke in their midst.


Rugal simply stared at the two, trying to hide his pure rage.
"turn...and leave now...and I will try to forget this...ever happened." He said while shaking his head side to side.
The room filled with legions of Guards led by Kazuya.
"*I* rule this world, *I* will led it to salvation and...*I* will not be stopped by some Has-beens!"
Rugal threw off his coat and prepared to fight.

The two Elementalists raised an eyebrow at each other.

"After you," Drek said to his father.

"Oh you are so getting a raise in your allowance," Sev chuckled. Seven feet tall, his blonde hair was considerably shorter, about an inch long as compared to the absurd length it was before he departed this Earth. In addition to his standard robotic arm and leg that now glowed with new cyan veins and were adorned with a more gothic style of Grey Iron, the normally eye-patched-up gold eye was replaced with a construct of cybermechanics, a red lens with scrolling black text surrounded by light silver metal, pulsing with cyan veins. His face was more gaunt, a few wrinkles even surrounded his eyes.

"Oh you know you missed me Rugal," Sev jumped and spiraled about in the air, landed on Rugal's shoulders and sat upon his head, in a Thinking position. Rugal slammed Sev into the ground, who slipped into the floor and re-materialized out of a nearby wall.

"I guess you guys are right," Sev said as his hands became huge and meaty pink shapes. He slammed the two into Rugal, sending him flying. Sev lifted his hands to reveal their form, two giant hams.

"I'm just a Big Ham," Sev joked.


Rugal got up and stared at the Two madmen.
"Oh...I'm going to kill you so much..."
He held his hands out and a small bolt of lighting appeared in one and a small tornado in the other.
"I've defeated the instuments of the Gods, being of extreme power on earth, You...You don't even know your already dead"
He placed his arms over his chest and began charging power.
The entire room filled with wind and lighting.
He had reached his full power.
He gave out a large blast of energy and transformed.
He caught his breath and laughed.
He shot lighting from his hand at Sev and Drek.


Dillon walked into the Club with his Three piece indigo Zoot Suit with a scarlet tie, his matching wide brimmed hat included a ridiculously pompous puffy red feather. A golden pocket (Rolex designed) watch with a long chain was in his pocket. and to top it all off an ebony cane with a sapphire top.
Phoenix felt ridiculous standing next to his partner who was clearly going to get them caught.
"Look here is the plan I grab all the attention, everyone will be looking either at the girl or me, You will use My iPod to hack into that computer, I say it`ll take you roughly thee to five hours to get to the computer than another two to hack it then one more to leave.
Luckily I broght enough cash to last me all day.`
DIllon held up a wad of hundreds.
"How did you get all that money?" Phoenix asked amazed
"My Quantim mechanical iPod told me ahead of time when the socks would peak and plummet, as such I bought for two cents, sold for 50 grand, lather rinse repeat." Dillon flashed a smile.
"Leave us boogie."

Phoenix was shocked.
"That...breaks sooo many laws that"
He took the Ipod and made his past the dancers, covering his face in shame.
Oh god...If Maya finds out about this, she'll never let me live it down...
He saw the "Staff Only" Enterance, guarded of course and awaited for Dillon to do...whatever it was he was going to do.
He took a seat next to the bar as he did.

Dillon strode into the club with ease though in his mind there was a bit of a mess going on in there.
In Dillon's mind
The Id was rubbing his hands together obviously getting ready to take over. However the Super Ego (Who need I remind everyone is feminine) Gave a strong chop to the back of the the id's head,
"We are not listening to you on this one, these women are only reinforcing societies damaging expectations of women."
"Oh C'mon You think I don't know it's all a big game of make believe, none of those girl will ever like me, none of these girls are gonna sleep with me, its just a club full of fake girls jiggling their stuff."
The Super Ego was surprised at the id's intelligence.
"Oh well then, What was your plan?"
"Easy we have money they'll be drawn to us like Jackals to rotten flesh."
Outside the mind
Dillon strode in flinging a few hundreds at the nearest stripper soon he was massing uop the attention, complete distraction, Dillon peered at Phoenix, lowered his Ruby colored sunglasses and gave him a wink, the smile siad it all
"Chill out, I got this .

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