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The Robot didn't notice the drone blowing up in it's face armour and just kept attacking everything in sight.
Phoenix meanwhile was rooting though the DataBase for anything he could use.

"Well, there is no use sitting around here. Let us leave this mountain."
She gave a motion of her head, indicating for the humans to get upon her back.

"TOMOYA! I GOT IT!" Phoenix Shouted as he downloaded the Data for Rugal's funding.

1. Assassin Transcript
2. Assassin Funds

He also downloaded the last location before rejoining Tomoya.

"I'll try, but I'll bet it has an EMP shield or something." Tomoya sighed.

"Be right back..." Tomoya said suddenly disappearing in a bolt of lightning.

He appeared 5 meters in front of the robot and pulled out his katana, then slang a lightning bolt at him.

M.A.N.G.O Shrugged off the the Bolt and managed to grab Tomoya between his huge Metal Hands.

Tomoya laughed as it grabbed it, easily fending off the pressure of its hands, "You pretty just grabbed a metal rod robot" Tomoya still laughing as he managed to get his arms out and hold them in the air.

As he slammed them down a massive lightning bolt came from the roof and hit the robot.

M.A.N.G.O. went offline and Fell forwards while still holding Tomoya.
The Robot was about to land on top of him.
Phoenix covered his eyes.
Rugal was overlooking his WAOA Conquest.
It wasn't going well...

Joel saw Rugal's power fade. PERFECT! He rushed forward, charging his own energy, and smashed into Rugal, before pinning him down. "NOW!"
Some TNT Joes dog piled onto Rugal blasting him multiple times for good measure. The others stood near-by watching Rugal carefully so he didn't slip out.
"Alek fire the laser!" They cried.
Rugal was near Comatose.
"hehehehahaha...I've...already won...The Space/Time...will leave you....all in eternal matter do...more will will never kill me...but...I will SEE YOU ALL! IN HELL! HAHAHAHAHAH!" He taunted as he awaited his fate.
Preginald teleported to the top of Alek's war machine and was manually operating the doomsday laser.
"Oh just shut up and die you long winded bastard."
Preginald fired The Doomsday Laser and hit Rugal, completely annihilating his physical form, leaving only a black, vaguely Rugal-shaped stain on the concrete.
Rugal's Bionic Eye fell to the ground before powering down...

"...The Fuck?!"

As the robot was falling, Sonic had looped back to where he'd been before. He saw that it was falling, and that Phoenix was likely (or thought he was likely) to be crushed under it. With very little time to spare, he dashed under the robot's arc, pulling the lawyer away as he did.

The robot crashed to the ground, making a very loud noise that completely drowned out the just-beginning alarm klaxons. "You okay?" Sonic asked Phoenix as soon as he was sure he would be heard.

As the dusted from the fallen robot had faded away from the scene, Tomoya came out perfectly non injured and started to laugh, "Ha, machines, they think they're so smart" he said as he walked towards the two.

"So...what now?" Tomoya asked.

Phoenix took a moment to dust himself off.
"Right...Now that we have proof, we have to make sure Rugal can NEVER worm his way out of Justice again, to do that, we have to find his Cloning Station and destory it, the bad news...Well...It's on the *Gulp*...the...BlackNoah..."
Manor Rugal
"My Lord, One of our Factorys in Asia was attacked!"
"I DONT GIVE A SHIT! My Plans for Other-World Conquest have just come to a standstill, WHERE THE HELL IS KAZUYA!?"
Kazuya walked over to his master's remains and picked up Rugal's Bionic Eye.
"So it's over...About time..."
He took his Red Eye and Put Rugal's in it's Place.
"...For a new Master..."
Kazuya walked into the coming Night to begin his own Story and rise to Power...

Tomoya instantly remembered the BlackNoah when him and the other heroes that rescued him, he was trapped and tortured on the ship, but escaped with help. The thought made Tomoya angry.

"Sounds good to me, but how will we reach it without being noticed?" He asked.

"...About that...uhhhmmm...It's at...the bottom of the sea...and even of we find it, there is possible chance that we may...need to fight...a Rugal Clone Army..."
Phoenix just let that hang in the air.

Dillon Looked at the disc, an image showed him waist deep in water, lightening arcing from his fingers, he recognized the walls of the Blacknoah.
He tried to keep positive but he had a sense of impending doom.
"If we must go there that is our fate." Dillon stated, he tried to put on a brave face, to not let his fears show, though it was akin to wearing a clay mask. quite obviously a facade.

"...Well thats one...Any body else?, I know it's most likely going to be a death trap, But if we can destroy it, Rugal can never come back again..."
He looked to Tomoya and Sonic.

Sonic stepped backwards, hanging his head. "Bottom of the ocean, you say?" he asked. "...I'm not so good with water, to be honest. I don't think I'll be able to help..."

"...are you saying that because you don't want to deal with the Mass Murder Clones or can you really not swim?..." Phoenix asked.

Tomoya looked at the on-going conversation and at Sonic, "I don't think he can, you look very worried when someone mentioned water...I'll go, killing Rugal sounds like the best option ofr this planet" he spoke.

Phoenix, while uncomfortable about the thought of killing, Said "Trust me, when this is all over, He'll wish he was dead..."
He began to make his was pass the bodies being careful not to step on one.

Sonic pointed out a sign saying 'Roof Access' to the others. "I don't think we'll be getting back out through the front door," he said. "Who else is for going that way?"

Tomoya nodded at the hedgehog's warning, "I think I saw a helicopter up there too, we could easily get out of here and maybe find a plan to get to the BlackNoah" he informed as he stopped Phoenix.


Hell Island
Rugal's Tortured Soul crawls up to Matt, Amaya and Caim/Red.
"Please...kill me..."

Dillon was busy trying to find a way to recharge his power.
"what I really need is a Mana.....potion.............." he saw something in the distance, it was a large floating shape.

Phoenix ran over to Dillon.
"What is i- Is that an Airship?!"

Sonic stared out the same window as everyone else. "Could be," he said. "If it gets closer, maybe we could even board it. Or use that helicopter to get closer ourselves..." He started running up the 'Roof Access' stairs.

Tomoya sighed as he remembered the nostalgia of the old times, "Yeah, I have been on that airship a long, long, time ago...even before I became this form..." Tomoya said behind the group, staring at the long forgotten airship ,"I'll see if we can get there with the helicopter..." Tomoya said as he started to walk up the stair to get to the landing pad.

As Tomoya exited the stairwell up to the landing pad he gazed at the helicopter, "Hmmm" he wondered, he saw Sonic near the helicopter, "I guess I can try to pilot it?" Tomoya said as he got into the cockpit.

Phoenix asked Tomoya "Now this is very important...Can you fly this thing?..." As he got into the Co-Pilot seat.

Sonic climbed into the helicopter next to Phoenix. "Well, I guess we're about to find out..." He looked around for a backpack-looking object, and upon finding it gave it to the lawyer. "Just in case he can't," he explained.

Tomoya started to flip the helicopter switches naturally and the beat awoke from its slumber, "I think I do...but we better wait for Dillon to arrive if he wants to come or not..." Tomoya spoke loudly as he picked up the pilot headset and put it on.

"You Think Or You Do?..." Phoenix asked again.
He shook his head and took out a blueprint of the BlackNoah.
"Ok, Once we reach the ship...or what's left...we will need to dive into the sea and enter though the Airlock Here, we go in another way, Place de-pressurises and everything would be flooded, that's a bad thing because it will look like we destroyed personal property in order to intimidate a Suspect.
Once inside, I don't know, these plans only cover the outside..."

"...Well, it looks like we have to interrogate someone where to go once we get inside...also I think I do know the controls but I don't at the same time, its like a computer being updated but that update has bug and glitches, that's what I go through sometimes, being a angel is tough, you think you know everything but in one second it's really complicated and you guys won't get it..." Tomoya blabbered about his kind as he said over the speaker in the helicopter.

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