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Dillon's radar picked up on the upcoming missiles.
"Oh shit we're about to get blasted out of the sky"
"Tomoya do you think you can take out those missiles?
Dillon hit a button flipped a switch and readied the airship's Gatling guns, they were set to automatic and auto fire so they would shoot down the missiles when they got in range.

Phoenix shouted "WHAT!?" before hiding in under a desk and sucking on his thumb.

Manor Rugal
"Mmmm...they have a decent ATA Defence...Fire off some more and set control to Manual, redirect the Missiles to spread outwards and come in underneat the ship, there should be less guns there." Rugal ordered as he saw the dots on the screen dance.

Tomoya nodded to the broadcast Dillon sent out, "No problem" he said sticking his thumb up to do his trademark pose and he leapt out and off the hanger door.

As Tomoya fell a few meters below the airship he activated his wings, electricity formed the famous wing of legend, Tomoya started to fly with the ship and saw the missiles directly incoming, "Heh, stupid missiles..." he said to himself as he threw two electric bolts hitting two and exploding two of the missiles, the last one he grabbed before it hit the airship, he then swang it backward and then hit it with another bolt, *BOOM*, the last one exploded.

Tomoya looked around and saw the other missiles incoming from below the ship, "Hmm, it seems the other player has changed tactics..." he snorted, Tomoya pulled out his sword and started to dice the rest of the missiles in mid-air with the help of the turrets but grappled himself onto the last one.

Tomoya re-programmed the last missile to go back to it's home and damaged it enough so no one could hack it but still remained on course, it swung backwards and out of site.

"Well thats all of them for now" he thought.

Manor Rugal
Rugal merely stared at the young man.
"You are aware we have AA Guns, right?..."
"Come 'ere..."

Moments later, Rugal was watching the incoming missile as the man from earlier was tied up in a field painted like a target.
"Ok...How did Wesker do this again?...ah yes..."
Rugal leapt into the air and grabbed the Missile in Mid-air before sending it downward at the Target field.
He landed as the missile Exploded.
He was then greeted by men with score cards, 2 "10"'s and a "10" with an extra Zero added.
"120...not bad..." Rugal smirked as he went back to work.

Unknown, Europe
Kazuya saw the Missile attack fended off on a radar and breathed a sigh of relief.

Phoenix crawled out from underneath the desk
"i-i-is it over?..."

Youmu simply stared at Phoenix. "...I don't remember you..." she admitted. "How do you know me?" Before Phoenix could answer, an explosion rocked the ship, knocking both of them off balance. Youmu hit the ground hard, not quite awake enough yet to keep her footing, and stayed there through the turbulence. Eventually, she heard Phoenix ask if it was over, and decided it was safe to get back up again.

Phoenix looked at Youmuas he got up.
"The Trial! In the Void! I was your Lawyer! Don't you remember me?"

Youmu tried to think back, but told him she wasn't awake for most of it. "That's probably why I don't know what you're talking about," she finished. For no apparent reason, she then tried to look over her shoulder, then patted herself in various places around her shoulder and back.

"What's the matter?" Phoenix asked. "Got an itch?"

Youmu shook her head. "It's what's not there that's bothering me..."

" didn't go to Hell Island?..." Phoenix asked as Youmu searched for something.

Dillon was relieved that the missiles hadn't hit.
He theoretically could have maneuvered the airship so the missiles stayed in the guns line of fire but he wasn't used to flying the massive airship and the passengers made it a definite NO.
"This is your captain speaking, we are not dead in celebration we are now serving cold refreshments and food, we hope you like Coca Cola.

The menu offered Roast Turkey, Chicken, Beef, and even Salmon. several Steampunk appliances activate din the kitchen ready to prepare a meal.

The others heard a small celebrate yell outside, Tomoya sure was laughing that they had won, but he looked towards the storm, it felt a familiar feeling about it or something worse.

He reproduced one of the airship communicators that he had many of years ago and spoke into it," Hey guys, I'm going to try get rid of that storm, so don't hold back on the celebration, I'll be back in a second" Tomoya said as he suddenly disappeared from sight and went towards the storm.

Youmu was about to answer that she didn't know anything any "hell island" when Dillon saved her the trouble with his announcement. She started retracting her steps to the canteen, not bothering to look back at the others.


Manor Rugal : Tech Unit
Rugal's Portal began to glow faintly...

Hell Island
In the distance, there was a bright light...

"Come on, don't you want to leave?!"

As Youmu arrived, she found a crate in the middle of the room, and looking inside it yielded what she'd been searching for before: her two swords, Roukan and Hakurou. Slinging one over each shoulder, though she didn't expect to need them right away, she sat down at the table and waited for the boys.

Phoenix entered the room and saw Youmu with the sword in hand.
"WHOA! Gimme that!" He exclaimed as he took the sword ou of Youmu's hands.
"These are very dangerous for a little girl..."

As Phoenix scolded, Youmu just smirked. She tensed up for a fraction of a second, and faster than any eye could follow, pulled the sword out of its scabbard, cutting the back of Phoenix's left hand slightly. Without skipping a beat, the sword moved down to Youmu's side, then suddenly both weapon and wielder were on the other side of the room, and the top of the sofa had been disconnected.

Phoenix couldn't do anything but just stand there, his jaw almost touching the floor. He didn't even notice that his hand hurt until after Youmu picked up the scabbard from him, with a reminder that stung almost as much as his hand: "Never underestimate me again."

Phoenix Screamed at what just happened.
"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! AH... AH... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Ahhhhhoooooowwwwww my hand!" He yelled as blood poured from the wound.


Hearing Phoenix's complaints, Youmu pointed out that there was probably a medical facility somewhere. "They should at least have bandages," she told him. "And I mean proper ones. I don't know where it is, but...The sooner you find it, the sooner the bleeding will stop."

Phoenix snidely replied "You think?...aahhhhh" before stumbling away to find the Medical Bay.
Alright 'Fenny, clam down, I petty sure you deserved that... he thought as he checked out the wound, a Large Gash on the back of his Left hand that came into contact with several veins.
"Ahhhh...I knew I should have studied Medicine..."

Amaya was engulfed in a brilliant white light, knowledge flowing into her head. "Head into the volcano and confront the titan's inner self." she said before disappearing in a flash of white up into somewhere else land.

Amaya was engulfed in a brilliant white light, knowledge flowing into her head. "Head into the volcano and confront the titan's inner self." she said before disappearing in a flash of white up into somewhere else land.

Manor Rugal
"My Lord, we are getting strange readings from Hell Island, like something is moving here!"
Rugal took notice to this.
"Should've known...Been to long since someone took a shot at me..."
The portal suddenly opened to a large fire-ridden wasteland that was Moving(?)...

Hell Island
A massive Fire Titan appeared nearly with a Bright light shining on it's shoulder.
Rugal looked out though it.
"shut this thing down...NOW!"
"We Can't! It's Not us!"

the was a flash of darkness infront of the portal and a black coffin appeared in front of it, laying on the ground with a note attached to it:
"When the time comes of need, cut yourself rugal and let the blood drop into the corpse's mouth.
The Hellsing organization..."
it read.

If Rugal were to open the coffin and look inside, a finely dressed corpse, much like the one in my profile picture is what he would see.

"Hellsing?..." Rugal said uneasily, but his men couldn't close the portal so...
He focused his aura and used it to cut his wrist and let the blood drop into the corpse's mouth

It took a few drops of blood, but the corpse rose, creakily and sucked on Rugal's wrist for a few seconds before letting go. The man stepped out of the coffin and took a bow. "Master... I am here to serve you." he said, before rugal. He licked his lips with his long tongue before controlling himself to stop it.

Rugal stared at the rotting corpse.
"Riiigghhhttt...start by telling me who the hell are you and who sent you here..."

"My name... is Alucard, the hellsing organization created me, I do not question my purpose. I have but one question, may i feed? it has been a while since i last did." He said with a smooth voice, completely unmatching the corpse's current appearance.

A man ran up to Rugal
"My Lord! We can't clos-" He was interrupted by Rugal picking him off the ground the throat.
"Live or Dead?..."

"Alive please, my Master." Alucard said with a sadistic grin on his face. He raised himself up out the bow and eyed the man, licking his lips one more.

Rugal nodded and threw the man at Alucard's feet.
"Don't make a mess...and address me as "My Lord" If you don't mind.
The man looked up and begged for his life.

"Of course my lord." he said and picked up the man. shortly after, this followed:

Once Alucard was done, all that remained was the corpse stuck up against the wall, everything else was spotless.
He walked over to the coffin and grabbed his hat an glasses out of it, and put them on.

"Ready to do your bidding my lord."

"Mmm...Track down a man for me, Kazuya Mishima, An employee of mine, I lose contact with him sometime ago, Which means he's in trouble or worse...plotting against me, He should still be in Europe, get moving"

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