The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal dusted himself off as the flamed died down.
He then looked at the burn marks on his suit.
"That...was a $5000 custom made Italian Suit...That is more than your loved ones will pay for your funeral..." Rugal calmly stated as Edge and Youmu ran away.
He took off his jacket and shirt, revealing a Muscle Vest underneath.
"aww Don't run, you'll only die tried..." He shouted as Transformed back into a Lighting Bolt and landed in front of them.

Suddenly a bolt of black lightning hit Rugal in the back of the head, the force was r=powerfull to knock him off his feet.
When Rugal turned he saw Dillon flying a few feet away, his katana held in one hand (the right) a cane with the glowing Tesla coil in the other.
"Hey asshole." Dillon called over the Tesla coil began to glow, sparks began to fly off, meanwhile he spun around the katana.
"Why Don't you pick on someone your own power level."

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Rugal picked himself up after the bolt hit him.
"And hello to you to Dillon, How is Amaya these days? I hear that Hell Island is were "those" Japanese Monsters go to, Bet they are having a real good time with her, I reckon after a while, She be fucked so good, she'll won't Want to leave! HEHEHAHAHAHAH!" Rugal joked before sending out several bolts towards Dillon.

Stella was aiming down the sights and the hallway. She closed her eyes and used her mind and pulled the trigger. A 30mm. silver, blessed and cross tipped incendiary round flew between Youmu and Edge, straight at rugal.
"OR me you asshole!"

Rugal Back flipped over the bullet and turned to face the source.
"Oh...Really?...God, Fuck you Alucard...Right Then, Time to Die!" He said as he flash stepped in front of Stella and went for a spinning back kick.

Stella bent backwards as her eyes turned red with the blood lust. Whiel bending and dogding the kick, she loaded another shell into the cannon and pointed it at rugal's chest. "Got ya." she said pulling the trigger, barrel stuff the muzzle into the mans chest.

In Dillon's mind
The id was going positively insane
"May I please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, rip him to shreds."
"DO it." said the ego
"DO IT" agreed the Super Ego
both boys looked at her she was surprised.
"Hey That asshole tried top kill me remember, ice the bastard."
Back to AA
Dillon went fully insane, Eyes yellow and black slits, elongated canines, evil lightning crackled along the edge of his blade.
Using his wings Dillon first launched a series of flying kicks at Rugal's head, he then slammed the cane into Rugal's gut, the Coil blasted Rugal with lightning sending him flying.

Youmu turned around, seeing that two others were dealing with their problem. She pulled back on Edge's arm as if to ask him to look at it as well. He didn't bother turning around, though. Having reached the bow of the Rising Dawn, he dropped down into the main of the ship, and after a moment's hesitation Youmu followed him.

The Bullet inpacted off Rugal's Chest knocking up into the ceiling before falling back down.
"Ohhhhohoho...that was a good one...Ahhh..." Rugal winced as he got back up.
He swiftly kicked Stella's Knee, Breaking it before Grabbing the Barrel of the Rifle and pressing down on it causing the Butt to strike Stella in the Jaw.
He goes to follow up with but starts having to block and parry several blows from Dillon.
He misses one and is hit again in the chest.
He recovers in the air and Using his wind powers he took from Goenitz reappeared above Dillon and connected with a Heel to the back of his head.

Edge had explained to Boss once that there was an entire other world to things, not just the physical part of it. Ideas, and how people perceived them, had entirely different rules and systems and what have you. Boss, when this had been explained to him, was curious enough to ask about the afterlife.

Yes, Edge said. It exists, but not in the way people think it does. It's a hundred thousand billion different places at once, and it's not as simple as good and evil or heaven and hell. Some people go to a place where they're tortured for an eternity. Some people go to a place where the floor is clouds and the sky is light. Some people go to a hole they never stop falling through. Some people go to a great palace atop a great tree where a great king resides, and fight great battles for all eternity. Some people find the people they loved in life. Some people are denied the things they loved in life. Some people go to a place where they burn. Some people go to a place where they freeze. Some people don't go anywhere, and just wander the earth as spirits. It isn't one thing that you can put a name to.

And Boss saw that now. It was not a man that stood before him. It was an entire plane of existence in and of itself. A wretched, hate-filled place where people were impaled on spikes and boiled alive and ripped limb from limb, a place where all things screamed in constant pain and anguish, where all were guilty of little more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered the same regardless, a place where all things were burnt and torn into unholy and unimaginable shapes, where the very walls and ground and water were forged from the skin and bones of the punished, and pulsated with silent agony. Hell stood before Boss, and brought all those indentured to it in tow.

It engulfed Boss. It consumed him. There was no escaping this thing, no running. You could not outrun the ground you walked on, you could not outfight the air you breathed, you could only die, die, DIE-

And then something unexpected happened. Boss's fear hit some kind of barrier. Some instinct, some training, maybe a discipline from a past life swept away the fear and said in a calm, clear voice-

Fear is what it wants. Stop it. All it's doing is throwing it's weight around. Show it what happens when you do that.

Sounds like a plan Boss thought, and slammed Hell with as much power as he could muster.

The blast traveled in a wave, ripping apart everything it touched. It was powerful enough that it ripped a hole the size of a house in Blacknoah. Strong enough that it re-directed currents. Water parted. For a moment, at the bottom of the ocean, you could see the sky.

Boss turned to Matt. He looked calm, determined "Whatever the hell that thing was, I stunned it, but it won't stay that way for long. You need to find the others and leave as soon as you can." Boss put the fingertips of one hand against his temple, as though in thought, and turned to where Alucard was standing before. "I'll keep you safe."

Stella screamed as her knee was broken. She wasn't a true vampire yet and couldn't heal herself. She forced herself up through the pain, only to have her knee give out on her. She began to pull herself away from fight, moving backwards. One thing popped into her mind from Alucard's words: feed...
She needed to feed, something she never wanted to do, but this was something deeper than a need for blood.

Tomoya stepped out from behind of Phoenix and saw Kazuya standing there and a silent and frozen Phoenix, "I'm guessing your here to either stop us or blow this place to hell like us...and the air above the sea is quite eventful apparently..." Tomoya said while shuddering due to the crisp air of the fight above the sea on the airship.

Then Tomoya tapped Phoenix on the shoulder and said, "We need to hurry up and kill this place..." Tomoya said as he slide past Kazuya.

Pepe flew over Blacknoah, being tailed by a dozen choppers!
"Mush! Mush!" Screamed Pepe as he traveled impossibly fast in his little plane. periodically he'd pull off a spectacular manuevar, showing off for the audience that wasn't there. He looked over and saw Tomoya standing next to Phoneix. he had formulated a plan, he flew so low he would almost skim his head, dragging the choppers with him. with that thought he broke into a nose dive headed straight for Blacknoah

Alucard's body simply regenerated from the blast. Slowly putting itself back together from the shreds it was currently in. He simply walked out of the dust cloud clapping his hands. "You must be one of the ones who can see things not of this world. I applaud you on your effort, but you didn't see intoi hell as you were thinking. it was my soul...." He said as a unit of cavalry began charging down the hallway behind him. "And i killed each of them myself..." Alucard said coldly as the calvary charged past at Boss.

"If I wanted to stop you, The lawyer would have died a long time ago, now shall we?..." Kazuya answered before leading the way deeper into the Heart of the BlackNoah.
The trio enters a room with several statues and a Metal Bath.
"Whoa...What went on it here?" Phoenix asked.
"Rugal made a habit out of killing his Rivals and turning them into statues, sometimes I heard, he didn't even wait for them to die before throwing them into that Bath there...
The group walked past as several horrified faces watched them pass.

The cavalry smashed into an invisible barrier three feet from where Boss stood. Some of them were completely obliterated; most just stopped, and fell to the ground. "Yeah." Boss said. "I can see that now. I don't know what you did, but you did something to me. Well, not you exactly. It' watching a movie, only to realize you've seen this movie before, and liked it. If that makes any sense."

Boss smiled. "In any case, I can make sense of...what did Edge call it? The under-world, and it's happenings. Which means I don't have any reason to fear you. I still don't know what you are, but I know how to protect myself from you, at least more than I could have before."

Dillon fell down for a moment, but Dillon had been able to see the blow coming, at the last moment he angled his back would absorb most of the impact.
That didn't mean it didn't hurt though, Dillon was in quite a bit of pain, but with his rage and hatred that just made his black lightning more potent.
Dillon knew direct force wouldn't work here, luckily Rugal may have thought he was agile but he had several problems,
First off with his big arms and legs, he created certain blind-spots, and Dillon's thinner frame meant he could use those blind-spots to dodge out of Rugal's attacks. Second his big muscles also twitched before each strike, which was very obvious, in fact Rugal arrogant attitude also made him actually telegraph his attacks, it was subtle but Dillon's cold eyes looked through the general appearance and saw what was really happening.

Dillon then used a clever tactic, he slammed his hand onto the floor summoning five black beetles, he instructed the to sneak up on Rugal, steal some of his power, then give it to him, hopefully he could slow down Rugal.
Dillon then readied his blade, and charged the Tesla coil, a powerful blast followed by a strike with the sword, then a kick to the throat. that was his plan
Then I'm going to slice that bastartd into peices, No I'll rip him apart with my bare hands, I'll eat his heart while he watches me.

Rugal Reappeared in the air, trying to keep his balance, Flying by Wind was much Harder than by Lighting.
He watched on as Dillon created more of those Beatles from that castle of his.
Oh God, More "The Mummy" references...I think I angered him enough...then again...
"Hey Dillon, Look on the bright side! You'll be able to see her...IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PILE! OOOHHHHHH!"
And with that Dillon sent up a massive Black Bolt out of anger at Rugal, which he easily teleported out of the way of.
Sure, he might have some kind of plan, but anger is the mother of all mistakes...
"Hey, do you think an Asian can really take that much inside them at once?..."
Again, Bolt and Teleport.
Rugal landed near a beetle latched onto his leg.
"Wha- GET OFF!" He said as he tore it off and threw it off board.

Stella was down the hall and loaded another incendiary shell. "Suck on this." she said quietly before she pulled the trigger, aiming at rugal.

Alucard's laugh came from every dark corner, every room on the ship. "You still think you have a chance boy." he said sighting in with the jackal from the shadows.
down the hall from where he previously was, an unrecognized voice spoke out from the darkness. "Tinker tailor soldier sailor... my bullet punishes all without distinction..."] she said.
Out of the darkness came Rip van winkle with her musket.
The She aimed and fired her musket. The bullet screamed at Boss, breaking through the first barrier and heading straight at him. From the shadows alucard fired the jackal at boss.

The Bullet stuck Rugal's Arm, while like the last didn't break the skin, but it still knocked him over.
Rugal began to charge energy, both his Ki powers and the Arch Angel Powers of Tomoya and Goenitz, and fired a huge blast of raw power towards Stella the size of a small house.

The hound, being closer, got to Boss first. He backhanded it so hard that it exploded. "Your pride will be your undoing." Boss said.

Boss smirked and caught Rip fan Winkle's bullet in one hand. "Parlor tricks..." he said. "Prove nothing. Being able to use magic doesn't mean you have mastery of it, and tends to imply otherwise." Boss nodded to the hole he'd blown through The Blacknoah. "That? Parlor trick. Anyone who knows how can do that. No grace, no form. It wasn't supposed to have those things, either." A shadow fell over The Blacknoah. Two tides of water, six miles high, had closed over her, and were falling back into their place. "All that saltwater I blasted out of the way is heading back. Fast. Best hold your nose."

Dillon began to laugh
He really thinks I'm going to make a mistake, what a fool.
Dillon wasn't really angry, he was full of hate, he hated Rugal, he hated feeling weak, he hated losing something he held dear, and he hated the idea that he'd never recover that thing.
Black lightning Coursed through his body, as it began to change.
In Dillon's Mind
"What are you doing?"
The two entities asked the Id as the room became dark like it had when he had taken over.
The Super Ego suspected a trick, she allowed herself to glow.
"Stop, don't suppress me, work with me."
The id then turned to the Ego who stood somewhat confused.
"Take the piano kid, we need music."
The id stood tall, he wrapped his left arm around her waist, and he took her hand and extended it to lead.
At first their dancing was awkward as both tried to lead, the id had a height advantage but the Super Ego still resisted.
The id was getting frustrated, this was a gamble and for it to work they had to be in harmony.
"Listen, we can't win if we're like this."
"Well if you let me lead."
"We can't do that, his morals can't win over his hate, we need his morals to justify his hate. So let me lead and we'll unleash a power unlike ever before seen."
Back in AA

Dillon stood; the black lightening had never been together before.
He spread his new wings, compacted black lightening forming black wings, like a raven.
"Hey Beef head."
Rugal turned to see Dillon, floating in the air, his eyes were deep blue orbs with a black slit down the middle, and his canines were still longer and sharp.
Dillon smiled, raising his hand he fired off a bolt of lightning, Rugal teleported away, only to find the bolt was not one that took a straight path it kept bouncing around, curving around all of Dillon's allies going straight for Rugal.
The bolt hit him squarely in the chest, his hear almost stopped from the shock, his muscles began to spasm uncontrollably, he could smell burnt toast, oh wait that was him burning.
"Want some more?" Dillon asked, his blade were ready, he had the perfect balance no mistakes would be made on his part but Rugal had done nothing but make mistakes, like killing Amaya in the first place.

Rugal gave a shocked look which slowly turned into a grin.
"'ve entertained me quite well..."
A red aura engulfed him as he picked up his jacket.
"Now...I will fight you AT FULL STRENGTH!"
Rugal underwent his own transformation.

His Body turned dark as his hair turned white, his eyes red and his muscles expanded.
He mimicked the ringing of a bell before charging at Dillon and sent him straight though the Airship.

Crap now I lost an awesome post

Matt found Phoenix with Kazuya just wandering around and this made him angry. "Damnit Phoenix, you had better have done something useful instead of sight-seeing. We need to leave now before our plan completely falls apart," he yelled at the lawyer.

"Relax Matt, we are on our way to Cloning right now, follow me..." Kazuya said as he came to a heavy Door with "Private Chambers" written on it.
He kicked down the door and revealed the cloning bay.


"Oh my god..." Phoenix said competely amazed by the sight before him.
Kazuya walked past the tubes and came to a computer.
"I just need to make sure that "He" is here..."
Tomoya cut in "And he would be?..."
"Rugal's Son"

"Great, get what you came here for and then we can leave," Matt said as compartment opened up in his prosthetic leg. Inside were a couple bricks of C4. He kept a couple in there in case of an emergency. He took them out, connected them to his detonator, and planted one on the console and one on the far wall.

The attack laid out upon Stella like a ton of bricks, however she was protected from it by a white glow. Being half angel, she could feel another's presence. This one wasn't like the powers she felt residing in Rugal and Dillon, or Tomoya's full status. these were felling that of a new inductee, not very experienced but still angelic powers. Her knee heeled quickly and a voice was in her head. "You'll be fine, just support dillon and help him." she said an left stella's body as a glowing white form, just enough to see the outline of a familiar girl.

The apparition walked though rugal and entered Dillon's body which was somewhere off in the distance.
A pale arm was slipped around the Ego's neck as he played and a kiss planted on his cheek.
"Need help with that melody?" Amaya asked.

Rugal felt something as he blocked a barrage of attacks from Dillon.
Something much like that woman from Jan-
And with that Rugal stepped up the offensive, striking faster that Dillon could react.
For everytime He Blocked a Blow, he took 2 others, Dillon was losing ground in this struggle.

Caim and Angelus noticed Pepe's plight of helicopters, and were happy to provide the assistance. Swooping past the attacked snail, Angelus readied her magical attack, and let loose. Ribbons of magical energies swept forth, runes snaking off of them as they pulverized the enemies before them. The dragon laughed at the face of the fallen enemies, channeling ever so slightly the bloodlust of her partner.

Dillon took hit after hit, but he was laughing the whole time.
finally he caught one of Rugal's Blows, Rugal looked to see Dillon's eyes had become fox-like, wait Fox-like?
Dillon landed a kick on a mortal man would have broken every single bone in their body, but with Rugal Dillon settled for several broken ribs, and a nasty pain in the head as he hit a wall.
Dillon laughed, a cruel melodic sound that sent a shiver down Rugal's spine.
Rugal looked into Dillon's eyes and saw they had changed

"What how do yoiu have eyes like hers?"
"Hahahahaha, Shes here with me, and now......"
Suddenly hundred of black spider coated Rugal's body, they had the properties of dillons blavk beetles and began to bite and drain at Rugal's energy.
"We're going to enjoy killing you, and we're going to do it very, very slowly."
A cruel smile spread across his lips.
"Time to die, Rugal, can't you hear the bells of hell."

The battle on top of the Rising Dawn was rocking it back and forth, tossing Youmu and Edge around like ragdolls. Neither of them could find any seat belts, seeing as it hadn't been designed for turbulence of this level - particularly not in the control room. Eventually, Edge found something to grab onto. Youmu, on the other hand, bumped into a button first.

Actually, it was several buttons.

All at once.

Which, in tandem, were stopping the ship from just falling out of the sky.

The ship started to fall out of the sky. Edge grabbed onto Youmu just as she was about to get plastered onto the ceiling. "What did you do?!" he asked. "Can you fix it?!"

Youmu didn't say anything for a second that felt like a month. Then, "No. Sorry."

With its weight and air resistance, the ship would take about three minutes to collide with whatever was directly below, be it land or ocean.

Tomoya was surprised by the man's words, "Huh, how...did he even...I didn't know" He stuttered in front of the two. Then Tomoya snapped out of the mood, "If he is evil like his farther we have to kill the meanwhile we should get to work...." Tomoya said as he grabbed some C4 from Phoenix.

Dillon knew his airship was falling, unfortunately Rugal was an insane madman, and he couldn't be everywhere, he used his golden iPod to contact Youmu.
"Youmu listen to me I can't come down there and fix the ship."
"Well then we're-"
"WE ARE NOT GOING TO DIE" Dillon bellowed as he charged his another bolt of lightning in case Rugal got up.
""just listen to me, I can give you some instructions of how to right the airship."
Dillon spoke as calmly as he could, not letting himself speak to fast, the last thing they needed was him making it more complicated.
Meanwhile he could almost hear the voice of Amaya giving him instructions of how best to use the powers she was letting him borrow.

Youmu was flipping switches and hitting buttons, it wouldn't be easy or quick but they might be able to pull out of there deadly nose dive.

Rugal Struggled against the Spiders when a dark wing burst from his back Followed by three more.
He looked at Dillon and laughed "The Power of Love?...It is time for you to come back into the real world...Let me be the ruler of all Souls...".
His wings began to glow and he shouted "SERAPHIC WING!"

The entirety of Rugal's Power was fired in a massive all-consuming Flash of light with the same strength as a small Nuclear Blast.
The Next thing anyone saw was both Rugal and Dillon falling into the sea below, Dillon from being hit by the blast and Rugal from performing it.

As Dillon floated while completely unconscious a voice said "One to go..."
And with that Rugal swam towards BlackNoah.

Cloning Bay
"Kind of a sad story about how Adelheid Bernstein came to be, I heard a story once about when Rugal first contracted a Dr. Albert Wesker about Cloning Research. He said that it could only work if he gave up his body and let his clones take his place or if he could get a host with enough DNA to allow him to create a being in his image. A Week Later, rumors of Mature, one of the best known servants of Rugal was attacked in her home, Nine Months Later, A new-born child was brought here, to this very room, 24 hours later, Mature was found dead in a alleyway in Berlin." Kazuya explained as he brought up the Pod that an now grown Adel rested.

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