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Tomoya easily welcomed back the exile power that left him a long time ago, as it coiled around Tomoya's body, he absorbed it and then shudders, "Ugh, that tasted a bit tainted...least it can be changed back" Tomoya said to the close by Dillon looking upon the Rising Dawn hitting the Ocean, "Least we can still make repairs, but I sense that Justin and Glad0s are gone...oh well we'll get them someday" tomoya said patting Dillon's shoulder as he started to fly to the Rising Dawn.

Dillon carefully made his way into the airship, it took a while but eventually he got inside.
Dillon first made his way to his quarters, placing the Tesla coil in a locked safe, next he placed his katana on a mantle. He hoped he wouldn't be needing weapons for a while now.
Dillon then made his way to the shower, that was an intense battle and he was thoroughly exhausted, the warm shower helped his muscles ease and relax. when he left all the seat and dirt had been washed away, the clean clothes, (still jeans and a black t-shirt) made him feel better, though he's have to throw his jacket in the laundry machine after that battle.
Content Dillon made his way to the lobby. There were repairs o be made, that was for certain but the ship would still fly.
"Well, we did it we beat Rugal, and now that he's gone the others should be coming back from hell soon.
Matt's alive but the Grim Reaper won't be after him, and the others who didn't manage to get out should return soon." Dillon smiled he felt confident, things would work out all right, the Disc wasn't wrong.

Phoenix appeared smug after Dillon's comment.
"Yep...also I Made sure he can never come back..."
Stella asked "How Master?"
"Please don't call me that, makes me sound like a creep...anyways, lets just say where Rugal is, He will be learning the Magic of Friendship heh heh heh"
then he said to the others "Well...I have never experienced so much adventure and near deaths in such a short time and for that I am thankful that I am Still alive, but I want to make sure it stays that way so I guess this is where we part ways so If you wouldn't mind dropping me off in Tokyo, Capitan"

Dillon was a bit saddened, they'd been through a bit, he wanted phoenix to stay.
Though in his heart he knew he couldn't be selfish, Phoenix wasn't for this sort of adventure, he probably came close to dying.
he nodded
"Very well, to Tokyo there we can make our repairs, however lets celebrate first I think we earned it."

Suddenly a lightning bolt hit behind Phoenix and Tomoya came out of the portal that it created, "Ugh, no wonder that idiot could go to anywhere..." Tomoya spoke to himself while the others look at him. "What, I'm testing out what that ass Rugal has left me, but it takes a lot of energy to do so I won't be using it that much...anyhow I'm going to prepare a celebration feast with a lot of stuff so...I'll be gone-" Tomoya said but cut himself off by teleporting to the kitchen.

"Okay, time to work on my cooking skills...what first though?" He said whilst grabbing some things and starting to cook the feast whilst with Red Bull in hand.

" think it is all over then?..."
Tomoya turned and readied his blade to see Kazuya holding a can of beer he stole.
"...and hello to you, I'm not going to attack you, just to say this, it is far from over..."
Tomoya eased a little "What are you talking about?..."
Kazuya walked over beside him and stared at the sun.
"While the Head has been cut off, the body still lives on, after all, it was a Big Cartel and if that's not enough, from what I heard, the damage you all caused in Japan resulted in the weakening of space/time, meaning all sorts of people and beings from all times and places may find they're way here..."
He finished his beer and threw the can in the trash.
"...just a warning, you have your work cut out for you, still, I often find that we may the same interests and goals..."
"You!? You blindly s-"
"I have no excuse but this...Things change, you adapt or you die, like Rugal, Just know this, we will meet again, maybe as friends, maybe as foes..."
Kazuya opened a window and faced Tomoya.
" Also a message for the Lawyer, he has made some real dangerous people very scared, which tends to get people hurt, Until the next time..."
And with that Kazuya jumped out.
Tomoya dashed over and looked over the edge and saw no trace of Kazuya...

The escape pod of Justin and Glados landed on shore, they took, or more of hijacked several different cabs as they drove through the country side towards Aperture labs.

"Tri-Cell... I don't remember them being one of our competitors, when we were around." Justin said while looking in the rear view mirror just in case the local law enforcement had found they had swapped cars again.

"They weren't" Glados said, sounding perplexed. "This multi-million dollar corporation just seemed to spring from nowhere just sprung up more or less four months ago. It really doesn't have any history prior to that, and most of its activities isn't in the public eye." Glados sighed.

"Well we may find out what's going on soon. Seeing as we are coming up on the company check point." Justin pulled the taxi to the side of the road. "Shall we walk from here?" The couple left the car, linked arms and began to walk to the white toll booth like house. Glados flipping another switch and the car burst into flames. Evidence was such a pain.

As Tomoya looked out of the window as saw no trace of the fighter he shrugged, "I would of invited him to stay but I guess he had something to do...what, that was stolen wasn't it...well crap." Tomoya mutters to himself as he returns back to the five star kitchen to cook the rest of the feast.

30 Minutes gone by

"Awesome..." Tomoya mutters to the almost empty large room, he has gotten through making his Japanese styled feast and started to make the table, once he had finished that he brought a giant cooler over filled to the brim of Coke, Red Bull and some Asaki Dry. Tomoya wiped his brow as he walked to the nearest intercom and hooked up to Dillon, "Yo Cap, I got the celebration feast wanna call everyone?" He spoke like a Yakuza.

Matt was glad that that was over but he decided to take his leave while he could. He didn't want to get caught in anymore hero bullshit. He quietly packed up his stuff and headed for the hangar. He spotted an F-69 VTOL and decided to take it. He hit a button to open the hanar doors and got into the jet. Matt turned on the jet, made sure it was in hover mode and flew out of the airship. Once the jet was clear of the airship, Matt switched it to jet mode. "It's like a helicopter fucked a jet," he commented before flying away.

3 Hours and 1 Stop Later

Matt landed the jet and stepped out into a scorching desert. "Now let's see why these coordinates lead me to the Valley of the Dead," he said as he walked the rest of the way. When he was standing on the exact coordinates, a small screen rose out of the ground. Checking for nanites are what came up on the screen. After a couple of minutes the screen changed to Nanites confirmed. Welcome to Alpha Base. before disappearing back into the ground. Next to him a hole appeared in the ground and out came a cylindrical elevator with windows rose up and opened its doors. When Matt stepped inside, the doors and the elevator descended into darkness. After 20 seconds of descent, Matt still didn't see anything. Whatever was down here must be deep underground. That was when a wall of the elevator shaft disappeared to reveal a massive hangar. Inside was a massive airship that he had only had heard rumors about, the Daedalus. "I think I found my new home," Matt said with a devilish grin on his face.

After the battle, Caim found himself back in his own mind once more. He laughed to himself and said to the dragon, "Did you get a load of that bull? What's wrong with having fun from fighting? I do it all the time!"
The dragon shook her head and laughed with her comrade, "Perhaps it is a difference in tastes between the two of you, Caim."
"Regardless, I think that we deserve a free flight now, right dragon?
The dragon nodded with that sentiment, "At least, until we are called upon to save the world again..."

Dillon started by sending down a message to Youmu and Edge in the control room. "Hey, Tomoya's running a celebration or something in the dining room. You two wanna go check it out? I have to tell the others." Youmu and Edge looked at one another, then nodded in unison. Nothing needed to be said between them.

They arrived before too long, and Youmu immediately started looking around for where that smell was coming from. Her eyes eventually fixated on the table in the middle with all the food on it. It took all her restraint to not just start eating all of it right then.

Tomoya looked at the two coming in, "Welcome Youmu and...ugh, who are you?" He questioned the man. "Edge...just Edge" he spoke boldly, "Ah, okay, have a seat you two, we have enough spaces for everyone, we have a full Japanese feast and drinks on the table..." He smirked with all of his confidence. "It looks like I gained cooking skills from my power too...I wonder what I can't do...actually better not think of that, the officials might demote me again..." Tomoya thought as he returned to cooking the rest of the feast.

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In Los Angeles

All was normal in L.A., people were going about their day and the weather was nice and sunny as usual. But soon their day was about to get a lot worse. The skies over downtown began to darken and lightening began to appear. After an hour it was as though night had suddenly fallen over all L.A. There was so much lightening over downtown that people thought one was happening every second. Suddenly there was a loud roaring sound was heard throughout L.A. as a visible rip could be seen over the US Bank Tower. After about two minutes the rip just suddenly closed itself and everything slowly went back to normal. Nobody could explain what happened that day but they all agree that there were no major side effects to the area. What they didn't know was that an unconscious figure was slowly lowered from the rip and now lay resting atop the tower

Location of Aperture Tri-Cell Labs
Justin and Glados came to the Front Entrance of what used to be Aperture Science.
Note: If this image is unsuited, please suggest another.
They knocked on the door and was greeted by a very tall 'man'.

He towered over Justin and Glados, awaiting a response.
"Whoa...uhhhh...Hi there...were are the owners of Aperture?..." Glados asked as she slowly stepped behind Justin.
The Man stared blankly for a few moments before putting a finger to his ear, seemly hearing orders from an unseen headset.
He stepped out and moved his head towards the Lift as if saying "Get in".
Justin and Glados unnervingly got in.
As the lift was too small for all of them, the Man stayed topside.
As the lift went down, they saw many more men like the one thy just met as will as some Infected looking Soldiers stripping away much of the old walls and logos.

Rising Dawn
Phoenix was enjoying the fine food and drink available to him.
He has to admit, Tomoya sure could cook.

Tomoya was sitting at the head of the table drinking a Red Bull, smiling at all the people eating his food, "Well...I think this was worth it. He thought whilst still drinking his red bull, but all of a sudden a very familiar voice popped into his head, "Remember you work isn't don't yet, you shouldn't be here with these fools" It said, "Ahh, shut the hell up and let me enjoy my dinner, you're just annoyed that I became Guardian of Earth and got my own ship... Tomoya replied,"Ugh, shut up-" It said before disappearing.

Suddenly Tomoya came back to his existence, "Heeeellooo, Tomoya?" Phoenix said next to him, "Huh...yes, sorry" He blurted which got everyones attention, "I was just talking to someone up here" He said whilst pointing to his head, then he quickly grabbed another Red Bull and a pair of chopsticks and started to munch down his food which has become warm.

Dillon ate the food laid out, he was thoroughly enjoying himself.
Though he knew there were just a few things left to be wrapped up, but they had a victory.
Dillon was a bit nervous though, either some tiny detail would evolve into a massive problem, or perhaps a new threat would appear.
Dillon however didn't feel like getting stressed out, he just opened up a bottle of root beer and had a cool drink.

As the sun was setting and the heroes were eating, Tomoya got up from his seat at the end of the table, "Well, it seems that we have defeated one of the many dangers that have happend to us in this crazy world, but don't forget there are many, many, more of these crazy adventures and Villains, and we do have to fight them again, but for now I will say good job on saving the Earth this time around. I do think we do deserve a vacation...maybe to an uncharted Island or wherever, you guys have deserved it, but we will need to be ready when we are called again to save this world...and that's all, I have never really done a victory speech before...but I would like to have a one vacation" Tomoya said whilst rising his glass of Red Bull to the others and sat back down.

Youmu paused for a second, lost in thought. Vacation? But, how will that stop the villains from following us? She suddenly shook her head. No, I'm sure we'll manage. Besides, I agree that we've earned something of a break... With that matter settles, her hand quickly accelerated back to its previous speed. Mm...Tomoya-kun no ryori wa oishi yo...

Phoenix agreed.
"Yeah...clear white sand...the warm sun on your skin...god i would love to come with, but with how long I've been in The Void, there must be mountains of cases waiting for me..."
and with that he finished his meal and got up.
"Hey stella, you want to come with me?"

Tomoya was spacing out again as Youmu said something, "Ugh, what, you said something about being a vegetarian, want me to get some salad?" He said whilst hoping that he caught enough to know what she was talking about.

Youmu looked up, surprised. "No, I don't think I ever said anything like that..." she told Tomoya. "About the only thing I can't eat is bitter melon. Where'd you get that idea?"

Tomoya's face started to turn red but soon faded away, "Ugh, I was spacing out again, I got a whole lot of worries of what is about to come and I need to think through all of it, my brain is like a filing cabinet due to being this form and I way just sorting out the information I learnt, OH right, I have to do that again don't I?" said to Youmu and then questioned himself.

"Of course Master!" Stella said excitedly. She ran to the room she had used on the ship and began packing quickly.
She was back soon with suitcase full of clothing, the cannon on her back and a smile on her face. "Lets go!" she said enthusiastically.

Phoenix laughed in a somewhat awkward manner at both her childlike smile and the massive Cannon on her back.
"Right then...uhhh...Can you fly a helicopter?..." He asked no-one in particular.

"I can try." Stella said tilting her head to the side. She thought about it for a second before something possessed her body.
she glowed for a minute before a pair of wings spouted from her back. Amaya's voice projected over them. "Will this do?" Amaya asked phoenix.

Phoenix stood there slack-jawed.
"...I don't even care anymore..." He said as he downed a shot of liquor before getting his things.

2:00 Am, Night.

Justin and Glados looked upon the large testing rooms being re-constructed by what they assumed to be a large of army of zombie-like slaves. Both Justin and Glados shuddered. What had they gotten themselves into?

The elevator's glass paneling opaqued as they passed the testing chambers and began to reach the labratory and executive levels of the sub terrain structure. As the elevator reached the CEO level they heard the tell tale beep, then the second beep of approval from within the office. The elevator doors opened and they walked into Glados's old office. A man stood by a desk his back turned to the pair.

The office had already been refurnished. No longer the white tile floor and walls, adorned with Aperture parafinalia. But now black tile, grey metallic walls. And a desk that looked like a cross between ebony and obsidian.

"I've been expecting you two." The man spoke smoothly. Turning to face them, even though his eyes were hidden behind a pair of glasses, Glados and Justin could feel the man's intense gaze.

Justin opened his mouth to say something but then closed it, at a loss for words. Glados stepped forward. "Who are you and what do you intend to do with my laboratory?"

Wesker gave a small smile and said "your lab? The one that Tri-Cell now have total ownership of?"
He tapped a piece of paper on his desk.
"This contract states that Apeture and all its assets are now mine, as for my name, Albert Wesker...but you can call me 'Boss'"

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