The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Severin was impressed with Caim's hatred towards Doom. He chuckled and sauntered over to Caim, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You have much Hate to learn, Young Caim," Severin said. Caim looked up at the giant's half-metal face. Severin popped open his false arm to reveal his gears.

"There are 200 macro-trillion miles of code written into my arm. If the word "HATE" was written upon every micro-nano-mini-millimeter squared instead of the code, it would not equal one trillionth the amount of Hate I have for everything," Sever popped his arm back into place.

"HATE... HATE..." he muttered to himself. A wild thought tickled his brain.

"I've been getting the feeling you guys don't like me. I don't get that. I'm a cool dude. I have ice cream," Sev commented, pulling out a small carton that popped out of his false arm.

*Was typing before Chillz posted. Can we happily retcon and say that Caim preforated the body before Sev got it? After all, he did have a vendetta...*

Caim's jaw dropped, "Gods be damned! The tin bastard is dead! DEAD! AND I WASN'T THE ONE TO FINISH HIM!!!! RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Then, Caim charged the dead Doom, angrily slashing and stabbing the dead body. Of course, it didn't do much but leave several large dents and punctures in Doom. After a few heavy breaths the dragon regarded him and quietly asked, "Finished with your... Respects?" Caim nodded for a moment, and then walked to the dragon's side. The dragon turned to Dillon, "You asked for a funeral pyre? I would be happy to service the wish, after all, I never got the man for my wounds..."

The dragon turned to Orinon,

As the other group did there own thing, the lonesome Tomoya was about to go to the mini tower where his prize awaited, he then entered the hollow room of the dinning room which had a view of the giant crevice bellow and the other tower in front, still jingling and flirting with electricity. "Trap my essence shall you!" Tomoya yelled to himself as he walked to the balcony.

As Tomoya was about to leap off the balcony he heard a slump behind him, there stood an ugly giant man in a chief hat. "Really?" Tomoya questioned as the thing began to charge him.

Caim gave a hollow laugh (as best a mute can) at Sev's comment, and the dragon translated his response into a quiet mental message, "My partner states, verbatim, 'My existence has known hate for many years. Hatred for a murderer of my parents and the species it came from, hatred for an Empire that brought my home-world to ruin and all who associate with it, especially my sister's murderers. Because of that hate I love to kill. I love to rip, tear, eviscerate, maim, what have you. It's what I do best now. Sure, I may act like I'm nice, but should one of them give me some reason to warrant a death sentence, like that metal man did when he attacked my dragon; they'll burn. Don't talk to me like I'm some child. I know damn well what 'hate' is like.' "
Caim spat into the soil at the end of the dragon's translation, and began to clean his blade absentmindly whilst leaning against the dragon's flank.

With that the dragon gave a small shiver, and said to Sev, "Don't mind the cocky attitude of his, he's had that since I first laid eyes upon him. Aside from that, are free to do what we will with the body?"

James had decided to explore a bit while everybody else waited in the courtyard. He came to a room with a giant skeleton that was missing its bottom half and wielding an equally giant bone as a club. It swung the club at him, hitting the ground only a couple feet away. "Now it's my turn," James said with a smile. As the skeleton slowly prepared for its next attack, a star appeared in front of James before digging into the ground. A few seconds later, dozens of glowing spikes rose out of the ground beneath the skeleton, skewering it (-5). The skeleton collapsed in defeat and started to quickly burn away. When the spikes disappeared, James saw that the skeleton had dropped something. Upon closer inspection, James learned that it was an ebony battleaxe. James strapped it to his back, insuring that it wouldn't move, and returned to the others.



As swift side dodge came from Tomoya as he avoided the big man's cleaver, he quickly swung again but only to be met with Tomoya's katana, "Hehe, you think you can beat and angel" Tomoya said with a smirk. "I will make a stew with your bones!" it roared as it spilt is bad breath over Tomoya.

"Pheeeew, have a damn tic tac will ya!" he joked as he overpowered the monster and threw him off. It roared through the open room once more as he charged back to Tomoya but was introduced to a flying foot to the face, "BWAH!" it muttered as the feet left its mark on the monster's face and Tomoya began to laugh, half a second later Tomoya's instincts played out, but were too late, he felt a stinging sensation in his arm, he looked over and saw a deep cut, the brute threw the knife and hit some of it's target.

A brief flood of anger overcame Tomoya's mind, he fell to the ground, a second wind of power arose from him. As he got up he had a look of fury and anger on his dark face, "YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!" He spoke in a dark tone as lightning began to coil around his body and sword, then he charged. In the blink of an eye, the monster tried to defend itself but to no anvil, Tomoya has already pierced it's invisible heart, a foul sound came from it's mouth as it knew what had happened, "Die. In. Pieces." Tomoya said as he pulled the sword and began to cut the arms and limbs off the monster one by one, after that he cut the body in slices. With only the head left, Tomoya laughed to himself, "Hehe, weakling" He said as he picked up the head and threw it into the gorge. "Here I come...Dracula" Tomoya's soft voice pierced the air as he jumped of the building and onto a large chain connecting the two towers together.

Wesker Pushed Caim aside and examined the body.
"mmm...Seems like the Docter..."
Wesker put on his Sunglasses.
"...Has met his Doom... He said in the most self-satisfying way possible.
Any a few seconds of an awkward silence, Wesker coughed and ordered "Right then...Destory the Body, I have no use for it..."
Amaya Nodded and went to burn it when a burp and a Fart filled the air.
The Entire group froze as the Metal Body of Doom shambled up from the blood of pool, showing litres of it flowing from every joint and space.
"Dddddddooooooooommmmmmwmwwaaaaaaannnnnnntttttttsssssyyyyyyooooogggghuuuuurrrtttttt...." The now Zombified Doom groaned as he marched towards the group.
"Victor...always have to be difficult..."

James saw Zombie Doom get up and quickly made a small star in his hand. It then began to grow into a war hammer(-2) that was ten feet tall and had a head the size of a small car. He then quickly rushed up and smacked Doom with the hammer, sending him flying into a wall. "You guys take forever to get rid of a body. Anyway that smack with the hammer probably didn't kill him so you might want to get ready," James told the rest of the group.

Dillon turned to the Dragon.
"Well, since our boy has woken up, I suggest we get to work properly disposing it."
Angelus Nodded in agreement
"I suggest we burn him at the same time, I heard Dragon fire doesn't stop burning even from water."
Angelus and Dillon positioned themselves so they're attacks wouldn't hit each other.


Angelus roared as a blast of fire engulfed Zombie doom's body.
Dillon's left eye began to bleed.
"DOn't worry I have a solution."

Doom burned But thanks to his Armour's Alloy, kept his body together as his body turned to ash.
He began to use the Fingerlasers and soon molten hot Plasma was raining all around the group.
Wesker took cover and threw a flash grenade (-5) at Doom, blinding both is burning eye's and his Armour's Scanners.

Dillon with his new bad-ass eye path, dodge rolled like a pro
"Ha ha, Eye Patch, -2 to perception +50 bad ass" he stated aloud
Maria used her main weapons, A flock of doves, seriously that's her main weapon.
You'd think a bunch of white birds wouldn't be effective but their feather were razor sharp, as they flew past Doom They cut through his armor.
She then used her freeze spell (-5)
"Chemistry 101" what happens when you rapidly cool hot metal?"
"Sword makers have used this technique for years" stated Maria
"If done properly the metal becomes hard and won';t lose it's edge, but if done incorrectly like we have"
The metal becomes so hard it's brittle."
Doom was still on fire from the Amaterasu.
"OK Caim I leave him to you."

With a combined might of pact partners, the dragon sent one large fireball (-0) into Doom; causing his metal to twist and creak, giving off a sickening groan; which, combined with Amaterasu, gave an interesting effect of black and orange fire. After that, Caim jumped and with a "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH!" performed his (Trademark pending) charge jump (-3), rending the head from the body, and creating a shockwave of sonic energies.

With a "DOOOOOooooooooommmmm......" the zombified robot-man fell over. Caim didn't stop there. Even with the head gone, Caim continued to stab, and stab, and slash the body over and over, until someone was able to drag Caim away from the body. (Whoever it was, be my guest; you've a murderer in your hands)

"Do you see now?! That's what you get for messing with my partner! YOU HEAR ME, GHOST GUY?! DON'T MESS WITH ME OR MY DRAGON! Come back from the dead again, and I'll cut you in two again! And again, and again, till there's nothing left of you!"

Caim's head hung back, and after mouthing all of his curses, he smiled. A dark smile, full of blood-mirth and satisfaction.
Caim smile edit, you know its true u cant deny his sexyness! LOL
Upon examination, one would find that all that was left of Doom were some twisted hunks of metal and what might have resembled a head at one point.

Wesker Managed to drag him away from Doom's burning wreak of a body before he got too ahead of himself.
"Alright Clam Down! He's Dead Already!"
What was left of Doom slowly began to melt into a puddle of Sliver Goo which in turn evaporated into nothing.
Wesker pushed his headset "Base: This is Wesker, Doom has be taken care of, Will return shortly..."
"What...Leaving already!, What about Dracula?!" Dillon Shouted
Wesker smiled pulled out a cloth and wiped his Sunglasses.
"Hence...Why I said Shortly..." He answered.
Truely amazing, this Dracula managed to create very powerful Zombie almost instantly, Hopefully there will be a body to examine after we're done... He thought to himself as he left the courtyard and found some stairs.
"Hey...Caim, Back me up" he said as he put his glasses back on and walked up the stairs.

Dillon saw the signs of Dracula's tower.
"Hmm, we might have that sooner than later, It;s almost midnight and Dracula is growing stronger." he turned to Caim and his dragon
"Caim I hate to ask, but do you think your Dragon can get us up in that tower?we don't have time to walk through all the twisting hallways "

Caim nodded, and motioned to the dragon to carry whoever was left over. She complied, but not without some complaints, mainly along the lines of how she wasn't a pack mule and deserved better treatment; as well as reminding Dillon that she is not Caim's dragon, more so his ally and cohort. Caim made the same 'blah blah blah' motions with his hand, and ran after Wesker up the tower.

"Come on, tell me a bit about yourself Maria. I'm just trying to be friendly." Stella said to the woman. Silently, she was afraid of dieing this fight, Dracula's power felt massive, only something that a true vampire from her own line could handle.

In the Stairway, Wesker and Caim Walked for what seemed to be forever.
"Christ, Do these stairs ever end?..." Wesker sighed as he looked up and saw no light at the end.
"Caim, How you holding up?"
Caim gave a thumbs up despite the sweat on his brow.
Wesker nodded and went for a Ration pack for a drink when it fell from his sweatly hands and rolled down the darkened stairs below.
"Awww son of a..." he said when he felt something hit the back of his foot.
He looked and there was the Rations.
"What?...How di-...oh no..." Wesker Realised.
He picked up the rations and threw them back down the stairs and watched it bounce down.
Then the same pack came bouncing down from above.
"Caim...I'm petty sure we are trapped in an never-ending loop..." Wesker said with a expression of shock on his face as the Pack kept bouncing past them.

Maria looked at Stella
"I'm a vampire slayer as I told you, A man experimented on me with magic, it was the worst five years of my life, but I managed to grow past it, after i burned the place down. I decided there was too much evil and suffering, so by dedicating my life to destroying the evil, I might lessen the suffering on humankind." a tear rolled down her face
It made sense now her desire to be close with Dillon, someone had selflessly risked their life to aid her, a rare moment she didn't want to end.

As they approached they could see the mighty Vampire Lord on this throne with a glass of red wine, oh wait, that wasn't wine.
"SO you've managed to get into my inner Sanctum, I will aid you not. I am an ancient evil, I will never be destroyed."
Dillon smashed the chandelier releasing at least a dozen big hearts.
Dillon wouldn't use Excalibur yet but he stood tall with the heroes.
"THIS IS FOR HONOR FOR GLORY, FOR FREEDOM" with that Dillon charged hoping the heroes were following him."


I think what Orinon meant to say was:

Meanwhile on the chains connecting the towers together.

Another large breath almost took Tomoya off his feet again, he folded his arms and was shivering, "I swear if I die here...well I'll be pissed" He muttered to himself and the empty airspace around him, "Cold, cold, cold, very cold" He thought to himself as he saw the ending stretch to the next larger tower, it had a big metal rod on top and electricity hit it every minute, "Almost there!" Tomoya summed up as he jumped through one of the towers windows, a loud crashing noise filled the room he entered, it looks like a study "Hmm, Frankenstein?" Tomoya questioned the empty room, he sighed and walked out of the room and arrived at a stairwell, "Time to start climbing..." Tomoya said as he began to climb the stairs to the top.

Stella smiled at Maria. "Don't worry, i'll cover your back and try to keep you safe." She said and moved into a position to cover Maria. Her speed would allow her to deflect a majority of the attacks aimed at Maria.

Amaya simply lended her powers to dillon along with her hearts.


Once he had arrived at the top he saw the electrical labs, he remembered the pain and suffering of his torture when he was captured. He then saw the two sources of power that the lightning was attracted to, it was two metal conduits, "I take my power back Demon" Tomoya spoke to the darkness as he grabbed the two conduits with both of his hands.

The power began to flow back into Tomoya, he wings appeared, his eyes glowed bright blue, blue aura engulfed his entire body and lightning coiled around to body knowing that it is back with it's master, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAWHH" He roared into the darkness. A sharp pain came to Dracula as he noticed the power of the Angel, "How could I not sense him?" He muttered quietly to himself, and surly the heroes felt the power too.

The air around castle began to fill with lightning as the clouds above it got darker, Tomoya rushed out of the nearest window and began to fly again, he gained enough altitude that he could see Dracula's Tower, "Heh, notice me now will you..." Tomoay smirked, suddenly he charged and rammed through one of the gothic styled windows in the room with Dracula and the heroes, in the middle of the chamber laid the Lightning Archangel who still glowed blue and still had his wings, "Missed me?" He asked everyone.

Caim tried to say to Wesker, along with flappy arm motions and a 'rawr' kind of face, "Why don't I call the dragon? Maybe she can blast a hole in the building, and break the spell here?"


Whilst flying around, after depositing the heroes around Dracula's sanctum, felt a slight twinge of panic from Caim, she sent a message to the heroes telling her whereabouts, and flew downwards: "Caim? Are you alright, human?"

Caim gave a sigh of relief and motioned to Wesker at the wall, "I think she's here! Funny, I didn't call for her..."

Wesker followed Caim after his display and pressed his ear to the Wall.
"Is that...DRAGON! IF THAT'S YOU, STAY AWAY FROM THE STAIRWELL, IT HAS SOME KIND OF SPELL ON IT!" He shouted at the top of his lungs to warn Angelus.

Caim facepalmed, and motioned towards his head, and pantomimed the dragon again. "I can talk with her in my head. I'll just tell her to stay away... Why can't she come?" The dragon, hearing all this, paused before reaching the vacinity, and called out, "How would it affect myself? What does this magic do?"

Wesker took some time to figure out what the Hell Caim was on about.
"Tell her it traps you in a never-ending stair way with no way out. Also, I don't think it is part of the Tower in a physical sense, but rather we entered a portal or something.
Caim relayed the message to Angelus.

"Hm... Perhaps my fire could open a portal... Or... Perhaps we need to fight magic with magic? It will take away a great number of the hearts, however... But it might be able to pull you out."

"Just tell her to not go anywhere near the stairs, she's are only link to the rest of the Group, this Headset only goes back to Aperture." Wesker said as he grabed the bouncing ration and opened a bottle of water.

Caim nodded and relayed the message to the dragon. With a growl, she grudgingly agreed... For a time, she sent to the two "If the two of you don't get out soon, I'll start blasting my way in. Do you understand? I'll be back, I'll attempt to talk to the troops and see if any of them are well versed in magic." With that, the dragon flew off.
Caim looked at Wesker, and gestured with his hands to see if Wesker had paper or a pencil.

"Sorry, All I'm carrying is food, ammo and herbs...mmmmm...just a sec..."
Wesker took out a PDA Connected to his Headset, disconnected it and brought up a text to speech option.
"Right, just type out what you want to say and press the green button here..." He talked Caim though the usage of the T-T-S.
"aauihgf" the PDA said as Caim tested it.

Caim gave a sigh of relief, and typed, "Thank the gods. I am quite used to being a mute, but for situations like this, it can get REALLY annoying. So, aside from waiting for the dragon, do you have any plans?"

Angelus scoured the field of battle for any of her comrades, and sent a mental message out, "Tomoya, Dillon, Amaya, whoever is in here! Is there anyone versed in the arts of magic? Caim and Wesker are trapped in some kind of stairwell. I would investigate myself, but they demand I stay away, lest I be caught in the spell as well. If anyone could provide any sort of information, that would be appreciable. Otherwise, I'm going to start tearing this place apart with my own fires..."

He watched the group from a close by location but could not be seen. He watched ever so carefully incase he was caught. He thought "If this works i can finally get out of here".
He waited for his moment.

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