The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Caim and Angelus gave their regards to Dillon, Tomoya and the newcommer (Reisan); and told the heroes that they would stay outside, and to let them know should anything go wrong. On top of that, it was a polite way for Caim to be able to say that the dragon was much too large for the ship's capacity.

the machine worked faster than Dillon anticipated.
the pre-charging had let it gain a lot more energy, also since he didn't move there was no time wasted on retries.
Dillon was up and moving better than before. he decided it was best to use this opportunity to sharpen up his sword skill, he grabbed Excalibur and went to the training room.
Last time he had practiced with clockwork dummies that threw punches, though this time Excalibur was helping him, if annoying was ever helpful.
"FOOL!, these machines move in a predictable pattern."
"Yeah sometimes the enemy uses basic attack patterns,"
Dillon dropped down roll around and sliced off the head of a dummy.
"See that was also predictable but it's also effective."
"FOOL!, My meister has to be willing to transcend a style until his style has no style."
"Sounds Stylish?"
"FOOL! I Must fight directly."
Excalibur then took out all of the dummies he was a blur of white his can was being used as a weapon. Once he had finished he attacked at Dillon, quick thrusts, parries, complicated attack and counter attack patterns kept Dillon on his toes at all times, however Dillon was no stranger to this, he had read the legend of Drizzt by RA Salvatore.
Dillon launched into his own routine, side stepping thrusting slapping the cane away with his katana. Dillon moved fast quickly
The other heroes got word of the fight happening.

"wait a second" he thought, "why am I running from him? his guts are in the open exposed!" so with that he turned around to face the creature. When the creature got close enough it tried to grab him in its massive jaw. He easily side stepped the beast and grabbed it guts. He used his superior strength over most due to experiments to rip the guts right off the creature causing it to die.

Reisen didn't take long to find a room that suited. It was reasonably close to the medical bay - she wasn't much of a medic, but sitting in on a few of Erin's operations had taught her a few things about the human anatomy. She didn't bother to decorate the room. It didn't seem to suit her, but she did find a permanent marker and scrawl a few kanji on the walls. Having marked her territory, she started to look for where the weapons were being kept.

The airship displayed maps the maps were well designed so anyone could navigate through the airship, it was supposed to be mobile base. the armory was near the training room.
When she approached she could see one of the doors to the training room stated
"Practice in session"
there was a porthole she could see the young boy Dillon fighting an odd white anthropomorphic creature, the two were moving fast, but she could swear the white creature was using a cane.
"Who are these people?" she asked aloud

"...Yes Master, I've got them on side...No, Uroboros won't be a problem...What about Adel?...What?...You sure?, I mean...alright then, but that will be extra...understood..." Kazuya said as a Helicopter picked him up and took him to San-Francisco.

James was finally in some normal clothes after putting his weapons and armor away in a chest. Not having anything to do, James decided to explore a little. After awhile, he came across a large empty room that wasn't in use. "Perfect place to test and practice my powers," James said before getting down to business.

Wondering just what was going on between the young boy with the sword and the white...thing, Reisen walked into the training room. She opened her mouth to say something, but was whacked over the head by the cane before she could say anything. "FOOL!" the thing yelled. "Don't you know NEVER to interrupt someone while they're fighting?" She tried to say something else, but it just kept talking. "My legend begins in the 12th century!"

Dillon slid up next to her. "Look, you might want to get out of here. Once he starts, he never st--" He got whacked over the head as well. "FOOL! You never speak ill of your master!"

"Master?" Reisen asked, incredibly confused. After another whack and 'FOOL!', she decided she wasn't getting anywhere and beat it.

DIllon rolled his eyes.
"Idiot, we want people to like us." he then forced Excalibur into sword form and into the hilt
"FOOL, My legend begins in the 12th century don't you dare-"
"And ends in the 12th century. Don't you get it, I'm the reason Excalibur has never been found, I alone have wielded you after Arthur."
Dillon then opened up a locked section in the armory
"Now Until I need you I want you to contemplate on how to be nicer to people."
Dillon then made his way to find Reisin
"Sorry about him, That was Excalibur-"
"Excalibur? that's an odd name, what kind fo creature was that anyway"
"The Holy sword has two forms, one is it's weapon form, a holy sword another is the humanoid appearance you saw.
Apparently Arthur was a patient man, Then Again I suspect after getting the huge reputation from Arthur , the sword has gotten a huge ego. We're partners, though occasionally he see's himself as superior.
Anyway How are you enjoying the Rising Dawn, I named this ship Myself, I'm it's captain, What you saw there was just some training."

Wesker proceeded over to Test lab RE:ORC to receive the Hydro-Carbon Data.
He loaded it up and it showed a Video.
In it, it showed an acid being added to the Hydro-Carbon before being released into a Test room with a Vase on a table.
The Carbon soon "Infected" all the oxygen in the room and as a result turned the air acidic, melting both the Vase and the Table melted as if they were dipped in Acid.
Wesker smiled and created a sample of it with Uroboros replacing the Acid.

Caim was exploring the ship, and was hearing sounds of combat. Intrigued, Caim investigated to find the exact moment Dillon put away Excalibur. Caim looked at the starting conversation with interest, and heard the dragon rumble in his mind, "Perhaps you can lend your sword in a constructive manner for once. Wouldn't that be interesting, Caim?"

Caim shrugged, and pulled out the PDA (Wesker never got it back...) and typed, "You said something about needing training? I've fought with this sword" He indicated his sword in it's sheath, "since I was a small boy. It also contains magical properties, which I could teach you to activate in a blade. Does that count as adequate experience?"

"Life-time of experience eh? I just hope you don't drop me in the first five seconds."
Dillon went to the Sparring room.
"Flat of the blade." Dillon proposed, simply referring that any hit should be made with the blunt sides of the sword, Dillon's katana had only one sharp edge.
Dillon knew a bit about western swords, interestingly they weren't the sharpest weapons, In fact plenty were close to bludgeoning instruments, the heavy blades made Caim's strikes a bit slower, though Dillon was inexperienced, meaning he didn't have a speed advantage.

As Caim and Dillon walked back into the training room, Reisen followed them from the armoury. She didn't intend to take any potshots either way - it'd just be fun watching the two of them fight. "You don't mind if I spectate, right?" she asked them, just in case. "Don't worry, I can handle myself if any sparks fly near me."




As the hooded figure watches the cat eyed man leaves he room
From around the corner he wonders if it will work. He walks up to the scanner and puts his gun to the edge of it and proceeds to fire all around the scanner he the. Removes the front panel and begins to rewire it from the insides. After he has the door open he goes inside and sees nemesis....

Caim chuckled at Dillon's request for using the dull edge of his sword using the PDA, he typed, "Both sides are sharp. Besides, do you expect your enemies to be so kind as to dull their blades? No. We have magic users, they can fix us later. I saw how quickly you recovered in that sick bay. Now, get some armor on from over there; we will begin. The dragon will speak for me now."
With that, a staff member showed up and declared that he could dull the blades with magics, so the two could practice without fear of holding back:
"It'll get rid of the brunt of the injuries you would normally sustain, but you'll still get some bruises! Be careful boys."
The staff member quickly fled after that, not wanting to see the sparks fly from the two men. Caim charged Dillon after that, and the sparring began. The boy was a bit faster than Caim was, but Caim had the experience and strength to back himself up. The dragon transferred little tidbits to Dillon every so often from Caim, usually remarking upon his stance or he needed to be more vicious in his attacks,

"If your enemy showed the same kind of softness in their strikes as you, I'd ask them over for tea!"
"Legs at width the shoulders!"
"Come at me like you mean it!"

It continued like this for hours, scaring many employees well away from the sparing grounds, especially would be users of the chamber as well. However, his efforts were not fruitless. When Caim had the dragon send, "Is this how you plan to save your woman?" Dillon flied into a rage, and was finally able to land a hard hit on Caim's chest, knocking the man back quite a bit. Caim landed on his back, and smiled, There we go. You've finally tapped into your emotions with your strikes. Keep that up, and you'll be able to channel it into your strikes. That's the first step to unlocking the magics in a weapon, you know, as well as with fighting. You don't let your emotions control you. You use them as a fuel to unlock potential that you lock in yourself, and use that potential to make yourself stronger. You made progress, nicely done. Want to continue?"

Nemesis Stands up and walks over to the Hooded Figure.
It was bad enough what happened to him without people shooting him in the face.
"ggggrrrrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh...." he groaned as he advanced.

Dillon Nodded.
"Yes, I Think I can handle a bit more punishment."
Dillon then Began improving, he had been paying attention, to Caim, how he held the sword, How he kept his stance, and the way just before he attacked he tightened his grip.
Dillon moved in strange patterns, he side-stepped,rolled, ducked and jumped avoiding the strikes, he kept Caim on the defense, every time he saw Caim Tighten his grip he'd attack, forcing Caim to block.
Dillon's sword followed the same movement, the sword would come at a predictable angle, that would be easy o block, the Dillon would change the direction at the last minute, meaning Caim was blocking in the wrong place.
Caim Was a warrior who had faced hundreds-no thousands of battle, and if he had met plenty of tricky opponents, No method was perfect there was a flaw, he just had to find it.
He learned when HE blocked an Attack and looked into Dillon's eyes.
They weren't their normal blue they had turned yellow with black slits.
the Boy had given his emotions more leeway and had let his own desires consume him.
Caim Smiled, this would be easy.

Amaya walked into the training room and sat watching them. She got concerned when Dillon let himself go. She didn't know the other egos that well, even though she had been in his head before. Dammit Dillon, you should know better than to let your emotions control you... If things get too out of hand i'll have to step in. She though watching him.

In Dillon's mind
The id fell over as the super ego hit him on the backside of the head
"Your starting to sound like that stupid sword."
"Your not helping us, if Caim hurts us we're in trouble."
"I shall lead us to Victory-"
"Only a poor fighter uses his desire for violence as proper fuel, anger and rage are simple tools. let me show you how A true warrior uses their emotions."
Back to AA
Dillon's eyes changed from yellow to blue, though anyone observant would notice it was a deeper blue than before.
"You asked me how I'd Save Stella, By fighting to my last breath, by never giving up, By standing for what is right and true."
Dillon then launched a series of complex attacks, parries, and counters, he focused less on tricks and changing his angels than using precise strikes that threw open Caim's guard.

Amaya realized she had felt this presence before, a different ego had taken control, the same one that had Dillon stop Dracula's attack, it was this entity that drove Dillon to protect what he held dear.

Wesker had Stella's Coffin brought to the Test Chamber from earlier by a few of the Lab's Robots.
He set the Place up and added the now-Uroboros Tainted Hydro-Carbon into the Room.
"Test No. 3241, Live Subject, Compound Uroboros..."
A Vial full with a Black Serum was dropped into the room from above, breaking when it hit the ground.
The Hydro-Carbon began to spread the Virus across the Chamber and the Coffin, clouding in an a Black Fog.
Several Minutes after it consumed the room, Wesker heard coughing coming from the Room.
"Come on..."
He vented the Fog and as it left It revealed Stella gasping for air after being subjected to that.
Wesker was at first shocked at the Fact it worked.
Then it sank in.
"...heh.....hehhe hehehehehahahahahah-Ahahahahahah-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!" He let out A roaring Evil Laugh that could be heard throughout the entire Lab.
he collected himself and began to make arrangements for his Final Plan.

Stella eye's soon adjusted and she found herself in a room different from the one she was in and Wesker talking into a Radio behind a Observation Window.

Stella stood up, both of her arms were half finished, skeletal system complete, but bits of muscle and flesh clinging here and there. She stood up looking at them. each fully functional but stinging from the air hitting them. The pain wasn't anything she couldn't deal with.

When her eyes fell upon Wesker, they filled with rage. Stella ran across the room and threw a punch at the window. Blood splattered against it along with a shot of pain going down stella's arm. She threw another and another, each hit being more painful and soon cracks started to appear in the glass. Her dark powers were gone but the strength was still there. Throwing a final punch, she put a fist sized hole threw the glass.

Being content with her actions, she walked back to the other side of the room and leaned against the wall, folding her arms and glaring at wesker.

"Mmmm...Interesting...The Virus should've removed your Strength...Perhaps it hasn't fully set in yet..."
Wesker merely pushed out his sunglasses, broke the rest of the window and jumped into the room.
"It is not wise to fight me, Uroboros has infected you, slowly it will fully re-engineer your Body on a Cellular level, Removing your Powers, weakening your muscles, surely transforming you into an normal Human being, no more magic, no more spirit energy, no Bio-Enhancements, Nothing...just human flesh and human bone..." He coldly said as he prepared to react.

"Congrats, you're now standing in the room with me. Which means you have something to cure this, or you wouldn't risk exposure at all." Stella said smirking. She then walked past Wesker towards the window.

"You can take the vampire out of the girl, but not the girl out of the vampire. I'm going for a walk, if this does as you say then you have no reason to keep me restrained. If you keep me restrained, i know you're bluffing about a few of its effects. I'm going to go find a med bay now to take care of my arms. Chao." she said and stepped through the window, beginning to go down a hall.

Wesker heard the Door Close.
"Spirited that one..." He chuckled.
Stella went down the Hallway and soon found herself face to face with a Majini with a Mini-gun.

As it started to Rev up it's gun while pointing it at Stella, Wesker soon appeared behind her.
"I don't think you are going anywhere..." He laughed as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

Reisen was barely aware of someone else coming into the room. She was still fixed on Caim and Dillon. Dillon seemed to be gaining ground, despite having lost almost completely before the break... "What's up with that guy?" she asked herself. "There's something about him that..."

She was rather surprised when Amaya answered. "His mind is broken into three entities who are constantly fighting over control. It's when they come together that--"

"Where did you come from?" the lapine asked, recoiling from the voice that surprised her.

"The mess?" Amaya said questionably. "I came to watch Dillon train, help him need be. He seems to be on par with my sister in swordsmanship. In another words, equal with me." she finished.

"What do you mean?" Reisen asked.

"I am a copy of my sister, be it more advanced. We used to be the same person, but we had an entity inside of us that was too large for our bodies to contain. It split into two separate beings, me and my sister. clones of each other; me being the good natured one." Amaya said as a vortex swirled from her left eye and her sisters sword flew out of it; directly into her right hand.

"This was her sword, the same one i took her head off with." she said pulling it out of the sheath.

"Wait... you speak japanese?" Reisen said a bit surprised.

Stella sighed. "Now i get to be used as a bargaining chip because i'm still breathing." she said then turned around. "Unless you want infection to set in, i need my arms taken care of."

He had already started down the hallway but he still heard the creature behind him as he rounded the corner. He heard a evil laugh and decided to try to Avoid it but with the creature was right behind him leaving only one escape route from it. Towards the evil laugh...

"J.J. Bring her to Subject Storage...and get a Can of First Aid Spray" Wesker ordered as The Gatling Gunner marched her down the Hall-way.
"Don't mourn your powers, soon the entire would will be just like you..." He said as Stella was led away.
He then pulled out his phone and said "Set the Sample for Mass production and open a Portal to Base Johnson..."
Wesker then heard footsteps...
"Your still Alive!?" He shouted at the Hooded man.

Above Ground
Kazuya and his men arrived and began to set up a staging area for their attack.

The hooded figure at first sight of the cat eyed man and the big man with the person slung over his shoulder decided it would be a good idea to escape. With that he tossed a smoke grenade at his feet and decided to take out the big man as we'll. He shot him in the head a few times, realizing that wouldn't takE him down he shot him in the legs until he bent over. He ran over to the person and picked them up. He then saw a exit and ran towards it.

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