The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The second those words left Stella's Lips, Several Bullets whizzed past, barely missing Her and Okuu.
The Majini had finally caught up with Them.
One pulled out a Stun Rod and ran at Stella.

Wesker send Shadow up the Surface Elevator to patrol the area.

Stella shot a portal on the far wall, a sheer drop off, then one infront of the majini. He ran and dropped through the hole and flew off the cliff. She shot a portal behind them and one on the ceiling She threw a lamp at them, causing 2 of them to stumble and fall through the hole.

When they landed, they were stunned. Stella walked over and picked up one of their guns. It was an ak-74, she took it and head shotted both of them.

As Stella went to walk away from the bodies, A Hand grabbed her ankle, causing her to Face-plant.
She turned and saw one of the Majini, now missing a chunk of his face, climb on top of her and started to wrestle to gun off her as the other began to get back up.

Meanwhile, The Nemesis found a Way into the older Lab and was en route.

Stella shot the portal gun at one of the Majini, the one that was trying to get the ak from her; causing him to glow blue. She shot the orange portal at the wall, causing the inside of the portal to be red. Kicking the blue majini off of her, she fired into the orange portal, the majini was soon swiss cheese from the effect. she repeated the effect on the second one with similar results.

The Majini Fell and slowly melted.
A headset next to where the bodies where came up and out of it shouted "Find the Girl and Bring here to me, Non-Combat units, Finish bringing the Virus and Portal Gear to the Main Chamber, NOW!"

Large Footsteps could also be heard...

The two entities appeared behind Amaya, the Ego and Super-Ego were dancing, the super ego taking the lead.
As they resonated The Sword Excalibur was released, given the order to also resonate with them, if he screwed it up Dillon would stick him to a magnet.
The Id's Music made it easier to resonate as it gave a clear rhythm. Three souls resonating as one, Amaya could feel their power in her.
"IF we get close enough to Stella she will hear the music to then we can tell her to resonate, and then well.
Imagine if Wesker threaten to set off an atomic bomb right next to himself.
It's not just Stella, Maria is in their too."
"Stella said she lost her body, that means she's carrying her soul with her, I also suspect maybe Maria can help out Stella."

The Airship soon arrived at the Rendezvous.
Dillon got himself better outfitted. fist off his armor, he had on a black T-shirt and jeans but underneath he had on customized black chain-mail, it would move with him so not to make a noise when he moved, but would stop plenty of sharp objects. He swapped his Reebok's for steel toed black combat boots. and a bullet proof black trench coat, black leather golves that had a metal band along the knuckles but hidden inside the leather, and lastly black shades, prescription.
His katana was strapped to his back along with his dart Rifle, Excalibur's scabbard hung at his belt.
Dillon checked his Golden iPod.
"Lets go meet Kazuya." he said with a smile.

"About time you showed up, Ok, once your ready, We'll blow the surface elevator and rappel down to the Labs, Once inside, Prepare for heavy resistance, you all ready?" Kazuya said as he checked his gun and put on his Fighting Gloves.

Wesker watched as his men and robots brought in several boxes though a Portal to Base Johnson, a forgotten Moon-Based Lab of Aperture made back in the 70's for the collection of Moon Rocks for the Conversion Gel.
He checked his watch then decided to hunt Stella himself, He would need a hostage for his plan to work.

The Nemesis reached the remains of the Majini and then continued it's hunt.

Stella picked up the headset and spoke into it. "Wesker, when i find you, i'm going to kill you. Your soul will be mine..." she said and crushed the headset. Hearing the foot steps, she turned to Okuu. "unless you can kill the large thing with a large gun, we better leave." she said and left before the nemesis showed up.

Amaya had her sister's sword on her back and was dressed as she always was, proudly wearing the uchiha symbol on the back of her Kimono. Amaya smiled back at Dillon and nodded. "Lets go." she said and waited for him to take lead.

There was nothing really eventful for Shadow as the elevator climbed to the top of the facility. He sat there and looked at the doors, finally the doors opened and he stepped outside. Shadow starts his patrol around the surface of the facility.

Stella edged around a corner, Holding her Ak-74.
She saw the Nemesis scaning the area with a Rocket Launcher in hand.
She went to step back and find another way around but backed into a metal scaffold, causing a birds nest to fall, resulting in the bird crying out.
Nemesis's eye's darted over and he found his target and advanced.

Notice: Elite Mook/Plot Armour

Dillon nodded to Kazuya, the elevator was blasted, Dillon looked at the heroes
Amaya, Tomoya, Reisin, Caim, and the Dragon.
"Me and Amaya are going to look for Stella, I want the rest of you to Destroy Wesker's vile research destroy any experiments, when we regroup I'll use my Ipod to copy and delete his data. tracks. The we kill wesker,
Tomoya, I heard about the anit-ange serum, I want you and Reisin in the research labs wreaking havoc.
Caim Dragoness, Wesker has armies of undead, I turst you can handle them?"
Caim nodded
"Then I don't need to tell you what I want you to do." he said with a wink
"Tomoya one last thing, I held your light powers for a long time, SO the connection between us still exists."
Dillon put his hand on Tomoya's shoulder, Tomoya learned he could hear the music as well, and a surge of power hit him
"What did you do?" Tomoya asked as he felt a strange sensation course through him
"Soul Resonance, It increase everyone's power, Plus I think You can use my Black lightening now, If you get angry enough."
Dillon then stopped he saw a strange figure nearby
without hesitating Dillon moved quickly in an instant Dillon had Shadow pinned to the ground
"OK who the hell are you?"

"Ah well you see that is quite the problem isn't it? I seem to have forgotten".
He pulls the pin on a grenade in his hand knowing that he would not die only be injured.

Faster than the eye could see Dillon grabbed the grenade and Threw it over the cliff, it exploded in the air, harming no one
"OK Pal Strike one, Now then are you here to stop Wesker or help him,
If your here to stop him are you going to come quietly or make fuss
Little hint the correct answer is come quietly."

"well as it seems that my survival depends on it I guess I must come quietly" he said. He was already thinking of 10 different ways to escape as they spoke.

Kazuya planted a Charge on the Elevator and walked back before blowing it up, Just another day at the office.
His men began to enter the Lift Shaft and sound sounds of Gunfire Echoed from below.
"Showtime..." he said as he leap down the shaft.

Dillon drew Excalibur, Wings of Golden light appeared on his back. He wrapped his arm around Amaya's waist
they flew down the elevator like a bullet, Dillon cut across the resistance allowing Kazuya's men to sort it out.
They cut through the halls looking for where they'd find Stella once they came to a spot where the corridors Dillon stopped.
"I think the path Stella is down one of these corridors lets split up and look. Keep in touch."
He said tossing Amaya a communicator.
As Dillon walked down a corridor alone he heard an odd voice, it sounded like his own.
"That's coming from my coat, it couldn't be...."
Dillon pulled out the disc, which immediately started projecting an image, a full sized Holograph of himself, The shades were cracked, the trench coat appeared to have a burn, the t-shirt and jeans were slashed to a mess, and Dillon's face was scarred and burned.
"What happened to you?"
"No time to explain, Listen closely, I imprinted this one the disc, The Disc has quantum abilities but the time warp has caused a distortion, Before as reality changes the disc changed with it, but now, a horrible fate awaits you, whatever you do don't-"
suddenly there was a crash and the transmission ended.
"God Damnit I'm screwed now."

As soon as the heroes turned their backs he used his ear piece to report to wesker. "sir there is a group of people entering the facility I am allowed to follow heir group without being attacked orders sir?"

"Do whatever you feel needs to do be done..." Wesker answered back as he entered the Lower Levels.
The B.O.W.'s and Majini wouls keep them busy.

He walked up to the heroes nearby and said " well it looks as though I'll be joining you for now". He would wait for his oppurtunity and then strike.

"I'm not splitting up now. If the future you is in that bad of a condition, i want to be there; to make sure it doesn't come to full." Amaya said coming a little bit close.
"Wait, if we resontate, should it be easier to find Stella?" she asked.

Stella just broke into a ran away from the corner she kept running until another intersection. she took a right and swung up onto the top of the hallway. she kept running until she found a large test chamber, there was still a functioning lazer working it it. She slid down into it and found a weird hollow cube. upon testing it with the lazer, she found she could direct it.
now to wait

"Sorry I haven't been available, I've been busy training. Can you tell me what's going on?" James asked as he walked up beside Wesker.

"James, The Heroes are attacking, go to the upper-sub Labs and let out every B.O.W. you can find, then get to work..." Wesker said without turning to face him.

Nemesis Soon Burst though a Wall and entered the Chamber.
Stella Made her move and redirected the Laser at Nemesis.
The beam cut though his Armour and nearly his Inhuman Skin.
He held an Arm out in front of him to shield himself and charged at Stella.
She rolled out of the way and Nemesis Stuck a Support beam, bringing a large part of the Chamber Crashing down.

Wesker Heard the chamber collapse and grinned before moving out.

Okuu started running down another corridor, not noticing that she and Stella had been split up a while back. In front of her was a group of the smaller zombies, all making noises and moving towards her, some quickly, some not so much. Smirking, she aimed her arm rod at them. Normally it was just a normal nuclear control rod. But it also had the ability to turn into a very strong arm cannon...

Only a small charge ought to be enough to knock them all out, she thought. That 'small charge' ripped apart not only the zombies, but most of the corridor.

Meanwhile, quite a bit above that scene, Tomoya and Reisen split up from the others after the first signpost to the 'research labs'. Tomoya pulled out his katana, telling her there'd probably be resistance in that area. Reisen just tightened her grip on the rifle she'd shown off with to Amaya earlier.

She moved up beside him and admitted, "I don't know how many bullets this thing has. And I didn't bring any extra clips." Tomoya didn't react visibly. Well, guess I'll have to hope I can create something strong enough to knock those things down...

"You got it," was all James said before disappearing. Moving fast, James made it to the control room of the upper-sub Labs. Looking around, he saw a switch labeled LABS RELEASE. As soon as he flipped it alarms began to sound throughout the facility and the lights switched to red. James then quickly left to go find the heroes.

The Entire Lab started to Fill with Hunters,Lickers and Proto-Tyrants as well as the Majini Guards.

Dillon paused to think
"Yes, I think we should be able to better find stellan when we resonate, Stella would also hear the muisc."
Dillon Amaya and Excalibur all resinared to the music.
They could make out a brief outline of stella and maria.
Excalibur glowed with harsh golden light.
"May god have mercy on their souls, because I sure as hell won't"

Shadow was having fun killing everything in sight, but at the same time he was keeping track of the heroes waiting for the time to strike. He shot a majini down as he stomped on anothers head. Yes he was indeed having fun.

A loud clanking sound came from the Vents around Dillon and Amaya.
"Dillon...You hear that?..."
They proceeded until a Licker crashed though the Roof and Landed in front of them.
Then another crawled from a Side Vent.
And Another.
And Another.
Soon, Dillon and Amaya were surrounded with them.
They leapt for the Kill.

Shadow saw a licker coming at him so he shot it a couple of times before it shot its tounge at him. He dodged it and grabbed the tounge. He laughed and started to pull the licker in, when it got close enough it pounced at him. It was met with a foot to the face, he knocked it down stepped on it and filled it full of lead. He laughed even louder as 6 more came at him.

Viking Incognito:

We all know im bad at a summary someone else do it.

Viking Incognito:


Viking Incognito:

Viking Incognito:


Viking Incognito:

Cypher awoke in a large synthetic egg-like sack that kept him on stand-by mode. The inside was filled with some kind of jell that until a few moments ago was electromagnetically charged. He punched outwards and the sack ruptured, spilling it's contents (Cypher included) onto the floor. The android stood up and wiped the jell off of himself before spotting three hunters approaching him menacingly from down the hall.

"If you are intelligent enough to understand me, I warn you not to attack." He said. His voice was slightly modulated, as if he was speaking through a walkie-talkie.

The beasts charged him and he assumed a fighting stance. The first one reached out towards him and he effortlessly grabbed it's wrist with one hand and drove his fist into it's arm, snapping it like a twig. The monster cried out but it's momentum kept it going in the android's direction. Cypher pointed his hand and stabbed it through the Hunter's brain. He let the body slump to the side and then held his hands towards the other two.

Red lights flashed in his hands and took the the shape of two automatic weapons. The lights went out in less than one second and there was an SMG in each of his hands which he mowed the Hunters down with.

The guns phased away the same way they appeared and Cypher sprinted past the bodies and up the nearby stairwell. He was not going to be a test subject again.

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