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ARTHAZ minionz rises beneath sithmorack's ship ,and starts to take parts of the ship and bring it back into the earth with them. ARTHAZ says:haha haha ahaha Sithmorack won't be going anywere for a long time........ARTHAZ starts to summon some kind of dead minion but its big really big.

It's shadow for this character not Sithmorack


Ok so I'll try. Wesker took Stella to test urobuboros on her. The heroes went to save her. Wesker took her too a moon base. Ai gave Stella's powers back. Wesker injected x factor which tripled his power and he was defeated by Stella and shadow blew up the moon base. Now the heroes are at old inderground base on earth and Dillion winged angel with Excalibur has to fight his evil duplicate or something and Shadow crashed in shuttle and new guy is stripping the shuttle for parts for his evil plan.

A whole load of posts ago plus recent posts

One lone corridor of Aperture Science has taken the lost and injured Tomoya to a new part of the lab he thought did not exist, the power room. Tomoya looked amazed as he looked around the gigantic room, with electricity coils everywhere, the best part was that the room was covered with electricity and no mere life form could enter, a brief smile appeared on Tomoya's face before he stepped forward into the death zone. As Tomoya explored the room the electricity coiled and snaked around him and healed all of his injuries and recovered his lost power from using the teleportation power that Rugal gave him when he died.

A strong sense of lightning and electricity filled Tomoya's nose as he walked deeper within the room, until he came upon a pedestal with a small stone on it, the stone glowed blue and had lightning surrounding it. "There you are..." Tomoya said to the stone, gesturing he had recovered an old friend, he instantly remembered when his ship blew up which send him back to Earth and the stone went into another direction. To those who do not know, the stone is a fragment of Tomoya's power, with this recovered he has an much larger fuel of electricity.

As Tomoya grabbed the blue stone in one hand and summoned his light stone in his other hand he put both hands together, combing the two stones, and made it into one. Tomoya released his palm and saw a white stone with lightning coiled around it, "Welcome home old friend" he said with a smile as he absorbed it. As the stone faded all the electricity in the room homed in on it's master and hit Tomoya's body, he did not feel any pain, just old memories and power. After that he sat down in a meditating position and hovered. Little did he know that he had just shut off all the power and the lights in the lab shut off one by one.

A few seconds of peace passed until Tomoya felt a sharp pain run down his spine by surprise, he quickly opened his eyes, it was dark, but he felt the presence that hit him, he sensed Dillon and also a much darker...dark version of Dillon, "Is it happening again?" Tomoya questioned the darkness and himself as he quickly formed a light from lightning and started to run towards the presence.

When Tomoya reached the place where Dillon was, he saw him fight with Excalibur, fighting against...himself.

"Damn it" shadow thought, he knew he had to get the info out of the shuttle. He went in while cloaked and came out as fast as he could. He then proceeded to walk towards the facility to get away from the minions. He knew it would be a while but he needed time for his wounds to heal themselves anyways.

Reisen woke up in the sick bay of the ship, not knowing how she got there. The pain in her foot had gone away. Clearly, the medical staff of the ship knew what they were doing. And fixing a moon rabbit's bullet wound in the foot wouldn't be too different to a similar wound on a human. Suppose we're not so different after all... On that thought, she went to sleep.

As Shadow walked to we're he though the facility was, and where lights could be seen in the sky. He thought of the person he had shot in the foot, he wanted to apologize but right now that didn't matter. "She must have bin in a considerable amount of pain" shadow thought.

ARTHAZ minions think: what will happen to ARTHAZ if we just leave because will he summoning the mystical demon he in practically minion say iwell lets see we will go to the city of afmarack and that will probly take 1 day and half and then we will buy some items to make into the demons gear when ARTHAZ summons him then when we get back in a day in a half we will see if he is still alive......ARTHAZ SAYS: damn u fools im very powerful thanks to the cloak that i wear im am able to be in the middle of somehting and not be seen. Do travel to the city of afmarack to get armor for our secret weapon (evil laugh) but i will need some of you here to keep on taking party from shadows ship.....ARTHAZ cast a frost spell to summon demons to watch over his minions while they go on their journey......ARTHAZ says: make sure they all come back alive or u while be in hell rosting like fried chicken...frost demon's all say: yes my lord.....ARTHAZ says: YES MY PLAN IS GOING WELL.....

on the way to afmarack city the minions see the bright light's in the sky and reports back to ARTHAZ... ARTHAZ summons a fire demon to go with the minons plus the frost demons to the mysterios light's in the sky.....MINIONS 1 SAYS: maybe if we bring vaulabel stuff back the lord will be pleased to upgrade us to super minions...other cheer in the back ground!!!!!1

Hiryu soon found his targets.
He pulled out a Cube which transformed into a Visor on which he scanned each of the group and sent their Details Back to base.
The One Named "Dillon" was attacking what seemed to be a clone of himself while "Amaya", "Stella", "Tomoya", "James" and an unknown android watched.

As Tomoya walked into the room he saw the fight between Dillon and his dark self, Tomoya quickly slide into a dark corner of the room, he felt eyes on him. The room itself is dark except from the the light from the backup lights which draw power from solar power panels.

Tomoya watched silently in darkness as he knows that the only person who can beat the dark Dillon is the original, but if the dark beast consumes Dillon, Tomoya is the only one who can kill it.

"Hiryu to HQ, Target's Found, Starting Observation..." He radio'd in as he watched.
If the mission called for it, he would stay in this Vent for days on end.

Cypher's sensors were still buzzing from his fight with Wesker as he exited his lab in Tennessee, but he thought one of them said he was being observed somehow.

"HQ to Hiryu, We have received the Model's Data, High Threat Level, Avoid it's scanners, Over"
Hiryu watched as Cypher left.

"Sorry Mr. Johnson, I am not privy to that information. You'll just have to wait she's not busy to ask that," James told the Cave Johnson A.I. He then got orders to deal with a few stragglers that the security measures couldn't reach.

Cypher decided to return to the ruins of Aperture and see what there was to learn about what happened, so he engaged acceleration mode and jetted off toward the complex at 140 MPH.

Shadow didn't know what wizzed past him nor did he care. All he knew was he was right next to the facility, he didn't want to go in Again so he just sat outside waiting for someone or something to come out.

"HQ To Hiryu, That Android has turned back and is now in the Lab, Keep your distance from it, Over"
Hiryu nodded and finished scanning the group with his visor.

Dillon and his feral copy fought viciously.
Excalibur and the katana clashed repeatedly, Dillon had learnt from Caim, and Excalibur's speed would have given him the advantage.
But the feral Demon had stayed alive by being the cruel, ruthless, and savage.
The black lightning was what equalized them, It's horrible stinging caused Dillon to be sluggish and less precise, it simply didn't appear to be this way because Excalibur allowed Dillon to move faster.

The beetles made it worse, Dillon had to constantly shake off the beetles before they could latch on and drain his strength away.

Dillon looked a lot like he had in the recording. Dillon knew he was wearing down, but he still had a trick to play.
All he needed was to make this one angry.

"Hey backwards retard!"
The feral turned to him to respond but realized the trap.
The two landed, Excalibur took on it's anthropomorphic form
"FOOL, your clothes and hairstyle are unacceptable, all identical twins should dress exactly alike, this way they will be treated equally."
"Even though we're complete identical, I still look ten times better than you."
"FOOL, you should wear purple to contrast your yellow eyes"
The feral Dillon was going insane
"You two are more annoying than Navi!"
"Who?" Dillon said smiling
"Navi, from Zelda"
"No Navi."
suddenly the ground shook.
"Shouldn't have said it's name three times."
A glowing blue ball of annoyance started flying around the copy's head
"Hey listen Hey Hello Hey Hello Hey Hey listen Hey Hey listen Hey Hey listen Hey listen Hey Hey listen Hey Hey listen Hey Hey Hello Hey listen Hey Hello Hey Hey listen Hello Hey listen Hey Hey listen Hey listen Hey listen Hey Hey Hey Hey!"
The Demon snapped, a Black bolt hit Navi, sending her back to hell.
Feral Dillon put up his hood.
"And Now young Jedi, you will die."

Dillon writhed on the floor as he was repeatedly electrocuted, his cries of pain echoed throughout aperture.

Suddenly clouds appeared above they parted away and a beam of light put the two into a harsh spotlight.

"Can we go home now?"

"And Now young Jedi, you will die."

"Hiryu to HQ, Target Dillon is wounded, possible Fatally, Permission to Engage Threat?"
"HQ Permission Denied, You are only to observe and report back their Plans and Intenions, Confirm your orders..."
"Order's Confirmed, Resuming Mission..."
And so he watched as Dillon was slowly killed by his Evil Half.

Slowly, Reisen woke back up. Same place she'd gone to sleep just before. But something seemed different. It was something she couldn't see, but she was feeling what humans called 'the hair on the back of your neck standing up'. Whatever was happening, it couldn't be good.

Taking off the covers of the bed, she saw her foot for the first time since she was shot there. The pain had gone away, but looking at it, she got the feeling that moving right now would probably bring it back. All she could do was go back to sleep, more fitfully than she had before...

Cypher dived down the hole he had exited the facility from and began to pound away the rubble with his fists until he made it into the huge vertical shaft that connected the various layers of the facility. He decided to check out the place he had been held captive so he dived down the shaft until he got near the bottom. Dead monsters and wrecked machinery littered the ground, but he found the pod. It was undamaged other than the hole he had exited from and it's control terminal was right next to it. He wiped some dust off of the screen and went through it's files. There wasn't much other than records of his detainment, but he did find the formula for the gel that kept him in standby. He erased the files and proceeded to phase in and plant thermite mines on the console and around the pod. He walked to a safe distance and hit the detonator, then watched as the mines ignited and spewed burning thermite hot enough to melt a hole through a tank. The data, the pod, and the gell would all be reduced to melted black goo, if that.

"HQ to Hiryu, The Android is seemly out of control, Egage it and shut it down before things get out of hand, Over"
The Second the New orders were spoken, Hiryu made his out back the way he came and began to track down the Android

"Well since I lost most of my supplies in the crash I'll just have to go to the armory in the base" Shadow thought. Shadow slowly got up and proceeded to the elevator shaft he had taken that one time on his patrol. He grabbed onto the cable of the elevator and descended into the facility.

Cypher pick up on someone coming so he phased in two laser SMGs and took cover behind some rubble.

He saw nothing.
Hiryu looked down from a vanage point.
"Target confirmed, Doesn't seem rogue..." he said though his headset.
"Verify that and report back..."
He nodded and advanced down-ward towards his target.

"I have high sensitivity Microphones," Cypher called out, throwing his "voice" to keep his cover.

"And by that I mean I can hear you approaching!. Also, your radio signal is a little sloppy, but then again, I have higher standards than humans. If you'll agree to lay your weapons down I'll prove to you I'm not some rouge A.I."

Hiryu landed straight in front of him and dropped his sword.
If this was a trap, he wouldn't need it anyways.

Cypher stood face to face with Hiryu and phased away the SMGs.

"I'm a sentient android, designation Cypher. I just helped several biologicals stop the superhuman madman Wesker, and I only came here to see what else I could gain from this complex. I came down here to get rid of the methods Aperture scientists used to hold me prisoner so that they couldn't be used on me again. I can tell by your equipment and your blade that you have access to advanced technology too, so maybe we could help each other, for example, I know that there is in fact a rouge A.I. who's CPU is housed in this facility. It calls its self 'Johnson'."

Hiryu nodded.
"The Housing unit for This Johnson?..."
"The Central CPU is down that way" Cypher said as he turned and pointed deeper into the labs.
"I take it tha-"
The second he turned back, Hiryu was gone,
He bought up a motion detector and found Hiryu already half-way there.
"...Impressive...for a human..."

Shadow walked by the room and couldn't help but over hear their conversation. Shadow thought "Johnson hu? Never did like him much anyways". He started to walk away towards the armory.

Cypher engaged acceleration mode and rocketed off after Hiryu. as he came up on him the android linked to his radio signal.

"You never told me your designation or your purpose for being here." The synthetic voice said into Hiryu's ear.

Hiryu and Cypher arrived moments later in front of the CPU Storage Room.
The Door was locked down.
Hiryu pulled out His Plasma sword and prepared to swing it.
The sword glowed blue and when swung, it sent out a wave of energy which left a massive cut in the door and the walls around it.
The door fell and Hiryu entered.

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