The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Discord was a bit put off.

"Why yes I would like a ride on your fancy helicopter Oh Great Mr. Doctor Professor General Governor CEO President Patrick," Discord mocked, snapping his fingers and flashing into a seat.

Rip woke up in a lab of some kind, attached to some kind of Machine which in turn was hooked up to Energy Reading Equipment.
She was unable to move or use any Magic, something in the room was preventing that, she made note to blow it up once she got free.
Her vision focused and she saw 2 Metal Men, One in a Green tunic, One in a Black Lab-coat as well as a large purple figure.
"Oi, Wesker, Sleeping Beauty is waking up..." Bruiser said as the Wesker Core held Rip's Dog-Tags.
He examined them long and hard before walking over.
"Rip Van Winkle, Der zweite Prototyp Panzertruppe Division, experimentell Panzerkampfwagen III Streik Hexe...You seem to be a long way from home, young lady...These are WWII Era Tags, care to explain how you got them?..." he asked with prefect german.
Doom was busy toying around with her jet engine.

"They are mine. The one who is on them is me. I'm a Steik Hexe, the first in Deutchland I was also training with the Luftwaffe to pilot the ME 262 jet striker units you found me in." She hung her head low. " Mein Fuhrer ist tot... Thanks to those damned american and Russian Dogs..." she finished up.

"Interesting, I've heard about Wunderwaffes and Controlling the Super-natural, but Child Soldiers?...Moving on, Why are you here? Have you've Come to attack us?" Wesker asked as he cleaned his shades.
In the Background, Kazuya could be seen around the corner, Bruiser seemed bored and Doom was messing with a Dial on the Jet.
"NEIN! DON'T TOUCH THAT!" She shouted too late as the jet took off and crashed into a wall with Doom on it.
There was no reaction as if this was a regular event.
Rip swore in German until Bruiser slapped her across the face with the force of a punch.
"Hey, The Robot asked you a question..." he threatened as Doom waved a hand and shouted "I'M OKAY!".

The not-quite-a bird finishes preening its feathers and walks over to the man. "So, Knife man, we blowin' this popsicle stand or what?"
"Well, it looks like we have a Nazi mech girl, Discord, and we're standing on top of what looks like a spaceship."
"We're fucking staying." Knife says, grinning.

"I'm here because i want to kill the Americans and bring about another Reich in Europe." She said as a tear rolled down her cheek upon realizing that one half of her life's work was just destroyed.

"Strike witches careers last unitl they're about twenty. thats when we usually retire based one statistics of the US, Japans and Russia's strike witch programs. I'm currently in my prime with about 200 kills. We use magic to propel ourselves across the sky in those striker units. Also on land. The last thing i remember was shooting a sherman then being flashed by a white light into some world with the undead. I went to some white place and wound up on an alien ship. I just want a Fuhrer to serve, if there isn't one then i'll fulfill his duty." She spouted off in german.

Wesker nodded before turning to Bruiser.
Without prompting, He grinned and punched Rip in the gut with brute force, causing a large dent on the back of the machine she was attached to and making her cough blood.
"You didn't answer my question, we don't care about America, if you want to kill American's then why are you here? Who did you meet on this Alien ship? and remember to answer this one..."

"oh god!" She screamed before coughing up the blood. "If i came here to attack you, i wouldn't have done it alone. *cough* I'm here to join you..." She said with blood leaking down her lip. "TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SAILOR, I PUNISH ALL WITHOUT DISTINCTION! AH HAHA HA-HAAA!" She screamed up to the ceiling. "I'll tell you what i'm here for, i want to hurt them, break their bones. I want to destroy them, i want to kill them! I want to taste their blood! I want to damn the enemies of The Third Reich to hell for eternity! One body at a time..." She ranted on in her insane monologue.

"Pssss...I think I broke her..." Bruiser whispered to Wesker as Rip raved on.
"Well...That is good to know and I would say Welcome aboard...had you answered the question..." He coldly said before motioning to Bruiser again.
He seemed hesitant at first, but gestured "Whatever..." before striking her again, harder this time.
She nearly puked from the impact and choked up more blood.
"Who. Did. You. Meet?...This can stop whenever you want it to..."

Rip didn't even flinch or scream out when the punch hit her. "Dillon, Amaya, Stella and some lightning boy. Also some weird boy with glasses. Anything else you'd like to know. She asked with an insane grin on her face.

Bruiser was a little un-nerved by her smile, that was not a Mega Punch But she should be dead by now.
The Wesker Core Lit up.
"So you do know Stella?...Where is she?...Does she still have my soul?...Do you have means to reach her?...Tell me Dammit!" he asked slightly desperately.
Doom walked over and nearly slipped on the blood.

"She wass with those who you'd call heroes until she walked away into the forest. During my travels with her, she told me allot about the vampirancy she has within herself." Rip said in English now, having calmed down and gained herself a bit. Though she was still insane. "Let me down from here and i'll help you find her, i know exactly how to." Rip said, the evil grin never leaving her face.

Wesker agreed and had Bruiser and Doom Take her down.
As she was taken down, he reached into his coat and pulled out a Samurai Edge and took the safety off.
He had it pointed to the ground as he calculated all possible attack plans and how to combat them, She was German Special Forces after all.

Rip took a few deep breaths and sat back on her knees. "I'm going to go over to my strikers and get something out of the pocket dimension of it." She said and held her hands up. The girl got up and walked across the room and reached her strikers. She recovered the one sent into the wall and found it's pocket dimension workable. She made a few adjustments and a pocket dimension hole opened up inbetween them. Taking out something long and cylindrical in a black pouch, Rip turned the dimension off.

Pulling out a long syringe filled with a red substance, Rip held it carefully. She took the cork off of the tip and pressed it into her arm. Then The girl pressed down on the plunger and flooded her veins with the red substance, which was obviously blood now.

After a minute of the syringe being empty, Rip fell to the ground screaming in pain. Her veins became visibly red and began changing her insides.

Wesker watched the Serum take it's toll on Rip.
He noted the moving Veins and visible mutations.
"Attempted Suicide?...I am disappointed..." he said before waling over to a cabinet in the corner.
He Calmly picked out a needle and tapped it with a finger before returning to the flailing Rip.
"You are not getting out of this that easily..." He said before grabbing her by the Hair, lifting her off the ground and stabbing the needle into her back.
The Contents flowed though her body and counter acted the Serum she had injected.
"I call it "T-Minus", A powerful Anti-Toxin, Now..." He explained before striking her with the butt of the pistol.
"Put her in observation..." He ordered as she was dragged away.
When she would awake, she would find herself in a white cell in a straitjacket next to the Lickers.

Signing off

Caim could only facepalm in light of the latest events, and held on tightly as the Heroes (and assorted Neutrals) began to follow the US military.

Wesker then turned on the console to Bison.
"Master Bison, Please allow me to use weapon X. It will surely destroy the heroes, I guarantee they won't even realize what's happening until it's too late. The adjustments are in place the weapon will not possibly defect or refute our control."
Bison Nodded.
" Oh Thank You master, Thank you, I'll activate it right away. Once the job is done it will be given over to you of course."
Wesker than began activating Weapon X.
Electricity crackled as the weapon, an ultimate destroyer of life, a ruthless stalker that would follow it's prey endlessly, time was against the poor soul who had the misfortune of being this monstrosity's target.
The Weapon activated, Wesker showed it's targets the Weapon snarled as it saw whom it was to track down.
"IT'S ALIVE which is more than I can say for it;s victims
Go now and don't you dare reurn until they have been destroyed, or so hep me you will wish I had never created you."

The quiet Tomoya stood quiet trying to keep his cover as a normal human but wondered if they have noticed. He nodded to Dillon as he was surrounded by more guards then the rest. The leader of the Squad spoke up, "Sir this way. We have a chopper just for you" He said in the most politest tone. Tomoya huffed and then sighed as he made his way to the helicopter and yelled out to Dillon as he hopped into it. "I'll see you guys there!". Tomoya took a seat in the middle of the squadron wondering why they would do this just for him.

The helicopter fleet took off, and Youmu started to look around the inside of hers. Along with a creature who seemed to be an amalgam of creatures, including some she couldn't possibly name, she noticed Dillon and Amaya--Wait, I still remember her? How long has it been?

Slowly looking over, she started to ask, "Antawa Ayama-san ne? Itsu-made ni atta?[1]"

[1] "You're Amaya, right? How long has it been since we met last?"

The Helicopters took off with Angelus tailing behind towards a Air Force Base.
During the Flight, A soldier in Tomoya's Helicopter handed him a bible and asked him to sign it as well as put in a good word with Jesus.
They Landed after sometime and were brought into the Makeshift Office for the President.
"All Right, Now everyone remember there is an entire Nation's army out here if you think about attacking..." The General warned as the doors opened.
The Group walked in and saw the President at his desk making out with a woman.
He stopped and looked at the gro-


"Heheh...That's why you vote Independent...So your this Super Hero Group that I hear the Joint Chiefs yammer on and on about...Eh, I still woulda went with the Avengers but what ever..." He said as he reached for a bottle of liquor.
"Anyone here 18?" he asked as he pulled out some glasses.

Knife, astride on Dougs back, follow the helicopters at a distance and try to stay out of sight. (Though, lets be frank, a giant mutant bird three times the size of a man isn't exactly hard to miss).

During the flight Tomoya grabbed the bible and signed it with his signature and title. "I don't usually see him but I'll make sure to put in a good word" Tomoya said with a smile. "Thanks sir" He said as they began to approach the base. "I wonder how they know?" Tomoya wondered

After they met The President.
Tomoya was left speechless and jaw dropped as he saw the President Reynolds. "*Ahem*" Both Dillon and Tomoya went as they walked towards the desk. They looked each other as he asked the question. "Maybe we should discuss why you called us here Mr. President...sir" Tomoya said as he rubbed the back of his head.

Shadow couldnt believe the speed of that nazi woman earlier... still he was glad he had made it on the helicopters. He moved close to Toyoma as the doors opened and whispered to him in hopes of only him hearing, "well... long time no see... what are you doing in the American dog's compound?" he questioned.

Discord started poking Burt Reynolds.

"Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry? Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry?Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry?"

He was having a good time and needed some plot. Hardcore plot.

Before Doors opened.

Shadow started to talk to him. "Well when we exited the Undead dimension world we got dropped off at another one. That is a story for another moment. But we escaped that one and now we're here who got surrounded by US and are about to speak to the president. The only thing we want is to stop this M.Bison" Tomoya said as the General spoke and the doors opened.


Dillon and Tomoya were in front of the general looking awkward since Discord started poking Burt Reynolds. "Is this one of your friends?" He said in his accent and tone. "Nope" The two answered at the same time.

Having gotten no response out of Amaya, Youmu now had nothing to do while the others were being briefed (or debriefed, perhaps) by "Reynolds". She started to wander around the room, and eventually found the fruit bowl. It seemed pretty well-stocked, and she started to get an idea...

She always thought of herself as a samurai, not a ninja, and the katana was a samurai's weapon. Then again, she did need the practice, and she'd heard the technique was useful, if somewhat messy.

Suddenly Discord noticed a bowl of fruit. He turned them all into spiders.

What a lovely day this was going to be.

The fruit turning into spiders practically threw Youmu into the opposite wall, and she kicked the bowl into the air, cutting all of them down as quickly as she could. When the last one dropped, she turned around, panting, and thought she saw the...whatever it was...laughing? She kept staring for a while, then turned back around and started to leave the room. The guards almost stopped her, then looked at the pile of spiders and thought better of it.

Dillon looked at President Reynolds,
"What exactly are you planning? I'm guessing from, what I learned of snake you wanted me and the rising dawn and the heroes to become some sort of personal army.
To which I must say: we don't serve any country, I myself am Canadian so don't give me any 'Your country needs you' bull$hit look we're incredibly powerful, we can't be aligned with any country, that be like owning an arsenal of nuclear bombs, the USA is already a huge target with all your high-tec weaponry, do you really want the other nations complaining that you have a group of ultimate bad-@sses.
However if you could supply us with some information, we could work out an agreement

"Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry? Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry?Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry?"
Reynolds rolled his eyes and motioned to two Servicemen to "Escort" Discord out of the room.
"Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry? Chimmicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimmicherry?Chimmicherry? Cherrych-" he echoed from the hallway.
Reynolds looked at the group and said "Right, now to business..."
He pressed a button on his desk and it folded out into a Holographic Display of the region, pointing out Bison Strongholds and Missile Sites.

"Since Bison went on his warpath, he's been rolling all over the regional forces, We have no idea how, but now he has access to China's Nuclear Arms and the Codes in a Weeks time, No telling what he'll do. Now the CIA have a link with one of Bison's servants, A....Kaz-u-ya Mis-his-ma, He is in Japan, You'll get dropped into Shadowlaw Airspace from a Stealth Plane from Pearl Harbour, Your Dragon Friend should use it as well, has Radar proof Material and Her kind are petty noticeable.

Once you've landed, Met up with him and he'll bring you to Thai-land and to Bison's Fortress. from there, Don't care what happens so long as it happens before He gets the Codes, In which case, The Republicans will call for Nuclear Action and I'm sure we don't want that. As for your Alinement's with America, we can deal with that later. as a Gesture of good will from us, We are opening up our entire Military armoury to your disposal, You Name it, it's yours, Nukes aside naturally."

The President looked up at the Group.
"So how about it?...Feel like saving the world?"
In Rip's Cell, a Wall Slid up to reveal Thick Viewing Glass, with the Aperture Science Supernatural Suppression Field in effect, there wasn't a way to break it.
The Wesker Core stood at the other side and said "Good, you're awake, Now I checked what was in that Vial you took, Vampire Blood, Now T-Minus is a short term solution but It'll keep you in line. Now, I repeat my eariler Question: Can you Contact Stella? And note that the Cell Next to you Contain Licker Type B's and that Straitjacket ain't coming off..." before using a remote to open the Viewing Glass for the Lickers to her right.


He raised the Glass enough to fit a hand under-neat, showing his intention.
"I want an Answer..."

Another sigh came from Tomoya as usual. "Another day, another problem and another saving the rod situation" He said to nobody. He then looked to the President, "I guess I'm in's natural that I have to save the world. Anyone with me?" He asked as he looked to the group to see if anyone is actually going to go with him. "But of course Angel's don't have any alinements to anywhere except to Heaven and God." Tomoya thought to himself.

Before we reached the president
As Angelus followed behind the choppers, an unfamiliar scent filled her nostrils.
"...Caim, look behind us. A stench fills my nose."
Caim turned his head slightly to see a great black thing in the sky; it seemed to have a rider astride it. Caim thought it looked somewhat like a bird, but he couldn't tell quite off the bat what it was.
"It's not one of our own... I say we kill it."
"No... Let's wait for now. It if is a spy for Bison, we may yet be able to capture it..."
The two continued flying onwards, and kept a sharp eye out for the Eagle.\

Speaking with the President
With Angelus waiting quietly outside and listening to the conversation through Caim, Caim scoffed at the idea of keeping her in an aircraft. Pulling out the battered PDA and typed, "I like the idea of being in a fight and all, but I've got one big question. The dragon is the size of one of your jets! How do you suspect you could keep her in an aircraft? On top of that, how are you going to keep her patience? The dragon won't want to be cramped with so many humans. Not to mention feeding, dragon dro-"
There was a distinct roar, and Caim stopped typing; an annoyed expression on his face.
"Pain in the ass lizard..."

Rip shivered. "I know you won't kill me, maybe let them maul me to a bloody pulp then somehow extract the info. But as to your question i cannot contact her. BUT i can lead you to her. As of now, you delayed the full transformation of mine by injecting whatever into me and suppressing my magic doesn't help. I need to fully go through the vampire transformation in order to be able to sense her presence in the world." Rip finished as her body was still pulsing and going through mutations.

Sections of Skin heaved and pushed out here and there, her has was falling out and peachfuzz of new hair taking its place. Her teeth were also beginning to come loose and fall out. "Must i ask if the straight jacket is necessary?"

"Well, I think we've waited long enough." Knife says, watching the airforce base from above, "Let's go see what all the fuss is about."
Doug folds his wings and dives straight toward the base before slowing down at the last moment and landing with a 'Thud'. As Knife dismounts to a symphony of guncocks, he turns and slowly raises his arms.
"Take me to your leader earthlings." He says with a grin, before being handcuffed and lead away to one of the buildings. "Doug, try not to eat anyone while I'm gone will you." Knife calls out as he's being led away.
"Eh, I ain't makin any promises boss." He calls back.

Reynolds chuckled at Caims interruption.
"Son, we managed to build a Helicarrier the size of a small city With a Fleet. I'm petty sure there is enough in the defence budget to fit in your dragon friend..." He said as he helped himself to some whiskey.
A Bleep came from his Phone: Attempted Takeover, Subject detained.
Wesker checked his options.
"You know, Vampires have a naturally high recovery rate, I've seen it first hand, Shot Our friend Stella straight in the face, got right back up, Yes, I won't kill you, but by my calculations, they are advanced enough to prompt a near constant state of dying-death-revival. Lickers are blind and rely on hearing, Thus, I put forward the following theory." he said before turning his back to Rip and letting the barrier between her and the Lickers open a little more.

"Once a Licker has killed a Target, it knows it's dead by the lack of noise, breathing, Movement, Crying. By my calculations, your healing factor combined with this fact should mean that after every death, your body would force a revive, causing breathing, movement, crying, resulting in the Lickers pouncing once more. And the Cycle repeats. How Long you might ask?...Lets find out." He said before retracting the Barrier fully, alerting the Lickers to Rip's presence.

They all leapt at Rip, but crashed into the Barrier as Wesker put it back down.
"I will try your plan, but pray to Dur Fuhrer that you can find her..." He coldly said as he closed the window into the Cell, leaving his Theory to fester in Rip's Mind as the Lickers clawed at the glass.

"Lock down the Observation Lab, jam all attempts at teleportation, If she escapes, I won't kill you because you'll already be dead..." He ordered on his way out.

Captcha: Weylan Yutani; "Mmmm...T-Virus Xenomophs..."

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