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The two stopped their bickering, and the dragon chuckled. "Accepted, but I am no royalty. My partner and I made sure the draconic aristocracy, if there was one, is gone. I only ask you treat me with the same respect as any other one of us. I hardly think that is too much to worry about."
Caim shook his head in disbelief, "I don't believe this..."

Dillon flew back to Join Caim and the Dragoness, he was relatively upset and he figured those two might be the best he could talk to right now.
He had the egg in one hand and his hood was down.
Amaya had been moved to Dillon's airship, the Lanterns offered to take her to planet Zamaron, but Dillon didn't know If Amaya could handle being on other planets.
Dillon saw N.cortex and Kagome.
Dillon Remembered these two from his child hood, but he didn't want to reveal to them they weren't real because that might be disturbing.
then again they probably weren't exactly excited to see someone in a black and violet body suit with a magenta cape.
"Hello Caim," he then took a low bow, somehow he guessed the Dragoness wasn't in a good mood
"Greetings Dragoness. Who are these guys and why is one of them staring at the other one, well ok more like why is the one being stared at not slapping him?"

"I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING!" Cortex shouted before putting away his Notebook.
"I am Dr. Neo Cortex, Master of Science, Who on earth are you?" He asked Dillon back.
What's with the egg?...Mmmm...A new breed of Animal?...Wonder how'd it look with a Jet-pack?...

Caim nodded back at Dillon and pointed at the egg in his hands. That was after he gave a quick look around to see if any other Lanterns were around.
Angelus, taking note that Caim wanted to voice a question, turned to see Dillon "Hello, Dillon. It is good to see more familiar faces around here. But please, call me Red. It is bad enough that he (Caim) calls me dragon all the time. As for those two, the girl is Kagome. The male is..."
"Dr. Neo Cortex."
"Thank you, Caim. Doctor Neo Cortex. I do believe he garnered some trouble for himself by staring at the girl's mammary glands. Also, Caim inquires towards the egg in your arms, and where your female is."

Amaya turned down the offer. "I need to go speak with the one above, and i'm going to use my spirit form to conserve energy. She said becoming transparent and replacing her legs with a ghostly tail. he looked at the rest of them. "Tell Dillon that i shall speak with him once i'm done with my business. Also, tell him that i love him and wish him the best of luck." she said before flying up through the ship and into the heavens o try and have something done about her life force draining away.

The egg meanwhile, bumped a little in Dillon's hands. It was going to hatch sometime soon.

Dillon looked own a tell tale sign he had unpleasant news.
"Amaya, she's-" he swallowed "she's not doing very well she has somethign to sort out for herself."
Dillon Than noticed N.Cortex was getting close to the egg. he immediately moved it away from the doctor, now normally one wouldn't do this as doing so put the egg clkoser to the Dragon, but Dillon knew Red was no beast, she wouldn't eat an egg, he figured she respected the egg was helpless like she once was.
"This is an egg form that Pokemon era we visited Amaya wanted me to take care of it,"
Dillon's ring began to glow and he aimed it at Cortex
"Which means your not getting your greedy little hands on it, understand?"
Then Dillon remembered something.
"Oh that glittery lantern girl wanted me to give this to Caim, I think it's some sort pf number for contacting her, I'm just going to let you have it red in case you want to use it for...., I don't know, wiping any dirt off your claws?"

The dragon gave a look of understanding to Dillon, and motioned to Caim to pick up the egg in her stead. He did so, and was listening to a barrage of instructions from "Red" as to how to properly hold it/etc. With a dark smile, the dragon bared her teeth to Cortex. "I'm a god-mother to the egg now, Cortex... You'd best not think of touching it, yes? And Dillon, in regards to the paper. Would you kindly throw it in the air?"
Dillon balled the paper, and threw it upwards. The dragon blew a small jet of fire; causing the paper to become ashes.

Cortex Soon backed off.
"I promise That I will Never go anywhere near that egg..." He said as he thought about all the joys jet-pack Minions had given him.
And then the Flamethrowers... He grinned to himself as he wrote that down followed by a picture of a Egg in a Jet-Pack.
Ohhhhh...that's a good one...

The egg wabbled again, it was now clost to hatching. thw wobble became more frequent.
If anyone press their mind into the egg, anyone that could, would find it filled with knowledge, no memories, but any knowledge that amaya had known was pressed into the egg.



Caim waved to Dillon, pointing at the egg. "Angelus? Get the pink boy. His egg's about to hatch!"
"Is it now? Dillon, do get over here..."

Dillon who had been barely inches away was now close to the egg.
He used his ring to create a sphere like barrier, however it may seemed solid unless you were Dillon, Caim or Red.
"I'd like the baby to see you and me to be one of the first thing it see's, You are it's god parents after all."
Later Dillon would tel Kagome there was no chance she was going to be the aunt, she wasn't his sister, and he didn't trust random anime girls he just met, a policy he had adopted since most of them (especially prettier ones) were usually secretly Satan.

Youmu started quickly shaking her head back and forth, having blacked out somehow for a little bit. Besides the appearance of a strange, yellow, big-headed man, and that Kagome had taken an interest in the dragon, nothing much had happened, Falcon told her.

Everyone else seemed occupied, so she just sat down, trying to make out any of the conversations that she could.

The was one bounce, then two, then three before a pair of blue and dark blue legs kicked through the bottom of the egg. It stood up and began running around until it ran into Dillon's leg, felling back and breaking the rest of the egg. Out of the broken shell peices, a head popped up, Looking at Dillon, Caim and Red. It looked between the three before looking at Dillon.

"Ri?" it asked.


Cortex tried to get a peek at the Egg.
"Open up, I wanna see it!" He begged as he tried jumping up and down to get a look.
At his tallest, he was no higher then Dillon's Waist and his large head didn't help.

Youmu started walking up to where everyone seemed to be crowded around Dillon, Caim and the dragon. As she did, she tripped over a rock that was hidden by the tall grass and fell face-first on the Deus Ex Machina button. She turned around, and saw that the rock she'd tripped over was actually a smartphone. As she picked it up and looked at it, it started ringing.

The dragon had an unusual expression on her face, (at least to Caim) one of adoration? There was a light chuckling, and she said, "Hello, little one. Welcome to the world. This one is your father." She indicated to Dillon.
She then looked to Caim, "So Caim, what was it like holding life in your hands for once, as opposed to death? Different, isn't it?"
Caim did not answer, but was looking at his hands like they had been taken away from him and then suddenly returned. He would have to think about that, perhaps for some time.

"... So, we're going to be parents? Gods help this child..."

As Youmu opened it, sh found it was a video message for the Rising Dawn.

RE: Invitation.

A man in a black suit appeared, stitting at a desk.


"Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely hope you are all well. You may not know me, but I can assure you that I'm familiar with your recent actions. Allow me to say that I would be honored if you could participate in my Vehicular Combat competition. The winner will be granted whatever they desire, and the losers..... well, lets not dwell on that shall we?."

The man then stands up, smiling slightly.

"At this point you're probably confused about a few things. Rest assured that all will be explained in the accompanying rulebook and information".

He folded his arms.
" "My name is Calypso".

" And I invite you to Twisted Metal. "

Dillon picked up the little Riolu
"Look at you, look at you, hi there, I'm your daddy little guy, Daddy."
Dillon, with no concern aimed his ring and pushed Cortex a safe 15 feet away,
"Cortex stay away your over-sized head and evil face would scare the little guy."
Dillon went back to his kid
"Your mother would have been so happy to meet you," Dillon looked down, but he couldn't say another word.
"By the way Kagome, your not my sister so you couldn't possibly be the aunt."
"So what do we do now?" realizing he wasn't sure what to do.

Cortex was knocked back to Youmu who then showed the Message to him.
"Eh...Still not as Bad as my Go-Karting Days...Ahhhh those damn dirty NITRO Crates..." He sighed as he recalled Explosion after Explosion After Explosion until he drifted off.

The Riolu hugged her father. She knew who he was, also A bit About Angelus and Caim thanks to Her mother. She was happy and the aura seeing out of her showed it. Because of the way she interacted with the aura, everyone around her felt happy too.

"A free for all battle royale? Sounds like our kind of thing, eh dragon?"
The dragon glared at Caim, "You're going to use me as the vehicle, aren't you?"
Caim looked at the dragon with a pleading expression,
"Surely you know that I wouldn't pick anyone else to help me?"
The dragon was taken aback. He was getting to be rather convincing. With a sigh of resignation,
"Fine. First the Wyrm, now this... Is there anything you won't pull me into?"
"Our untimely deaths? Hey, at least we'd go down in a blaze of glory."
"... You do have a point there. Perhaps we have 'fun' after all. I'll be doing all the work..."
"I'll give you as many nose rubs as you want when this is over?"
The dragon chuckled, "And then some. Well, let's enter."

Knife and Doug come in to land near the group, not hard to miss now that they there was a dragon there. Knife glances at the new arrivals, who are no doubt startled by Doug, and walks over to the short guy with the big head. "Hi there, I don't think we've met." He says, holding out his hand, "I'm Knife."

Doug meanwhile looks over at the Riolu and, if he had lips, he would be licking them hungerly.

Dillon left using his interstellar space travel to arrive at Zamaron.
The Lanterns there he informed them first about Amaya being gone, and about his newborn child.
The lanterns were of course incredibly excited but luckily he manage to get them to calm down, a few of the younger were given the task of making sure the little Riolu wouldn't get hurt.
Dillon then told Carol about the twisted metal race
"I need your help, you were a pilot, who else can drive better than you, I've driven an airship before but that's not enough, you got way more experience than me. And surely this wide amount of alien races some of you must have more advanced technology?"
Several hours later they had built the car. it made use of different alien technologies, mostly though it use the Core battery like their rings. the car was composed of a light flexible metal not found on earth that was strong.
Their was also the fact while the wheels touched the ground currently this was a disguise, the car didn't use wheels, it had high powered propulsion and could fly easy over things like ice, spikes, or even a hole given enough speed.
Dillon worked at making sure that the car looked relatively ordinary, he wanted them to think he was out of his league.

Despite this having taken several hours Dillon arrived in only minutes after leaving with Carol Ferris willing to drive the car that some though was just a plushy sports car.

Noticing Dillon and the Child disappeared, the dragon looked to Kagome; "Caim and I have decided to enter. You can count on our presence, girl."
Caim nodded along with Angelus' explanation, a look of determination on his face.
"She won't stand a chance..."

There was something bumping around in the glove compartment. Dillon looked at it strangely and opened it. A familiar blue furball popped out into his lap. "Ri!" it said happily hugging him.

"How did you get in here?" he asked a bit confused and slightly aggravated.

She tapped her head, then pointed to it while hiding her face.

"You hid purposely?"

The Riolu shook its head yes.

Tomoya had notice that a lot more people have came to the point where they have started. But when that message...when that message played and finished. Tomoya could sense great evil. A voice in his head started to tell him. "Kill him...". It bluntly said. He knew that this was his missions objective now.

"I'm entering. It shall be fun"

As Tomoya said that he summoned his vehicle of choice. A ball of lightning fell to the ground and took the shape of the vehicle.

Official Summoner's Chamber Music:

Watching Youmu receive the phone call, Falcon was somewhat surprised to receive one himself. It took him a while to find his phone - which he could have sworn he hadn't charged up in forever. The voice definitely belonged to that Calypso man that had called the others. "Hey! Just heard about what's happened to you. Man, that void must be boring as hell, huh?"

"What do you want?" Falcon asked, wondering how Calypso knew about his location.

"Straight to business, huh? I like that. No competition is complete without a commentator, don't you think? Unfortunately, my first choice of commentator wasn't able to come. So, how'd you like to get out of that darkness and snark about everyone's driving? I'll supply the hot air balloon - a little courtesy I'd planned for the other one."

Falcon wasn't sure. Besides leaving the Chamber, which might have been taboo, he badly wanted to know about other parts. "What's the catch?"

"Besides that you might get killed by a stray bullet, laser, flamethrower blast or something like that, none whatsoever. I'll even make sure you get paid nicely. Oh, and I have your girlfriend. She'll be your co-commentator."

"What? How did you know about Youmu?"

"I didn't. Hey, Steve, get a tranq team out to nab Youmu from that field place!" Falcon smacked his face hard enough for Calypso to hear; he'd just fallen for the oldest trick in the book.

It was a while before he could say anything else. "...Fine," he told Calypso. "I'll do some talking for you."

"Wonderful! Just stay there for a minute..." A strange light started to envelop Falcon. Before he had much time to wonder about how much technology Calypso had access to, he was gone.

Cortex awoke in a sweat, he was just dreaming about all the harm he took Kart Racing, The Missiles, The Bombs, that Warp Orb.
He pulled out his notebook and began designing a Truck with enough Firepower to win this Twisted Metal and win "whatever they desire"...

He looked at his master piece.
Now to actually make the damn thing.


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