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Akuma took a step back, slighly disoreintated at Panty's sudden shock attack. He looked at her, barely able to stand up yet still standing against him.

"Your determination is admirable, but you are foolish if you think you can defeat me in your current state."

He found no point in killing a defenseless opponent at this moment.

Mecha Bison watched as the shot went into space.

"What the hell was that?...BAH! NO MATTER! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!"

He said before continuing his attack on the Heroes.

Akuma took a step back, slighly disoreintated at Panty's sudden shock attack. He looked at her, barely able to stand up yet still standing against him.

"Your determination is admirable, but you are foolish if you think you can defeat me in your current state."

He found no point in killing a defenseless opponent at this moment.

Couldn't help but chuckle a bit, which ended up making her cough with some blood yet again splatting out she commented back, "Defeat you.. oh no, ha.. I never planned on defeating you. I'm just... delaying... AHGH." She covered her mouth and coughed more, a thick layer of blood ran down and her eyes closed, shook.

She got up, and walked up to Akuma only to place her hand onto his chest, nails not going into his skin but pierced against him nether the less. She showed her teeth, mad dogging him really and eyes shining with green, those cat-like eyes again.

"You will.. acknowledge me... I ,... au....... hh.... I......" She started to slip, her hand sliding down with a path of stained blood on Akuma's clothing now. She was on the floor laying there, panting. No matter how much she grasped for love from around her, she was dying and losing faster then what she could consume. Her fingers scratched the floor as she cursed to herself.

Falcon quickly looked up on the roof, and it didn't look good. Irelia, after being healed, was finally able to move. "Do you think we should go back up there now?" she asked. "I feel a lot stronger now..."

Took the words out of my mouth, he replied. They need a lot of help. Oh, and try and bring the girl. The powers that be tell me that she's more important than we thought...and she won't try to kill you any more. Just leave the gun. It only had one shot. Following these instructions, Irelia and Lily wound up in the elevator, heading back to the roof...

*Grabbing his side, Puce looked up as Bison reared an ugly fist up in the air.*

"He's going to smash me into a pancake,"*Puce thought weakly, trying to get out of the way, but finding he couldn't move too quickly due to his cracked ribs.*

*Mecha-Bison's fist came down.*

"HULK SMASH"*The dictator screamed over the P.A. He'd always wanted to say that*

"This is it,"*Puce thought to himself.*

*And then, his amulet shattered as Bison's fist landed*

Lily simply walked away from everything. She had enough of this ad wanted nothing more to be away from the democracy that was going on.

Amaya finally awoke fro everything. She still hurt from the wound from that damned machine. Standing up, her susanoo ribcage formed around herself. She set out on a warpath through the building, never lifting a finger herself, but her susanoo was now fully formed, its shield deflecting anything that threatened to hurt her. The sword was slicing through anyone that even looked at her. She wanted nothing more to get out of the building and find Dillon. Bison could take the world if he felt inclined to do so.

Her life was running out, her soul decaying. All she wanted to do was spend her remaining time with Dillon. And he was nowhere to be found.

by the time she had made her way outside, the path she took and the area surrounding it was a massive tunnel lit aflame with the black flames of amaterasu. Bison went to step on her but she just looked up at him, he decided she wasn't worth the time and Went back to whatever he was doing prior as Amay kept walking away from the scene.

She had her chance to walk away, she knew full well the consequences would be for facing me like that.

He once again looked back to the fight, ignoring the woman behind him. He still awaited an opponent with his abilities.

On Planet Zamaron
Dillon was sitting in a high peak with Carol, he had trained to understand the basic code of the Lanterns as well as how to use his ring.
"You have ti understand, most here believe males don't truly appreciate love."
"Yeah I used to think I was immune to the stuff, but closer to the truth, I can't get enough I'm gonna have to face it I'm addicted to love."
Carol laughed a bit, she leaned closer,
"I believe that," she leaned close to Dillon both had their masks off.
"I told you I had something important to tell you-"
"It can wait, just for a moment" Carol was incredibly close, in fact she had one from sitting next to him to practically laying on him.
Dillon didn't want to, but apparently he had no option, his ring glowed and a force field surrounded him gently pushing Carol away
"Carol, I'm engaged, I need the lanterns to save my planet then maybe one of you can save My Amaya, I don't know what's wrong with her but she's dying and I-I.." Dillon was losing his self control, the other lanterns feeling his distress quickly arrived,
They all were trying to reassure him everything would be fine, this while a bit embarrassing did make him feel better.
after some heavy breathing Dillon got some control of himself
"Ok, I'm fine, Now lets get don to earth before Bison manages to ruin it completely, all fear means no love after all."
With that The Star Sapphire Lantern Corp. flew as one to earth, a brilliant shining light that could be seen from light-years away.
Back on earth
The heroes fought Against Mecha Bison when one of them noticed, a bright light in the sky as it neared more noticed until the light hit the building, there they saw a variety of Humanoid alien females all wearing skintight outfits similar to Dillon's, but they had no cape, and some had there suits showing more skin than others, Dillon would later comment on this, but for the time he was busy, as one the Corp. recited their oath.

For Hearts Long Lost And Full Of Fright.
For Those Alone In Blackest Night.
Accept Our Ring And Join Our Fight.
Love Conquers All With Violet Light

Mecha Bison stared with his jaw wide open, he had everything under control, he had planned for everything
except for a horde of poorly dressed super-models with pink magic fueled by love.
DIllon was at the lead his ring glowing bright.
"Alright girls lets show him the LOVE!"
With that the lanterns aimed their rings high, their energy covered the world in pink light, everyone everywhere was reminded of everything thery loved, their fears forgotten, if only for a short time.
Dillon turned to the heroes
"Guys, The lanterns can't keep this love spell up forever suggest you kill bison now, Remember his weakness, having a hole punched through him and shove an atomic bomb in the hole, we can make sure the blast doesn't hurt anyone else."

Angelus swooped down and grabbed Puce after the fist had lifted away. Throwing him in the air, Caim caught him and set him in front of him, so as to keep him from falling. The dragon craned her neck,
"Are you alright, human. You got into a bit of a scrap back there..."

Before Dillon's SS Lantern power

Irelia looked at everyone attacking the one giant person in the middle of the rooftop. Despite their numerical advantage, the giant seemed to be too strong for anyone to handle - and Falcon knew it as well. Before she could take a few steps after leaving the elevator, Bison turned around and saw her, immediately moving to take a crushing step. She tried to Bladesurge out of the way - forgetting that Lily was just to her left. Except that she wasn't any more. Neither of them had much time to think about it, though, because Irelia had surged a little bit too far.

She was no longer in danger of being stepped on, sure. But she'd gone over the edge of the roof, and gravity was now her greatest threat.

Just then, time seemed to slow down for Irelia, and everything went a strange shade of purple. She started to think about how, despite all his strangeness, Falcon was someone she was happy to have around. Falcon wasn't affected much, though, due to being in another plane.

You're still falling off a building, remember? he called out, but to no avail. Something had happened to Irelia and nothing was getting through. All he could do was hope that she'd somehow survive hitting the ground.

*Kurumu watched as the Dragon receded into the distance and breathed a sigh of relief. Puce was safe and that was all that mattered. Waving her fingers in the air, she felt the tingling of illusion magic crawl up her spine.*

*At first nothing happened, only a puff of smoke appeared in front of Mecha-Bison's ugly face. Then a huge cloud of illusionary fog billowed out and enveloped its head, keeping Bison from getting a weapons lock on the retreating Trio*

"Are you okay?"*Kurumu sent the thought*

"My ribs hurt... a lot."*Puce groaned in his mind*

"My ribs hurt... a lot."*Puce responded to Angelus' query and coughed up some blood* "That's gonna leave a mark."*He added, a wry smile on his face*

She had her chance to walk away, she knew full well the consequences would be for facing me like that.

He once again looked back to the fight, ignoring the woman behind him. He still awaited an opponent with his abilities.


.. Lying on the floor, Panty was sure to black out fully and had her last gasp of breath being aware she was truly defeated. If only she- ... suddenly she started feeling more awake, her eyes slowly drawing open.

*.. What is this? .. This ..sensation. ..* She thought to herself.

Her body began to quiver slightly, but with so much of it as support she felt better and better, slowly of course. As soon as her hand shifted, Akuma took notice and turned his head at the girl who was now gathering herself back up.

Blood dripped off her, her head hanging down and arms loose, but now strength was returning to her and she began to softly laugh. The laugh increased volume as the pain started to ease off, and soon her eye lit with a bright green, her body highlighted with a faint green glow.

"Astounding! Astounding! .. I, I never experienced SO MUCH LOVE BEFORE!!"

She grinned at Akuma, and the consuming did not stop there. Even though she cannot consume large chunks of love at a time, it was easily flowing into her, and so much of it her powers were rising to where her hair even begun to wave a bit as if there was wind blowing against it. Akuma can now sense something was up, let alone be on his guard now.

How could have she?........ Fine then.


Before she could blink, Akuma had glided up to her, punched her and landed a hadouken. As she was sent back, he connected a hurricane kick.


The Mecha Bison stalled.
"What?! No! No! I am a God and will not Go down like this!" Bison shouted, The Mech Ran of his Power, which Ran off the Psycho Drive, which was now reading at 0%.
The Mecha Started to Sway.
"Nonononononononon-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! FOILED BY THE POWER OF LOVE! the Dicator screamed as the Mecha fell to the ground and came apart at the seems.
Bruiser escaped the madness and aimed for Angelus with his launcher.
"Rest in peace you son of a bi-"
He saw the Mech falling right on top of him.
He tried to avoid it but couldn't, there wasn't enough time.
"Well fuuuuuuuuuc-"
The Machine fell on top of him, trapping him.
Doom and The Cloned Wesker Managed to Escape the Country in a Private plane to the US, heading to Max's Place in California to hide.
Darren watches the almount of pain he caused in this arc.
"Wow....I suck at this..."
He vows to never GM again and shuts down the Laptop.

*Puce felt a familiar hand brush against his face.*

"Mom?"*Puce, half dazed from internal bleeding, whispered*

*A soul appeared besides Puce, then another, then another, until 1000 souls surrounded Puce, Caim and Angelus.*

*Puce screamed in agony as ghost hands reached into his chest and moved his ribs back into place, as the energy from 1000 souls worth of rage filled him.*

*A nearby factory, standing in the remnants of Toyko began to crumble at its foundations. A reactor exploded and froze in place. The clouds in the sky and the thick carpet of smog disappeared as the 1000 conduits channeled their powers together.*

*Overhead, a a skull of stone, ice, wood and fire formed. A violent gale hurled the object at Mecha-Bison and impacted*

*Kurumu watched as the 1000 souls then dissipated and coalesced into the Amulet and dropped onto the roof top*


With her two arms, she placed them side-by-side and fully blocked the kick which made a gust of wind flow from such impact. Panty's body was highlighted in green, and it was only increasing shortly minute by minute. Even she was shocked she could still be standing after blocking such a powerful blow let alone Akuma's face.

"Round 2... fight." Panty shoved Akuma back and then had her forehead glow a circular green once more- leading up to engulf Akuma with green magic and cast him against the nearest wall. She wasn't able to even grasp magic onto him.. but with so much, she can carry him now. Didn't last long, it wore off but to just do that was a big step.

And finally she ran up to him and placed a back hand blow- though he blocked it, the hit made him slide backwards with his feet dragging some of the floor up.


As the mecha fell to the ground, the countdown on the missle reached 0:00. The rochet launches upwards into the sky, but, as it rises up, a bright light envelops one side of it and the mini-nuke explodes. The stricken rocket, knocked off course by the explosion, teeters in the air before turning and falling down deep in the factorys district.

Real Life

Having played it for a while, James had decided that the Irelia/Falcon combo just wasn't working out. Unfortunately, Youmu was nearly impossible to revive, and with all the arguments about being OP in the chat, it didn't seem like a good idea to send Fujiwara Mokou out again. Unable to think of what else to do, he let his head fall onto the keyboard again. Hopefully someone IU would notice that someone was falling off the side...

Discord heard those words...

"Queen of the Changelings,"

"WHAT?!?" he yelled, flying off Mecha Bison and flashing to the wounded Changeling.

"YOU'RE the one who used a wedding as a means to take over Canterlot?" Discord asked, face in awe, before it contorted into one of pure joy as he succumbed to his giggles.


Angelus and Caim shuddered when the LOVE BEAM passed by, and marveled at the destruction of Bison's mecha when it hit him.
"Gods above... What could be the cause of all this?"
Caim on the other hand, was personally freaking out at the sight of all the souls putting Puce back together. He tried swatting at a few of them, but an admonishment from the dragon made him stop his flailing.
When Puce starting feeling alive once again, he patted Caim's shoulder. "Hey, do you think you can take me to the roof, my amulet is there..."
Caim held a thumb up, and the dragon began winging around.

After dropping off Puce to collect his jewelery, Caim dismounted and stretched his legs. The man had a long day. Patting Angelus on the nose, Caim messaged, "We did good, eh?"
"Very good."

Brusier managed to pull himself out of the rubble from Mecha Bison.
"Crushed...under a giant dictator...yep, I've out stayed my welcome..."
He began to limp back towards the Dock.
"I'll Find Wesker, Have him send me back, join Team Plasma and this will all be a faint memory drowning in good times and young females..." He slurred a little as hie wobbled away.
Angelus's Shadow appeared overhead.
"Oh son of a..."

"YOU'RE the one who used a wedding as a means to take over Canterlot?" Discord asked, face in awe, before it contorted into one of pure joy as he succumbed to his giggles.

(Lol to that picture. Best joke on Chrysalis yet)

This was truly unexpected, if not random entirely. In this fight, with love to be gained- this mysterious bizarre creature comes out of nowhere and starts talking to her, if not teasing her. She simply seemed annoyed, but she actually recognized what he was then, and the ONLY draconequus she ever knew was-

"Discord.. why do you barge in on my battle of the ages."

Though she did feel appealed to him admiring her since she was so very close in taking over Canterlot.

Falcon was starting to get bored of seeing everything happen when the woman's voice he'd heard at first called out to him. "You were reckless that time," it chastised him, not bothering to hide the anger it must have felt. "If I had my way, I would flay you and use you for a cloak. However, those above me have seen fit to give you another chance. And if you lose this one, no punishment would reach you through your own guilt." It stopped, and Falcon started to wonder on its meaning.

He had little time to wonder, though, as some nearby footsteps turned his head. He saw a second light moving around nearby, and the girl illuminated by it. When he worked out who she was, he jerked back so far he fell over. So that's why I'd be guilty... he thought.

They'd sent him Youmu to manage. Someone he had a close personal connection to. "Just asking: she won't start out as weak as Irelia did, right?" he called out. No response - except from Youmu, who tilted her head in confusion. "Listen, I don't know what's happening any more than you," he explained, not even trying to translate. Not that it mattered.

"I was told to meet you here...Where am I going after this?" she asked in English, with only a hint of an accent.

"Somewhere else," was all he could answer. "Don't worry, I'll be watching from up here, giving advice, stuff like that..."

Discord giggled and lay back in the air.

"I've got something planned for big, metal, and Buffalo over there once you return to your true form, so go on, fight," the draconequus began to munch on some cotton candy, "I'll be here."

He put on a pair of green sunglasses and hummed a small tune, watching the Cyborg and Changeling exchange blows.

"Swag," Discord said in a low voice. A snap later, and the ground began to shake beneath the two fighters.

"Last time I checked, you only had wings in your... HOLY form," Discord chuckled.

While Youmu was in transit, Falcon started to watch everything going on with Discord. The way he was talking to the new girl, one he didn't recognise, seemed rather strange. Then he remembered - the green light that the trooper 'Rare Ghost' was using before. It was Chrysalis the whole time. He looked over all the fighters, trying to work out which was the changeling. He couldn't do much about it himself - all he could do was warn Youmu to not think about Yuyuko. Once she arrived - it was taking a rather long time. Hopefully to make sure she didn't arrive weakened like Irelia had.

He suddenly remembered that both her swords were still inside Bison's base, and started to scan all over the inside to try and locate them again. Not finding them, he flopped to the floor, then suddenly remembered that Youmu had had them when he'd seen her just before.

Reassured that she wouldn't be completely incapable when she arrived, he stood back up and kept watching the battle.

The Lanterns all group-hugged Dillon flew away to find Amaya.
Meanwhile the Other lanterns tried to mingle including one relatively cute young Lantern getting close to Caim
"Hi there, You sure look strong, maybe we could meet again for a drink?" she had a sweet smile her face was glittery which was in fact a biological ability of this lanterns race.

Carol and her lieutenants were moving around making sure there wasn't a trap, she could sense something was wrong.
"Girls keep in tight formation, I suspect the fight isn't over yet."
Dillon's ring had an Electromagnetic sensor that, as long as the wearer could conceive of it, the ring would provide. He was attempting to use it to detect her Chakra as well as his own lover for her to guide him, it was a love powered ring it only made sense it would be able to do such a thing.

The dragon leaned into the much deserved nose rubs when a scent came to her attention.
"I smell something... Ah, I know... Caim, stay here."
Caim felt his hand being jerked away from from it's resting place, and saw that the dragon was quickly gone before he had time to protest. To any onlookers, Caim looked very lost when she flew away. That's when he noticed the lantern was speaking to him. Being a mute and all, Caim found it very hard to communicate with the woman.


Angelus flew by what her nose told her, and saw him. Bruiser, the one who caused her much humiliation and strife. He.. HE.... She felt the rage boil in her stomach and swooped downwards, and past the purple humanoid, knocking him off his feet. Then, she winged over and landed in front of Bruiser.


There was no way Panty could focus like this- with Discord making jokes while the toughest enemy she ever faced was giving her a hard time as it is.. all she could do was ignore him. Until he made the joke about holes, then she winced and snapped around at the chilled out beast who represents the element of chaos.

"You wouldn't happen to mean- this form??"

Her voice changed to the original, and along that she got on 4's only for the body to have a green ray overlap the body and skin break apart, which led to her true form being revealed and not caring who finds out.


Though she was a bit bloody and panting slightly. She should be knocked out or dead- but because there was fuels of love around she was able to absorb enough to be perfectly fine, though she was aching all around.

"Mmhh, why the 'long face' Discord? Sad I stopped your little show from carrying on?"


The Star Sapphire, now much more confident without the ferocious dragon around got more flirtatious.
"You must be incredibly Strong, Powerful, Brave, Courageous to tame such a Massive, monstrous brutish, and terrifying Dragon." with each complimentary word she took a step closer to Caim, Caim, at first he tried backing away, but a wall cornered him, until she was literally pressing against him.
"You really do look like the strong silent type." she said her smile and glitter a little annoying, also the butterfly kisses were agitating.

Knife respawns on Dougs back, giving the large bird a fright. "You mind givin me a little warning before you do that in future?" He says, before landing wth the group and startling some of the Pink Lanterns.

AMaya was still walking when the saphires found her. She was walking with her susanoo still up, looking more like an empty shell of a person than anything. When they flew down to try go get her attention she ignored them. Her susanoo began to flicker on and off, before long going out completely, then they were able to retrieve her to bring back to Dillon.

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