The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The dragon flared her nostrils in disgust to the incoming smell; "Gods above, did you attempt to mate with a skunk? It certainly smells like it... As to your question, I do not know where a river lays. All I have seen is green; which I admit is much more pleasant than most of the most of the things I have encountered..."
Caim merely turned away from the stench, and again, tried to greet his former allies.

"That is a Image that will stay with me for the rest of my days..." Cortex Said as he cut though the woods to try and find a river.
Mmmmm...Man-Skunks...I could make that Work...I could make that work well... He thought as he found a river by falling to it.
"God, This is worse then that Skiing experience..."

As Cortex walked away, the dragon cocked a ridge on her brow, "What a strange person... No matter."
Caim could only look at the dragon and silently laugh. "You're one to talk, dragon."



Now that Discord had the least of suspicions of her being anything else then an overly emotional school school- Kagome decided to get out of passing out thus stretched her arms to yawn. However, to her surprise there were two new people there- a dragon (a big one at that) and a mad man, due to having a big N on his forehead.

With that, Kagome walked up to them and admired the dragon with awe. "Ooohhhh~ hey there big fella. What's your name?? I love dragons, cause when I was little.. I would have toy models of them and read the Eragon books. The movies sucked but- still!! A real dragon, cool!!" Then she turned her attention to the little man.

Unable to really contain herself or be polite, she made fun of him, "Hahahahaa!! I'm sorry, but your forehead is just to glorious to resist- Hahahaha!!"

image "Hhaa hhaaahaha!! Haa... Haa oh."

Cortex at that moment had a flashback to his highschool days where the bullies made him the man he is today.
Nerd! Wittle Cortex gonna cry? You gonna cry? Awww he's crying! SWIRLIE! Look what I did, i wrote "N" NERD!
He stared back at Kagome and said "I will attach your head to the body of Sea Cumber while you sleep..."
Cortex felt better after saying that and was already thinking of ways to weaponise this mutant Sea Cumber.

He stared back at Kagome and said "I will attach your head to the body of Sea Cumber while you sleep..."

At first Kagome merely smirked, with her eyes fixated on him just wanting to be all the more harsh towards him. But- then she remembered what she was aiming for so instead Kagome pulled off a guilt look. "..Oh, I-I am so sorry sir I just have the giggles for everything. Here let me make it up to you."

With that, she placed her hand around Cortex's head.. bent over and placed a nice kiss to his forehead. She let him go and smiled with eyes closed. "Ta daa! You feel better now?"

Cortex was totally suprised by the Kiss and froze for a second and then blushed.
"Uhhh, Heh, yeah...a Little...Sorry, just ummm...It was a tough school..." he admitted before asking "Say, you don't have any Power Crystals do you? Glowing, Pink, About Arm length?"

The arched eyebrow still raised, the dragon turned to Kagome,
"I would appreciate it if you stopped speaking of me as if I were a common housepet."
Caim looked at Angelus with confusion, "Eragon books? What the..?"
"Think nothing of it, Caim. As for you, girl, if you must refer to me, Red is my preferable monkier."
Caim turned around and gave a small nod to Kagome. "I take it she's with us now? On the 'Heroes' side?"
"Perhaps, we will have to see. So, girl. What do you call yourself? My companion there, whom his silence probably caused you to gloss over, is Caim."

"Say, you don't have any Power Crystals do you? Glowing, Pink, About Arm length?"

"Nope! Sorry~ haven't seen nor heard of such! But don't pout now, I can help you look for them!! Only if you wwaaannnttt me to though." Kagome had her hands behind her back, swaying her body like a little girl would when trying to act all the cuter. Of course now her attention drew to the dragon that was talking to her.


She smiled, and showed no hesitation in her answer. "I'm Kagome by the way- Hey wait what's wrong with being a housepet?! You're still family- I mean, my cat is a housepet but I treat her better then my own brother!! Haha, well... no... no wait that's mean. But anyways, want me to call you Red? I know you're fire and stuff is red but if I call you red I would feel racist."

Cortex found himself staring a Kagome's...
Focus Neo, You are a Man of Science But Daaaaaammmnnnnnnnn, that is easy on the eyes...
He shook his massive head a few times and forced the both of them out of his brain.
"Right Then...So..."Red"...You don't know anyone by the name of Spyro do you?..." He fished, last time he went up against that damn dragon, he was bathing in Burn ointment for the next month.

The dragon's face grew to a scowl, and she shook her head. "Humans... You, with the large head, no I have not heard of 'Spyro'. It is a ridiculous name for a dragon... Now you, girl. I will only say this once. Do not trifle with me. I am greater than many mortals combined. My life has glossed over 200[1] of your human lives, and I still have room to live; my strength alone could crush you, if I had not burned you first. Furthermore, if I chose a monkier for myself, would I not have considered whether or not it offends me? I am no pet, and I expect to be treated as equal, if not moreso, to you humans. Do I make myself clear?"

Caim rolled his eyes as the dragon ranted, and lightly facepalmed. "You do realize this is a child, right?"
"I care not! She needs a lesson in humility. See, this is one thing I miss from our realm. Humans had some respect for greater beings then."
"Oh yeah, the Empire had a lot of respect for you..."
"The Empire payed dearly for their lacking. Remember, who helped you dismantle it?"
"...You did. But you still needed my help!"

The internal squabbling continued after "Red" had finished her rant to Kagome, and she could see cross looks on both the man's and dragon's faces as they fought in their minds. If one could hear them, they might have remarked that they sounded like an old married couple.

[1] According to the Drakengard game booklet, the dragon is said to have lived about 10,000 years. Calculating that Medieval Britain citizens lived to be about 40, I got 250 lifespans. It's just a guess though, so I could be off...

Cortex was relived at Red's Statement, but the rest of it intimated him.
" have made your position clear."
I have it! A Dragon-Shark! That'll surely stop that Bandicoot! I have to write that down!
He pulled out a Note book and wrote that in under "Man-Skunk".

Cortex found himself staring a Kagome's...
Focus Neo, You are a Man of Science But Daaaaaammmnnnnnnnn, that is easy on the eyes...

Even though Cortex didn't notice because he was giving attention to the dragon now, Kagome already caught Cortex red handed with him staring at her disguise's breasts. She thought to herself- *Why do men and beasts always stare at my form whenever I turn into a woman?! What's so special about these sack of fats to feed babies with??*




... *Guess that's a good thing, sexiness over suspicions then.*

And just like that she dropped the subject.

Do I make myself clear?"

.. Kagome gave her a bored look first hand due to annoyance, but decided it's best to please the dragon and accept such terms. "Yes sir Red I am so sorry for disrespecting you almighty one- please forgive this immature human girl for making you have to explain yourself about the terms of royalty as such!!" Kagome even clapped her hands together in an apologetic manner in Japanese style.

The two stopped their bickering, and the dragon chuckled. "Accepted, but I am no royalty. My partner and I made sure the draconic aristocracy, if there was one, is gone. I only ask you treat me with the same respect as any other one of us. I hardly think that is too much to worry about."
Caim shook his head in disbelief, "I don't believe this..."

Dillon flew back to Join Caim and the Dragoness, he was relatively upset and he figured those two might be the best he could talk to right now.
He had the egg in one hand and his hood was down.
Amaya had been moved to Dillon's airship, the Lanterns offered to take her to planet Zamaron, but Dillon didn't know If Amaya could handle being on other planets.
Dillon saw N.cortex and Kagome.
Dillon Remembered these two from his child hood, but he didn't want to reveal to them they weren't real because that might be disturbing.
then again they probably weren't exactly excited to see someone in a black and violet body suit with a magenta cape.
"Hello Caim," he then took a low bow, somehow he guessed the Dragoness wasn't in a good mood
"Greetings Dragoness. Who are these guys and why is one of them staring at the other one, well ok more like why is the one being stared at not slapping him?"

"I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING!" Cortex shouted before putting away his Notebook.
"I am Dr. Neo Cortex, Master of Science, Who on earth are you?" He asked Dillon back.
What's with the egg?...Mmmm...A new breed of Animal?...Wonder how'd it look with a Jet-pack?...

Caim nodded back at Dillon and pointed at the egg in his hands. That was after he gave a quick look around to see if any other Lanterns were around.
Angelus, taking note that Caim wanted to voice a question, turned to see Dillon "Hello, Dillon. It is good to see more familiar faces around here. But please, call me Red. It is bad enough that he (Caim) calls me dragon all the time. As for those two, the girl is Kagome. The male is..."
"Dr. Neo Cortex."
"Thank you, Caim. Doctor Neo Cortex. I do believe he garnered some trouble for himself by staring at the girl's mammary glands. Also, Caim inquires towards the egg in your arms, and where your female is."


Nothing could of been better then this- two characters, highly in love or supplied with the power of love- are together in the same place as she. Slowly, and carefully without making them aware of it she was draining and consuming both their love into her, feeding off it. She smiled with her eyes closed, took a whiff of the air and sighed a relief with pure satisfaction. Of course, she couldn't remain silent and ignore the new arrival, she had to act as if she had never met him before.

"Oh gosh- so many new people... I-I am so overwhelmed with all these faces!! How to remember all your names!! I already forgot your name Cortex- and yours too Red!! ... Wait, never mind!! Haaha!"

Amaya turned down the offer. "I need to go speak with the one above, and i'm going to use my spirit form to conserve energy. She said becoming transparent and replacing her legs with a ghostly tail. he looked at the rest of them. "Tell Dillon that i shall speak with him once i'm done with my business. Also, tell him that i love him and wish him the best of luck." she said before flying up through the ship and into the heavens o try and have something done about her life force draining away.

The egg meanwhile, bumped a little in Dillon's hands. It was going to hatch sometime soon.

Dillon looked own a tell tale sign he had unpleasant news.
"Amaya, she's-" he swallowed "she's not doing very well she has somethign to sort out for herself."
Dillon Than noticed N.Cortex was getting close to the egg. he immediately moved it away from the doctor, now normally one wouldn't do this as doing so put the egg clkoser to the Dragon, but Dillon knew Red was no beast, she wouldn't eat an egg, he figured she respected the egg was helpless like she once was.
"This is an egg form that Pokemon era we visited Amaya wanted me to take care of it,"
Dillon's ring began to glow and he aimed it at Cortex
"Which means your not getting your greedy little hands on it, understand?"
Then Dillon remembered something.
"Oh that glittery lantern girl wanted me to give this to Caim, I think it's some sort pf number for contacting her, I'm just going to let you have it red in case you want to use it for...., I don't know, wiping any dirt off your claws?"

The dragon gave a look of understanding to Dillon, and motioned to Caim to pick up the egg in her stead. He did so, and was listening to a barrage of instructions from "Red" as to how to properly hold it/etc. With a dark smile, the dragon bared her teeth to Cortex. "I'm a god-mother to the egg now, Cortex... You'd best not think of touching it, yes? And Dillon, in regards to the paper. Would you kindly throw it in the air?"
Dillon balled the paper, and threw it upwards. The dragon blew a small jet of fire; causing the paper to become ashes.

Cortex Soon backed off.
"I promise That I will Never go anywhere near that egg..." He said as he thought about all the joys jet-pack Minions had given him.
And then the Flamethrowers... He grinned to himself as he wrote that down followed by a picture of a Egg in a Jet-Pack.
Ohhhhh...that's a good one...

The egg wabbled again, it was now clost to hatching. thw wobble became more frequent.
If anyone press their mind into the egg, anyone that could, would find it filled with knowledge, no memories, but any knowledge that amaya had known was pressed into the egg.


"Aawwee~ an egg. I call being the aunt, it would be my treat to give it plenty of love, comfort, and someone to play video games with! .. What? Video games aren't violent and make you a whack job okay??"

Kagome crossed her arms and smiled in pride, yet day dreaming about something else. The egg meant little to her, but she did wonder what Pokemon it was or why the egg was at all important for.



Caim waved to Dillon, pointing at the egg. "Angelus? Get the pink boy. His egg's about to hatch!"
"Is it now? Dillon, do get over here..."

Dillon who had been barely inches away was now close to the egg.
He used his ring to create a sphere like barrier, however it may seemed solid unless you were Dillon, Caim or Red.
"I'd like the baby to see you and me to be one of the first thing it see's, You are it's god parents after all."
Later Dillon would tel Kagome there was no chance she was going to be the aunt, she wasn't his sister, and he didn't trust random anime girls he just met, a policy he had adopted since most of them (especially prettier ones) were usually secretly Satan.

Youmu started quickly shaking her head back and forth, having blacked out somehow for a little bit. Besides the appearance of a strange, yellow, big-headed man, and that Kagome had taken an interest in the dragon, nothing much had happened, Falcon told her.

Everyone else seemed occupied, so she just sat down, trying to make out any of the conversations that she could.

The was one bounce, then two, then three before a pair of blue and dark blue legs kicked through the bottom of the egg. It stood up and began running around until it ran into Dillon's leg, felling back and breaking the rest of the egg. Out of the broken shell peices, a head popped up, Looking at Dillon, Caim and Red. It looked between the three before looking at Dillon.

"Ri?" it asked.


Cortex tried to get a peek at the Egg.
"Open up, I wanna see it!" He begged as he tried jumping up and down to get a look.
At his tallest, he was no higher then Dillon's Waist and his large head didn't help.

Youmu started walking up to where everyone seemed to be crowded around Dillon, Caim and the dragon. As she did, she tripped over a rock that was hidden by the tall grass and fell face-first on the Deus Ex Machina button. She turned around, and saw that the rock she'd tripped over was actually a smartphone. As she picked it up and looked at it, it started ringing.

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