The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Evil demons sealed away? What is this, Dragon Quest?" Urotsuki sighed, and said, "Well, sucks to suck. But I can just get out of here, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go search the ship for effects."
"...when I feel less lazy."

Angelus and Caim resigned themselves to rest, till the group could decide what was the first enemy to take one, and when they would attack them.

It seemed that everyone was resting and Tomoya had hoped that everyone got the message to meet up in the canteen when ready. The feeling of a foreign power controlling his element still annoyed Tomoya, he could just feel the creature making fun of him in South Africa. He could just sense it in that region. Tomoya wanted to quickly get there and deal with that creature himself.

As Tomoya entered his room he decided to have a shower to get the sweat and blood of his last battle off.

Akane had choosen to remain outside, flying free and without care, allowing her mind to wander.

I owe the Knight, no, I owe Aftan. I shall have to stay close to her until I repay my debt. But for now, I am flying. Freedom.

After a while, Tomoya appeared on the nose of the airship, and began a light and sound show. Akane kept her distance and marvelled at the beauty of it.

"Sugoi...." She breathed, her words snatched by the wind anyways. As darkness began to fall Tomoya went back inside, and Akane flew for the hanger. Upon landing, she decided an early dinner was in order and then maybe she would see if Red would like to spar and train for a while.

"Well...Looks like we're heading to Rio..." Blade said to himself, the ship was still in South America after all.
Leaving Dani and Excalibur to their arguments, He set off to send the ship towards Rio.

NOTICE! If anyone wants to go to a different monster, now would be the time

Tomoya was walking to his room when he suddenly heard Blade and someone else. As he walked in he heard talk about going to Rio. "Well I am going to South Africa, I heard on the News there was a dragon shaped creature destroying cities and what not with the power of Storms or something like that. So I have to change that before people start blaming me...tell everyone Im going to beat it back to Hell and then come back...kay?" Tomoya said as he waved back to Blade and the other person which he suspected of being the new kid.

As Tomoya walked to the hanger he activated the beacon for the LightningHawke to come to the airship. In a matter of a few minutes, the ship was waiting outside the ramp. Tomoya opened the ramp up and jumped inside the ship. As he was in the cockpit he was programming the ship's destination and such.

Caramel Frappe:
You can join me if you want or use this as an opportunity as a way to get back in. ^_^

Dillon was quite shocked and sat there after he had leaned back.
Excalibur then revealed he had been standing there.
Dillon turned on him
"You Saw Nothing"
"au contraire I saw that women plant a-"
Dillon stated he hadn't screamed it but he seemed to have pout a large amount of power into his words.

Dillon then sent Excalibur off to find Amaya he wanted her opinion on this, and then to come back here and tell him, he was going to stay until Aftan woke up.

SO Excalibur waddled off to find Amaya and Luna, likely in the Captains quarters.

Blade spoke over the intercom.
"Ummmm this thing on?...Good, Attention all This is Blade, We are changing course for Rio de Janeiro to assist in protecting the city. All Crew get ready for Contact, these Golems or whatever their called have over-powered the National Army so this won't be too easy. We should get there within the space of a few hours...That is all...Now how do I turn this thing off?"

Jenny meanwhile ran into Excalibur, who rambled on about Dillon kissing Aftan in-between shouting "FOOL!".
Keen to find out if this was true, she made her way to the Med Bay.

The ship fired up in the hanger as Tomoya had flipped the proper switches. "This is Tomoya Okazaki, Lightning Hawk launching~!" Tomoya said into the radio as The Lightning Hawk started to hover in the hanger as it moved outside quickly. The ship went past the bridge and Tomoya waved to Dillon or anyone in the bridge. Tomoya and the ship quickly disappeared out of sight as it started to travel to South Africa.

As the auto pilot had turned on Tomoya wanted to relax for a while until the ship reached it's destination. He also pondered what to wear.

Belial barely felt the tiny pinpricks of the bullets hitting him and turned around to see who was foolishly fighting. He saw some weird hybrid cat man thing shooting at him. "You will die now for thinking you can kill me by yourself," Belial said. He then conjured a giant fireball and sent it at Genki.

Excalibur made his way to the captain's quarters and found that Amaya had just rocked Luna to sleep. He led her back to Dillon in the med bay, spouting off what was going on along the way. Amaya had become pretty pissed, so when she entered the medbay, dillon had met amaya the angriest he had seen her.

Her eyes were set on the table with the girl and they began to change into the eternal mangekyou sharingan. There was no ribcage yet and the girl's eyes weren't open, so that left only the...

"Amaya!" he shouted moving forward and filling up her vision. She stopped immediately and hugged him.

Genki rolled to the side the instant the fireball was launched at him, he was able to dodge it but he was forced int00 a building to reload his pistols and devise an attack plan. He popped his arms around a corner to keep up the fire. Could really use some Liquid Nitrogen right about now.


As the battle raged, a man in a trenchcoat walked out of an airport. He had just heard of the attacks and saw LA descend into chaos. "I leave to go to New York just for a few days to get Jon Stewart's autograph and this happens?" As he walked to the road he saw a child paralyzed in fear as Belial's fireball blazed towards him. The man sprinted and grabbed the child, saving him from a fiery death. He walked over to a LAPD officer, panicking with the chaos unfolding before him. "Where's the National Guard? You have a giant flame demon out there for Christ's sake!"

"We're trying to get everyone out of here sir! It's my first Day!" He was overwhelmed.

"Alright alright, don't worry about it. Get this kid to a safe place along with anyone else who needs help. Tell the Department to get everyone out and get in the Army, I'll buy you some time."

The man soon recognized his voice. "It's you! Thank God! I'll get right on it sir."

With that the man soon started running towards Belial.

Dillon was confused he was pretty certain he was going to die wehn he saw her
"Amaya, please I couldn't predict she was going to do that.
Dillon then gives Excalibur a mental note that he is so dead if he survived this.
"Look I'm not good at reading signs are you mad because I assumed I was going to get a punch to the throat for this. and then get really really hurt, and by hurt I mean dead."

Jenny quickly stepped in and said "I can assure you Amaya, Your parter had no intent to cheat on you. He gave Aftan here her Water, It treats her condition, then she in reaction kissed him. He had no idea that it was going to happen and I'm certain Aftan didn't either. As a telepath, I can tell when people are lying and their desires, Dillon is innocent and thinks only of you, not her."
She hoped this would sway her wrath, There is enough in the world to deal with besides this.

"Why would i hurt you? we have luna to take care of. If anything, i should be tearing that bitch apart limb from limb." she said then kissed dillon. after a minute, she boke it and cradled his face with her hands, framing it in them. "I want only females to be nursing her, no males, ok honey?" she said before turning to jenny.
"I know."

lily was entranced by the giant mountain now tearing apart Tokyo.

"I want to play with it." she said and jumped out of Kazuya's arms plummeting to the ground far below. She slid down the side of the building jumping off and skidding across the street till she stopped. then the girl began walking towards the massive mountain creature.

"I'll watch over Aftan then. You two should get ready, We'll be in Rio soon." Jenny said as she walked over beside the Medical Machines and kept watch.


She also covertly read Aftan's mind to check if she had feelings for Dillon.
"LILY! NO!" Kazuya shouted before quickly descending and grabbing her before taking off again.
"Don't you EVER do that again. That is not a Toy or a Friend, It's a danger, understood?"

Lily calmed down and became silent. She closed her eyes but was soon pelted with the screams and cries of help. "No daddy! they're hurting my friends!" she screamed and jumped out of his hands again. This time while she was falling, two wings sprouted from her back and she was quickly flying towards the mountain.

Kazuya swore loudly before chasing after Lily, his larger wings managing to close the gap rather quickly.
Again he grabbed Lily and tried to reason with her.
"Lily! What the Hell is wrong with you?!" He shouted as attempted to pull her away from the Mountain.

"No daddy, they're hurting kids!" she said and tried to pull away from his grasp. "I want to stop them!" she yelled and began trying to flap away with her wings.

"As do I but we can't fight that thing yet. If it gets you, you won't be able to stop anything, Don't you get it!?" Kazuya snapped at Lily with anger before beginning another flight away from the Monster, keeping a tighter grip on her this time.
Thankfully, most of the City had been evacuated, Japan learned many things from repeated monster attacks.
We're still rather close. Here's hoping it doesn't take an interest in us...

Now THIS! is a Knife!

Jenny was guilty after seeing Aftan's past but she would worry about that in a while.
"...I know you are upset, but I had to make sure of your Feelings when you kissed Dillon. It was while you were out...The world as we know it is in turmoil and I didn't want any possible feelings to start a conflict within our group...But now, I understand. I won't tell, just...please, put the sword down..." She mentally said to Aftan as the blade rubbed against her neck.

Dillon was now at the canteen with a huge map of the world he was trying to plan out a more efficient route to fight the monsters
"We don't have enough power to split up, I fear Tomoya is out of his league alone. I can send help to Lily and Kazuya maybe if we're lucky they can handle the monster in japan, with and then we group with them to join up so we can push with more force I also suspect that Tomoya will only be able to distract the dragon but he can hold it off until we arrive."
While Dillon did his speculation he was also having a machine calculate the odds all out comes were bleak unless they could pull off the chain resonance they wouldn't have the power to defeat any of these monsters.

Meanwhile in Japan
Kazuya and Lily suddenly felt a presence behind them.
they turned and saw Dillon in a ragged, dirty trench-coat, dark pants and a ragged grey shirt that looks like it was stained with dried blood.
"Dillon is that you?" Kazuya was a bit confused, Dillon was a lot of things but he was very active he had an energy to him he was constantly moving this thing though was standing still as a statue
"No," Lily shivered that voice was scary its cold nature Kazuya's heightened sense picked a slight metallic edge as if it was coming from a god speaker than a mouth "it is not Dillon."
"Then who are you?"
his eyes flashed green
The Termi-Dillon"

"...This is no time for petty squabbles. If you're after Wesker's AI, you are in the wrong place. Now stand aside, We have bigger problems..." Kazuya explained as the Monster finally entered the City, causing the ground to tremble with every step.

A.I.Bert was watching the events unfold from the Spy Sat he commandeered.
"...Interesting, Must clear up that loose end once this is all over..." he thought before flicking over to New York to check on his personal slave Bruiser.

"I'm not here to kill you, or Wesker I will be killing that freak but first Dillon sent me to help you. I have state of the art technology I'm a Cybernetic organism built to kill, and I want those things dead as much as you do."
"Really? Why's that?"
"I live on this Rock I it goes to hell so do I and that is not going to happen."
The T-X-D then morphed his arm into a Directed Plasma Caster.
"Now let's go."

Kazuya looked over his shoulder and saw the monster nearing.
"....Fine, I'll take All I can get at this point, I'll be right back..."
With that he flew off and landed at a G-Corp Forward Base.
Once there, he left Lily with the Base's CO before returning to T-X-D.
"My men are finalising Civilian Evac, once their done, this place will be lit up with everything G-Corp's got, for now, Time to go work..." He said as he fully entered Devil Trigger and engaged the monster.


Something cold was pressed against the back of Aftan's head. "Make any sudden movements or touch the pokemon again, and i'll have your head over the side of this room. You'll be dead before you could get your canteen to heal." Dani said.

Lily had waited until her daddy was gone, then she walked up to the CO of the base and held his hand. It was only a second before he was a slave to her. "I want you to let me go follow my daddy, ok? I'm going to save my friends." she said and the guy only nodded.

Lily soon left the base and glided down the street at high speeds. She was going to stop that monster from killing anymore kids. After she got out of range, the guy went back to normal like nothing had ever happened. He remembered nothing of having to watch lily.

James was watching a bank of monitors that had a separate monster on each one when something phased in in front of him. What stood before him looked like a husk of a man holding a sword that looked like he shouldn't be able to carry. "I come at the request of my mistress, Lamia the Devourer," the husk said with a hollow voice. "Very well then, what do you want?" James asked the husk.

"She knows you are the one who set us loose upon the world and wishes to thank you with this gift, the Sword of Armageddon. This indestructible sword holds a great and evil power unlike any you have seen before. But be warned, using the sword's power slowly eats at your humanity and twists you into something inhuman. Use at your own risk," The husk said before handing the sword to James. "Tell your mistress that she has my thanks. Also tell her to move onto a different city, the one she's at has been almost completely evacuated," James informed the husk. The husk merely nodded before phasing out.

In L.A.

As Belial kept jumping from building to building, destroying as he went, he found himself starting to lose some of his energy. He then climbed the tallest skyscraper and sat at the top to recover his energy.

Duke had caught up to Belial soon enough, he just kept running straight, taking advantage of Belial's scattered distribution of attacks. He fired up his jetpack and began to climb towards the gargantuan.

As he gained altitude, he produced is Freezethrower. "Looks like Hell's frozen over for you!", Duke then unleashed a stream of cold at Belial's face.

Genki meanwhile had taken an elevator, and soon found himself on a rooftop with Belial in the distance. With Belial's attention elsewhere, he started leaping from building to building in an attempt to catch up.

Kazuya fired off a powerful Eye Laser at one of the Monster's many legs and began trying to cut it off to put the beast off balance as Lily neared the Mountain.
The Rising Dawn soon arrived near Rio where MSF Forces lured the Golems away from the main city and into the Hills with the following results:


Blade tried to find a good place to land.
"Why oh Why did it have to be fire?..."

Captcha: Which one is a real word?: "but there is no other words..."

Dillon got hold of Excalibur and activated his wings, he didn't really care that he was tired, it didn't matter to him he could very easily die, he had to destroy the evil, and he inteded to do so.
"Lets go everybody big monster needs and A$$ whooping."
Dillon activated his wings, his eyes were a vibrant blue, Amaya had seen that look before it was how he looked when he had saved her form Dracula, the look that he was going to do something dangerous for a just cause.
he flew out the hangar, he sent a simple message
"Heroes in five minutes regroup at my position."
In Japan
The T-X-D was making his way to the giant mountain like monster that was eating people.
He wasn't exactly worried though he did have one advantage since this thing was endangering every civilian in japan he was allowed to fully use his on-board weaponry, and his own computer was always available thanks to Dillon's Golden upgrades he had some sophisticated machinery.
"Computer analyse movement patterns then give me pathing predictions based off patterns."
acknowledged Advertising for patterns
patterns detected now calculating multiple possible paths
paths now being displayed by order of most likely to least

The T-X-D was now seeing a form in which several slightly faded outline showed possible way it could move when the monster moved it then re-calibrated its outlines, it wasn't seeing the future as being able to see where it was going like figuring out where a thrown object was going to land).
The T-X-D then activated his Plasma Caster he decided to get the monsters attention
by means of firing a blast of directed plasma energy.
"Hey Ugly stone faced B!tch I'm down here."
"What are you doing?" asked a nearby soldier in Japanese
"Basic psychology is in my memory banks" as if that some how explained it to the soldier.



Jenny ran over and checked up on Dani to see if she was alright, taking the time to set a Reflect Barrier around them in case Aftan acted up again.
Inside, she was extremely remorseful for causing all this and just wished the fighting would end.
"Dani? Can you stand?" She asked as she gently used Telekinesis to help her back on her feet.

sniparoola snippity day

"Yes i can stand, why i took off my armor i don't know." she said.

"You call me a witch, yet you can fucking teleport, have a magical canteen that heals you and are surrounded by others, who are more magically inclined, so you choose me to be the witch? fucking hypocrite is what you are." Dani said to Aftan.

"Worlds falling apart and you choose to point weapons at friends."

Urotsuki had nodded off in the control room. Blade's panicking woke her up, however, and she was curious. "Fire...? Hey, Green Goblin. Nothing too dangerous will happen when we land, right? Might as well look for effects there."

Blade was suprised, Uro seemed to pop out of nowhere.
"How did yo...Nevermind, Once weland we'll have to combat the Golem's here but...I....Ummm...Burn easily..." He confessed, Grass types all burn easily and the Inferno down below wasn't helping.

The geth platform merely watched from the shadows at the events going on.

"Fasincating. We must collect more field data from these indivduals."

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