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I created Amaya and Luna, I've been avoiding them ever since. I don't know why but i think amaya has a subconscious connection to me. I'm truly left confused as to what to do. i don't like being a puppet master to real people; i fear the connection may force her to do things. she's now real to me. he sent back to her.


Lily shrugged. "I don't know daddy. Letting the lady get what she wanted and not by hurting my friends seemed right to me.We're each happy." she said clinging onto his leg, her demon mutations changing back.


Caim, quickly process what he had heard from Angelus' thoughts, had a look of confusion on his face as he shook Puce's hand, "Wait. What did she just ask you?"

Angelus threw up a quick mental block against Caim, and gave Kurumu a curt 'No', and dismissed the block as quickly as it was erected; wanting these sort of questions to end. "We can't tell them we're sharing a room, or I'll never hear the end of it..."

After the handshake, Caim dismissed the block, and typed to Puce, "So, I've no reports of monstrous women tearing down the countryside. I take it that means you two did well on the errand we set upon you?"

Angelus shook her head, and in a slightly exasperated tone, remarked, "Give them room to breathe, Caim. I am as anxious as you are, but that does not mean they don't deserve some rest... Right, Mr 'my face was slapped with a metal post'? You're not supposed to even be walking at this point, you know..."

Caim only shook his head, and typed, "*Sigh* Fine. So, aside from the mission, how have you two been holding up?"

Aftan being all honourable and shit

Akane met and returned the bow and listened to Aftan's story about her canteen. "Thank you, Aftan." She said to the departing Knight.

Drawing her sword once more, Akane returned to the centre of the room. The sparring session was intense and Akane needed to unwind somewhat from her fight mentality, and a warm down session would be a good thing as well. With slow and deliberate movements she swept through the room, using the opening kata movements and drills from Form IV: Ataru. Though it was usually very acrobatic and energetic, using powerful and wide strokes, it's early level patterns worked very well as warmup and body control excersizes. Akane closed her eyes as she moved, feeling her energy flow through and around her, the katana a mere extension of her body.

An hour passed as the Kitsune lost herself in the patterns, dancing around the room in a swirling display of bright steel and firey golden tails and hair. Winding down, Akane finished her last pattern with a flourish before sheathing her blade. Feeling much better, she left the training room and headed to her (now claimed) room. After a quick shower, the Kitsune headed up to the bridge.

She sat down in front of the wide bridge window, katana on her lap and lost herself meditating, the peace of the skies before her.


Angelus frowned a little at the news, "The cat is dead? By a 10 mile dragon no less..."

Caim's expression, on the other hand, did not seem to change much, if only growing a little more steely than before. After experiencing (and causing) so much death in his life, Caim had felt a little numb to it.

Are you a god?

Jenny was surprised by Daniel's comment despite all her efforts not to be. can see why it was hard for you to say it...So your afraid that you would unwillingly control her and override her free will? She answered.
Kazuya looked down at Lily and was torn.
On one side, he felt pride that she knew other means to deal with people the violence, Especially as the Goddess of Death.
But on the other, he felt anger as she let a woman who spent hundreds of years kidnapping and killing children, as well as nearly wiping Tokyo off the map, live on with even more power.
Still, she would most likely end up dead at the hands of someone more skilled then she is so he decided to not worry about it too much.
"Right...Well, I guess if your happy, I'm happy. Now we got work to do..." He said as he picked Lily up and made his way to his troops to start re-building the city.


"Yes, Even if you are all now just real to me i care about almost everyone in the group. You all were a part of my life before, but now i'm literally dependent on everyone. I don't want to ruin a relationship with anyone, but i don't want to to put Amaya's life on the line. he sent back to her.

Some time had passed and Akane rose from her seat on the deck of the bridge. Her mind clear, she was wasn't sure what she would do whilst waiting for the airship to reach the next destination. Perhaps she could get some sword pointers from that Caim fellow, or perhaps argue the lighter points of firepower with Red, the Dragon?

'Heh, I made a double pun. Tee hee hee hee' Akane giggled to herself.

Then her tummy rumbled. Loudly.

"Oh well, to the Canteen then, for Lunch. Or is it dinner time?" Akane mused as she made her way to the canteen. Upon arriving she nodded to Jenny and Daniel, descending into the fridge with a vengeance. She rummaged for anything really, piling food into her arms to make the mother of all sammiches. Like an excited dog, well fox really, her nine tails swished madly around even as she closed the fridge and began to make the sammich of awesome.

"Hey while I am here making lunch, would you two like a sammich?" She asked, a quick half sammich comically hanging out of her mouth as she made her actual sammich.


"Ummmm No thanks, I just ate..." Jenny answered before returning her plate as Akane went back to making her sammich.

No funny GIF for you!

She kept the mental link up.
Well, I'm not sure what I can do to help with that, Apart from actually telling her. I know, I know, you don't want to ruin relationships, but it would be better if she knew what was happening, the evil you know over the one you don't...

you're snip has arrived sir

i like to snip it snip it, you like to snip it snip it, we like to SNIP IT.

"No thanks." he said then focused back on jenny.
You're absolutly right, but i'm always afraid of the unknowns. How will she react? what will happen once she knows? what would i be to her.
A brother? because we're essentially family.
A father? i created her.
A clone? We're essentially different versions of me.
I just don't know.


*Sigh* I don't know either but if you do end up taking control of her against her will, I'm certain it won't end well... Jenny grimly said as the Ship entered French Airspace.
"Oh. Looks like we are nearly there..." she noted as a plume of smoke grew nearer on the horizon.



Aftan cocked her head and flattened an ear at the responses she got. She inhaled her half sammich and finished making her mammoth sammich, taking a knife and cutting it into three portions it was that big. Taking her plate and sitting at the table with the boy and pokemon, Akane dug in. No one was talking, but a conversation was taking place, Akane was sure of it.

Upon finishing her sammich in near record time, the Kitsune leaned back in her chair and sighed loudly, satisfied.

"Soooooo, now what minna[everyone]? I'm booooooooooooored..." Akane announced.

yay, snipity gif for me!


Thanks for the help Jenny. daniel replied.
he came back to the world of the living, well active that is. "May i ask about Kitsune biology, or whatever the term for how your powers work. There are many different ways i've heard the tails function and the ones i know make the kitsune crazier with each one added on, also more powerful."

Blade stepped out of the shower, finally feeling clean after the events in New York.
He went to his closet to grab a towel when the Rising Dawn finally reached Paris.


His jaw hung open at the damage that Alperer did while he was in the city.

Jenny stared out the Canteen window in a similar state.

Oh Kitsune differing across planes? who'd a thunk it?

Akane raised an eyebrow at Daniel. "Go crazy with more tails? You have got it wrong for Kitsune. True, the more tails a Kitsune has the more powerful they are, but we are born with a set number of tails. It is possible for a Kitsune to get more powerful through training and gain more tails up to nine. Once a Kitsune reaches nine tails, they can 'awaken'. It is the highest a Kistune can go, and it is easy to tell if a Nine tail has done so. Like me, their tails and hair will be Golden or pure White." She explained.

"Anything else you want to know about my kind?" she asked

Dylan wakes up in a pile of rubble.
"what the hell... what happened here?"
He was on a vacation when the catastrophe happened, and the last thing that he saw before going unconscious was something that looked like tiny from DoTA.
"Great. Another vacation ruined.Go to paris they said. It'll be fun they said. Now what?"
He roams around, searching for signs any survivors, or the monster. He spots an aircraft from afar.
"Hey!!! Over here!!!!"
He waves his arms, hoping that he'll get spotted.

turns out there are

"No, that was about it, thank you. But, if you want me to, i could make that blade of yours indestructible and make it so it never looses its edge. The sword would still handle the same way and feel the same." he suggested to the kitsune, not looking out the window. He lived inside all day, so he never looked out them.


Jenny snapped at Daniel and Akane.
"Come on! We need to find this thing before it ruins another city!" she ordered before running back to the bridge.

Blade saw Dylan flagging the ship down and quickly dried himself off before making his way to the hanger.


He deployed a descending platform to allow the survivor to board the ship.

i hate all of the motion blur and excess amount of bloom outside.

Daniel looked at jenny and nodded before looking out the window past her and finally saw all of the destruction. "Jesus Christ." was all he said before following Jenny up to the bridge. "We need to find this thing so we can come up with an effective way to counter it."

Graphics are middling-Decent.

Jenny was busy checking on the radar where on earth it was going.
"Come on, Come on...Alright, If I'm reading this right, It's heading for Milan. Ummmm...I'm going to try and have the Auto-Pilot follow it." She said before nervously using the flight control panel, not completely sure how to use it.
All of a Sudden, the entire ship banked hard to the Left, surely knocking everyone on board off their feet and Jenny and Daniel into the Bridge wall.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-Owwwww....I hate it when that happens..." She groaned before picking herself up, remembering the missiles in South America.

Red ducked when the ship lurched, his staff caught the far wall and stabilized him enough for his hands t grip the surrounding area. He had been waiting for Dillion to say something, but there were suddenly more pressing matters at hand. The Mage dashed out of the gym, leaving the room pockmarked with a hundred depressions over the walls.

The first room he came by was the Canteen, and Red found the Fox-Girl, the green lizard, and a young lad he had not seen before. Red jogged over to the window and growled at Akane, Jenny, Daniel, and whoever else was within earshot, "What the FUCK has happened while I was gone."

Dylan entered the rising dawn.
"nice place they got here. I wonder who owns this thing?"
Suddenly, he felt the ship tilt, sending him into a wall.
He hurries to the bridge to see what's going on.

Steel is not always as it seems...

"Thank you for your offer Daniel, but I am quite happy with how my blade is. If you would like to take a journey to the spirit worlds with me in a time of peace and quiet, you could ask my blade's spirit yourself." Akane replied before the three of them saw the devestation of Paris through the window.

"What the FUCK has happened while I was gone."

Akane turned to Red Mage and shrugged. "I do not know, I only just got here myself. Literally, from another plane."

Dillon had been forced to retreat into his own mind, this had been the cause of his delay.
Normally he would snap out of it by now but unfortunately his mind was in serious trouble.
Inside Dillon's mind
The Ego was in trouble the Id had been entombed into an obsidian sarcophagus like coffin. but now the super ego was also gone the entity had been slightly altering but what was certain was it had disappeared and somewhere there was a glowing cocoon. Occasionally the ego could find the room it was in But the mind was tricky it changed and some memories and some thoughts were hard to find at times.
Back to AA
Dillon had fallen over from the tilt and looked like he was sleeping. However anyone who knew Dillon would likely figure out that Dillon wasn't the sort to sleep during something important but he didn't really have a choice in the matter this time around.

Red looked on at the devastation, the entire city had been leveled to little more than rubble, and any signs of life had long been burnt into a grey brown dust. His stomach lurched suddenly and his fists clenched tightly around his dice. "An entire city, gone," he whispered angrily, "Black Mage wanted to do this, he would've wanted to be the one to destroy Paris."

"What's with the sudden angst Statscowski?"

The mage suddenly snapped out of it, his eyes dazzling green in their carefree freedom. He fingered the twenty sided die he held in his hand, "I rolled a natural one on willpower, could only breakdown's all."

"I swear, one day your dice will get you killed."

"Anyhow," the mage said cheerfully as he turned around to face the group, plus Aftan, "who's up for lunch, and then maybe ripping the gizzard from the beast that did this?"

You missed teh sammiches bitch!

Akane looked at her empty plate, then back to RM. "Well, had you of arrived 5 minutes earlier, I would have made you a sammich. I offered to Jenny and Daniel, but they had already eaten and declined."



Red nodded politely and picked up on of the rice balls, he played with the sticky white rice before taking a bite. He moaned girlishly, "Reminds me of my childhood on Achura!*" Red smiled and took another big bite. It was just a third bite before he finished off the ball of rice and reached for another.

"You said something about Fountain of Youth water?" he asked suddenly, voice normal and melodically soft, "I suppose it's some kind of healing solution. Have no worries," he patted himself on the chest, "Red Mage comes with as many healing spells as he does destruction spells! If I am hurt, I need only cast a healing spell on myself."

Red picked up another of the rice balls an bit into it.

"A witch, is that what she called us?"

"A witch can be a guy."

"That's not the point. It's not courteous! We are hardly witches. If she calls us witches, real witches might get offended!"

"Then tell her to stop Alice."

"GREH! You can be aggravating sometimes Tabby! A witch! What kind of connotation is that suppose to convey!?"


Akane shook her head at RM's comments, not really caring about the wierd fellow. Something was defineatly off with him. Her. It, the Kitsune finally decided.

"I agree with you there Aftan. Only a fool could be so sure of himself."

Aftan made a Friend! *jingle*

"My mother was no one special, but it is accepted that when the males of our ...clan, I would say, when they go to war the wives must maintain the village. To that end, both male and female were taught to fight with their preffered weapon at a young age. When I was still a young fox a stranger came to our village and taught mother and a few others his style of sword fighting, fencing. Mother took an instant shine to it, its precision and delicacy apropriate for the wife of a Daimyo. I would always watch mother when she would practice, so beautiful in her form. I still do not know why the stranger came, but father was away on business at the capital for a while. He did not mind the stranger, perhaps it was planned, I do not know. But he did insist on teaching me the 'proper' way to fight with a blade. Including forging my own. That was... not unpleasant, I would say in reflection." Akane explained, a small smile creeping onto her face as she remembered the days in the forge with her father.

Dylan continues roaming inside the ship, looking for whoever's inside
"Hello? anyone here???"
As he walked around, thoughts came into his head.
"Jeez... what a big ship... I wonder what kind of people are in here... maybe they're aliens.., or maybe space pirates... or both... maybe they're evil people who brought me here to make me their lunch. On second thought, I shouldn't have come here without making sure that this is a ship for good guys... how troublesome..."
He gulped and readied himself for any attackers as he continued looking around the ship.

Red steeled suddenly, his eyes were flat, more serious. "A fool," he repeated, "I have misjudged the two of you then." He turned to the window and pressed a manicured hand on the cold glass, "If you think me a fool for trusting in myself, then what is a person who trusts another? Or one who trusts no one?" He shook his head and walked up to the two girls, "I am the last of the Red Magi, alive by virtue of Fate's own hand." He placed two ruby dice on the table, each of them ten sided and numbered, "If fate decrees I die, then I die. If fate decrees you die, then you die. I am not full of myself any less than you are for thinking yourself in charge of destiny. This world runs on numbers, and by people who control forces greater than your imagination."

The two girls looked at him angrily for interrupting their conversation. Neither said a word.

"I shall prove myself to you during the fight ahead mayhaps," Red turned toward the door and waved off-handedly, "I must thank you for your food, but you no longer have my courtesies. You are a teammate now, and know this. A teammate is there to be used, whether resources need to be pilfered from her or flesh demanded as sacrifice. If you have no likeness for me, then I shall not return any."

He then turned the corner toward the hanger in a flurry of red fabric.


"Red, that was rude."

"Serves them right, let those lovers have their way."

"TABBY! That was inappropriate!"


In his anger, Red slammed into another body and sent it sprawling backwards.

The mage grunted and looked down at the thing. He flipped his die in his hand and felt the 20 in the smooth surface. There was a young boy at his feet, no more than sixteen, and of Japanese decent. Red smiled, putting up his facade yet again and reached out his hand.

"How can I help you Dylan?"

"Wh-what? how do you know my name?"
Dylan stared at red for a while
"You don't look much like a bad guy... or maybe i'm just naive. Who are you, and who made that mess in Paris?"


"Red, that was rude."

"Serves them right, let those lovers have their way."

"TABBY! That was inappropriate!"

Akane scowled at the leaving uptight mage. She toyed with the idea of setting his coat on fire, but it was probably better that she did not.

"Good riddance. Until he proves himself otherwise, a Witch and a Fool he is." Akane said out loud to no one in particular. Cocking her head slightly, her eyes narrowed.
"No one is to trust that thing. There are another two spirits with him, shadowy things with magic powerful. He is no true ally, only a deciever and showman. He will have a reason for coming here, and it will be linked to his own gain." Akane announced to everyone, several balls of blue foxfire dancing around her head and shoulders. The fire disappated and Akane turned back to Aftan.

"If you feel something is missing, than perhaps a journey to the spirit worlds could be in order. It would not be an easy task to undertake, and we would need a fair amount of time and a safe place, for our mortal bodies would be unwatched and open for all to hurt. And you may uncover horrors best left alone..." Akane mused to Aftan, her brow furoughed.

The mage grabbed the boy by his shirt collar and pulled him to his feet, "I'm Red, and the hands of fate whispered me your name," he dusted Dylan off and patted him on his head, "you are among friends here young technopath. We are hunting the beast that leveled this city. Head down this hallway and take the door into the room with the smell of food. You will meet more in there."

Red moved quickly down the hallway after that, leaving the boy dazed and alone.

Dylan was confused and speechless about what just happened.
"Just who was that guy? How come he knows me? I guess he's a magician or something like that. He seemed nice, so I guess there's nothing to worry about."

He followed what Red said and went inside the canteen. He saw the others, and he didn't know whether to start running or not. Nervously, he tried to introduce himself.
" *ahem* uuhh... hi there... I was wondering if this is the group who saved me... thanks by the way for not leaving me there...
Is there anyone I can talk to here? Your captain or leader?"
"well, this is awkward."
"Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Dylan Ishikawa, yoroshiku onegaishimasu."


*Puce looked surprised at the cool reception that news of Taokaka's death was received by her 'friends' and 'teammates.' Inside, he felt appalled and wondered if they had even noticed Kurumu and his disappearance over the last few months. Never the less, Puce maintained his silence, talking very little while Kurumu got caught up on the events that had happened with the group.*

"Angie! I think you look great as a human. I hope you don't take offense to this but I think your hair could use some ribbons."*The Wooden Succubus said as she fingered the ribbons in her own hair.*

"I don't think that Caim would mind you prettying it up a bit."*She grinned as Caim tried to mouth his indifference to how Angelus appeared in her human form.*

Angelus took in Puce's expression as Kurumu was speaking of hair ribbons, and addressed the man directly; her gaze being both inhuman and piercing, "Do not look down upon us, Puce. Death is but a part of life. Caim and I have come to terms with that, and we do not allow such things to break us. Yes, it a spirit dampening thing for such a young girl to have her life reach an end at the hands of a great and terrible beast; but we must continue in our mission."

Words of an old beast, voiced by a mind weary of many years of existence. The hard glare dropped after she finished, and then returned to Kurumu's musing; "Sorry about that. As for you, I like my appearance as is; but perhaps restraining the hair before battling would be useful. I wouldn't like this mop to get in the way whilst I tried preform some kind of operation in this form... Perhaps I should cut it? Caim, what do you think?"

The swordsman only leaned against the wall, as Angelus was occupied with Kurumu, and waved a dismissive hand; "Do what you want, dragon. It's your body.

Outside of his typing, Angelus received a quiet message, hidden from the other two, "But, for what it's worth. I don't like your idea of cutting it. It would lose that red at the edges..."

That was when the quartet felt the jerk of the ship, and they looked outside to see the wrecked Paris.

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