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Caramel Frappe:

*Aftan started drawing the tonfa out of its sheath when Tao's words struck her.*

"Listen, Furball. I believe you mean if I win I get the supplies and if you win you get the supplies. Don't try your mind games on me."*Aftan said, clearly confused at the tactics of this Cat-Demon.*

"You don't stand a chance. I will send you back to the Abyss you came from.**Aftan said as she stepped into an offensive stance.*


"Alright~ let's play Crazy Lady!" Taokaka threw her arm up, with eyes closed and a grin wide as one could imagine. This behavior really threw Aftan off but she wouldn't let her guard down not one bit.

After that, Taokaka began swaying her body taking a few seconds to get ready and try getting into the mood for a match. Despite that her spirit was ready to go, her body required some 'warming up' in order to be good to go.


Next thing Aftan knew.. Taokaka was running at her- with the arms out like she was an airplane.


"Hhhheerrreeee I Ggooooo!!!"

Caramel Frappe:

*Aftan had never seen this sort of attack before. It seemed quite unorthodox the way this Cat-Demon was charging her.*

"Your powers of confusion won't work on me demon.**She yelled as she performed a forward jump flip over Tao. On the way over, she grabbed Tao by the shoulders and flipped her towards the end of the hall. Where Tomoya was just innocently rounding the corner.*

*A loud crash was heard as Aftan turned around to admire her flip... and then horror*

"Arch Angel Okazaki! Are you okay?"*She asked the dazed Angel who was at this moment seeing 7 Tao's running airplanes around his head.*

Caramel Frappe:


Irritated that her questions were not answered, Angelus quietly followed and tapped the Knight on her shoulder, and asked again, "Ahem! You did not answer me. Is Inuart and Legna alive?! That is all I want to know. Furthermore, my previous question was only in regards to whether the two pairs were even in your damn grimoire."

Caim on the other hand, was checking up on the Angel as well.

As Tomoya came to his senses he saw Tao on top of him. The only thing he remembered was a flying Tao coming towards him. Then he remembered Aftan threw her at him. Tomoya got up with Tao in his arms and set her up straight. Everyone could clearly see lightning consume his eyes, "Can you two not fight before I blow up half this ship!" Tomoya huffed as he got back into his chair. The aura of Lightning surrounding him clearly showed his anger and power ,he nodded to Caim who checked up on him.

"I'm fine, just stop fighting!" He pouted.

Caim held up his hands in innocence. For once, he wasn't the one to start a fight.


*Moments later, Angelus and Caim caught up to Aftan who was helping Tomoya up.*

"Are you saying those two are alive?!"*Angelus asked, her concern for Tomoya outweighed by her need to know the fate of Legna and Inuart.*

"As I've stated Madame Dragoness, I cannot, without being sure that giving you such knowledge will not affect the future negatively, give you such information. To do so could jeopardize not only yourselves but the lives of those that you call comrades and your Pact-Mate. However, had I such reassurances, I would be more than happy to help you oh wise one of fire. However, yes. Pact-Mates of note are listed within the pages of Hammurabi's Grimoire.**She explained respectfully.*


*The Knight seemed to visibly deflate under Tomoya's scolding.*

"Apologies Arch Angel Okazaki, I had thought that the person who landed on you was a Demon. As you know, the Knighthood is dedicated to protecting the ancient relics but to defeat demons of all kinds. Again. If this creature is a friend to you, I apologize.*


This was the first time she has seen anyone look scarier then the Boobie Lady, thus she had to mention out loud, "Holy Man became really.. scary. Tao better stop fighting then and behave!" She hugged herself, the paw gloves touching the opposite sides of her hips.

Even her tail was going straight down, with no loop or wagging. Tao's ears were down too.


The dragon could only let forth a slightly angry growl, and turned back to the dining hall; angry thoughts of humans and withheld information filling her mind. As she rounded the corner to the dining hall, a fist landed in the wall, leaving a small dent. Caim only shook his head, and followed after her. The baiting and switching of the information had left him irritated as well, but decided that thinking of the old hurt wasn't worth his time.

A sense of calmness came over Tomoya, his eyes turned to normal and the aura cleared up. He coughed and brushed his hair. "she is a friend. And I...well my senses are funny right now but she is good at heart and soul and I only defeat evil beings with an evil heart and soul." Tomoya said with a smile and patted Tao's head.

"The best thing you can do is worry about making friends with everyone, because someday they will need you and you will need them. That is what I have learned." Tomoya said as he turned around and waved back heading back to his room, food in hand.


It was something about the way Tomoya patted Tomoya's head. It wasn't firm, but not coming down in a forceful way. Just right, made her blush even with a huge smirk on her face, arms loose from how happy she felt from such affection (if you can call it that). But it was all to short, for Tomoya was leaving and even had food in his hand.

In this situation, it was like if a king was walking with free gold to offer- no one would pass that up. So with no hesitation or delay, Taokaka went by Tomoya's side and locked her arms around his one arm, happily walking with him as she had some water in her eyes from the joy she was feeling overall.


*Aftan al Said took that Arch Angel's words to heart as she watched him leave.*

"What use would I have for friends?"*She wondered to herself as the looked at Tao who was still saddened by Tomoya's scolding.

Caramel Frappe:

"I apologize for attacking you, Miss. Had I known you were a friend of Arch Angel Okazaki's, I would not have attacked you."*Aftan said after a few moments, bowing low to Tao.*

*Before Tao could react, a Phoenix Tattoo glowed on Aftan's exposed shoulder and suddenly the Knight was engulfed in flames before disappearing, a wisp of smoke was the only evidence that she was there.*


*As Angelus and Caim walked the hallways of the Airship, still angered by Aftan's decision to not inform them of the fate of Legna and Inuart, a fireball appeared before them. As it cleared, they saw Aftan kneeling in the middle of the hallway.*

"Mistress, I have looked into the Grimoire as you desired and looked upon the fate of the Pact-Mates named Legna and Inuart. Though it appeared that he died at the hands of a demon, his Pact mate was able to revive him with a Seed of Resurrection after a time. That is all the Grimoire tells me at the moment. The words beyond that are still shifting as I have altered the course of the future. From this point forward, I will be unable to inform you of what the future brings.*


The two were struck dumb; and Caim seemed to have lost his footing. He was expecting a simple 'no' if anything, but the finality of the statement really stuck with him. Caim quietly unsheathed his sword, and patted the dragon's shoulder; walking away slowly.

The dragon gave a bow to the Knight, and said, "He's not happy, but we're glad to know; so that those two do not show up and surprise us. Thank you. I understand that it was hard to give that information. As for my partner... He's... Venting."

As per that venting, Dillon would soon find that he had become in short supply of combat dummies/robots. Between Luna and Caim that night, he had very little left.


*Aftan was still kneeling as Caim walked off to spar with the dummies.*

"I understand, Mistress. I did have a chance to read on the ... 'relationship'... that you and your Pact-Mate had in the past. It is understandable that he would require venting. However, if I could interject. I have found that meditation would be the perfect remedy for his anger."*Aftan suggested, still not having the social skills to understand the type of person Caim was.*

"If you would be so kind, Mistress of Divine Fire, how does news of Legna and Inuart's survival impact yourself.*


The dragon gave a dark laugh and waved a hand, "I appreciate the respect you pay me in being a dragon, but the mistress and divine fire are unnecessary. Get up. Call me Red. That is the assumed pseudonym of mine.

As for Caim... His anger and hate have been something that has plagued him for all these years. I do believe that is what has fueled him for a long time. He does not have the patience to meditate, only the sword comforts him. Slaughter and blood his companions. And yet, you see him defend comrades. He has made more progress than you know from that book. For that I am proud of him. Now... Legna and Inuart..."

The dragon rubbed her temples and sighed, "You surely read in that book what they did. They were the cause of so much in our world. For it's breaking, for the things that appeared soon after. To think they are here? Gods only know what they may do. Inuart is mad, and Legna is a slave to his whims, as he is Inuart's pact partner and a slave to the Empire. Their relationship I do not know, save that their's is far more professional than what Caim and I have become. It is distressing to know their survival, as it can only mean that they have followed us here. However, the knowledge arms us. If we sight them, we can alert the others of their menace. That much will be enough for now."


*Aftan rose to her feet at Angelus' request, though her head was still bowed respectfully at the Dragon in human form.*

"Yes Mistress Red, I did read about the atrocities committed by the Pact-Mates known as Legna and Inuart. I did see, prior to the Grimoire's shift, that they are currently seeking employment in this world. An organization known as the Hammer Empire, whom I do believe that your group has had a run in with recently, has contacted them and negotiations are underway. They are promising the return of Miss Furiae to Inuart in return for his services."*Aftan reported*

"According to the Grimoire, it appears that the Hammer Empire is currently in the process of receiving Miss Furiae's body. It is currently being prepared in Morocco for transit to the Hammer Empire's main base of operations. Another item of note. A former pair pf associates of yours appear to have recently landed in the area. One Puce and Kurumu Kurono."*The girl finished her report to Angelus.*

-shit son!-

The dragon's eyes widened, and then she leaned against the wall, "No... Gods no! They can't! You saw what she became!"
She shook her head in distress, and then felt a surge or emotion from Caim. Obviously, he was listening in to see if Angelus had gathered in any more information. She sank to the floor, and shook her head again, "This is worse than I thought... However, I hope Puce and Kurumu might know something... I know!"
She forced herself up again, and starting calling for Cadolbolg. She would send the duo a message.


*Cadolbolg fluttered happily through the air as he heard New Mommy call his name before settling on her shoulder, giving her a loving rub on her neck.*

"Yes Mommy? You called for Cadolbolg?*He croaked, unaware that he was about to be asked to perform a task of great import.*

*As New Mommy outlined the task for him, he began to feel very very important and felt that he couldn't let her down.*

"I understand Mommy! Cadolbolg will try to contact the creator."*He croaked after New Mommy had completed.*

*Concentrating, he began to form follow the energy strand that connected him with the Creator. Though he no longer felt his construct sister, he knew that she was safe with the Creator.*

*Puce and Kurumu wandered through the sprawling markets of Casablanca, Morroco, looking for a lead that would lead them to the Temple Knights' headquarters.*

*Puce suddenly froze as he felt Cadolbolg's mind make a connection with his.*

"Hi Creator. New Mommy has a message that Cadolbolg is to relay to you. She says that the Hammer Empire is currently in your area and that they possess the Grail that you are looking for. She says that they are using it to make a demon named Furiae alive again. She asks that you stop them. There is a contact in a bar nearby. You will know her when you see her.*Cadolbolg's croak echoed in Puce's mind before the connection was severed.*

"Kurumu. I think I just talked to Cadolbolg. We're going to have to cut your little shopping trip short, love."*Puce said to the 8 Year Old who was currently looking at an assortment of swim wear, much to Puce's discomfort.*

"Okay. As long as we get to come back later.**Kurumu replied.*

*Cadolbolg's eyes opened again as he completed sending his message.*

"Cadolbolg sent the message Mommy!"*Cadolbolg croaked happily as New Mommy patted his metallic head.*

"So you revealed the knowledge of the Grimoire to the Dragon and her Companion, dead daughter. I'm surprised that you would. You are learning I see and I am proud of you."*A voice in Aftan's mind rang out. She smiled.*

"I believe that I will be able to receive periodic reports from my fellow Knights stationed in the area and can loop the transmissions to one of the monitors on this Air Ship.*

You have a thankful dragon on your hands!

The dragon gave a weary smile, and returned the affection with a scratch behind the turtle's auditory holes, "Good job little one. And... Ms, al Said was it? I am in debt to you both. Hopefully Puce and Kurumu can hold them off until we get there. I suppose I can tell you my real name. I can start repaying my debt from there."

Getting up and dusting herself off, the dragon gave a small curtsy, as she had seen human women do before, "I am Angelus, daughter of fire and pact partner to the warrior Caim. It is nice to meet you, knowledgeable Knight of the Phoenix. This turtle you see before you is my adoptive son, Cadolbolg. He has been a very helpful member of the team; as he has just shown you."


*Aftan al Said continued to smile as she listened to Angelus' thanks and introduction. She felt a warmth in her chest that felt unfamiliar to her, yet it was not uncomfortable.*

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mistress Angelus and yours as well ... Cadolbolg. May the Light of Illumination shine upon your paths and Master Caim's as well."*Aftan said, using the Knighthood's traditional greeting. She briefly wondered if Angelus had noted the pause in her voice when she had addressed Cadolbolg.*

*Turning to a nearby monitor, she typed in a few commands before the screen tuned in on what appeared to be a reality television show.*


Angelus tweaked her head in interest to the show and was mildly disappointed when it cut off. She would have to put the matter to the back of her mind; they had other world wide cataclysms to battle. With that, the Knight and Dragon began to walk back, speaking of all kinds of matters and getting back to their stomachs.


*Cadolbolg remained behind, seeing as he had no need to eat, and continued watching the show with interest. Seeing as how New Mommy and the Knight weren't there to watch the show, he quickly clicked the record button on a remote sitting next to him. The DVR's record light blinked red as it began recording, overwriting Tomoya's secret stash of "Curry Time with Kokoa and Yukari."*

After some time and a few near fights, Blade slipped away from the main group to check up on Jenny.

Jenny meanwhile was in one of the empty cabins laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, seeing Bruiser like that rocked her mind for quite a while and every-time she blinked, the room seemed to grow a bit more like the Team Rocket HQ.
A Knock at the door made her stand up with a fright.
"Hey, Relax, Its me..." Blade warmly answered to put her mind at ease, even taking his facemask off.
"Blade...(sigh)...I...just had to know...." she answered before laying back down.
"I know, I know, It's ok, It's not your fault..." He said as he sat down at the end of the bed.
"Just...What if he is still out there?...I'd..." She knew what would happen but couldn't say it.
"Hey, Look at me, Jenny, Look at me...".
He sat her up and placed his hands on her shoulders and looked her deeply in her scared eyes.
"I will not let anyone hurt you again, I promise..." Blade answered, fighting off any fears of not being able to live up to his words.
Jenny's lip quivered a little before she flat out hugged him and sobbed.
Despite the surprise, he hugged back and let Jenny let it all out.

Caramel Frappe:

As Tomoya came to his room's door which was on the far end of the ship, he was tired and Tomoya did notice Tao had in fact locked arms with him. He stared at her for a while and finaly opened his mouth."So this is my room and I am super you have a room? Tomoya awkwardly asked her.

The only thing Tomoya wanted was to stay loyal to his wife, because one day he knew he would see her again. That was his ultimate goal.


*Blade and Jenny were surprised to hear a scratch at their door, causing Jenny to stand up one in fright once again.*

*Blade, opened the door slightly and peaked through the crack in the door and saw the Flying Turtle from earlier floating in front of the door, having abandoned watching the show until the next episode.*

*He seemed to be struggling a bit floating in the air while balancing a tray precariously in his claws.*

"Cadolbolg thought that you and friend might be hungry."*Cadolbolg croaked as he showed Blade a variety of Poffins stacked on the tray.*

Akane awoke still in the lobby Of Calypso whatever it was.
"Oh, it seems I must have dozed off...." She said to no-one in particular. She got up and noticed the place was empty, no presence of Heroes.
"hmm, and so I shall be back to traking him down once more."

Akane walked out into the hustle and bustle of New York City, making her way towards a news stand. She focused hard on a method her old master had taught her, beginning to sense Tomoya once more through his spiritual energy. He was very far away, although it look like he was heading to ... the sky?

"It would seem that I require an aircraft..." Akane stated rather obviously. "To the airport then, I guess." Holding out an arm, a Taxi stopped and she got in.
"To JKF please." She asked, batting her eyelashes a bit. The driver ensnared, he simply nodded and drove on.


Blade took the tray off Cadolbolg and smiled.
"Wow, Thanks! Didn't think they existed in this world." He thanked as he munched on a Spicy one.
"Hey, Jenny, Have someone I want you to meet." He motioned Cadolbolg inside.
Jenny stepped out of the En suite after drying her eyes and saw the strange turtle.
"Oh...Who is this?" He asked as he tried to figure out if it was a Pokemon or not.


*Cadolbolg fluttered into in air, his shiny reptilian eyes regarded the duo after he had placed the platter of food on a dining table before settling comfortably in a hover.*

"Cadolbolg is Cadolbolg. Cadolbolg is happy to make... your... acquaintanceship.*Cadolbolg croaked as struggled to remember the words that he had used earlier when introducing himself to Blade.*

*He wondered briefly what was happening to him and who the voice that came to him every so often belonged to before presenting Jenny with a beaky smile and offered a wrinkled claw handshake.*

I don't always Snip, but when I do, I forget to Bold it

Jenny returned the awkward handshake and said "It's Nice to meet you Cadolbolg. You with the Rising Dawn?"
Blade handed her one of the Blue Poffins, her favourite.
"He's one of Caim and Angelus's..."
She was about to react as he did when he cut in "No. Not like that...How did you meet them anyway?"

Interaction Snip

The Driver dropped Akane off outside JFK where a Large Strange man was looking for her.
"Excuse me, Ma'am, but is your Name Akane? I'm a Friend of Tomoya's" He flat out lied to her face.

EDIT: Changed Picture

In the AA.

As Tomoya and Tao were talking outside, a mysterious being from another world laid inside of the room. Little do we know is that the teenage boy inside the room was actually the reason Tomoya came to this world and the creator of him too. The thing is that he has many, many secrets of Tomoya he will be willing to tell him.

In real life, another world, same day.

As Tomoya in the Avatar Adventures was trying to get rid of Tao, a whole another event was happening in a different world. As I laid on my chair writing this down, I only focused on one thing, and one thing only. Every character that belongs in this world or dimension or whatever is in fact a character in that world. They belong there and not in their origin world, once they pass the barrier into the AA world they separate into two copies. One to stay in the original world and one to stay in the AA. Sure they may return but only if their creator wills so, but I...I have willed myself to enter this story. BUT I will remain in my world creating the story and another of me will be in the AA.

This is the beginning of my story. I will do what will be needed to be done. To save that and this world, I will now leave this world and leave the writing to my other self. "As Shaun finished writing this piece an electrical aura surrounded him. Sending him to the AA world."

With one object. Tell everything to Tomoya and combine with him.

Back in the AA.

A portal opened up and a spirit version of Shaun stepped in to room. Waiting for his character to come in and tell him everything. Hopefully his other self...or me, will be smart enough to let Tomoya combine with him. Hehe.


*Cadolbolg's brow creased as he considered the question that had been posed to him by Blade.*

"Easy Cadolbolg. Relax and answer the question that these two souls have asked you."*The voice interceded, its calming voice forcing him to relax.*

"Cadolbolg met Mommy and Daddy during a race. At first Cadolbolg was confused and thought that Mommy was Cadolbolg's real Mommy. However, Mommy decided that Cadolbolg would be good a child. Mommy and Daddy adopted Cadolbolg for last 3 lives."*Cadolbolg croaked confidently. He was struck suddenly with a bout of curiosity regarding his new friends.*

"Pardon Cadolbolg's curiousness, but how did friend Blade and friend Jenny come to be on Sky Ship."*Cadolbolg found it was getting easier to express himself.*

As the taxi stopped at JFK international airport, Akane sighed to herself. She didn't really need an airplane to get to Tomoya, as he would be in an airplane himself. So she would have to dig into her magic reserves and fly there in her own style. Fire was not at all destructive, if used correctly.

However, her thoughts were interupted by a large strange man. "Excuse me, Ma'am, but is your Name Akane? I'm a Friend of Tomoya's" He asked.
"Now that is alot of information for you to know, that I dislike you knowing. Who are you, and what do you want?" Akane asked, her guard up and hands free and ready.


"Pardon Cadolbolg's curiousness, but how did friend Blade and friend Jenny come to be on Sky Ship."*Cadolbolg found it was getting easier to express himself.*

Jenny decided to explain.
"See...Your Mother and Father helped us in another world, Our World, and Since then, We meet up with a Man named Hiryu, Who travelled with your Mother and Father in Our World. Blade here came to this World to work for Hiryu and I went with him. We are on this Ship because Hiryu asked us to."
Blade tried to stop Jenny revealing the fact Hiryu sent him to spy on the Heroes but it was too late.

The Man raised his arms up and said "Relax Toots, I'm after what your after: Tomoya, Because he never gives his friends a Contact Number." With a small smile behind his mask.
"I work for the US Government, I have a Message for him. If my Sources are right, you are also looking for him, Correct?"


*Cadolbolg's wings seemed to skip a beat as he dipped in altitude a bit after Jenny's slip of the tongue.*

*Cadolbolg's reptilian face showed no emotion as his mind began considering the impact of Jenny's words. Though he had no idea who Hiryu was he started to wonder why this Hiryu would ask Jenny and Blade to come aboard the ship.*

*He began to wonder if Hiryu was asking Blade and Jenny to keep tabs on Mommy and Daddy and whether or not this keeping of tabs would be in Mommy and Daddy's best interest. He did, at that point, consider the fact that Mommy and Daddy had helped these two in the past.*

*Blade and Jenny observed a great deal of confusion pass over Cadolbolg's face before he settled down.*

"Friend Blade and Friend Jenny will not harm Mommy and Daddy will they, like the others did during the race?"*Cadolbolg's question was croaked out after what seemed like an eternity to Blade.*

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