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"Meowwwww~ so close to heavenly boobies too... meooow." Taokaka frowned, began to even cross her arms irritated by the fact she was removed forcefully. She didn't want to be away from such softness- yet she did admit Angelus didn't look happy and had fire steaming off her.

Unhappy now with being left with nothing, Taokaka glanced at Aftan's chest. She padded there and stared with a surprised expression. "Nuyaaa.. .. I'm not so sure if you're eating healthy or eating from the trash. Your boobies are rocks!" She got herself up and tapped the edge of her ear to get rid of an itch.


As Aftan was removing Tao from Angelus's chest, Tomoya was walking back, actually he was holding his head and stomach. He leans on a wall far from the others and slides down, "I should have known this would happen. Soul binding has a whole load of problems...this was one of them, the problem of personality." Tomoya muttered quietly to himself. He knew what he had to do, he had to get along with his now combine soul.

As Tomoya came to his room again he quickly removed his clothes and hopped quickly into the shower. He leans on the wall and slides down as he feels the heat being removed from his body.

Caramel Frappe:
-O_O- <(SNIP!)

*Aftan went through the whole spectrum of emotions trying to figure out which emotion would be appropriate for what ...Tao (grumble)... had said.*

*The first thing she had considered was the time tested jaw shattering punch (reinforced by the Earth Elements), however with Arch Angel Okazaki, who coincidentally seemed a bit creepier in Aftan's mind, was standing there.*

*The second thing she considered was a verbal insult. But the way ... Tao (grumble)... looked scratching her ear convinced Aftan that an insult would just sail over the Demon Cat's head.*

*However it was the last thing that Aftan thought of that she followed through with.*

"You're weird."*She said as she patted ... Tao (grumble)... on the head.*

*Leaving to go prepare some coffee, she stopped by the bathroom to adjust her chest wrap.*


The pat on Taokaka's head took the cat girl by surprise. She felt as though the bond between strangers was no more- it was now a friendship. Taokaka smiled as Aftan left only to then come up with a better nickname then 'Crazy Lady'. Perhaps she were to call her White Lady- no no even she knew things had conflicts with colors with time to time.

Along that, Taokaka was curious about coffee. She heard of it, even seen a few people at the shops in her homeworld drink it- but never tried it for herself. She wondered what was so special about a hot drink. "Is the black stuff tasty?" Taokaka began smacking her lips, wondering if it was as good as it sounded.

Caramel Frappe:

*Having finished making a pot of coffee, Aftan poured a large mug of coffee for ... Tao (grumble)... thinking that the Kaka knew how to prepare and drink the strong black liquid.*

*However, like many assumptions regarding ... Tao (grumble)... this one went right out the window and was run over by rush hour traffic. Tao (grumble)... took a large slurping drink of the bitter brew and immediately horked it all over Aftan's clothing.*

"*Sigh*. At least I have more clothing."*She muttered before pouring ... Tao (grumble)... another mug of coffee, this time stirring in some sweetened condensed milk.*

*This time Aftan prepared herself as ... Tao (grumble)... slurped down the sweet, strong coffee.*


After the lost drop, Taokaka placed the glass onto the table with a good relieved sigh and wiped her mouth with the back of her paw's glove. First cup was a major no go, but the second made her start craving seconds. "Knight Lady really sure knows how to make a Kaka kitty happ- ..............." Sudden silence.

Taokaka's eyes (despite having no signs of pupils) grew a bit, and the smile faded, unable to tell what it was. Taokaka's tail fluffed a bit, spiky hairs showing at the ends. Her body was perfectly still, even her legs did not sway. Aftan was prepared, and ready...

Then Taokaka got onto the ground slowly and curled up into a ball only to end up doing this-

'You spin me round and round right now'

Caramel Frappe:

*Aftan stood there as ... Tao(grumble)... continued to spin on the floor. It was just the strangest thing that Aftan had ever seen.*

*Leaving ... Tao (grumble)... spinning on the floor, Aftan returned to her room and began getting ready for the Mission. They were close, she sensed.*

"Maybe it would help if someone went ahead to scout the situation."*Aftan thought to herself as she secured the last of her gear in their places.*

*Leaving the room, Aftan went back to the meeting room, where ... Tao (grumble)... was still spinning and sat down to wait for everyone else to show up for the mission*

The shower began to run a bit warmer as Tomoya was sitting on the floor. He was thanking God for getting rid of the headache and for giving this awesome room to him. "I really should get this soul thing under control"Tomoya muttered as he exited and turned off the shower. As Tomoya put back his clothes on which is now a green t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

As Tomoya sat on the floor, he meditated so he may get in contact with his allies above about this soul binding deal. "The only way you can live is to learn to live with the other soul." Tomoya's advisor said, Tomoya thanked him as he left the meditation zone and returned to the meeting room with the others in a much better mood.

After a few hours, Akane stirred from her meditative state. She softly got up, and nodded at Jenny as she left quietly. Walking back through the hallways of the ship, Akane came across the Canteen and Meeting rooms once more. Stepping in, she saw an odd sight. Tomoya was sitting at the table whilst the odd catlike creature spun on the floor. Akane cocked an ear and tipped her head.
"Pardon me for asking, but is it okay?" She asked. "Ahh, how rude of me. Tomoya-sama, would you like to talk for a while? I am not sure if you have any questions for me, it has been some time since you have seen both Jack and Sensei, I mean Black Mage."

I schnipped that snop!

As Tomoya walked into the mission room he had already equipped most of his weapons. He was drinking coffee as Tao cam spinning into the room weirdly, he would ask her later what she had. After a while Akane came into the room and asked if Tomoya wanted to talk about Jack the Reaper or her master, which was Black Mage.

"Hmm, such a long time ago they were with me. And now the only person I see from the older days is Youmu...*sigh*. I want to know everything...and I mean everything, from who they face to what people do they lead?" Tomoya asked Akane about Jack and Black Mage. Tomoya has had a bad relationship with hell and the demon side. He hates every evil thing, Jack and Black was an acceptation, but he hadn't seen him in so long...something might of happened to the two. "Good, we both want to destroy evil...we have to do this." The voice said within him although as it seems it was accepting him already.

"Jack and Lust are the only two sins to rebel against Satan. They both have armies large and unskilled, mostly poor souls who lust for battle and have anger they cannot control. Gluttony has not marched yet, and Sloth has no followers he can marshall, not that he would. Greed, Pride and Envy all have much larger armies, once more mostly poor souls, but as they are on Satan's side they control most of Hell, and are forging weapons and armour. As nobody dies in Hell, it is a battle to brainwash the newly slain into a different Sin to keep the armies going. Heaven is of course staying out of the fighting, execpt for one Angel, a girl by the name of Farrago, who fights at Jack's side. Jack of course is always in the thick of the fighting, whilst Lust leads more as a marshall from the center. As for Sensei, Black Mage, well he had originally intended to take over Hell for himself, or at least a small part of it. He WAS going to turn it into basically a giant nightclub, baka he is. But, with war breaking out he has joined Jack's side. His Lust for destruction, and his passionate Wrath against just about everything in his path makes him one of the fiercest warriors on their side.

As it stands, the war is in a stalemate, neither side can push through Glottony's cavernous holds without loosing large amounts of their forces. Jack's idea of you helping was to be you esentially, helping however you wished. He had great trust and faith in you. Black Mage however wanted to lead a lightning strike on Satan Himself, and overthrow him with a Quote: 'Dagger to the face and a Level 7 Nuke to the ass'.

I know its a lot of information, and this will be all out war, not seen on this plane for decades past and centuries to come."

Jenny finally out over the View as Land could soon be seen, the coast of South America.
She knew about the Mission for the Artefact, Another perk of being a Telepath, but not what lay ahead for her and the crew.

Blade meanwhile stayed out of the groups affairs, but made sure to record them for the Striders, Keep your friends Close...


double ship

Triple Snip

Quadruple Snip

Quintuple Snip

6 Snip Combo!

Caramel Frappe:

My Next Character:
Well the first Vote ended in a Tie, so I've set up Akuma with a possible cameo later on.

Anyway, I've a new list to choose from:

-Galvatron (Transformers)

-Professor Genki (Saints Row the Third) and a Special Guest!!!

-Dr. Wily (Mega Man)

-Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal fury) and Mr.Big (Art of Fighting)

In A Clearing Near The Temple

The guys in the S-400 were playing cards when suddenly the radar picked up a large aircraft. They quickly got to work getting the SAM truck up and running. The guys working the radar figured out that the object was about as big as an airliner but traveling much slower than one. Figuring that this must be the airship that the heroes were using, they asked the base camp leader for orders. "Keep firing missiles at them until you run out, they get destroyed, or until they drop off the radar," the leader ordered them. They soon had a radar lock on the airship and launched a missile at them.


*An alarm sounded as the Airship picked up the incoming missiles. On the bottom of the ship, point defense guns started tracking the missiles and firing on the while the ship dropped chaff and flares.*

*Seeing the missiles streaking in from the ground below, Aftan ran towards the Hanger Deck and opened the hangar doors. A run of wind blasted her in the face as she put on a set of goggles and pulled up her cowl over her face.*

*Drawing on the powers of her Phoenix tattoos, Aftan drew a Tonfa and flipped on the plasma emitter and ran towards the open hangar door. Saying a quick prayer, she jumped out of the Airship, without a parachute...*

*Aftan shifted her limbs as she aimed towards the first incoming SAM, letting her body become loose and ready for anything. Her feet touched the first missile as she plunged the blade of her tonfa into the body of the missile, disabling its engines before she jumped off towards the next.*

*The second one was too far away for her to glide to, she saw as the Phoenix of the Air tattoo on her back glowed, teleporting her onto the missile. Once again the blade easily sliced the missile in half before she jumped off the missile, this one exploding as she teleported to the third.*

*She continued this for a number of missiles, slicing then teleporting, until she started getting too close to the tree top canopy. Sensing that she would never get to the remaining missiles, she made on more teleport to the ground, breaking out into a jog towards the SAM launcher as soon as she landed.*

*Caldolbolg also heard the alarms but rather than heading towards the hanger, he burst through a window.*

*Pumping his wings, he flew through the air, using his flame and tail to knock more missiles out of the sky. He was proud of himself as he took out his third missile, before he noticed the fourth one headed right towards him. Having no time to react, he closd his eyes.*

"I hope in my next life..."*The little turtle croaked as he closed his eyes. From deep inside his shell, the bomb exploded, taking out a couple more missile.*

The Alarms startled Jenny as the entire Bridge lit up.
Panic swept over her as she ran from console to console to find something to stop them.

Blade meanwhile ran over to one of the Ship's Turret's (And god invented color coded lines) and fired at the incoming missiles, getting a few of the ones that Aftan missed.

Dillon had dressed for battle: customized black chain-mail, it would move with him so not to make a noise when he moved, but would stop plenty of sharp objects. steel toed black combat boots. and a bullet proof black trench coat, black leather golves that had a metal band along the knuckles but hidden inside the leather, and lastly black shades, prescription.
Dillon quickly changed behind some cover, he looked determined to get the job done his katana was strapped to his back along with his dart Rifle, Excalibur's scabbard hung at his belt.
Dillon was at the helm the Airship had a battle mode and he activated it, the airship sealed itself in armor and more weaponry came out. Auto pilot has the airship Dive and move to avoid missiles the airship was capable of faster movement but it could be dangerous
"Attention passenger this is your captain speaking if your not one of the brave people manning the turrets please go into your rooms and you will find you can strap yourselves in, please do that and always have a nice flight."

"Damn that is a lot of-" Tomoya was saying back to Akane until the alarms when off."Shit, we're there!" Tomoya yelled as he ran to the hanger. Running past what seemed two green creatures. Shrugging it off, Tomoya still kept running to the hanger to get out of there.

As Tomoya got to the hanger he saw Aftan quickly jump out of the airship. Tomoya muttered a swear before summoning his wings and a dark green cape. A quick run led Tomoya out of the ship, free falling. As Tomoya started to dive through the air he quickly summoned his bike too and hopped onto it and started up the gatling guns, Tomoya also used his wings for air support so that the bike could fly.

Jenny continued to try and figure out what was going on until the Ship entered Battle Mode.
A Sudden Dive knocked her off her feet and sent her sliding forward until it picked up again and rising upward, catching her in a cycle of ascending and descending.

Blade meanwhile watched as the Heroes jumped out of the Ship and towards the missiles.
"What the hell!? are they Mad?!" He shouted to himself over the roar of the Turret as the ship rocked.

The coffee was something else, Taokaka couldn't help but spin herself on the ground. She wanted to follow Tomoya's rules of not trashing the ship so instead of going hyper and out of control, she contained and spent her ever lasting energy fueling from the coffee by spinning herself on the ground in a ball. It was helping, and just a little longer until-

Alarms went off. Taokaka broke out of her little cycle and lied there with one arm supporting her upper body as she glanced around. Even though Kaka Town did not have a siren or alarm, she recognized the meaning behind such things, and that something was going on.

"What is this noise Tao hears? .. Meeoww, if only I knew what different sounds mean then I could be ready~"

"No they are not mad, just eager to fight! Sayonara!" Akane yelled as she ran plast Blade, running clean out the hanger door and into freefall. She streamlined herself, using her tails as rudders and aiming for the source of the missile launches. Falling faster and faster, Akane realised she would have to activate her fire to give herself the thrust to pull out. She did so, and a blazing trail of fire ignited from her tails, 20 feet long as she hurtled towards the ground. "Almost...Almost..." she muttered.


Akane skidded through the dirt, tumbling over and over before finally coming to a stop. "Ara ara, I need to get better at landings..." she mumbled, dizzy. I will give it 5 minutes... she thought to herself as she looked at the jungle around her, seemingly doubled.

Caramel Frappe:

After several minutes of being tossed around, Jenny finally managed to claw her way out of the Roller-Coaster Bridge.
After running down the thumbing halls of the ship, She picked up Tao's confusion before another hard turn threw her in though the Doorway and onto the floor next to the Cat Woman.
After recovering and standing up, she breathlessly said "Come on, we must get to the Living Quarters!" Before trying to help Tao up.

Blade watched as Akane leapt out of the ship and crashed into the ground.
"...Ouch...WHOA JEEZ!" He said as her impact drew his attention away from shooting down in coming missiles.

After several minutes of being tossed around, Jenny finally managed to claw her way out of the Roller-Coaster Bridge.
After running down the thumbing halls of the ship, She picked up Tao's confusion before another hard turn threw her in though the Doorway and onto the floor next to the Cat Woman.
After recovering and standing up, she breathlessly said "Come on, we must get to the Living Quarters!" Before trying to help Tao up.

"Living Quart....? The milk is alive? But that's just silly!" Jenny was left in a dumbfounded moment thanks to Taokaka's logic. But after another strike and almost being thrown aside, Jenny held Taokaka's hand and led her to the Living Quarters. Odd how despite the ship was being tossed and shifted like crazy- the cat girl kept good balance while Jenny struggled to just stay on her feet.

Hearing the alarms, Caim and Angelus immediately ran to the Hangar; Angelus stripping from her clothes as they ran along (And Caim collecting them in a sack provided by Dillon). "Damn, and I was getting used to this body too... No matter!"
Caim gave a small salute to Blade as they began to run towards the opening, and the duo (After Angelus placed on the mask) jumped out of the Hangar opening.

Blade's eyes widened as he saw them jump out of the plane, but was relieved when he heard a roar, and a great red beast taking to the skies. After firing at a few missiles, Angelus howled, "This, Blade; is my true form! RAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!"

Caramel Frappe:

Despite the ship not getting hit at all, The Pro-Active anti-lock system made it near impossible to stand.
After much twisting and Turning, for Jenny anyway, The pair managed to enter one of the living quarters, the shaking wasn't as bad as outside.
"Ah...Thank Heavens for that...I'm Sorry, My Name is Jenny, just the ship is under attack, the Captain said to stay in the Living Quaters.

Blade watched the pair take off from the Turret gun.
"...Wow..." He mumbled as Angelus took down several missiles.
"...Yes that is stronger then a Drago- AWWW DAMMIT!" His mind slipped again from blasting missiles before several showed up.

The missiles stopped had stopped coming since the launchers had run out of them. The men operating them quickly vacated the trucks and made their way back to base camp. There they got a hold of a couple guns and joined the others in defending the artifact.


*Aftan was slowly walking through the rain forest, sucking in as much air as her lungs could take. She's had this issue since she was a child but this was a hell of a time for her asthma to pop back up, the last time being her stalemate with Hargreave. The briefly wondered what the maniac was up to, until her thoughts were disturbed by the sound of wings beating the air.*

*Looking up past the tree tops, Aftan was amazed to see the Mistress in her true form, an orange and red Dragon of massive proportions. She observed the Pact-Mate riding the Mistress and came up with a thought.*

"I hope the Mistress does not mind another passenger"*She thought to herself as she teleported to the top of the trees.*

*Flying above the tops of the trees, Angelus and Caim were glad that the missile barrage had ceased. Looking down towards the forest floor for danger, Caim was the first to spot the figure balancing precariously on the top of a tall tree, its thumb outstretched.*

"Does the Mistress have room for another rider?"*Aftan called out as she teleported onto the Mistress's back behind Caim.*

*Moments later, they were joined by Cadolbolg, who had managed to reform himself for the 8th time. He grinned a beaky grin as he glided next to Old Mommy, the quartet acting as a picket line for the Airship as they headed towards the temple*

After Daniel had finished with his nose bleed, he sealed off the area of the shop till he was done. When the attack started, he had just finished his creation. Suiting up in the armor, which was a bit awkward because the armor was meant for a female and not him. He had always wanted to have a set for the sake of having it, but since it was real and a very real threat of dieing had come along and he put it on.

There was room for the breasts which he didn't have and tight around the stomach and crotch. He belted the sword which he had made, a chaintana. A bolter pistol was in his left hand and he nervously clicked the final piece of armor into place.

He got up, all be it a bit with caution and walked around a bit. it looked a bit weird on him and he was uncomfortable, but it would protect him from pretty much every standard gun that was below a .50 caliber. Well, protect was limited to the armor itself. his face was still vulnerable.

The boy soon made his way up to where dillon was on the bridge. "I'm here to help." he said, managing to keep his confidence up despite the armor situation.


Amaya was with Luna, cradling her in her arms, a skeletal ribcage protecting them both. "Its ok baby, momma's got you. Nothing will hurt you." she said while luna was afraid, clinging close.

'fraid not, -snip-

The dragon did not mind another rider too terribly much. Sure, it was a strange sensation to have another rider aboard, which threw off her usual balance ever so slightly, but she persisted.
"At least you asked for a ride. You've no idea how many hooligans think they can just take one from me.."
Flapping her wings every so often, the dragon grinned when she saw that Cadolbolg had arrived again, and continued en route to the temple; ready to take on whatever would come.


The controller hit the wall with the force of a bullet. Urotsuki had been only three points away from beating her old high score in Mini-game. Victory had eluded her once again.

Urotsuki decided to calm down in the way she did best: through sleep. She tucked herself in, and soon she was in the familiar dream-version of her even more familiar house. She wasted no time in getting out (from hammerspace, of course) her trusty motorbike and zipping through the door.

After entering the Nexus, she paused, and thought. The floors in her dreams have always been trippy, but she never tried doing anything to them.

"Aha! I'll see if I can cut them to bits!" Urotsuki announced to no one in particular. Her chainsaw was, after all, her first resort in dealing with the inexplicable puzzles in her subconscious. She whipped it out, revved it up, and plunged it into the floor, drawing a circle in it.

The first thing she noticed is that she wasn't quite on the ground floor. The second thing she noticed is that she had drawn a circle around herself.

"AIYEEEE!" she screamed, and landed with a thud.


Dillon had set his airship to fly high up above the clouds there the missiles wouldn't be able to shoo them by virtue of being too hard to see and too high to hit. he decided he's go see Amaya and Luna before he joined the fray.
he turned to see Daniel in female armor and he couldn't help it,m the sight was so funny he started to laugh.
"What is so damned funny"
"I'm sorry man, but I have to laugh why did you go through the trouble of putting c-cups into your own armor, like Look at my armor bullet proof coat and chain-mail in the off chance that I'd need to give a female my armor she could wear it. But whatever we can talk later we're going out into the jungle and then this airship will be above the clouds."

Dillon Grabbed the microphone for the PA "Attention passengers this is your captain speaking, this is your last chance to exit the airship from this height in 10 minutes this ship is going above the clouds to avoid damage and I'll be out of the ship thank you for choosing the Rising Dawn and enjoy your trip."
he turned off the mike
"If you want to help get everyone who wants to leave in the hangar, then help them parachute out on my signal."
Dillon left the bridge
"Where are you going?" asked Daniel
"I have to see my fiancÚ, and my kid." Dillon said making his was to Amaya

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