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As Tomoya finished blessing the ground where Taokaka was buried (pieces of her, clothing mostly), Ryan made his way to them. Puce and Kurumu would of said something, but they paid their respects in silence for their dead comrade. Tomoya seemed to be taking it harder even though he didn't show it due to being strong.

As Ryan had no idea whom this cat girl was, he would not defile her name by saying a mere line. Instead, because she fought these dragons bravely and was allied to the strongest of people he has ever witnessed, she deserved the final words of a true warrior.

"If I may speak, I would like to give her my prayers so the Gods may hear." The other three nodded to his request, and so Ryan began to speak the words that his Companions spoke at Kodlak's funeral.

    "Before the ancient flame,
    we grieve...
    at this loss,
    we weep...
    for the fallen,
    we shout...
    and for ourselves,
    we take our leave..."

Going on one knee, he held his sword in front with one hand and in the other had two fingers sign a cross in front of his chest. Paying respects was one thing, but the feeling was a whole other matter. He did not do this just for Taokaka alone... but for those people who have lived on this land that lost their lives without a fighting chance. It was unjustified, how a beast so massive would prey on the weak rather then fighting amongst the strong. Such cowardness, to even feast on it's own kin. Disgusting, he would hope the monster rested in peace but met a good end if God see fit otherwise.

Standing back up, he gave a proper greeting to these heroes. "My name, is Ryan. You have brought honor and glory to yourselves, and to this reach. I'm the Harbinger of the Companions, and you three would make fine warriors if you decided to join. I would propose to celebrate this victory, but the loss... is to great. Please, come.. tell me your names."

Dillon learned what happened to jenny, it was too late to save her but he could do something aout it. fist off he informed blade.
"Blade listen to me-"
"Oh go swallow a Cacnea, I got better things to-"
"Jenny has been injured.
Oh..... um thanks for the tip, sorry I'm just, Oh I see you gave me her location on my communicator already, erm thanks
"NO problem now if you'll excuse me, I'm going down there to eat a cactus."
Wait Dillon look, about the Canea thing, I didn't mean it I was just
Dillon didn't respond he flew down to where Bruiser was making his escape
"Hey asshole"
Bruiser turned to see a teenage boy with golden wings of light, he was weilding two blades and had a smug grin on his face.
"Why don't you pick on someone you own size, or do you prefer girls who can't fight back?"
Dillon twirled his blades taunting him.

Ooh la la!!

Legna only arched a ridge and gave a small message to Inuart; "Do tell the Hammers that I will return shortly. I have some well deserved shore leave to attend to. One moment, madam. I must bring these two to Terra Firma. I shan't leave you waiting for long...."

Caramel Frappe:
madman talking to j00!

And that, as far as Inuart could tell, was the quickest flight he had ever found himself participant of. After Legna rejoined the female dragons, Inart began to search for the strange boy who had stolen the Grail; and the small girl that accompanied him. When Inuart heard Ryan's words, he gave a light chuckle and pointed at himself, "I am Inuart. As for the dragon, he told me that he doesn't like giving away his name; but he's not here right now. That would be Legna. Now.. Have you seen a boy with brown hair and a girl with blue hair? They were carrying a Grail? That would belong to some superiors of mine, and they REALLY need it..."

His head swiveled to see Puce and Kurumu before him... And his face contorted with rage most foul. "YOU!!!"

Oh hell NO!

Blade was with ME, you know...

As Angelus was ferrying the swordsman and the Pokemon, when she heard Jenny's call for Blade.
"Oh dear... Blade, it appears we have a problem..."

His head swiveled to see Puce and Kurumu before him... And his face contorted with rage most foul. "YOU!!!"


"Yup... it's Inuart"*Puce said is he began to draw his staff.*

It has seemed the two were destined to battle- however, Ryan got in the way and had a very intimidating expression upon his face and glanced both ways. "Do not fight on honored soil... this is where a warrior lies now. If you really must spill blood, do it elsewhere."

Not even giving them a chance to reason with him, Ryan pulled out his sword and readied his shield. He was not aiming at anyone in particular, but he would not allow such barbarous behavior unfold over sacred ground.

Caramel Frappe:



As the stranger shouted, Tomoya backed up Ryan, "Nice speech there." He smiled as his smile turned angry when he saw the person. "I wouldn't do that if I was you...You just saw what I did right?! This is holy ground now as the dragon man said!" Tomoya yelled as he raised Excalibur at the stranger.

Tomoya knew that the grail belonged to Earth, but he would allow Puse to have it even if it is a holy relic. He didn't know why the dragons would want it though. Tomoya would protect this holy ground and Tao's resting place with his whole power.

-Snip Combo!-

Inuart's face went a little slack, and then a sharp gasp escaped his mouth, and a laugh. A few more short desperate laughs fell from the redhead's mouth.

After the cacophony of laughs ended, Inuart limply pointed his sword at Puce,
"Of course he's here! My path in life never seems to be without the 'Great' Caim, the 'Magnificent' Caim! As for this Angelus character, I suppose it's that pompous dragon of his. I always hated that lizard... I take it you two friends of his? And, they 'told' you everything? How I was fooled, trying to save my love?! EVERYTHING I DID, IT WAS FOR HER!!! HE WOULD HAVE SACRIFICED HER FOR REVENGE! What was I to do? She had died! Wouldn't you have done the same, in my shoes?"

Caramel Frappe:
-Two Snip Combos!!-


Inuart gasped for air, pain and fury still painting his face pink, and he looked to the impressive Archangel and Dragon-Slayer. Taking a swallow of air (he looked on the verge of tears) and said,

"I respect the both of you, and your wishes. Give me a moment."

He looked to Puce again, "You had better hand over the grail, or start running. I do not want to anger these warriors any more than they already are."

Puse's eyes/ears fail! SNIP.

Caramel Frappe:
Introduction SNIP!

As Tomoya heard Puse he couldn't care if it was a lie or not, but Tomoya could sense the truth to the dragon's words. Tomoya wasn't going to get involved with this, he knew the grails effects and he knew it wasn't going to end well with whatever they are going to do. The objective for Tomoya now is to get back to Dillon's ship so he could help them with the rest of the monsters.

Strapping Excalibur to his back he knew he wanted to help everyone else. Tomoya looked back at Ryan. "Who are you?" Tomoya asked him as he called his ship back down.



Not sure what to make of the situation, the Nord stood there watching Inuart's reaction with the Grail being turned into mere dust. However, what he did know was how Inuart felt about wanting someone you loved back. His thoughts trailed to that one.. dreadful night.

Memories that shouldn't be brought into the present- Ryan resisted having the flash back and turned his gaze to the horizon. "Talos watch over us as we descend into our fallen times..." He turned and checked up on Inuart.

"Whomever this is, this 'lover' of yours... let her rest. Bringing back the dead is disturbing their place in the afterlife. She wouldn't want to see you like this, what'd she think of a madman?"

-He certainly feels that way about himself-

Inuart's eyes had widened with joy when the Grail graced his hands, but when dust appeared in his place... An unholy scream tore through his throat as he gripped his head and fell to a slump; each peal of grief overcoming the next.

Caramel Frappe:
-Oh dear... You've gone and done it now.-

When Inuart heard Ryan's words of letting go, his head whipped in the direction of the Dragon-Slayer, the screams finally ending. In their place, the laughter lightly showing through again. Inuart forced himself up again, his sword being used as a crutch. When he was finally stable (HA!) he pointed his sword at Ryan and in between dark laughter said, "Let her go? When I have the chance to bring her back? Surely you jest?! The gods are cruel to assume we are so willing to allow their machinations, to just sit back as our loved ones die! Why should they decide? What gives them that power?! If you really want to try me, warrior, than do so! I only ask we do not anger the Angel. I will fight by my words, and for the life of Furiae! She WILL return to me! I won't lose this chance again!"

Clearly, the warrior was not listening to reason; his true colors of madness showing through.


The words this man spoke, reminded him of someone he met in Markarth back in Skyrim. A man he met with on his investigation about the Forsworn.. Thonar. The man on that very same day lost his wife to the Forsworn he was so sure of having under his 'control'. That man told Ryan these very words.

"Shut up! Only the gods can judge me-" ... It seemed like a memory not long past after all.

The Gods or rather, the God Ryan believed in... many question him, others say only he can decide fate. It seemed that this was his trial. And by that, Ryan would not stand to be lectured (if talked to) by this bewildering man before him.

Ryan walked half a circle around Inuart, and drew his own sword. "You discard my knowledge of the days that i've gained them? You would strive to bring back someone for the sole purpose of having them to yourself then what really is best for Furiae?"

It seemed they walked sideways, distancing themselves from where Taokaka's burial is at.

"A true Nord- no... a true man, would uphold his honor and acknowledge what he had in the days of his wife's last thoughts. Bringing her back will do you no deed or glory, but rather sorrow for she'd be nothing but a shell of her innocence left behind!"

Caramel Frappe:
-Oh boy...-

Inuart's head lolled back, and he breathed in again, "Hehehehehe... You know, the first time I brought her back; she embraced me. It was so sweet... I long for it once again... And I am certain she would do so again! You would never know what is between us."

Cutting the puppet act; Inuart immediately snapped into action, and brought his sword down again; an icy wave shooting straight at the wolf adorned warrior.

[b]Crazy girl is Cra-zaY! SNIP.

Caramel Frappe:

As the crazy Bluerocker Inuart started to attack Ryan, Tomoya jumped back to the burial site and struck his Excalibur into the ground. Creating a small energy shield around the site due to it's blessing. Tomoya was tired from the last battle, he needed to rest in his ship. He would introduce himself to Ryan after this battle, Tomoya then leaned on the sword for support. "I should of called for the sheath as well, but that would of killed this body..." Tomoya sighed as he looked upon the battle as his ship landed behind him.

Tomoya wondered that if he destroyed the soul of the Dragon, would it bring back the people? The soul of the dragon came out as soon as it was destroyed, but he felt like the dragon man had absorbed it.


Spells and unique abilities.. Ryan thought to himself. Clearly this man skipped the swordsman game and went straight for the killing. Within that short amount of time, Ryan positioned himself and closed his eyes. The ice wave was just inches away from him now- until Ryan shouted, "FUS RO DAH!!"

The force of his voice was so powerful, it not only blasted the ice wave out of the way shattering it, but blew Inuart a foot away if not blasting him to roll a few times. Puce could probably even hear it despite being in a fast moving vehicle. Positioning himself to stand normally, Ryan started walking toward Inuart who was getting himself up.

"Perhaps I wouldn't know the love you shared for the many years that came- but do know this. Others have been in love, felt the loss, and suffered greatly. The difference is- how a man, warrior nor so, handle it. I've been there.. I have felt a woman's touch where no one has ever been able to attempt doing before. My heart aches when even speaking her name, and you had to bring it up."

Khthon slowly got up from the fall, a lot angrier than before. After it got back up and shook off the rest of the dizziness, it reared up on it's hind legs. Bringing the full weight of itself down, Khthon unleashed a huge localized earthquake. After that it began to stampede through the city.

Caramel Frappe:
-He's not down yet..-

Inuart's face had contorted to anger once again, and he was readying his sword as Ryan came closer. With a desperate (and easy to dodge) swipe of his sword, Inuart yelled after Ryan's speech, "I don't care! What is a world without Furiae?! As long as she is with me, nothing matters! NOTHING!"

His sword swipes certainly gained more spirit after that, and Ryan was (pleasantly?) surprised to see that Inuart did receive proper sword training after all. And true to his thoughts, Inuart would not listen to reason.

-Priorities; Angie has them-

Angelus let out a hiss of disdain, and was torn between finding Jenny and getting rid of the monstrosity before them. If Jenny wasn't found soon, the monolith could squish Jenny. However, if they focused on the monster, Jenny could have worse things occur. Decisions, decisions...

Dillon was inside his airship, he knew the heroes would likely be tired again or at least want something to recover lost energy.
however his Excalibur was acting strange
"Can you at least call me by name at least once we're friends you said so."
Realizing he was caught decided as long as no one was around he may as well speak straight
"Well then Dillon., I feel a presence of a Copy, need I remind you one of your clauses is to wield only me as your magic weapon, that decent if plain katana is acceptable but-"
Whoa whoa whoa, you mean your- By the shadows of Shakuras, your jealous."
Dillon laughed as he prepared some simple banana milkshakes he would add whipped cream and chocolate bits on top later. He knew he would likely seem silly but he has added in special protein mixes that restored the body, however it also tasted disgusting so Dillon used milkshakes to hide the horrible flavor it tasted like delicious milkshakes. maybe with some bitter cocoa in it.


Ryan dodged some, blocked some of the sword swipes with his shield, and evaded the ice waves that came and went. It would seem this man was truly mad, or rather.. he was to obsessed with bringing back his Furiae to see logic behind his actions.

Ryan, his leg sliding back- he shouldered Inuart just enough to make him take a step back and then to low kick with his other leg making Inuart fall to his bottom. A sword was pointed at Inuart, showing him that he was at his mercy.. however, Inuart did an uppercut with his blade managing to take Ryan by surprise which his left arm holding the shield got cut not to deeply but blood was showing.

"Pushing your chances are not worth it, a life of your own is better off living in honor then trying to seize what's already been lost. If you can't see that, or care to listen to a Harbinger... I won't settle for pitying you no longer."


Angelus gave a roar, and thanked her brilliant, brilliant, child, and proceeded to fly straight for the great quadruped, raining fire at it's sides. When she drew close, Caim jumped with Fheng's Glaive in hand, creating a great shockwave and several cultists to be blown away.

Caramel Frappe:
-And... He's taking the easy way out.-

In the distraction, caused by his cut, Inuart pushed passed Ryan and began to run. This man was a distraction.

"I do not have time for you! What matters is that I regain the Grail!"

What mattered now was to get a hold of that man and his doll... And make them pay for making him one step further from Furiae's embrace.


Lily shook her head and motioned for the woman to sit down in the middle of the circle. "No, i have everything i need now."

The girled waited for the woman to be finished sitting down then lit the candles. "I need to get something out of the way and give you a final decision. When this contract is completed, you shall have a second form to your already existing beautiful body. It shall bear resemblance to my daemon form. There'll also be a link between us as with any daemon contract. I can sense if you're close by and thats about it. Many contracts have terms and conditions that are wacky and crazy, all i want is something simple. For you to stop killing children, is that acceptable.?" she asked.


Daniel, the boy, walked out of engineering in a short sleeve shirt and shorts on. He held his hand up to the light and decided it was too bright out here and went back inside to the finished armor. He began working on a new weapon to add to the bolter pistol and chaintana he already had crafted.


"H-hold it you! We were in battle of- ... Let him be then, I see." Ryan shook his head and sheathed his sword and began to walk towards Tomoya, after all.. he did sort of walk out on him to face Inuart and for that he wanted to show he was sorry for his rude manner.


"Apologies, I allowed the ignorance of another get the best of me. Now, what is you wish to know of me?" However, what caught Ryan's attention was the fact this barrier was well crafted, let alone he hasn't seen much of barriers like this one. This world was full of surprises.




"While I will miss the purity of their souls, I will accept your condition. Now let's get this thing underway," Lamia said to Lilly.

Caramel Frappe:
Introduction! Snip.

The barrier separating the two fell as Ryan almost touched it. Tomoya set down the barrier and strapped his Excalibur to his back."Sorry about that, this relic here protected this holy site." Tomoya said as he smiled and patted the legendary sword on his back.

Tomoya then remembered the question, "Sorry, I am Tomoya Okazaki. Archangel of Lightning, and the guardian of the stone of Light and this world. I was asking who are you...oh wait my ride is here." Tomoya asked Ryan as he ship the Lightninghawke (Tomoya's travel ship) landed behind the two.


As well mannered and mature Ryan can be for the most part, he does have his moments like when he had to question Tomoya,
"The blazes is that thing? How in Tamriel do you have such advanced machinery, not even a Gray-Mane Smith could craft such a .. machine." Ryan began to feel the sides of it, with one hand tracing along the armored plating of the ship.

"Okazaki, was it?" Ryan said, never leaving his gaze on the ship, still taking in the sight. "Is your duty as important as mine? .. I am the Dragonborn, said to be gifted in the Way of the Voice, and to absorb a dragon's very soul into myself."

Caramel Frappe:
Sorry had dinner~ SNIP!

As the Dragonborn stated his title and duty. Tomoya responded, "This machine was made by angels...or workers of God you may say. Was made in the Heavens as you would call it, I use it to travel this universe." Tomoya said as he studied Ryan's armor and had no information on it what so ever.

"As for my duty, I guard this world with the powers that God has given me. Right now I am with a group of heroes which are all over the world trying to defeat these monsters. Like the one we had defeated. I still haven't got your name or your story...but more importantly, have you got the soul of that dragon we just killed. I think it could be used to bring all these people back to life." Tomoya said worrying about the lives in South Africa it had consumed.


This new information that Ryan was taking in was far beyond his imagination, even to make him turn and study this Tomoya fellow. Surely he has seen some strange, stunning, and rare things in his life but to meet an Angel that can travel off the planet and originated from the heavens?? It was to much to bear really.

".. Angels ... and heaven.. " Ryan stated, feeling his forehead from the thoughts of it, unable to focus much. "No, I- ... maybe though, since you've displayed such immense power not to long ago against the dragon.. but, surely you'd .."

Again, Ryan blinked a few times and took a few breaths before continuing. "I, don't think I consumed the dragon's spirit. I could feel it verging through my very vains if so... but, I only absorbed maybe a few dragons. That there, is one mystery since every dragon slain, loses it's soul to a Dovahkiin like myself."

"Why are we fighting to the top, through these weak cultists? If we make our way to the ear of this beast, I can send flame down it and into the brain, killing this thing. Failing that, another weakpoint is the roof of the mouth, if this thing is anything like most animals. I could carry you for a short while and you can use that lovely shield of yours to keep us both safe until we get to the ear. It shouldn't be defended, at least I hope..." Akane said to Aftan as they watched Red make another pass, trading fireballs with flak guns as she went. As her tails began to glow with flame, Akane reached behind herself and grabbed one.

"Eto... You can jump on my back when I take off if you do not mind being close to my tails... But they will be very hot. Or... I can carry you in my arms. Either way, we shall be close, I don't have the time to change to my fox form to carry you easily." The Kitsune said awkwardly to Aftan.
"But we must act quickly before this monster destroys more of the city!"

Akane gave no reply to Aftan, merely taking flight with the Knight piggybacking on her. Akane tried to say as close to the beast as she could without taking too much small arms fire, and cautious to not fly too far out so as be fair game for the flak gunners still alive.

The flight wasn't smooth to begin with, as Akane was VERY unused to having someone on her back in human/tails form, let alone a moving someone. Aftan kept shooting back at the Eco-Terrorists and Cultists, her Shreiker Pistol doing just that. After several nerve-wracking minutes of flying around the beast's head, Akane finally spotted what looked like an ear...

And an enemy outpost with Flak Gun. "Are you fireproof?" Akane asked Aftan.

"Yes, the Phoenix protects me from flame." Aftan replied to the question.

"Good! Project that shield underneath me, I'm going to land on it as I take us in. Prepare for the Charge!" Akane said somewhat madly with a cackle, a pointed flame barrier taking shape in front of her, the cone roughly a metre wide to either side of the duo.

"Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name..." Aftan began to mutter, her eyes wide as she realised just what the Kitsune had in mind.

Akane merely added more thrust and giggled, aiming dead on for the Flak cannon. The gunners responded and the 88mm Flak cannon roared. Akane cared not, for the round would explode behind them. Drawing her katana and holding it at the flame barrier's point, she let out a shout.


Caramel Frappe:
*Sigh* Snip

A sigh came from Tomoya as he heard that. If he had not absorbed the dragon's soul...was it really a dragon, did it have a soul? "It might of been a demon then or something without a soul to begin with. Also don't you people give your name to others in the place you come from?" Tomoya joked as he was about to get in the ship.

As the Mammoth raised back up, Genki had his chance. He had been waiting at the top of a multi-story car-park, planning to drive onto the Mammoth's back. He slammed on the turbo and flew through the air, landing onto the gargantuan's backwith no issue.

"Time for you all to burn!" He pulled out his Dual Maliwan Hellfires, pouring incendiary fire into a stronghold for the cultists.

At the same time, Duke descended, wielding the Ripper and RPG. He opened fire on the same group as Genki's.

"Where is your god now!?"

*Genki and Duke's initial assualt on the Cultist group was met with screams of pain as Genki's incendiary rounds struck the massed group while Duke waded in, using the Ripper to dismember anyone within reach. Soon, the platform where Duke and Genki landed was splattered with blood and gore, the stench of burnt flesh clung to the air.*

*On a platform above, the High Priest watched as his men were slaughtered like pigs. Lifting a giant elephant femur that he used like a club, he and his elite cultists, armed with both melee weapons and rifles, charged.*

"Khthon, guide us to victory!"*The High Priest shouted.*

The two Swordswomen made quite the pair, standing proud, their weapons held at the ready, a Knight and a Kitsune.

One little boy boldly got up and walked over to the two women, trying to be brave.

"Please Masters, Mommy and Daddy said there are too many of them and that we were to hide here. What do we do?" He asked, fear in his eyes.

Akane paused, taken aback. She had thought she was fighting Monsters, not children. These younglings probably had no choice, dragged along by their parents. However, they were all too young, and still had their innocence. Where they to die now, they would be sent to Heaven, guided by the various Spirits and Angels.

The Kitsune sheathed her sword, and bent down to meet the youngling's eyes. Softly and sadly, she spoke. "Little one, do you wish to see your parents once more?"

The young boy nodded his head.

"Then close your eyes and trust me." She said, great sadness in her voice.

The boy did as instructed, and Akane stood up. The Kitsune softly spoke words in an ancient language of her kind, and an Inari, a fox-spirit of pure white appeared before each child and placed a paw upon each child's forehead.

"[Guide them to Heaven, keep them safe from Sin and pain. They do not deserve to die, but do not deserve the Depths of Hell either. Fathers above, fallen of my ancestors, take these youngling's to a better place.]" Akane spoke in her ancient toungue, and each of the children simply disappeared, the Inari with them. A mournful howl echoed through the ear canal as they left, chilling anyone still there to the bone.

Akane fell to her knees, openly weeping. "Gods forgive me....." She sobbed, arms hugging herself as her tears fell freely.

A warrior's poem, a lament for the lost she had learnt from an Australian man she had saved once upon a time was all that flowed through the Kitsune's mind.

"They shall not grow old,
As we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,

We will remember them.

Lest We Forget."

Akane was glad she was not alone. She placed a hand upon Aftan's around her shoulder, and squeezed it gently. "We... I should not delay any longer, before more innocents die. Thank you, Aftan. Let us go and end this chapter of bloodshed."

Aftan removed her arm from Akane, and the two got up, drawing weapons once again. Akane's eyes burned with fire, and white flame burned around her.

"This monster will burn in Hell for all Eternity by my hands. Let us go." The Nine Tailed Kitsune said softly and with pure hatred in her voice. She lead the way deeper, towards the mammoth's brain.

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