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*Cadolbolg's dive did not go unnoticed as a few of the Eco-Terrorists tried to shoot him from the skies using their weapons and powers.*

*After a number of close calls, Cadolbolg noticed a masked man leaving the remains of what looked like an Pub.*

"Cadolbolg does not think that masked man is too nice."*Cadolbolg thought to himself as he decided to investigate the Pub as soon as the coast was clear.*

*Moments later, Cadolbolg was in the Pub, performing his search for Friend Jenny.*

*A moan caught Cadolbolg's attention as he headed back towards the mahogany bar, the mirror behind it shattered by some sort of impact. Peaking over the bar, Cadolbolg caught sight of a wounded and bloodied Friend Jenny laying on the floor of the Pub behind the bar.*

"Friend Jenny? Are you okay?"*Cadolbolg asked as he nudged the Pokemon.*

*Back on the back of Khthon, Aftan and ... Akane (grumble) ... took out another flak cannon, opening up a 90 degree arc of safety from anit-aircraft fire.*

*Looking around, Aftan caught sight of the Mistress unleashing fireballs upon the enemy, clearing up the opposition positions.*

"How in the hell are we going to destroy this creature? We are only taking care of the gnats at the moment."*She muttered*



"While I will miss the purity of their souls, I will accept your condition. Now let's get this thing underway," Lamia said to Lilly.

Caramel Frappe:
Introduction! Snip.

The barrier separating the two fell as Ryan almost touched it. Tomoya set down the barrier and strapped his Excalibur to his back."Sorry about that, this relic here protected this holy site." Tomoya said as he smiled and patted the legendary sword on his back.

Tomoya then remembered the question, "Sorry, I am Tomoya Okazaki. Archangel of Lightning, and the guardian of the stone of Light and this world. I was asking who are you...oh wait my ride is here." Tomoya asked Ryan as he ship the Lightninghawke (Tomoya's travel ship) landed behind the two.


As well mannered and mature Ryan can be for the most part, he does have his moments like when he had to question Tomoya,
"The blazes is that thing? How in Tamriel do you have such advanced machinery, not even a Gray-Mane Smith could craft such a .. machine." Ryan began to feel the sides of it, with one hand tracing along the armored plating of the ship.

"Okazaki, was it?" Ryan said, never leaving his gaze on the ship, still taking in the sight. "Is your duty as important as mine? .. I am the Dragonborn, said to be gifted in the Way of the Voice, and to absorb a dragon's very soul into myself."

Caramel Frappe:
Sorry had dinner~ SNIP!

As the Dragonborn stated his title and duty. Tomoya responded, "This machine was made by angels...or workers of God you may say. Was made in the Heavens as you would call it, I use it to travel this universe." Tomoya said as he studied Ryan's armor and had no information on it what so ever.

"As for my duty, I guard this world with the powers that God has given me. Right now I am with a group of heroes which are all over the world trying to defeat these monsters. Like the one we had defeated. I still haven't got your name or your story...but more importantly, have you got the soul of that dragon we just killed. I think it could be used to bring all these people back to life." Tomoya said worrying about the lives in South Africa it had consumed.


This new information that Ryan was taking in was far beyond his imagination, even to make him turn and study this Tomoya fellow. Surely he has seen some strange, stunning, and rare things in his life but to meet an Angel that can travel off the planet and originated from the heavens?? It was to much to bear really.

".. Angels ... and heaven.. " Ryan stated, feeling his forehead from the thoughts of it, unable to focus much. "No, I- ... maybe though, since you've displayed such immense power not to long ago against the dragon.. but, surely you'd .."

Again, Ryan blinked a few times and took a few breaths before continuing. "I, don't think I consumed the dragon's spirit. I could feel it verging through my very vains if so... but, I only absorbed maybe a few dragons. That there, is one mystery since every dragon slain, loses it's soul to a Dovahkiin like myself."

"Why are we fighting to the top, through these weak cultists? If we make our way to the ear of this beast, I can send flame down it and into the brain, killing this thing. Failing that, another weakpoint is the roof of the mouth, if this thing is anything like most animals. I could carry you for a short while and you can use that lovely shield of yours to keep us both safe until we get to the ear. It shouldn't be defended, at least I hope..." Akane said to Aftan as they watched Red make another pass, trading fireballs with flak guns as she went. As her tails began to glow with flame, Akane reached behind herself and grabbed one.

"Eto... You can jump on my back when I take off if you do not mind being close to my tails... But they will be very hot. Or... I can carry you in my arms. Either way, we shall be close, I don't have the time to change to my fox form to carry you easily." The Kitsune said awkwardly to Aftan.
"But we must act quickly before this monster destroys more of the city!"

*Aftan paused for a microsecond as she considered her options. Refuse the offered ride and watch as the city of Manhattan was destroyed or she could swallow her pride for a moment's discomfort and accept ... Akane's ... offer and increase their chances at saving the city.*

"...Okay... Akane ... let us go. Your plan is sound."*Aftan said as her Phoenix Tattoo flared to life, giving her respite from the heat of ... Akane's ... tails.*

*With that, Aftan hopped on ... Akane's ... back.*

"Please, refrain from crashing. I believe we have had enough of that today."*Aftan smirked as she referred to Khthon's momentary dizzy spell.*

*... Akane ... silently marked the date and time as it marked the first time that Aftan had hazarded a joke in her presence.*

"Kitsune... why are you smiling like that?"*Aftan asked, catching sight of ... Akane's ... smug look.*

*With that, the duo took off into the flak filled sky.*

Akane gave no reply to Aftan, merely taking flight with the Knight piggybacking on her. Akane tried to say as close to the beast as she could without taking too much small arms fire, and cautious to not fly too far out so as be fair game for the flak gunners still alive.

The flight wasn't smooth to begin with, as Akane was VERY unused to having someone on her back in human/tails form, let alone a moving someone. Aftan kept shooting back at the Eco-Terrorists and Cultists, her Shreiker Pistol doing just that. After several nerve-wracking minutes of flying around the beast's head, Akane finally spotted what looked like an ear...

And an enemy outpost with Flak Gun. "Are you fireproof?" Akane asked Aftan.

"Yes, the Phoenix protects me from flame." Aftan replied to the question.

"Good! Project that shield underneath me, I'm going to land on it as I take us in. Prepare for the Charge!" Akane said somewhat madly with a cackle, a pointed flame barrier taking shape in front of her, the cone roughly a metre wide to either side of the duo.

"Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name..." Aftan began to mutter, her eyes wide as she realised just what the Kitsune had in mind.

Akane merely added more thrust and giggled, aiming dead on for the Flak cannon. The gunners responded and the 88mm Flak cannon roared. Akane cared not, for the round would explode behind them. Drawing her katana and holding it at the flame barrier's point, she let out a shout.


Caramel Frappe:
*Sigh* Snip

A sigh came from Tomoya as he heard that. If he had not absorbed the dragon's soul...was it really a dragon, did it have a soul? "It might of been a demon then or something without a soul to begin with. Also don't you people give your name to others in the place you come from?" Tomoya joked as he was about to get in the ship.

As the Mammoth raised back up, Genki had his chance. He had been waiting at the top of a multi-story car-park, planning to drive onto the Mammoth's back. He slammed on the turbo and flew through the air, landing onto the gargantuan's backwith no issue.

"Time for you all to burn!" He pulled out his Dual Maliwan Hellfires, pouring incendiary fire into a stronghold for the cultists.

At the same time, Duke descended, wielding the Ripper and RPG. He opened fire on the same group as Genki's.

"Where is your god now!?"

*If one were to rate the pair's landing on the Flak Cannon on a scale from 1 to 10, it would not have been quantifiable in that manner due to the fact that anyone watching the pair's landing would have been instantly incinerated by both the flame barrier and the subsequent ammunition's detonation.*

*Though a few of the Cultists and Eco-Terrorists that had manned the now mangled Flak Cannon survived, they were in no condition to fight. Those that survived found themselves with two options. Fight the women that had just landed on them or jump over the side of the gunnery platform. Quite a few took the later option, screaming prayers to Khthon as they fell to their death.*

"Pity. I was hoping for a little exercise."*Aftan said unemotionally as she watched another Cultist jump over the side of the platform, his god smooshing him after he landed.*

"Not too much further."*Aftan said to ... Akane ... as they made their way to the ear canal.*

*Reaching their destination, they heard voices coming from the inner ear canal. The voices sounded like they belonged to children. Walking further inside, they found themselves in the midst of what appeared to be a school for the Cultists' children.*

"We might have a problem."*...Akane... intoned as the children looked at the two women.*

*Genki and Duke's initial assualt on the Cultist group was met with screams of pain as Genki's incendiary rounds struck the massed group while Duke waded in, using the Ripper to dismember anyone within reach. Soon, the platform where Duke and Genki landed was splattered with blood and gore, the stench of burnt flesh clung to the air.*

*On a platform above, the High Priest watched as his men were slaughtered like pigs. Lifting a giant elephant femur that he used like a club, he and his elite cultists, armed with both melee weapons and rifles, charged.*

"Khthon, guide us to victory!"*The High Priest shouted.*

The two Swordswomen made quite the pair, standing proud, their weapons held at the ready, a Knight and a Kitsune.

One little boy boldly got up and walked over to the two women, trying to be brave.

"Please Masters, Mommy and Daddy said there are too many of them and that we were to hide here. What do we do?" He asked, fear in his eyes.

Akane paused, taken aback. She had thought she was fighting Monsters, not children. These younglings probably had no choice, dragged along by their parents. However, they were all too young, and still had their innocence. Where they to die now, they would be sent to Heaven, guided by the various Spirits and Angels.

The Kitsune sheathed her sword, and bent down to meet the youngling's eyes. Softly and sadly, she spoke. "Little one, do you wish to see your parents once more?"

The young boy nodded his head.

"Then close your eyes and trust me." She said, great sadness in her voice.

The boy did as instructed, and Akane stood up. The Kitsune softly spoke words in an ancient language of her kind, and an Inari, a fox-spirit of pure white appeared before each child and placed a paw upon each child's forehead.

"[Guide them to Heaven, keep them safe from Sin and pain. They do not deserve to die, but do not deserve the Depths of Hell either. Fathers above, fallen of my ancestors, take these youngling's to a better place.]" Akane spoke in her ancient toungue, and each of the children simply disappeared, the Inari with them. A mournful howl echoed through the ear canal as they left, chilling anyone still there to the bone.

Akane fell to her knees, openly weeping. "Gods forgive me....." She sobbed, arms hugging herself as her tears fell freely.

*Aftan walked over to Akane and knelt beside her. This was a difficult thing but it was something that needed to be done. Each child left their mortal shells for the great beyond, where they would be free from Khthon's grasp. It was the right thing to do, was it not?*

" Akane... it is okay. They... the children... they are traveling beyond our realm now. They will find their parents and they will find a better life. It needed to be done."*Aftan said reassuringly, wrapping an arm around Akane comfortingly.*

"Akane. They will find their happiness, be assured of that."*Aftan whispered.*

A warrior's poem, a lament for the lost she had learnt from an Australian man she had saved once upon a time was all that flowed through the Kitsune's mind.

"They shall not grow old,
As we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,

We will remember them.

Lest We Forget."

Akane was glad she was not alone. She placed a hand upon Aftan's around her shoulder, and squeezed it gently. "We... I should not delay any longer, before more innocents die. Thank you, Aftan. Let us go and end this chapter of bloodshed."

Aftan removed her arm from Akane, and the two got up, drawing weapons once again. Akane's eyes burned with fire, and white flame burned around her.

"This monster will burn in Hell for all Eternity by my hands. Let us go." The Nine Tailed Kitsune said softly and with pure hatred in her voice. She lead the way deeper, towards the mammoth's brain.

*Aftan walked in silence, alongside Akane, as they closed in on Khthon's brain, their footwear sloshing through the mucus covered floor. The sounds of battle became dimmer as traveled further into the ear canal, instead the sound of a great heartbeat became more prevalent. Examining an artery that they passed, Aftan saw that Khthon's blood was made of crude oil from deep within the Earth.*

*Walking further, they came upon the eardrum. The membrane seemed to have been fashioned out of some sort of mole skin. The membrane itself was easily cut by Aftan and Akane's blades as the proceeded deeper and deeper, until they reached the brain.*

"What is this?*Aftan asked as she saw the great Mammoth's brain. The brain was not fashioned out of rock or oil or moleskin like the rest of its body. The brain appeared to be made of one solid piece of glowing quartz crystal. The glow from the crystal pulsed with the heart beat of the Mammoth. It was truly a sight to behold.*

"What is this?" Aftan asked as she saw the Mammoth's brain.

"Ended." Akane replied simply.

The Kitsune reversed her grip, raising her sword above her head, the tip pointing towards the crystal brain. White Fire burned down the length of her blade, and her hair and the fur upon her tails turned the most radiant Gold, blinding Aftan and forcing the Knight to shield her eyes.

Akane Tomoe buried the katana deep into the crystal, sending pure foxfire flaming through the Mammoth's brain. The effect was immediate, and the crystal superheated before bursting into billions of tiny fragments.

It was a scene from an anime, the tiny fragments catching the light cast from Akane as they floated down from the roof.

Akane sheathed her sword, flames dying down and the light being cast around the chamber decreasing. Her hair and fur did not return to its old red colour, remaining brilliant gold.

The floor shuddered as the giant beast simply ceased to be alive, and fell forwards to the ground. Cultists were sent flying high above as the entire Island of Manhatten shook from the impact.

Akane and Aftan stood unharmed by it all in the padded brain chamber of the now dead beast. As the aftershocks subsided, Akane slumped to one knee. "Aftan, my friend. If I could trouble you for a shoulder to lean on to get back home please... I am spent."

"Time to meet your true Deity!" Genki pulled out the Mollusk Launcher, launching octopi at three of the Cultists.


The three break-danced for a few seconds before turning their guns on their former Leader. Genki pulled out the Hellfires again and kept up supressive fire.

Duke meanwhile continued to rain RPG shots onto the group, peppering them with the Ripper.

"Oh dear... Blade, it appears we have a problem..."

Blade watched as the newcomers Duke and Genki helped Akane and Aftan to finished off the beast.
"WOOOO! YEAH! ALRIGHT!" Blade cheered as the monster was finished off.
Caim nudged Blade to get his attention.
"Blade, It's Jenny. I hear her calling for help. I think she's hurt..."
All the enjoyment faded in Blade as he heard those words.
"What?...Oh no...Jenny took a ship! Take to the sky and look for it! Go Go GO!" He quickly ordered as panic and worry filled his system.

Minor Retcon, Sorry about this, you can still fight Bruiser if you wish

Dillon watched as Angelus and Co. Flew off someplace, but his attention was on the man in the Trench-Coat and Mask (Bruiser) as he walked over to the body and seemingly used a Pick-Axe on one of the Mammoth's Toes, Grumbling to himself.

Once he took a Fist-Full of the Mammoth's Flesh, Bruiser placed it in his pocket to give to A.I.Bert.
"This should shut that Matrix Wanna-Be up..." He said to himself as he began to walk away.

CSI Cadolbolg

The Metal turtle managed to find the Ship Jenny took.
As he neared it, he heard Jenny's Voice.
He followed the voice into a Pub that was torn upside down, Chairs wreaked, Tables smashed, Glass broken.
After seeing the damage, Cadolbolg found Jenny in a pool of blood behind the counter, barely still living.

*The Mollusk Harnessed Cultists pressed the attack on the High Priest, trying to finish him off like their new Master Professor Genki wished. However, this was not to be as the High Priest swung his Bone Club in a wide arc, breaking bones and sending cultists flying.*

"I shall bury your bodies in the God Khthon where you shall feed him for eternity."*The High Priest roared as he took cover behind his fellow cultists as they were ventilated by the Ripper and torn asunder by the RPG shots.*

Daddy's Home


As Lily explained the terms to the Master of the Machine, The Door to the Inner Chamber was blown open.
Kazuya walked though, Covered in Husk Blood and clearly not fond of this situation.
"GET. AWAY. FROM. MY. DAUGHTER! He growled, ready to blast that Monster away with his Eye Lasers.

*Aftan lent her shoulder to the tired Kitsune and helped her walk back towards the outside world. As soon as Aftan reached the outside, she would be able to teleport them back to the Airship where the Kitsune could get some rest and begin healing her emotional scars.*

*As the two started their long journey, a faint jingle was heard, very much like what you would hear on wind chimes blowing in a breeze.*

*Turning around, Aftan and Akane witnessed the shards of quartz crystal floating in the air, clinging against each other, alight with a glow that differed from the glow that powered Khthon previously.*

*Listening harder, the two heard the faint laughter of both children and adults alike. The glow from the crystals became more intense, forcing both Aftan and Akane to cover their eyes before it wait dark, the sound of crystals shattering on the ground echoed around them.*

"What... happened?"*Aftan asked as she and Akane uncovered their eyes.*

*Before them stood the spirits of the Cultists and their children, shining within the darkness of the cavern that once held the brain of Khthon.*

*Akane recognized the brave boy who had been the first to talk to her as he turned around, with his mother holding his hand and waved at Akane and Aftan before mother and son walked through the wall of the cavern. This continued for a few more moments until the pair found themselves alone.*

*As the spirit left the body of Khthon, they took flight into the sky, passing Angelus, Caim and Blade who watched fly into the night sky, their journey just started.*

*After a few moments. The only one left was the Khthonic High Priest who looked at both Duke and Genki in anger and madness.*

"My Lord will return one day and you will all pay!"*He screamed as he charged Genki*

*Cadolbolg looked down with concern at Friend Jenny who laid there motionless.*

*Gently moving her onto his shell, Cadolbolg flapped his wings a couple times and took flight. Finding Old Mommy, Daddy and Friend Blade along the way.*

"Friend Jenny is hurt. Cadolbolg will take her back to Airship"*He reported, waiting for Friend Blade to approve.*

Duke took his chance, running up the altar and grabbing a stake as he approached the High Priest.

Genki at this point had used the Mollusk Launcher to control the last of his followers.

"Batter Up!"

Duke then whacked The High Priests head at full force, sending it into the ocean.

*The Khthonic Cult and the Eco-Terrorist were routed. Their Lord and God defeated. As the sun rose upon the City of New York, the Heroes got a full view of the devistation.*

*Buildings were shattered, the skyline of New York was no longer the same as it had once been.*

*However, thanks to Jenny's work, there were far fewer casualties than had been expected. The City had survived that attack and as the citizens watched the Heroes regroup and board their airship, they started the process of rebuilding.*


"Friend Jenny is hurt. Cadolbolg will take her back to Airship"*He reported, waiting for Friend Blade to approve.*

"Dammit! Is it bad?..." Blade asked.
Instead of waiting for an answer, once Angelus grew near, He leapt off and landed next to Jenny's ship.
"Jenny! JENNY!" He shouted as he ran into the ruined Pub.
Quickly finding his beloved in such a slate, He welled up tears.
"Oh God...Jenny, If you can hear me, Just hang on, We'll get you some help...Oh god..." He stammered as he started to sob.
"Goddammit, I promised her..."

"That... Was the gift of the Gods. Forgive me, for I know you believe in God, but I come from a different plane, another thread of the universe and my world had many Gods and Spirits. That ... was them showing us mercy, and forgiveness." Akane said softly. She began to slouch less, as if a weight on her shoulds had been lifted.

Several of Akane's tails brushed up against Aftan, and the Knight felt the Kitsune stumble slightly. Aftan caught Akane, giving her a light shake.

"Come now, it is not that far back to the airship. You can sleep then."

"Gomenazai..." The Kitsune yawned back. She was asleep on her feet for all intents and purposes.

Signing off for the night.:
So tired...

Duke and Genki hopped into the Genkimobile and drove onto a building and set off to the next location.

*Cadolbolg left Friend Blade and Friend Jenny hearing a strange car moving in the distance. Not wanting his friends to be disturbed, Cadolbolg took off in search of the noise, wanting to ensure that whoever did this to Friend Jenny would not get away.*

*As he glided through the air, he saw the vehicle, with its bright colors and odd passengers.*

"You won't get away that easily!"*Cadolbolg croaked as he banked into a steep dive, the intent being to perform a surprise attack on the Enemies below.*

*His calculations however were a bit off as he landed directly in front of the Genkimobile and was promptly ran over.*


*One of the Genkimobile's tires was punctured as it ran over Cadobolg's razor sharp tail, sending the car into a spin.*

*When the dust settled, a dazed Cadolbolg picked himself off the ground, tire treads still showing on his shell and approached the potential enemies.*

Angelus took note of the destruction of the gargantuan quadruped, and took a mental inventory of Caim's faculties. He seemed to be doing fine, but was a little distressed at being distracted from the big show; as he was cutting the minor cultists into ribbons.

"I'll find you on foot, you big lizard; so go and find Jenny. That Knight is here, along with the Fox. I'll see if we need to do anything."

Taking that message to heart, the dragon continued her course to Jenny's location.



When she saw what had been wrought upon the Pokemon, Angelus' eyes widened. A familiar, if somewhat disgusting, smell filled her nostrils, and a low growl filled her throat.
"He has been here... Blade, I have some tracking to do. Watch Jenny; I'll have Cadolbolg take you two-"

That was when she heard Cadolbolg's attack upon the car; and in an irritated tone said, "Little one, as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, they are not the ones we are looking for. Now, I need you to take these two back to the airship, alright? Your mother has a bit of hunting to do..."

-Meanwhile, in the remnants of a Cape Town-

It had been several hours, but Legna was pleased with himself. Giving a word of his return to the coven of female dragons; Legna felt as if he had something to look forward to... For once. Flying out near an increasingly desperate Inuart, Legna kept his bemused attitude as he swooped down and gathered his pact partner. Oh dear... He was raving about the woman again, and... The Grail had been lost. Legna could only suppress a sigh as he flew onward; thinking of stratagems with which to find the man and his doll. He wouldn't hear the end if it until the damned woman was alive again. Thinking of what would come when he had finished his work, Legna kept flying ahead.

The two emerged from the crash. it did little damage to the Genkimobile, but its not everyday this kind of stuff happens.

"Well Professor, we were attacked by a.... Dragon Turtle, thing. The fuck is going on?! I was only gone for a week!"

"You know that I am a Man-Cat after all. You'd be used to this at this point".

When Angelus descended, Duke had enough of this randomness, he walked straight to her. "All right then, just who are you all anyway?"

Time for Angie to play voice of reason again

Angelus cleared her throat and said, "I am called Red. Myself and several others were part of the effort to take down that enormous stone creature you see over there."

She gestured to the fallen Colossus, and then to Cadolbolg, "The exuberant destroyer of your vehicle is Cadolbolg, my adoptive son. He misconstrued you for an assailant of a friend of ours. She... Is there. Now, I have my suspicions of this attacker, as well as his scent, now if you don't mind; I really need to catch him before the trail goes cold."

"Wait just a second there!"

From behind the Genki-Mobile, Caim was beginning to make headway, running as fast as his human legs were able to carry him. Angelus let out an exasperated sigh, and pointed, "And that would be Caim, the most stubborn human I have ever met. An associate of mine, and battle partner."

As Caim finally reached the group, he gestured at Genki and Duke; "Who are these two?"

Looking back to Duke and Genki, Angelus continued, "Ah, I nearly forgot; this one here is unable to speak, thus I do for him. He is inquiring as to who you two are."



"Dad, please not now, i'm trying to help her. She won't take children's souls anymore after i make this contract. I know what i'm doing, ok Daddy?" she said then turned back to Lamia.

"Ok, One last thing to do." she said and held out her hand for Lamia to shake.

The woman shook it and that was seemingly it. Lily took a few steps back and then her hand began to bleed a little. She took the few drops of blood on her hand and smeared them on a small circle about a foot across with lines of runes connecting them to the main circle.

All of the runes began to glow red and darkness rose up, inflaming around the two of them. The three people had sat on the points of the pentagram and were being torn away by the darkness. It stripped them of everything until the bones were taken aswell. The black mass was now circling above until it all funneled down into the forehead of Lamia.

Her body began changing, becoming more demon-like in appearance.

(I'll leave the specifics up to you Ynnek.)

Lily stood up. "Rise and take your freedom newborn." she said.

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