The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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*Sigh* A long story.

A sigh came from Tomoya as he remembered two figures in the mist of the upcoming battles. One of Ken the mastermind and one was Red Mage an opponent with unknown goals. "Yes, the mastermind behind this is a man or boy named Ken. When I first came into this world he was simply an evil boy who nuked L.A, his powers are manipulating nuclear energy I think. Later he became future evil galactic overlord...of course which we stopped. Then now he is again in his younger form again. This time I will make sure he is captive...maybe in hell even." Tomoya said coldly as soon as he brought up Ken's name.

"This other person we are chasing is Red Mage, I have no idea why, but he is stealing souls for an unknown reason. I have also decided to stop him...but not kill him since someone is trapped within him..." Tomoya said once more except a little less coldly. As Tomoya got up from the chair. "There is so much death in this world...that is why I am here." Tomoya said in a confident voice as he left for the canteen.

Tomoya is back

As Tomoya got back to the canteen, he saw Dylan. "So where is Blackharte and this important message?" Tomoya asked the boy.


As Tomoya set off, David thought over his plan again, sure, Ken could make nukes, but all he needed to do was to get close.
He would play for every life he ruined on this earth, David owed that to the men and women Ken caused him to kill.


As Tomoya set off, David thought over his plan again, sure, Ken could make nukes, but all he needed to do was to get close.
He would play for every life he ruined on this earth, David owed that to the men and women Ken caused him to kill.

David noticed a ruckus coming towards the bar.
"Damn it Dani! will you atleast put a towel on?" he heard Daniel's voice say.

there was another crash and Daniel groaned. It went on like this for a few more minutes before Dani burst into the room completely nude and walked up to the bar. She looked at david as if she was about to kill him. "Whiskey, 100 proof, bootleg, now..." she growled at him.

"Dani, you're about as old as me biologically and even less in actual time!" Daniel said opposing the idea of her drinking.

"You seem to think i give a fuck. We may be the same person, but that doesn't mean i can't make my own choices..." she replied annoyed.


David eyed up Dani and Daniel.
"....I really wish I could say this is the weirdest thing to happen to me today..." He finally said before hopping over the counter and getting Dani's Whiskey.
"But really, You should at the very least put some pants on while I get this..." He said as he began looking for a drink that strong.


"See, even the alcoholic says you should put on some pants." Daniel said.

"Ugh.... fine." she said then looked at Daniel and he made a a pair of cargo pants and a tanktop. The tank top was akward to put on because of the massive set of wings on her back, but it eventually got on. "There, happy?" She asked annoyed.

"Yes, thank you, much better." Daniel said.

(captcha: "sausages" is it trying to tell me something?)

Nah, if it was, it'd be clearer

By the time David found a 50% Whiskey, Dani was fully clothed.
"Huh...That was fast. Anyways, Careful with this stuff, If I ain't too fond of it, That's a bad thing." He said as he got a tumbler and filled it before sliding it over to Dani.
"So, Mind if I ask who the fuck you people are and why was she just naked?...
That question sounded better in my head..."


"I'm Daniel and this is Dani. We're from another universe like everyone else here." Daniel explained.

"Trust me, its just better to accept the fact i came out of a holding tank and here i am. New body, free from his mind and a 24 foot wingspan." Dani said stretching her wings out fully. Then the girl(?) chugged down the 50% without a problem. "Stronger. got an improved liver, need to break it in."


David nodded in understanding.
"Yeah, I know what ya mean Dani. Still, Shoulda just went with the normal stuff because that Crap? Bad for the soul, but hey, Who am I to judge? David West, Look forward to working with ya." He said before giving a small toast with his drink before downing it.
He turned to Daniel and said "So you just stand there or you want a drink? Seems to be the Current Fad around, Take Blade and Jenny for example."
Daniel perked up a little at Jenny's name.
"Heh, Yeah, she and Blade went though a bottle of Sake or more like it went though them, Me and Akane had to drag them to their rooms, Sleeping it off right now." He explained as he refilled Dani's Glass.

Important snip.

Blackharte looked up at Tomoya and almost buzzed with excitement, "Okazaki Tomoya," it said, "I have grave news. I've done more research and it seems hat Red Mage does not intend to only slay the Demon Mammon, he desires to tear a hole into heaven and hell itself. I believe he is trying to strike down God."


"I'm sixteen, and so is she. I don't even want to think about touching alcohol." Daniel said taking a seat at the bar. "Though if you do have a 2 litre bottle of mountain dew, i'll take that."

"Thats why i wanted out of your head, i couldn't drink in there." She said and david check under the counter once more, finally finding the bootleg whiskey.

He checked the label. "110 proof. Damn." he said and opened it, taking a sniff of it, it burned his nostrils.

"Here, give that to me." She said and grabbed the bottle, taking a nice long drink shortly afterwards. "Now thats what i'm talking about. i can actually feel it burning."

Then Puce and his succubus came over. "Yeah, its fine. but i have no clue and was wondering the same thing earlier." he said scratching the back of his head.

Drunk Horror

David merely shook his head as Dani downed the Bootleg stuff.
"Jesus, just cause you can now drink don't mean you can abuse it, I mean...DAMN..." He said before returning to his bartender role and getting Daniel a Mountian Dew.

Then Kurumu was kind enough to give her insight on Daniel and Dani's relationship.
"...This sort of thing is why I will never be cloned. Becoming a Cyborg, Maybe, but no Cloning." He sighed before watching Dani go though the Bootleg at an alarming rate.
"Sheez, Think you got enough now?..."


Dani finished the bottle and slamed it down on the counter, surpisingly not breaking it. "Woo! that was fun." she said not feeling anything.

"Trust me David, its better than having her stuck in my head and having the same body. She wanted one to go kill the red mage, and thats what she got. " He said then sipped at the mountain dew. "So giving her a body was the best option."

Now let me tell you why that is bullshit

David ignored Daniel as Dani finished the drink.
"Wait,wait,wait...You are still alive....This is you're first time drinking....You drank one of the most potent drinks on the planet...without so much as a stutter?..." He said in total disbelief, He spent years getting to where he was in terms of drinking and he wasn't about to be up-staged by a upstart who'd just been born!


Now let me tell you why that is bullshit

David ignored Daniel as Dani finished the drink.
"Wait,wait,wait...You are still alive....This is you're first time drinking....You drank one of the most potent drinks on the planet...without so much as a stutter?..." He said in total disbelief, He spent years getting to where he was in terms of drinking and he wasn't about to be up-staged by a upstart who'd just been born!

"I have an improved liver. circulates blood at a rate 10x more than normal." Dani said. "Is there another bottle down there?"

Daniel looked at her with his jaw open. "That wasn't on the list of upgrades!" he said.

"I knew you wouldn't approve of some of them, so i made some without letting you know." she said.

Possible Challenge?

David was torn.
He was extremely tempted to challenge Dani to a Drinking Contest to see who the REAL master of the Demon Drink was, But he knew that he'd be risking his life.
On the other hand, Dani would need a lesson in respect and this would be his last chance to do something really dumb before he "Met" Ken.
So he made up his mind, gave Dani another Bottle before waiting for an excuse...

Shadow just decided to stay where he was, but first he would find a bottle of vodka. After searching around a bit he eventually found a bottle of vodka took a seat in the corner of the room and waited for something exciting to happen. Because something exciting always happened...

As David watched Dani down another bottle, He finally noticed the man from the shower room.
"Hey, Mr. Black (Shadow), Forgot to thank you for that..."Thing" earlier." He said as he hopped back over the counter, clearly not wanting to reveal what just happened to Daniel and Dani just yet.
"Just never saw ya on board before now, Got a name or will Mr. Black do?" He asked as he pulled up a chair.

"My name is shadow.." He blankly responded while putting his vodka down. "And your welcome" he said while turning back to David. He stretched his arm out and yawned a bit while saying "is there something I can do for you?".

Meanwhile in Paris

As Inuart and Legna searched around for clues, the following news report came in on a local television set:


"This just in. Destruction in Russia! The Russian Federation has just released a press report stating that their Capital, Moscow, was the scene of a massive massacre on a genocidal scale. Additionally, the press report continues, St. Petersberg has been leveled to the ground. Not a single soul was able to escape the carnage."*The New Anchor reported.*

"The Chinese Government has expressed their sympathies to their former Communist Comrades and claim that they have information on the culprits involved in these heinous crimes.*

*The television suddenly shifted to a Chinese Ambassador holding several satellite photos that showed Moscow and St. Petersberg. In each shot, the Rising Dawn Airship was shown prominently.*

"These crimes are totally abhorrent and something must be done to bring the culprits in at any cost. The Chinese Government weather satellites were high above Russia documenting... umm... weather when it caught these shots. The ones responsible for the massacres of Moscow and Russia are none other than the freelance group of mercenaries known as Rising Dawn. We, the Chinese Government, pledge ourselves into aiding our Russian Federation comrades in bringing these wanton criminals to justice.*

After that report, there was footage of a brutal attack on the Fox News station by a group of persons clad in pink and purple, the carnage that ensued put many people in the hospital.

Not really caring about the brutality of the reports, Inuart perked up, "Finally! A sign! Legna, do you know what this means? We only need to find this Russia place, and then the Rising Dawn will be right on our footsteps! This is great!"

Legna was already looking for a quiet place to transform as Inuart excitedly talked about their plans, and had his partner follow him to a park; and from there, they began to take to the skies. The dragon could only hope that their quest was reaching an end.

"Just being friendly, Getting to know the people I'll be working with. In case that Bomb thing wasn't enough, These are fucked up days." David explained before topping off his shot.
"I take it you're Russian?..."

"Yes....." Shadow said looking strait at David. "Will that be a problem with you?" he qiestioned.

"No, American's distrust Russia, Europeans, We're neighbours!" David reassured as he put his feet up.
"Sheez man relax, we're on the same side."

"I suppose..... I still don't trust you... or really anyone except for the few I know" He responded. He leaned back in his chair and said " how did you get to be one of the rising dawn crew?".

"Funny thing was I was going to be deployed here to represent the E.A.T.T.F. and European interests, but then all these damn monsters showed up, I was in Moscow when they arrived, I was taken on board after a run in with Liseth and I've been here since."

"Seems familiar.... zombies monsters and such..." Shadow said. "What is the E.A.T.T.F.?" he questioned.

"European Anti Terror Task Force. Can't let the Yanks be Mankind's last best chance for humanity, can we Comrade?" David teased as he downed another shot.
"I knew shit would be wild but DAMN I wasn't trained for all this...How do you cope?"

"I rather enjoy it... so I don't have to cope..." Shadow replied as he put his M4 down on a table and began to clean it.

"Well...Still, just all the madness, I mean one of the crew is a fucking ghost! I know that his place is full of odd-balls but Jesus! You like having to deal with that 24/7

Dillon heard blade and shadow's conversation.
"I entered this world because I chose to now I'm considering my adventure complete ewhy should i keep going? I have a beautiful wife and a sweet daughter."
Dillon had spiked his own cola with rum.

"Wife and Daughter? Man, you're jinxing yourself, I've seen plenty of guys try to leave this life, Life catches them, never ends well." David said to Dillon as he downed another shot.
"Ain't shitting on your parade, just saying it how it is. Men like us don't settle down, just wait for the next batch..."

"Ummm because you enjoy it..?" Shadow guessed. "And I think I have gone clinically insane from being on this aircraft so that's why I can put up with it" be said to David.

"Ah, That explains it then. Just urban combat, Simple, Half the shit I've dealt with since getting here, Not so much. Ah well, I wonder if the insane get to park is Disabled Parking?..."

....... Shadow said nothing but looked at him. Was that suppose to be an insult or just a fact? He decided to just say nothing.

"There is just one thing though. How the hell do you all pay for this stuff? Airship Fuel ain't cheap. If it was, we'd have on by now..."

Well poop.

This surprised the still spirit form Tomoya quite some bit, aiming for both Heaven and hell. Tomoya knew that if hell broke into this world it would be the end of it, the worse part would be that they would have a direct portal to Heaven and all those saved souls which we have fought hard for.

"Well this is indeed not good at all...we both know that I cannot let this happen. All these lives both in this world and Heaven must be top priority and saved both from these monsters and Red Mage!" Tomoya yelled loud enough for his voice to fill the ship, whilst his eyes glowed white to indicate his dedication to stop them both.

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