The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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*Aftan carried the Kitsune, Akane, back to the surface before she teleported back onto the Rising Dawn Airship, placing the sleeping Fox Spirit into an empty bunk.*

"You get some rest now. There are more challenges yet to face."*The Knight said before she left the room, heading back to the empty white storage closet that she called her temporary home.*

*She pulled out her canteen and took a drink, feeling the water from the Fountain of Youth rejuvenate her body. Kneeling in the middle of the room, she began her meditations, something that she had not done since the beginning of the crisis. She let her mind void itself and go blank.*


*Cadolbolg watched as Daddy woke up from his state of unconsciousness. As Daddy's eyes fell on Cadolbolg, he smiled before landing on Daddy's chest to say hello.*

"Hello Daddy! Yes the Enemy Brute Bruiser is gone, roasted into ash by Old Mommy's fire."*The little Turtle said and belched fire up into the air, trying to mimic the flames that the giant dragon had produced. Instead he blew a fire ring... an effect that was amusing but wouldn't be particularly useful in battle.*

"How is Daddy feeling now? Better than Daddy looks, Cadolbolg hopes."*Cadolbolg asked as Daddy caught a glimpse of his reflection on Cadolbolg's shell.*

*Puce and Kurumu sat silently in the cockpit of Spectre Mk.2 as it cut through the night sky, screaming towards the Ukraine/Russia border. The autopilot beeped, marking their arrival into Russian airspace.*

"Russian Federation Air Control this is private craft Spectre reporting entrance into Russian Federation Airspace. Purpose to investigation into Moscow attack."*Kurumu said over the radio.*

*There was no answer over the radio and after a few moments, Kurumu tried to get into contact with Russian Federation Air Control once again.*

"Something's not right Kuru, they would have answered the first time."*Puce said, feeling uncomfortable.*

*As if confirming Puce's worry, an explosion rocked the small MONO racer.*

"What in the hell was that?"*Kurumu asked, looking around for the source of the explosion while taking evasive action.*

*Another explosion rocked the ship as Puce saw the source of the attack. A giant Serpentine Dragon made of stone was flying towards them, its mouth open as liquid fire dripped from it to the Earth below.*

"Shit!"*Puce said as he remembered various legends from his home country of Vietnam.*

"What is that, another of Ehecatl's dragons?"*Kurumu asked as she too caught sight of the stone dragon headed their way.*

"No. We call him Ha Long, though others call him Charlie. He's the son of the Goddess Embodiment of Vietnam and a Dragon that fell in love with her. He's dangerous. We need to land if we're going to have a chance."*Puce said as Kurumu responded by bringing Spectre Mk.2 in for an emergency landing.

-Time for mommy to wake up-

Angelus' head moved slightly at Caim's thoughts beginning to come in, and her eyes shot open, looking bloodshot, which looked a bit unnerving combined with her already red eyes.

"Caim? You are awake?" A sigh escaped her, as she tried her best to crack her neck. A rather uncomfortable position she had forced herself into. She had been at his side ever since the Pokemon and Caim were taken to the med-bay; not that anyone really knew that... Sentiments aside, the dragon feared that her partner would be rendered comatose by the actions that had taken place that day. It would not be the first time she had encountered pact partners in which one had been made paralyzed in some way, with only time being the death of them; were their fate to be so kind. Never the less, the dragon was relieved.

Caim immediately gave a silent inquiry to the dragon as to the recent happenings during his time out; and was washed over with a small wave of the dragon's recent experiences. Caim seemed to take the recent mental influx a little more harshly than was typical of receiving memories from the dragon. Obviously, the repeated head trauma had made Caim worse for wear. Angelus was still scanning his end of things, mentally checking his faculties; which, for the most part, seemed to be doing well. He had obviously suffered a strong concussion; thus causing his blacking out, and the effects of it would last a little time. The dragon could only hope that his condition would improve quickly. Caim would hate to miss a battle.

Caim, however, was silently amused by his new look. It had been some time since bandages had been upon him, especially in this manner.

"Let him know I'm doing fine. My head hurts a little, but I'm alright."
"Liar. It is only your training that allows you to stay as silent as you are."
"Don't tell Cadolbolg that. Geez dragon, I thought you had more tact than I did. Ow!"

The dragon only sighed once more and relayed Caim's 'condition' to their son, and gave a light laugh when she saw him preform the fire rings again.


Inuart and Legna had lost the scent of Puce and Kurumu long after they exited the Bay area, but were hunting around for rumors of the duo's exploits. Currently, they were looking into a British outpost for the Empire, in hopes of rumors of the two.

-Cadolbolg is what?-

*If Cadolbolg had the facial facilities that allowed him to frown, he would have. Somehow, Cadolbolg knew that even the slightest potential head injury could be dangerous. He envisioned a great many people, who were dressed like Friend Aftan, laying in cots dying of head trauma. Cadolbolg was scared to hear that Daddy's head was hurting.*

"Cadolbolg. Pay attention to what I am about to show you."*Arnal al Said said to Cadolbolg in his mind.*

*Angelus watched Cadolbolg's fire ring display suddenly stop as a new look came upon Cadolbolg's face. It looked as it the Flying Metallic Turtle was concentrating deeply and suddenly there was a flash of light that blinded both Caim and Angelus and a loud shriek that would come from a bird of prey.*

*The light was gone as quickly as it came. Caim found that his head no longer hurt, the concussion that he had received from Bruiser's head butts was gone. Angelus, found that her neck no longer ached at all.*

"I think it is time. Cadolbolg and I have something to tell you."*A different voice came from Cadolbolg's mouth.*

*Puce and Kurumu's landing wasn't the smoothest on record but they managed to survive the emergency landing before running off into the woods, looking for an advantage over Charlie.*

"I think this is as good a place as any."*Kurumu said, sucking in air despite her body not needing it.*

"Just watch for him. He's been known to pull off a few traps."*Puce said.*

*As if waiting for Puce to say that, the pair heard a baby's cry in the distance. Kurumu's first instinct was to run and check on the screaming infant, Puce called out a warning.*

"Kurumu! Don't! Stop!"*Puce called out as Kurumu reached a bundle in the distance.*

*The bundle as it turned out appeared to be a Caucasian infant, just barely 6 months old. The blanket that was wrapped around it was covered in blood, a few Cyrillic words could be seen through the blood.*

"Puce! It's a baby! It looks like it survived an attack or something. Probably Liseth!*Kurumu called out as she bent down to pickup the baby.*

"Kurumu! No!"*Puce said too late.*

*The grenade's spoon flew off the body of the grenade, igniting the fuse. The explosion was massive as it detonated an additional 3 grenades nested underneath.*

*Puce looked in horror at the explosion, but was relieved to see that Kurumu's metallic body that Puce had made for her upon landing, was unscathed. However, there was no additional noise made from the infant.*

"Fucking Bastard!"*Kurumu screamed as a figure appeared on the edge of the woods.*

-Caim appreciates the buff-

The two 'parents' only looked at each other in confusion, and then back at Cadolbolg,

"Who... are you?" Angelus began, as she appreciatively gave her neck a good stretch. Caim was focused a little more on his head, and how happy he was that it didn't hurt anymore. Grabbing the PDA again, he typed,

"How are you talking through Cadolbolg?"


*There was a glint of increased intelligence as Arnal spoke through Cadolbolg's mouth.*

"The reason, Master Caim and Mistress Angelus, that I am able to speak through your adoptive child's mouth is due to the fact that I reside in Cadolbolg's mind. My name is Arnal al Said and before you ask... yes ... Aftan is my daughter."*Arnal said through Cadolbolg's mouth.*

"As to how I ended up trapped in his mind, it is a bit of a story.*

"I was in Tokyo, Japan during the events that culminated in M. Bison taking over and converting the city into a giant weapon's facility. I, being the only member of the Knighthood in the area, was scouting the area when your group arrived as well as the one that you know as Puce."

"During the moments where your group was captured, Puce summoned a bird to communicate with you, Mistress Angelus, as relay information. His second creature was the winged turtle that you have come to know as Cadolbolg. It was during the creation of Cadolbolg, I understand it, that one of Bison's guards observed me and shot me. My spirit and will found itself absorbed in the process that created your child. I have been with him since then, reforming his body after each explosion, helping him understand the situations that you and your group have been going through and teaching him the things that I could not teach my own daughter after the incident that rendered her close to death."*Arnal paused for a moment before continuing.*

"For the most part, I have been trying to keep in the background but Cadolbolg's fears prompted me to heal you, in an attempt to assuage his fears. I hope that you will forgive my ruse, I mean no harm to you nor your son."*Arnal concluded, waiting for his fate to be decided. If they wished, he would leave Cadolbolg's body, however that would render Cadolbolg unable to reform himself after each explosive blast from the bomb located in his shell.*

*Puce and Kurumu watched as Charlie approached them, M16 in hand, Katana strapped to his back. The dragon tattoo that wrapped around his arm glowed brightly as Charlie summoned his powers.*

*However, Puce was surprised to see another armband wrapped around the man's left arm. It was black and held a great red logo upon it.*


Daniel awoke after healing himself and passing out. Without using anything to heal himself besides his own desire to do so, it took allot out of him. Looking around, he saw what he could only guess were the remains of bruiser: two arms.

Walking over to them, he picked them up and focused on them. they were broken down and re-organized into metal, leaving no trace that they were ever even linked to him in any way shape or form. He tossed the metal in his bag and wandered off away from the others.


"So you're the one that brings him back each time?"

"And you healed us, if only to placate Cadolbolg..."

"And you're Aftan's father? You seem alright in my book."

Angelus chuckled, and added, "So long as you don't override our son, save in dire emergencies; or in times of necessary communication, such as now, I don't see the problem. Do you Caim?"

The swordsman only shook his head, and held out a hand to shake with Arnal.


*Arnal... or rather Cadolbolg's hand reached out to shake with Caim.*

"I tend not to intrude upon Cadolbolg's mind save. He is quite insightful at times, though his enthusiasm for battle his seemed to increase over the last few months, I believe that you two have done a wonderful job at raising this young mind."*Arnal complimented the parents.*

"And yes, I did only heal you for Cadolbolg's sake. I would like to not interfere with events as much as possible. My interference could negatively impact your 'son's' growth in the long run. For now, I would like to enjoy a long over due retirement and keep a tab on my daughter. As enthusiastic as she is as a warrior, it is my desire to see that she learns the final lesson that I could not teach her. A warrior's strength needs to be tempered by a warrior's compassion."*Arnal concluded.*

*Charlie raised the M16 at Puce and smiled.*

"Ahhh... a Hmong. What's one of you wretches doing outside of your mountain villages?*Charlie smirked as he pulled the trigger.*

*Puce and Kurumu dodged the incoming fire, only to find that Charlie had trapped the whole of the forest.*

*As Puce ran, he tripped a tripwire, that sent a barrage of poisoned darts his way. It was only pure luck that they all missed.*

"Puce! Are you okay?"*Kurumu called out, as she took to the skies.*

James was watching the monsters on the bank of monitors when an aide approached him. "Sir, the mercenaries in Russia have secured the packages and are now in Kazakhstan. They are wondering what their new orders are," the aide informed James. "Tell them to bring one of the packages here. Once that is done, give directions to the Outpost where they are to take the rest of them. They will be paid the 10 million once that is done," James finished explaining to the aide.

-snip snippie doo-

The two parents immediately took to awkwardness, as such things weren't exactly their area of expertise. As to Arnal's comments on a need for compassion, Angelus could not help but look at Caim, and lightly teased, "Sound familiar, Caim? Remember that one time you used your sword to save, rather than purely for the kill?"

The swordsman only frowned a little, and typed, "Different styles, different ideas. Simple as that."

Now Caim felt himself out of his comfort zone; as brutality was a common (and effective) tactic that he turned to in battle. Only so much mercy Caim felt he could give before deciding that the sword was the best course of action.


*Arnal nodded in agreement with Caim.*

"While its true that different styles offer different advantages, sometimes that act of sparing your opponent can offer future opportunities. I believe my daughter has discovered that today."*Arnal said, remembering that he saw Aftan helping Akane into bed after Khthon's attack.*

"I do have a comment about today's battle however. You did well, all things considered. You do drop your guard for a fraction of a second when you swing."*Arnal smiled.*

*Puce hid behind a tree as Charlie unloaded his M16 at Puce's position.*

*From out of nowhere, Kurumu dove in from the sky, trying to pounce on Charlie, only to be sent flying into a tree.*

"This guy is rough."*Puce said as he fired his Neural Scrambler Module at Charlie.*


He must of went out of it when talking to Tomoya. Ryan awoke riding on a lesser dragon that used to serve Elecatl. Unsure what the meaning of this was, he sat up and asked the dragon himself, "By what right are you carrying me?"

The dragon, not bothered by Ryan's tone merely replied, "I was requested by one of your allies to bring you to a remote place. They did not say why, but they must of saw the potential you had after aiding them to bring down my former previous master." Ryan took note of this and meditated on why he was now needed overall.

That's when Ryan noticed a spot in the forest (or jungle, from the looks of the trees but he was unsure. This place was nothing like Skyrim) that there was an explosion. He commanded the dragon to let him down to check it out thus it did. Once they landed, Ryan was able to see Puce and Kurumu, and it looked like they were in trouble.

Akane awoke to find herself tucked into a strange bed.

Aftan must have brought me back to the airship... my new Home for a while.

She got out of the bed, and found herself in a small room with shower and ameneties attached. She stepped into the shower and disrobed, letting the refreshing warm water flow all over herself. She washed herself after a good soaking,going through the motions as her mind was still waking up. It was only as she was rinsing the shampoo from her hair and tails that it clicked.

"My tails are gold. My hair is gold." Akane stated flatly to herself. "*Sigh*, I was waiting for this day. I've awakened, and now I don't have my lovely red hair anymore..."

Finishing up her shower, she put her clothes back on. Thanks to her Fox-Demon magic, they were clean again. A benefit of the form changing technique, one could use it for more than just changing bodily appearances. Taking her Katana from where it had been placed at her side on the bed, Akane made her way to the canteen for some food. And perhaps a cup of tea.

Upon arriving, she noticed no-one was here, and the only other place that people would be after a battle would be the Medbay... worrying over hurt comrades. Checking the frdge and finding it stocked full, along with the pantry, Akane had an idea.

10 minutes later the Kitsune walked into the Medbay with two large picnic baskets in her arms.
"Ohaiyo, Minna-san~!" She cheerily called out. "Oh wait, you all speak English, don't you... Hello! I was just in the Canteen and thought you were all here, so I made some sandwiches to share. There is a selection of them in this basket, and drinks and snacks in this other one. Please eat, you all look hungry!"

As she set the baskets down on a spare bed, she grabbed a plate and began to dig in herself, ham and sweet mustard pickles on her sammich. Her tails swished madly as she wolfed it down, the taste was superb.

Caramel Frappe:

*As Ryan entered the wooded area, he heard the Dragon take flight and leave to return to her family as they were to begin a search for a new home as soon as Legna, the new Male of the Flight, returned to them. It might take years but it was something that the Flight was looking forward to.*

*Creeping stealthily along the way, he heard the cry of an infant in the darkness. Beyond it, he heard the unfamiliar sound of automatic gun fire but the familiar sound of fireballs being cast as Charlie continued his assault on Puce and Kurumu.*

*Puce absorbed one of Charlie's fireballs and tried to create a wooden construct, a bear, only to have it sliced in half by Charlie's blade.*

"Come out Hmong. I know you're aligned with the Hammer Empire. I saw you get into their submarine."*Charlie called out as he fired at Kurumu, the bullets deflected by her metal body.*

*Arnal smiled as Akane entered the room.*

"Ahhh... the Kitsune."*Arnal observed through Cadolbolg's eyes.*

"Miss Akane. You look well rested. How are you feeling?"*Arnal asked. Which left Akane wondering why Cadolbolg was speaking in such a different tone of voice.*

-You saw a vid of the boss battle in the sequel, didn't you?-

Caim frowned a little, and upon reflection, nodded. "Strength over speed has served me well. I prefer to hit hard than to hit fast. If I get them, they don't get back up."


However, Caim's thoughts of battle (for once) were quashed by a sudden growl in his stomach, and he reached for a sandwich; not particularly caring as to which one he grabbed. In the army, food was for survival, not for enjoyment. Angelus helped herself to a sandwich as well, and motioned to Arnal, asking if Cadolbolg's body could process food.


*Arnal/Cadolbolg shook his wrinkled head.*

"This is one the things that I find lacking in this body. It has not the ability to digest food. However, if Puce comes back from his quest, perhaps I will ask him to include a digestive tract in Cadolbolg's body. I believe that your child would enjoy the taste of food."*Arnal remarked, though he looked at the food longingly.*

After nomming her first sammich, Cadolbolg began talking to her, in a very different voice than she remembered. Focusing upon the little turtle dragon, she could sense two souls in the one body. Turning her head to it, she spoke. "I am well thank you. Aftan very kindly helped me back here whilst I was powerless and exhausted from killing that monster. However, you do not sound like the Cadolbolg I met earlier... Nor does your presence feel the same as his did."


Even though Kurumu was able to deflect the bullets thanks to her metal body, Charlie came in like a blazing flash with his sword readied to strike down on the girl. To even be sliced, she'd probably be gone unless lucky by fate itself- and that's when the sword came down with a clinging noise.

Kurumu blinked, unsure if she was hit or slit. However, before her stood a man in armor, which she recognized. It was Ryan, in front of her blocking the sword with his huge shield. Charlie seemed quite surprised, wondering who the heck this human could possibly be. However, he did not expect the Nord to step forward and shove him back.

"State your hand, warrior. Why are you attacking my fellow comrades?"

*Arnal/Cadolbolg bowed respectfully, in a way that reminded Akane of someone that had spent a deal of time in Japan itself.*

"Miss Akane, my name is Arnal al Said, former Grand Master of the Knighthood of the Illuminated Phoenix, though given my current state, you can refer to me as Arnal."*Arnal said.*

"It does warm my soul to hear that my daughter was kind enough to help you to your room. I see that you two have made quite the team on the battlefield."*He continued, ignoring Akane's raised eyebrow towards the reference to Aftan being his daugher.*

Caramel Frappe:

*Charlie ignored the armored warrior and took a step back, noting the man's ethnicity as not being of Asian decent, he deemed this man lacking.*

*Returning the Warrior's shove, Charlie lashed out with a kick to Ryan's chest, followed with a burst from the M16.*

"Das Feenreich shall destroy all you Hammer Empire puppets!"


The fight seemed to be in favor of Charlie for now since his strength was more then Ryan predicted- however his statement made Ryan respond with, "The Empire? Are you a rebel just like in the name of the Stormcloaks?" The burst from the M16 however pushed Ryan back as he blocked the hit. It looked like he would be a challenging opponent indeed.

"As the Harbinger, I will not let you kill my shield brother and sister!" Ryan took forth a running start, Charlie able to side dodge which Ryan swung at a 190 angle, able to make Charlie block the blow. In truth, the blow seemed stronger then Charlie suspected from the warrior.

Caramel Frappe:

*Charlie seemed to laugh manically as he reveled in the combat and punched Ryan in the unhelmeted face.*

"You move like you've been eating too many sweet rolls! If the Hammer Empire has more like you, dismantling them will be no issue."*Charlie commented as he summoned a fireball in his hand, throwing it at the Harbinger.*

*As the fireball flew towards Ryan, it seemed to start shrinking until only a little ember bounced off of Ryan's wolf armor.*

*Using the absorbed energy from the fireball, Puce infused it into the ground, causing a massive stone honey badger to appear.*

"Charlie. I should warn you... Honey Badger don't give a..."*Said as he started to black out from the effort of creating the Honey Badger.*

More surprised than anything, Akane responded to Arnal. "Yes, when I first met Aftan at the end of a pistol I did not think much of her. Cold and aloof that she was. Foolish as well, to ambush an enemy from behind with an uncocked pistol. However, after fighting side by side with her, I do believe she is warming up to me, and we do have a bond forged in battle. I've noticed how we can seem to read each other's movements when we fight close. I do respect her, and I trust in her now as well. I can't explain more, it is just a feeling I have about her."

When she finished, she took another sammich. She was really hungry still and could eat and listen to Arnal's response.


"As much as honor your talents- don't strain yourself! This is my battle, and you've already faced enough with your courage. Now, leave this to me!" Ryan turned back, only to get a 2nd punch to the face by Charlie, making Ryan slide back and grunt. Blood leaked from his nose, and by this point he was getting pretty angry. Taking slow, deep breaths.. he didn't want to use 'that' technique especially this early in the fight.

"To attack someone in a manner of sneakiness... that is ill of you." Ryan thought about using his voice, but decided to try something else. He started to jog again at Charlie, and like last time Charlie dodged it easily. Laughing at Ryan, he was about to block Ryan's sword once it came. Instead though, Ryan had switched places with his weapons thus a huge shield overpowered the sword's block and bashed Charlie right in the face.

*Arnal smiled again as much as was possible in his current state as a winged turtle crafted of metal.*

"Yes. She is susceptible to the most common ignorance among young Knights. Arrogance and a propensity to think that she is better than all others. It is a failing common with most that can only be broken with patience. I would like to thank you for showing her that she is lacking in this, the most basic tenet of being a Knight."*Arnal said again with a bow.*

*As he completed his words, Aftan wandered into the room, coming to check on the Mistress and her Pact Mate.*

"Oh! Akane, I did not know that you had awakened. Are you feeling better?"*Aftan asked to the Mistress', the Pact Mate's and her disguised Father's surprise.*

"The Achura believe in predestination, don't they?"

"We do, but it isn't to ridiculous degrees. You can delay fate, but you can't escape it."

"Then you'll understand when I demand that we head outward."

Red turned the corner onto Time's Square and held his hat tightly. A gust of wind swept through the empty city, quiet in the morning blues. The days had passed without incident, from shop to shop he visited, each time asking the owners for directions. It had been nearly a week since the Mage had slept, but it didn't bother him. His staff tapped rhythmically on the concrete as he continued on his stroll.

"Red," Alice said softly in the Mage's ear, "it's time to stop fooling around. I know of a boy that you used to know. His aura is close."

RM nodded politely and tapped his head with the blunt of his staff, vanishing into the air.


When he reappeared, he was kneeling. Unsure why, RM looked up. The room was stark and empty, bits and pieces of medical equipment hung neatly from the walls and cots lined the floor. Red bowed his head again.

"Be polite, we are in presence of a spirit."

Red Mage spoke softly, but firmly, mustering up all the Japanese he could remember from his interactions with Youmu and Tomoya, "Spirit of the fox. The respected Kitsune, one of the legends of the East, I am Red Mage, a hero lost to the times." The mage looked up with his deep green eyes and placed a hand over his heart. "Help me, house me, guide me, and my magics will be yours to command." The fox-girl looked perplexed, and chewed slowly on a sandwich. Her golden tails swished softly against the floor. It was not until a second later that he realized that he had just broken in on a conversation.

Caramel Frappe:

*Charlie grunted as the shield smashed into his face, drawing blood. The pain itself didn't bother him, having spent many years in a Chinese prison, being tortured with the other rebels trying to overthrow the Chinese Imperial oppressors.*

"You think that you've gotten the best of me?"*Charlie roared as a sudden wind began whipping around his body, Charlie's eyes began glowing the bright white of electricity.*

*Suddenly a young girl appeared, dressed in robes but also wearing an armband similar to Charlie's.*

"Charlie. Titania has summoned you. As for these three, the reports were wrong, they're not part of the Hammer Empire."*The girl said, creating a sphere of light in the distance.*

"Door, are you sure?"*Charlie asked, dispersing the wind gust from his body.*

"As sure as the sky is made of velvet. Come on."*Door ordered.*

*The two members of Das Feenreich, walked towards the spherical portal, disappearing into its depths.*

*Not wanting to lose their chance to find out more about Das Feenreich, Puce, Kurumu and Ryan ran towards the portal, entering it as it blinked out of existence.*

-Somewhere in Southern California: July, 19, 2012 - 2:25 AM-

*Ryan sat at his desk, waiting for overpuce to respond to his latest Avatar Adventure's post on Escapist.*

*He briefly stifled a yawn as he hit the refresh button once more on his browser window.*

"Man Puce, what's taking so long."*Ryan muttered, eating a hand full of popcorn.*

*Suddenly, a light appeared in his room. A large spherical portal appeared in the middle of Ryan's friggin' room.*

"What in Go..."*Ryan started before a figure emerged from the portal. It took a few seconds. but Ryan recognized the person right away.*

"Ryan?"*Ryan asked as the figure jumped back into the portal, having not found his query.

"Am I seeing things or was that my Skyrim character?"*Ryan asked himself, shaking his head.*

-Somewhere in Arizona - July 19, 2012 - 2:28 AM -

*Mark sat in the middle of his office typing away his response to Ryan's fight with Charlie. It seemed amusing to him to place Ryan, Ryan's Skyrim Character, in the middle of Ryan's room.*

*Chuckling to himself, he prepared to push the Post button when a light, similar to the one Mark had just described appeared in the middle of his office, pushing down the walls of the cubicles nearby.*

"What the fuck?"*Mark asked as he looked. Suddenly two people, very familiar to Mark jumped out of the light.*

"Puce? Kurumu?"*Mark asked, seeing the Conduit and Succubus in real life.*

"This can't be happening!"*Mark thought to himself, his heart skipping a beat as the busty succubus flashed a smile at him.*

*Moments later, the office was empty, save for Mark who couldn't believe what he just saw.*

*The portal opened once more. This time in the Hanger of the Rising Dawn Airship, depositing Puce, Kurumu and Ryan on the flight deck.*

"You! Armored guy! Did you see where Charlie went?"*Puce asked, ignoring what he had seen when he went through the portal.*

*It would be a time later before both Puce and Kurumu discussed what they saw when they exited the Portal the first time. Both had a feeling that they recognized the man at the desk, but had never really met him. It would bother them for a while.*

"I am thank you Aftan. Thank you very much for bringing me home and putting me to bed, I do not seem to remember much past the spirits of the children saying goodbye. Come, sit down and enjoy a sandwich with us all, I made enough for all. I was going to stop by your residence when I left here and offer you some, but you coming here has made everything fit into place." Akane replied to the Knight.

She took another sammich, "Good thing I made many... Ha ha ha!", and was eating it when a man in a sweeping red cloak teleported into the Medbay. He was kneeling, and bowed his head in a very formal style before speaking. Akane listened to him as he spoke in Japanese, "Spirit of the fox. The respected Kitsune, one of the legends of the East, I am Red Mage, a hero lost to the times." The mage looked up with his deep green eyes and placed a hand over his heart. "Help me, house me, guide me, and my magics will be yours to command."

The fox-girl looked perplexed, and chewed slowly on her sandwich. Her golden tails swished softly against the floor. It was not until a second later that he realized that he had just broken in on a conversation.

Gently Akane spoke to the newcomer, in English. "For the benefit of my companions, I ask that we converse in English. Arise Red Mage, if that is your real name. Present yourself to us as a whole, for though I am a Kitsune, a Fox-Demon as I am called in this culture, I am not the leader nor the most powerful in this room. Nor will I accept fealty from you, for that is a crime to rob someone of their freewill according to the ancient laws of my Daimyo."

*Aftan looked at the newcomer with a suspicion that everyone in the current Rising Dawn roster was familiar with. As her hand reach down towards her holstered Shrieker Pistol, a voice coming from Cadolbolg cleared its throat.*

*Looking at her father, whose spirit was trapped within the Metallic Flying Turtle's body, she was him shake his head, forcing her to move her hand away from the holster again. She would find out what this Red Witch's intentions were, even if she had to do it in private.*

*She simply sat down and started enjoying her sandwich, knowing that time was on her side.*



Kazuya attempted to Blast that Monster away bore she flew off, but the shaking in the Mountian made it impossible.
He instead redoubled his efforts into helping Lily and the other People that had been captured to escape.
On the light craft as it made it's way towards the Rising Dawn and the next battle, Jenny watched as Daniel began to knit the rest of his own wounds.
"Daniel, I...I don't know how I'll ever thank you..."
"Eh...Don'towWorryowAboutowIt..." He said, wincing at his organs re-arranging themselves.
Watching him suffer for her was rather heart-warming.
Once the ship docked, She assisted Daniel in getting off the ship.
"Thanks...Think I can walk now..."
And with that, Jenny gave Daniel a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you..."
Breaking off the embrace to check on Blade, Lopez the Bucket rolled over by Daniel's leg and said "I'll be right here...For you know..."

Med Bay

I hate time zones...

Blade managed to wake up first out of him, Caim and Angelus, both clearly tried from their battle.
Pain was the first thing he felt, His arm took most of the brunt of that Lamp Post and it showed, His arm was in a sling.
He tried moving it but was met only with more pain.
Then, dread filled his system, Was Jenny alright? Did that Bastard get what was coming to him?
His questions were soon answered as Jenny entered.
"Blade!" she replied as she ran over and hugged him.
"owowowowoowow....." he was forced to say as she moved his broken arm.
"Oh dear. Sorry..."

"No, no...I should say sorry...Just...I promised I'd protect you...that I wouldn't let anyone hurt y-"
"Hey, don't you worry about me. I don't need protecting anymore..." she answered as she sat at the end of the bed. or never Blade... he thought, causing Jenny to giggle a little.
"Oh nothing. Just reading your mind..."
Oh shit... "Really?...errrr...What did you find?..."
"That your thinking what I'm thinking..."
"Which i-"
He was interrupted by Jenny leaning toward and kissing him, a favour he then returned.

Several hours later
Jenny since left Blade to rest and after getting his strength back, he sat up and walked around a little.
Caim Began to stir.
"Hey, you finally woke up..."
"What happened? Where's the beast in the armor? Did we kill him? All I remember is the brute attacked Angelus, and I got mad; followed by some metal to my face..."
"Bruiser managed to hit you in the face with a Lamp Post, but After what Jenny did to him? Yeah, No one is getting up from that...It's over man."

After the stuff I missed
Blade rubbed his newly healed arm, moving and flexing it as Aftan's father spoke with Caim and Angelus.
"Heh...This world is just full of surprises..." he said to himself as he made his way to the bridge.

*Puce and Kurumu, who Puce placed back into her Doll Body, made their way out of the Rising Dawn's hanger, leaving Ryan asleep, but hidden, on the Hanger Deck. The man must have been exhausted after his fight with Charlie.*

"We're back. Back with them."*Puce whispered with a certain amount of dread as they walked down the Rising Dawn's corridors.*

*As they rounded a corner, they bumped into some sort of creature (Blade).*

"What the..."*Puce exclaimed, as he pulled out his staff.*

"... Fuck?"*Blade concluded.*

Stand off

"Alright, How on earth did you get in here?..." He groaned, really not looking forward to another fight, but if worse came to worse...
"I can ask you the same thing..." Puce responded.
"Well...I asked you first..." he retorted, folding his arms and showing off his Forearm Blades.

"I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque trying to get to to Abu Dhabi. What's your excuse?"*Puce said, not bothering to even tell a believable lie.*

"Puce!"*Kurumu scolded him.*

"We took some sort of portal and we wound up here after a minor detour."*Kurumu said, remembering the office and the man in the office that they saw before they ended up in the Airship Hanger.*

"Okay shorty. The Succubus told you how we got here. How about you tell us how you got here and why on Earth you would choose to work with this bunch of Maniacs?"*Puce demanded, twirling the staff in his fingers and charging the attached Neural Scrambler Module.*

Blade rolled his eyes at that Shorty comment.
"Why?...You don't watch a lot of News, do you? The monster's attacking the world? Those? Kind of big deal. Look, if you want to help, Help, If you want to cause trouble, can you please go else where? I've had a rough day..." He confessed before adding "So what do I call you two?..."

*Kurumu jumped off of Puce's shoulder she flitted down to shake Blade's hand.*

"Well you can call me Kurumu and the big lunkhead over there, you can call him Puce. I would keep Dillon away from him for a while. They had a big blowup back not too long ago... I think Puce wants to do something drastic if he sees Dillon."*Kurumu confided in the little Pokemon.*

"So... what do we call you and besides the monsters, which we DO know about, why are you here?"*The little wooden Succubus asked.*

"Name's Blade. Was just visiting some old friends that were in my world some time back. Then all THIS happened..." Blade answered the doll.
"Speaking of which, I'm sure there are still plenty of those things remaining. If your sticking around, we could use the help. and how does he know Dillon?" He asked as they left the Hanger.

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