The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Liseth watched as David was disarmed by Akane, But it was no matter.
Moscow was history and she had other cities to ruin.

David groaned as Akane dragged him off.

Rip finished feeding and absorbed Stella back into herself. "Much better" she said correcting her clothing. "Now that that has been filled, i shall tell you how to defeat this beast easily. Do not land this ship. Gain as much altitude as you can and follow it, throwing everything you have down at it. She can effect judgement. If you go down there, you will be turned against eachother and cut oneanother down like starving wolves over the last bit of food." She said. Then the girl pulled a backwards jump into her striker units, picking up her guns.

"If you do not trust me then i shall go, if you want me to help with the fight, then i shall. I want to have a world to rule after this is over, and i'd prefer if it had people in it." she said, charging up her jets.

"Rip, remember this. I will free Stella from your vile grasp."
"Oh? and how is that little junge?"
Dillon didn't say this aloud but he had his plans, she could see from his eyes he wasn't kidding.
as we walked to the bridge he mentioned to Blade, this was out of her earshot do to several sealed doors
"Vile witch, didn't think I'd have a trick just because Stella was there? well she'll soon learn what happens when you feast on demons blood."
"Wait what?"
"I'll explain later." Dillon Promised

Blade decided not to ask what that was about and instead said as he and Dillon walked though the ship "Captain, Got word from the Bridge, Liseth is no longer in the City, Think she might be heading for St. Petersburg. Also, Akane picked up that guy who was shooting at us, Think he might know something about Liseth, seeing how he was still alive and all. He's in Medical along with Dylan, Lost part of his ear, Fine apart from that."
"Thank You, Strider Katana..."
"No pro- Wait, How did yo-"
"Really want to know?..." Dillon cut in, giving Blade something to think about, In reality, He just used his Golden Ipod.
"Errr...No...." Blade answered.

Jenny Meanwhile finished treating Dylan's ear as David Woke up.
"Uhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...What the?...Wh-Where the Hell am I?!..." He exclaimed once he found himself Handcuffed to a hospital bed, Guy DID nearly take someone's head off.
"Oh, You're awake..." Jenny said checking his vital's
"What the hell is going on?"
"Calm down sir, You're on the Rising Dawn."
"Rising Daw-.....Wait...I was supposed to meet up with you guys...Least before the CIA fucked the world over. God-damn Yanks...Sorry, Just had a rough day, Name's David." He answered, still thinking that it was Nazi Zombies he just spent the last hour killing.
"Hello David, I'm Jenny." She replied.

In an undisclosed location in England

So far, nothing was found. Inuart angrily spat as he walked about the outpost. There had to be another way to find the two who stole the Grail. That was when he heard his pact-partner's voice in his mind,

"Perhaps searching for Caim would prove fruitful?"
Inuart scoffed, and sent back, "It always comes back to him, doesn't it?"
"Well, the perpetrators DID say they spoke with him. We find what we can about Caim, hold something OR someone as leverage, and then we'll get what we need."
"Would that madman even have allies? As far as I remember, he doesn't even care about the lives of others."
There was a "Hmph" in Inuart's mind, followed by the following, "Well, as I figured you were going to be stubborn, I did some digging myself. There have been reports of these monsters being taken down by a group of persons collectively known as the Rising Dawn. A Red Dragon has been described in their legions. If we find them, then we find Caim; as well as..."
"His allies! Surely one of them would know about that... Heretic and his doll! We wouldn't even have to deal with Caim!"
"Exactly. You do learn quickly. Now, ready your supplies. The Rising Dawn's trail is large, conspicuous and destructive. They will not be hard to find.

After some casual Chit Chat, Mostly about the Rising Dawn and it's crew, Jenny left the room as David began to try to figure out how the hell he ended up here.
Alright, First, the Unit was ambushed by Demons controlled by Liseth, Then we met Little Miss SS, After that, the Nazi Zombies, then...Soft...Tails?...And Then "Scene Missing"...Christ, I should stop drinking...

He then made the most of the situation and ordered a double Vodka and a 7-up.
"On Second thought, Make that a Triple..."

Blade meanwhile watched the survivor from the Ship's CCTV, clearly not impressed with David's Drinking habits

Several Triples Later
David was now what we in the business call "Shitfaced".
"...You put the lime in the coke you nut and mix it all up, you put the lime in the cookie mutt and twist it all up, you put the time to the poke youhurt and hiss it all up..." He sang before trying to stand up.
It was then that he remembered the Handcuffs.
Thinking it was the cheap bedroom ones you see in Discount Shops, He began to try and and break them, grunting with effort in-between verses.
"*Bang*...You put the pine the toke you tut and piss it all up *Bang* you put the mime in the look you but and miss it all up *Bang*..."


"*Bang*...You put the pine the toke you tut and piss it all up *Bang* you put the mime in the look you but and miss it all up *Bang*..."

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of a Meat and Tea Party.

Caim and Angelus were passed out on a bed, Cadolbolg between them; when the alarm went off. The dragon of the duo rose first, her eyes bleary. Taking a look up at where the alarm was sounding, she saw a message about somebody trying to escape from the med-bay. With an annoyed sigh, she rose and shook Caim awake.

"Come on, some idiot won't allow the rest of us peace."

Caim let out a harsh mental laugh as he readied his armor, the lack of a voice making it sound like a gasp in reality, "If there ever was a thing."

A few moments passed, and the two began their journey to the Med-Bay.


"*Bang*...You putt the mine in the nook you...You....yoouuuu...." David stopped his repeated banging as he tried to figure out something else that rhymed with Nut as a Annoyed Caim and Angelus entered the Med Bay.
"'Ach How Ya! Any Craic? 'ere, Mind un....unnnnn....un-closing this Cuffs? I have ta "Strain the Spuds" and Fecked if I'm using a bedpan..." He muttered in a Irish Accent, much much thicker and harder to understand then normal.
The smell of Spirit's and Lime could be smelt from several feet away.

Angelus is CONFUSED, she might hit others in her CONFUSION!

If this were an anime, Angelus would have an x shaped vein popping out of her forehead and her fists.

"Our slumber was disturbed for... THIS?! An incomprehensible drunkard who demands we aid him?! The audacity! The gal!"

This was an instance in which Caim became the voice of reason; and he patted the dragon's shoulder; "Calm down. He said he needed to relieve himself. Now, all we need to do is release him from the cuffs."

The dragon remembered what Akane told her about blending in; and reverted to mental communication: "Do you really think that's the best idea? He is roaring drunk at the moment. Who knows what he'll do. Who is he anyway?"

Caim shrugged, and went to undo the straps, "It doesn't matter. We'll just bring him back here after he's done. Simple as that. Aren't you good at negotiations anyway?"


David stumbled up and rubbed his wrists after Caim Freed him.
"Ah, Cheers Baddy, and 'ere was me thinking you'd be as useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike. Ahhhh Jaysus, I'm Bloody Flaming...I'm Gummin' for a Shite. Be back right after I empty me Hole and we'll be right Happy out!" He rambled on like a pure Drunk as he stumbled past the Confused Angelus and Caim and into the Hallway.
"Wouldn't want to use the Med-Bay Bathroom?" Angelus asked as she looked to Caim in Confusion.
"'ach! You a Header? Sure, the Jacks in here aren't fit for a Hit and Miss at the best of times, Sides I could eat a baby's arse through the bars of a cot..." He said before following the signs towards the restroom.

After hobbling away from their View, David instantly straightened up and began walking normally, He walked off sessions of drinking like that back in Junior Cert.
"...Gets them everytime..." He said to himself as he went to find out why he was handcuffed and what about those Nazi Zombies.

Oh my...

The duo waited for a few moments, and then the dragon sniffed the air for lime and booze. "He's gone elsewhere. Why am I not surprised? Come on, Caim; we've a faux boose-hound to chase."

Caim shrugged again, and nonchalantly began to follow after the dragon. "Meh. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong."

"Because all you know is combat."


Rip had disappeared with a flash of green after the incident, leaving them to battle the monster alone.

Dani had made her way up to the bridge and was watching the hallways. She saw the mess with david and then how he walked it off. "Clever bastard..." she said and got up. The metal clinking of her power armor boots on the floor echoed through the halls as she made her way down to david.



David made his way towards the Security Room, hoping to find something to stead some light on what was going on.
Sure, the crew would be pissed but they'll get over it... He thought as Metal Footsteps (Dani) was heard.
By Instinct, He hugged a wall and went to reload his Revolver, only to find himself with only 3 rounds left after all those Zombies.
"Ahhhh Feck..." He cursed as he tried to put as much distance between him and Dani.
Okay, Guess the Handcuffs WERE on purpose....

-In which we are given the scent forecast by a dragon-

Angelus took in another breath of the repulsive scent, and noted to her partner that panic was starting to fill the air; "Someone aside from us is giving chase... I smell metal."

Caim gave the dragon a "dude-you're-so-retarded" look and pointed to his armor. The dragon rolled her eyes and 'said', "Aside from you! Now, I cannot tell exactly who it is, but the armor is fairly new.. Come along."


Dani was getting a bit annoyed at how he kept running from her. "Come on, if i wanted you dead, i would have a lascannon in my hands right now. Just come back here and we can talk. I honestly have no clue why you're hiding on a ship full of ALLIES." she said.

"CHAOOOOOOS!!!" Discord screamed, rocketing into Caim. The two tumbled for a distance, eventually coming to a stop, the Dragon-boy underneath the mighty, powerful, handsome, and lilac-smell-alike draconequus.


Dillon suddenly appeared
"You again? Fine You have some endearment but if you try turning me into a reverse I'll get the man in thew white suit. not to say I hate you but you know, mind your manners."

Captcha says: Howdy Partner! Shit, it does watch us!

Caim's face immediately turned to a grimace of surprise and irritation, and he struggled to get the heavy thing off of his person. Angelus instantly created fire in her palms, and with a (patent pending) death glare; said, "Get off of him. NOW!"

Dani had abandoned her chase of David after hearing the crash. Running, she found Discord.
"Fuck." was the first word that came out of her mouth. she knew that if his bullshit antics came up again, she'd need Daniel to handle him.

A massive crack was heard by the group and in a pile on the floor was Daniel, who then stood up looking around. "Huh? where am i-Discord? not you..." he said.

"Oh stop being such a fucking wuss," Hayden appeared, strolling about Dillon, "You're not going to be holding this dog on a leash any more," the mole-faced teen giggled, "Who voted you the almighty moderator? The Great and Powerful Chillz Destroyer? Haven't seen the White Suit faggot on anyone else's arse!"

A quick raspberry, and he was gone in a flash.


Discord rose an eyebrow and sighed. He acknowledged the original form of the female before him, and decided to have a little fun.

"Dragons, tsk tsk," he snapped, a giant log falling from the sky. The dragon-human was easily able to dodge it, but more started falling with more and more snaps. Discord was having a wonderful time!

But all fun has to stop, and Discord eventually got off of Caim and put his paw and talon in the air.

"Okay, okay, I had my fun, no more Chaos for a bit," he let the peeved-off dragon-girl get closer, "I'm sorry, I have some chocolate if you want it, but I'm just gonna hop in your pack for now because I'm sleepy," and with that Discord turned into a pen, jumped into Caim's pocket (or whatever he had that could hold a pen) and promptly fell into a deep sleep.



Caim found the Pen, and quickly went to find a window; tossing it out without any regrets. If the creature in question could summon logs without any problems, then this would be nothing to the being of Chaos. Furthermore; Caim and Angelus did not appreciate the idea of having such a being around them at all times.

Red stared onward into the summer snows. His heart ached, both with Alice's pain and his own. The shriek of jet fighters over the riverlands tore into him, and the smoking ruins of what was once Tosno turned his stomach to ice. They were almost at Saint Petersburg. His cloak billowed around him and he held tightly to his staff, knuckles white.

"I will slay the monster that ravages my motherland," he whispered to himself, "I shall personally see to its death and deconstruction and banishment to hell." He closed his eyes and prayed, "Mother of the snow and ice, white beyond the brightest light. Mother of the shallow earth, the patron of the frozen shores. Mother of crimson blood which runs within my veins. Grant me your strength great mother, let my power be yours and yours be mine. Give me your will to be done, and let our enemy be crushed beneath our might."

When he finished, the mage in red sat down on the hanger floor and watched the horizon. He could see the city. It stretched across a great delta, and was a flat city with not a skyline. Yet it's rivers and roads gave it just as much definitive beauty.

Red's stomach churned, the beast was close.



David kept evading the crew thanks to Dicord's...Well, just Discord.
He thought about what Dani said about hiding on a ship full of Allies.
In the same breath as her boasting about her Laser-Rifle no less.
So he instead managed to reach the security room, The panel in the bridge lighting up as he opened the door.
"Right, Let watch some home movies..."


After the bewilderment of Discord, Angelus took another sniff of the air and winced. Lime and Alcohol were still strong in the air, and she waved her partner to follow along.

"Ugh! I swear, you humans drink the most disgusting concoctions. Never drink anything relating to THAT, Caim."

Caim only snorted, and kept his sword ready for anything ahead.


Angelus and Caim soon tracked the Room David was in, Blade appearing on the scene.
Using hand signals, he stated that David was inside the Security Room.

David meanwhile was going though the many many tapes of the Ship, trying to find some trace of when he was knocked out.
"Crap...Crap...Crap...Crap...A-Ha! Vids with today's date!" He exclaimed as he began playing back the Camera Footage from Moscow.


Angelus, while sane thought would occur to her to ask if there was a plan, was in a rather bad mood. Disturbed slumber from false alarms, drunkards and irritating gods of chaos were all factors in the dragon's lack of proper rationality (a change Caim didn't mind terribly, as rationality for him was to kill things and make sure they were dead). Thus, she held out an open hand, which Caim knew to be her request for Kingsblood, and he pulled it out of the Weapon Wheel (also known as Weaponspace/Hammerspace to us RPing folk); handing it to the dragon. With the weapon sheathed (but ready to anything funny), the dragon opened the door and cut on the lights;

"Alright Mr. Lime, the jig is up. We know you are not as incapacitated by your alcoholism as we previously suspected. Obviously, your bodily functions do not impede you either. Now, all we are asking is that you come back to your bed quietly and without a fuss. We do not want to hurt you."

"Really now? That's not what you're wanting to do to him..."

The Dragon has a Knife and refuses to take her medication!

David was fast forwarding to when the ship entered Moscow Airspace as Angelus showed up.
"...If it's any consolation, I really did need to take a piss..." He broke the Ice after a few tense seconds.
Turning around and seeing Angelus he added.
WLook, Last thing I remember was re-killing the Undead before waking up with Handcuffs on. I'm getting answers, one way or another..."
Angelus looked on in annoyance, every time she ever got a chance to rest-

Then she looked at the playback and David hunting down and killing soldiers, nnarmed men, entire families before opening fire on the Rising Dawn, screaming cries of "DIE DIE DIE!".
"...I've seen many men do the things you've done...Still surprises me to no end what depths Human's can sink..."
David glanced back at the video for a second.
"W-w-What!?...No....No THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! I KNOW WHAT I SAW! NONONONONO!" He exclaimed as he shook his head in disbelief.

Looking back to the clearly displeased Dragoness, he mumbled "That...That wasn't what I saw..." In a Vain attempt to explain himself.

-The plot thickens!-

Angelus's brow furrowed, and grasped the man's arm, "As it appears, there is a reason for you to be laying in that bed. Let's go, before I am tempted further to unleash mine and my company's wrath upon you."

She began to lead David outside, with Caim and Blade following closely. Caim kept his sword ready to any sort of assault upon any of them. Though he did not see the video for himself, the dragon's thoughts on the matter were like an open book to him. The warrior grimaced, and tightened his grip upon his family sword. Even it seemed to ring with disgust at the recent turn of events.


"Look, I saw Zombies man!. NAZI Zombies and this Ship was a Zeppelin! You have to believe me!" David shouted as he was led away.
Despite his best efforts, David was soon disarmed and led to back to the Med Bay and re-cuffed.
"I'm telling the Truth! That display back there was NOT an Act! This is all a massive misunderstanding I'm telling you!" He begged as Caim and Blade stuck a second set on for good measure.



Angelus shook her head, "I have seen the dead walk before. They looked nothing like that. Furthermore, your victims were living breathing humans! And not only soldiers, no.. Not soldiers, civilians! The defenseless and children! I know not why you are here, but I sincerely hope that you have good graces with your gods. For these atrocities, your soul is stained. May they have mercy upon you; or at least, more mercy than I would want to give."

She waited for the duo to finish their work, and 'sent', "I am going on ahead to sleep."

Caim sent a confirmation of understanding, and tightened his last cuff; "Were it my way, you'd be splattered on the walls."

"I don't want his filth on my steel, but if that's what the master wants..."
"I could incinerate him."
"That could work."

Of course, David didn't hear any of that, only seeing the armored warrior's glare pierce deeply into whatever he was doing. If looks could kill... After the last cuff was tightened, Caim gave a nod to Blade, and began to walk after the long gone dragon.

I'm sure we'll all be laughing about this soon...

Angelus's words cut deep and she was right.
David sighed as the group left the Med Bay, Wondering how did a monster attack end up like this.
The Irony was that once word got out about this, Every Agent in the EU and Russia would be after him so anything that happened here would be a cake walk.
Then the body count settled in, If those weren't Zombies, then he just killed over 200 people, some of which he worked with.
He let that roll around his head for a while...

Outside, Blade was puzzled by the whole thing.
"I don't get it. How come he called them all "Nazi Zombies"? He was standing right in front of them when he...I mean, How do you make that distinction?" He asked Caim and Angelus as they walked off.


Angelus shrugged, "Who am I to know the mind of a madman. I share mine with one and even I don't find myself an expert in the field."

Caim pulled out the PDA and began to type: "Maybe he was driven mad by the monster. People do funny things when they grieve."

Paris, France

A red haired man sat at a coffee shop, a map in one hand and a drink in the other. The trail to the Rising Dawn started here, as outlined by the wanton destruction of another one of those monsters. Reports were in about a group of Heroes that showed up out of nowhere, destroyed the beast, and left soon after. The man took another sip of his drink, and looked up to see a companion of his had arrived.

image (Ignore the puppet in his hand)

"Enjoying yourself?"

Inuart raised his cup in a quasi salute and said,
"Why yes, I am. This beverage is most delightful! I am glad you recommended it to me."
Legna sat down, and called over a waitress, ordering a drink for himself. "I sampled it for myself at the base. I really like the bitter flavor. Found anything?"
Inuart shook his head, "Unfortunately, the testimonies are too varied. Some say they went east, others say west; even more are completely unsure! How about yourself?"
"I'm doing what I can. I think we need to narrow our resources. Find those who REALLY paid attention to the battle. Perhaps those who report would be the best of options?"
"Yes, you are right; as usual. Those who report current events... Where would we find them?"


Blade shrugged at their explanations.
"Eh, Guess you could be right. Anyway, we're tracking Liseth, Should catch her soon, Don't get comfortable." He said, The possibly of not getting her nap not going down well with Angelus.

Jenny soon joined the group.
"Hello everyone, Did you all meet David?" She innocently asked, resulting a arkward silence.

Did I ever mention BLTs are AWESOME?

A light growl emitted from the dragon's throat, "So you are saying we will not be able to sleep again until this thing is dead? *sigh* I will make sure she feels the full fury of my fire..."

When Jenny arrived and asked her questions, Caim's sword 'spoke' for the pact partners,

"He's a bad bad man!"
"The master and mistress wish to cut him in two."

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