The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David was suprised with the speed in which the Cat Man managed to make that Pistol but when it picked it up, the craftsmanship showed.
Spinning it a few times on his finger and using the same body to test fire, he said "You know a lot about guns, THIS I can work with...Say you have any M500 Ammo?".
The Professor reached into his pocket and pulled out a few Revolver Shells, part of a wind up mouse and some loose change.
Huh, wonder if I'm tripping again... He said as he took the Ammo.

*Puce gunned the engines to the Spectre Mk.3, chasing the Ice Succubus that had Puce's messenger bag, trying to line up for a shot on the succubus without hitting the bag.*

"Warning: Reading Psychic activity ahead. Please pull up!"*The Spectre's on board computer chirped, warning Puce that he was reaching the edge of Liseth's psychic and illusion range.*

"Silence Alarm."*Puce roared as he closed the gap between himself and the Ice Succubus.*

*The computer chirped again, pulling Puce's attention towards the central cockpit monitor.*

*The monitor shows a familiar figure walking on the ground, her bat wings spread and her tail whipping around. However, something was different when comparing the figure that he knew and the figure on the screen. She was made of flesh and bone, her blue hair whipping in the wind as she looked up towards Spectre Mk.3*

"Ku...Ku...Kurumu?"*Puce whispered as he looked down at a fully restored Kurumu (Liseth).*

*Down on the ground, Aftan had completed her teleport and silently crept up on the massive armored figure when suddenly a plasma cannon opened up next to her position.*

"What in the Phoenix's name?"*Aftan exclaimed as she looked up to see Spectre Mk.3 screaming towards her.*

After beating back the Ice Demons from the Bridge, Blade and Jenny soon regrouped with David, Dani and Genki.
"What the hell!? Why is he out?" Blade shouted before David Answered "Look, I get it, You don't like me. Just save it for the Walking Ice-Cubes."
Blade was going to attack until Jenny stepped in front of him.
"Forget it. There are more coming!"


"Damnit!" Dani shout and launched another attack from her multi-melta, clearing a path for the others to get in and do damage to the group. "Someone explain to me why there are people going down there to attack her wen the nazi bitch warned them about her illusions?" she angrily said, moving up and firing another shot with the multi melta.

"Someone explain to me why there are people going down there to attack her wen the nazi bitch warned them about her illusions?"

"Illusions? Oh Shit, THAT's what happened..." David realised before firing behind his back at another Demon's Face.
He decided to dwell on that later as the group began moving though the ship.
"Dammit, Why are there so many of this damn things!?" Blade shouted as he Cut off the Head of a Ice Demon.

When the ship was under attack Tomoya was in his room trying to sleep. Due to all of the action on the ship, he could't. "Damn them all, can they not fight for once..." Tomoya sighed and grumbled as he walked towards his computer area and logged on to the cameras from which he can monitor. Little did he know that the ship was under attack from Ice monsters and the other mega boss.

Switches from camera to camera, Tomoya couldn't see anyone, until Tomoya saw Blade and such kill something in the bridge. "What the hell!" Tomoya asked as he saw everyone fight and the monsters. Knowing a bad feeling Tomoya switched to the camera in the corridor near his suite. Some of the monsters were heading towards his room, know that he probably not kill any of them due to the lack of power, Tomoya quickly ran out of his room and pressed a button on the wall which made the metal shutters slam down, cutting the path to the corridor which led to him.

After a couple of minutes, Tomoya could hear banging on the metal shutter. Cursing this event, Tomoya ran back to his room and locked the door, hoping that someone would help him. "Well...shit." Tomoya muttered as he entered his room again.

*Puce had lost sight of Aftan as Spectre Mk. 3 screamed overhead, engines roaring at full throttle.*

"I don't see her anymore, Kuru."*Puce said to the Liseth's illusion who was still on the ground advising him that Rising Dawn was once again out to betray them both.*

"They need to pay, love. If it wasn't for them, we would have been able to restore my body sooner. They're going to try to keep us apart."*Kurumu (Liseth) said in Puce's brain.*

"Look, even the Dragon and her Partner approach... they're going to try to kill me."

*Looking up towards the sky, Puce saw that Kurumu (Liseth) was right. He spotted Angelus and Caim, just entering range of Liseth's illusion magic.*


*As Angelus and Caim entered the illusionary field, Caim blinked his eyes at what he saw down on the ground, surrounded by a host of Ice Succubi that took flight towards the Airship.*

*It was a girl that was all too familiar to Caim, having grown up with her. Her brown hair fluttered in the wind caused by the Ice Succubi wings. She was clad in the silver dress that he remembered her wearing the last time he saw he human.*

"Furiae?!?"*Caim exclaimed in his mind, mouthing the words.*

"Caim! I've been looking all over for you! We have to go back home! Mother and Father are worried silly about us. The only thing is... that group that you're with. They told me that they don't want you to leave with me. We need to go back! The Kingdom is counting on us."*Furiae's (Liseth) voice seemed to slither into Caim's head, knocking out his rational self.*

"We need to get away from them... but I don't think we'll be able to do that if they're able to chase us. We need to destroy that Airship. My friends are trying to help us."*She continued. The Ice Succubi that had launched themselves into the air bypassed Caim and Angelus, heading straight towards the Airship.*

*All of a sudden, a plasma beam passed Angelus' nose by a hair as Puce opened up on his friends.*

"You're not going to back stab me again!"*Puce called out, though the signal was muted by Liseth's power.*

"See brother? They're trying to keep us away from eachother."


*As Tomoya hid in his room, he noted that the sound of the banging against his door had changed. Rather than a cacophony of claws scratching against metal, it changed to the sound of a single metallic clawed arm knocking gently against the door.*

"Who's there?*Tomoya called out through the door.*

"Cadolbolg"*A Voice through the door croaked.*

"Cadolbolg who?"

"Let us in or we're all dead."*Said a different voice from behind the door, as calm and tranquil as a still lake.*


*All of a sudden, a plasma beam passed Angelus' nose by a hair as Puce opened up on his friends.*

"You're not going to back stab me again!"*Puce called out, though the signal was muted by Liseth's power.*

"See brother? They're trying to keep us away from eachother."

Angelus saw in her partner's mind what the demon of ice disguised herself to be; and immediately shot fire at it. When Caim silently screamed at her, "What are you doing?! That's my sister you're firing at!"

"That is not your sister! Your parents are dead and so is she! You should know this! Remember, Caim! Remember when you saw her stab her own breast! When Inuart took the body and remade it into an abomination! We had to fire her out of the sky and flee when replications of that same monster appeared! Remember!"

As she flew and dodged Puce's attacks, as well as supplementing her own against the false Furiae; she assaulted Caim's mind with images of their experiences and the fate of his sister; as well as what SHE saw in his stead:

"She is gone! She never came back like this! Only as a monster, did the Gods call for her to return, and this monster mocks her as well! Caim!"

As Angelus did as she will; Caim was only able to hold on tightly and try to piece back together everything in his mind, the focus leaving him immobile in his place.

-Poor poor Inuart-

*Puce watched as Angelus attacked Kurumu, his love and roared in anger as he banked the fighter around for another attack, launching the of the four drones (armed with a plasma cannon a piece).*

"That's it love. Destroy them and we can be free... we can leave this world together."*The False Kurumu whispered into Puce's brain.*

*Angelus was good, having spent countless millenia in the skies, she was able to dodge all of Puce's attacks while trying to score a hit on Liseth below*

*One of Angelus' fireballs scored a direct hit on Liseth's shoulders, causing her to emit a shrill screech that caused Aftan to cover her ears. The illusions that Liseth had cast flickered for a brief moment, like the a film reel coming off the track, before the illusions were quickly restored.*

*The whispers that Caim and Puce heard in their minds redoubled their efforts.*

"See Caim? Even Angelus has betrayed us. She doesn't want to leave this world because she doesn't care about mother and father like we do. She doesn't care about our world. If we don't stop her and the rest of her comrades, we'll never be able to see mother and father again!"

"See Puce! They're trying to kill me. They're going to if we don't stop them."

*Down on the ground, an Ice Succubus placed Puce's messenger bag on the ground in front of its mistress.*

"Well done, child. Now go and destroy these wretched humans. Adam and Eve's children will know the consequences their forefathers brought upon them when the rejected me."*Liseth said as she reached down and unlocked the messenger bag.*

"Come out, Kurumu. Your Queen demands you pay your respects."

*As the Succubi attack continued on the turbines that kept the Airship aloft, another Turbine froze, causing the Airship to lose altitude and enter range of Liseth's illusions before Amaya managed to stabilize the ship. It wouldn't be able to gain altitude, but it wouldn't crash to the ground.*

Dillon was fighting Succubi, the they were pulling the same tricks he saw Amaya and Luna.
However Dillon had luckily seen the trick before he knew where the two really were he also knew his friends wouldn't betray him.
However there was one thing he had trouble facing.
A Succubus took the form of himself a dark and ugly thing with long black hair, evil skitted eyes, and a katana with a rusted edge.
"It's always your fault everything goes wrong, there's a lot of things you hate in this world but one of them is yourself."
Dillon knocked off it's head.
They were onto him though they started to taunt him, he kept smashing them, not focusing on trying to drop the bombs he was wasting his energy on these false dummies that tormented him.

Got ya. Ms. "Furiae" slipped up!

"See Caim? Even Angelus has betrayed us. She doesn't want to leave this world because she doesn't care about mother and father like we do. She doesn't care about our world. If we don't stop her and the rest of her comrades, we'll never be able to see mother and father again!"

Caim stopped at that moment, his mind hitting a moment of pure clarity. Somehow, Furiae knew the most closely guarded secret of a dragon. Which was...

"Impossible. I never told you the dragon's name, and I can't speak. I couldn't to begin with! I didn't even know it! And I told her Mother and Father had died because of a dragon. They couldn't be alive! I hate the Empire because of that! That is... all I lived for, vengeance against them! Our world is dead because of them!"

There was no more confusion in the warrior's mind. He knew the creature for what it was, a fake. Caim hugged the dragon's neck, and in their minds, he whispered, "I'm sorry. And... Thank you. Once again you've saved my hide. My mind's in the right place now. Do what you do best."

With that the warrior jumped off of the dragon, landing perfectly on the icy ground. Spiked Wisdom in hand, Caim held up a hand, 4 large fireballs beginning to encircle him. He then charged at the fake copy of his sister, and hit her in the torso, the fireballs hitting her along with the sonic blast.

"My sister is dead. Furthermore, she wouldn't speak of my parents; as they are dead as well. Angelus had to remind me of that. So thanks, really, for mentioning her. I forgot how helpful she can be; arrogance and stuffiness aside."

Amaya was in the engine room when a dark presence made itself known. "Hello sister." a female voice said out of the corner of the room.

Amaya spun around to face Akasumi. There her sister was, looking like the day she killed her.

"Its been a while amaya, care to give your sister a hug?" she asked.

"No, i killed you! your eyes are in my head!" she said beginning to panic.

"Amaya, its me, why can't you accept that? I'm here to make up, the ten tails is no longer in me." her sister said advancing.

Amaya quickly threw a kunai at her sister, she deflected it and the kunai cut her sister's arm. Blodd dripped to the floor.

Akasumi clutched the wound and looked at her sister with wondering eyes before she swirled into the vortex of her own mangekyou sharingan.

Amaya dropped to the floor and felt the blood there. That really was her sister, the same dark presence, but she had changed. She had just her her own sister who was offering to make up with her.

That bitch down there was going to pay, she was going to pay dearly...

the side of the rising awn ruptured and Amaya was flying out of it, her white ribcage set aflame with black fire. She dove towards the succubi, quickly entering the illusionar field, but her mangekyou sharingan deciphered and negated the illusions.
"Enough of your false illusions! You fate lays in my eyes, an i only foresee your death!" she shouted then landed, Her massive susanoo rising up out of the ground, four arms, each holding a sword got into a fighting position.

Amaya closed her right eye as iut began to bleed. "amaterasu." she said and opened it, the four swords lit on fire with the black flames of amaterasu.


*A shrill scream, beautiful, yet terrifying, cut through the air, causing Caim to cover his ears in pain.*

"Foolish HUMAN! How dare you touch me with your puny attack!"*Liseth screamed before calming down.*

"My my my... warrior, you've seen through my illusions and proven yourself quite worthy of my attentions. Perhaps you desire sometime more than this world of fighting. Perhaps a companion? Don't you want something more than this endless fighting? Perhaps you'd like to become my King and rule by my side."*Liseth said seductively.*

"I can take on any form you'd like... I didn't always look like this."*She said, her form shimmering. Caim found himself looking not at a giant armored warrior but Angelus' Human Form instead.*

*Kurumu found herself perched on Liseth's shoulder, staring down at Caim. She silently tried to communicate with Puce.*

"Come... break out of it!"*Kurumu called out mentally.*

"No one is out to get us. Break out of it, before she destroys us all."

*The Ice Succubi continued to attack Dillon, their mistress turning them into perfect copies of him.*

"You're doomed. You aren't going to be able to save her or your baby this time."*They all chanted.*

*In the background, behind the copies of him, Dillon saw Amaya and Luna being ripped to shreds by the Ice Succubi.*

"Doomed! Doomed!"

Red slammed his hands onto the hanger floor and took to the air. Twenty four invisible arms slung themselves around the various flying objects above St. Petersburg and retracted sharply to keep Red afloat, he floated in the air, suspended by a web of psi-alchemic constructs and surveyed the scene. Friends were fighting foes and friends were fighting friends. Dragons and harpies and ice remnants abound. Yet he made no sense of it. He could not find, or rather recognize the great beast. Had this Lisbeth not suppose to be large and menacing?

The mage in red held his hands out, wielding his staff with his mouth and unleashed upon the skies a net of flame the engulfed the area, friend and foe alike. The rest of this battle would be on the streets of the Russian port city.

Snip snop snip!

Getting out of his anti social mood and into survival mode made Tomoya feel better.

"Who's there?*Tomoya called out through the door.*

"Cadolbolg"*A Voice through the door croaked.*

"Cadolbolg who?"

"Let us in or we're all dead."*Said a different voice from behind the door, as calm and tranquil as a still lake.*[/quote]

"Oh, okay then." Tomoya said whilst thinking that he didn't want to die, he thought it was annoying before when his body was locked into a casket until some other heroes came and freed him, with his spiritual help of course.

Knowing that it is the turtle or something like that Tomoya opened the door.


"I can take on any form you'd like... I didn't always look like this."*She said, her form shimmering. Caim found himself looking not at a giant armored warrior but Angelus' Human Form instead.*

Caim's breath hitched in surprise to see his constant companion before him. It was just as jarring, and Caim felt himself unable to move, staring directly into the red eyes that were so common place in his spare time. The false Angelus reached out, and lightly stroked Caim's cheek, inducing a shiver from the warrior.

"I see into your heart, Caim. I know what you desire. Is this not pleasing to you? Do you not desire to hold me? Cherish me as your own? Don't you, Caim?"

Even her voice mimicked his partner perfectly, and Caim found himself losing focus again. He was staring deeper into those eyes, his grip on the mace becoming a little weak as the copy drew closer.

"You great fool! As if I would speak that way!"

Caim found his attention diverted by the (real) dragon's voice, and jumped out of the way of a homing fireball. It did not do much damage to the succubus, but dragon-fire was true to it's name; and distracted the Queen enough for the dragon to sink her claws back in her partner's mind (and thus, break him from the illusion).

"Attack her now! Are you so blind to fall for her tricks whilst I am right over here?"

Caim shook his head, shaking out the images/thoughts supplemented by the succubus, and reached into the Wheel again; exchanging his mace for Moonfire, the brilliant blade shining red even in this dull place. Readying it, he charged at the Queen of Succubi once again.


*As Red's net settled over St. Petersburg, the Ice Succubi that were trapped underneath fled the net's warmth, seeking the icy embrace of their creator's ice storm that seemed to have intensified as Liseth's fury over Caim breaking her illusion made her quite angry.*

*Up on the skies, Red looked down upon the battle when he heard a voice clearing its throat next to them.*

"Red! What are you doing?"*The voice said, familiarly.*

"Don't you see that Rising Dawn is actually allied with the Dark Warriors? Why are you helping them?"*The voice of White Mage whispered in Red's ear.*


*Cadolbolg fluttered into the room, staring at Tomoya, one of those blank stares that caused Tomoya to flinch unconsciously.*

"Arch Angel Okazaki... why are you not out fighting with your comrades? Are you hurt?"*The voice said, out of Cadolbolg's mouth.*


*Liseth roared in anger as Angelus' fireball connected with her armor, causing a scorch mark on her breastplate.*

"Foolish male... if you will not join me by loving me... perhaps you will join me through your love for her!"*Liseth screamed as she began to chant words of magic.*

"You could have had the world at your feet. You could have had a love by your side, but you're like Adam and all the rest of them."

"Caim... she's going to try to imprison Angelus!"*Kurumu cried out from on top of Liseth's shoulder, he body frozen there by Liseth's commands.*

*Puce circled around, banking sharply to avoid Red's fiery net and caught a glimpse of Red, floating above the battle.*

"Oh no you don't."*Puce said as he fired his plasma cannons towards the red robed Mage.*

*Down on the battlefield, Aftan watched as Liseth tried to seduce Caim, manipulated Puce and turned the teams' minds upside down.*

*She began creeping closer, pulling a kunai from her belt and heating it with her Phoenix flames before letting it loose.*

*Her target was not Liseth however, but the doll that was frozen on Liseth's shoulder.*

*The butt of the blade hit the mark and knocked Kurumu off of Liseth's shoulders, freeing the Succubus from Liseth's control.*

"Puce!"*The little Succubus called out as she flapped her wings as hard as she could, tracking down Puce as he opened up on Red Mage.*


The thoughts of recharging still came through Tomoya as he looked at this...thing. "No I am not hurt, just recharging after that killing that false user of lightning. It took a load of power. So I am here in my room where it is the best to recharge. What is happening and what is with the difference of your voice?" Tomoya asked. As he saw the thing.


Red snapped his head around and stared at the flaming checkerboard above him. The voice whispered again, "The group has imparted evil unto the world. Stop them Red."

"White..." Red whispered to himself. "White Mage, is tha-"

Hot plasma suddenly surrounded the mage in red, a thousand hexagonal fractals surrounded him and dispelled the force of the bolt. He turned around to find Puce letting loose another barrage of plasma at him from the mounted vehicle.

Red swung his staff around and conjured a great yellow barrier that deflected the bolts.

"Kill him," White whispered again.

Red threw a red die into the air and let it drift. He opened his palm and caught the die. The number glowed crimson in the light of the net of flames that encapsulated the area.

The number was twenty.

"FAKE!" he cried out in fury, "The true white mage would never speak in such sultry tones! Moreover! She only communicated to us with yelling! BECAUSE GUESS WHAT!? WE WEREN'T THE TRUE WARRIORS OF LIGHT YOU DEMON BITCH."

He detached his arms from their holds on the Rising Dawn and lunged toward Ice Demon Lisbeth, he brought his staff down as his body hit the floor and a bright white plume of fire surrounded the area.

He stood up from a sizable crater and adjusted his hat, his green eyes shone in the frostflames that burned on Lisbeth's ice. Red smiled and struck the succubus with his arms before lighting the appendages aflame with more of the white fire. Unextinguishable and fueled by the magic of the source, the white flames burned hot.

Red raised his staff with his two real hands, "Let's dance." His twenty four construct arms splayed behind him, aflame, like wings of an angel.

With Kuru out of the way...

Caim finished his charge; forcing another sonic attack on the Queen succubus.

"Sorry lady; no mortal is a match for those crimson wings."

He jumped back, and 'called' to the dragon, "Unleash your homing barrage, while you have the chance!"

The dragon complied, and orange-red ruins, infused with draconic fire and old magic, spewed from the dragon's maw. They focused in specifically on Liseth, tearing around and about her armor.

In succession to that, Caim held Moonfire aloft, and several towers of flame followed after the dragon's assault; washing the succubus in (lesser) summoned fire.

Arnal as Said at your service

*Cadolbolg sighed for a moment and took in a deep breath, knowing that time was not on their side.*

"My name is Arnal al Said. I am Aftan's father. I was trapped in this form by the one that you know as Puce. I have been on in this form since the groups adventures in Japan. I believe that I can help you."*The turtle said as his form seemed to glow.*

*Tomoya would have been blinded had it not been for the fact that we was so used to staring directly into lightning. The light coming from Cadolbolg's body seemed to be emitted by something under the center most panel of the Turtle Shell. When the light came streaming out, it came out in the form of a Phoenix, complete with a raptor's call.*

*The effect that Tomoya wasn't expecting was the fact that he felt fully recharged due to the healing and restorative properties of the Sixth Phoenix Tattoo.*

"All will be explained to you later if you wish. For now, your comrades need your help."


*Liseth didn't even bother casting an illusion on the Red Mage when she saw him land. Instead, she unleashed her ice prison upon him, sealing within the confines of a blinding blizzard that encompassed him.*

*Both magics were unable to cancel each other out as Ice fought against fire in a battle of magics. The end result was a firestorm that raged unabated around Red Mage, sucking in a few of the Ice Succubi that were unfortunate enough to get too close to Red Mage. However, Red found that he could not move through the flame wall due to the ferociousness of the wind.*

"I see... a true mage among the Rising Dawn's ranks. Watch as your friends die."

-Flame on-

*As Liseth continued to gloat over the imprisoned Red Mage, she looked up at Angelus, seeming to glare at her after the Dragon's assault and Caim's assault had dispersed.*

"Dragon... do you not feel tired of fighting with these humans? Do you not feel their strangeness in your heart? They do not care for you and in the end they will betray you. Were you not forced into slavery by the very human that you protect now?"*Liseth's words slithered into Angelus' mind, a hint of despair settling in the great dragon's soul.*

"Would it not be better to end it all now? Find peace away from these pitiful mortals that have you at their every beck and call. It would be so easy to just end it now. Just... end ... it... all."

*Aftan watched as Kurumu reached the Spectre Mk.3 in the sky and climb inside. She sensed that Kurumu was talking sense into Puce and telling him that a member of Rising Dawn had saved her.*

*Aftan sensed it because if she were to look on her back, the sixth tattoo that was just barely noticeable before darkened ever so slightly.*

*Turning back towards the gigantic monster, she drew her Shrieker Pistols and prepared to attack.*

"Puce! Snap out of it, love! They helped me. They're helping us too, Puce. You need to trust them. Listen to me... that's not me down there."*Kurumu screamed as Puce ignored her, lining up a shot on Caim.*

"Puce... I'm safe... you're safe... we're here with friends."*Kurumu continued to plead as Puce's finger headed towards the trigger.*

"I'm sorry but... I need you now."*Kurumu said as she lunged at him, kissing him full on the lips.*

*From down below, Caim looked to see the Spectre Mk.3 roaring towards him, its quintuple plasma cannons glowing in preparation to fire at him.*

*At the last second, the aircraft pulled away from him and fired on Liseth. Puce was free from her control*

Snip slap swash. Snip

As Tomoya nearly blinded by the un-natural light, he noticed that his power was refilled. He was kind of bummed out, he wanted to chill out more but I guess he doesn't care. "Okay then, take me to the others. Tomoya asked as his lightning consumed his hands. It also gave him back his usual clothing.


Red stared down the laughing Succubus as the fire and ice danced around him, he scowled. Gloating was something he was used to doing, but not one he was used to being the subject of. His heart flared with heat.

"The determination of my heart fuels the frostfire that roars."

"I don't like her attitude. I will control your arms."

Red smiled, his arms twirled around him and pressed hard against the firestorm. Trying to pry open a small gap in the unstoppable winds. The mage in red place his hands together, staff floating in front of him and he began to chant,

"Darkness beyond twilight
Crimson beyond blood that flows
Buried in the flow of time
In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness..."

Red laughed with his eyes shut, a laugh that spoke of friendship and happiness. A small red ball had made itself known in front of Red's staff.

"Let all the fools who stand in our way be destroyed
by the power you and I possess...

The ball shrunk in size and the firestorm suddenly died down, ice enveloped Red Mage.


The ice shattered into nothingness as a beam of fiery light lanced out toward Lisbeth, it tore the concrete and asphalt below it as it traveled, and when it strikes. Red knew. When it struck, St. Petersburg would be no more.

Sneaky! Can't get to the human so you seek to kill the dragon! (Well, that's how it worked in canon...)

Angelus felt her blood run cold when Liseth's words hit her mind. There was indeed truth to them. Caim had forced her into the pact they had entered, even if it was for mutual survival. She had voiced many times that she was weary of his battle-lust; and even noticed that it occasionally crept into her when she did battle as well. She was weary of the world, and all in it. Humans, battles, wounds... It was tiresome, especially at feeling as if she gained no reward for her efforts. Perhaps quitting while she was ahead would suit her. Perhaps... Ending the pact was in sight? She had heard tales of pact-beasts that did so, especially if the mortals they shared their lives with were complete and utter fools.

She watched below silently as Caim continually attacked the demon again and again, building up the magic in Moonfire, and then unleashing it in short controlled bursts. Even if the towers of flame were weak compared to her dragon-fire, Caim persisted. A trait she had a equal parts an admiration and a loathing for. Like an insect or vermin, Caim always ran ahead, and kept going. Would it be best to end it all? Especially when the humans paid her no mind?

"Lies. All of them. You are more to me than my pact beast. You know this, Angelus. You had to drag me off the Succubus because of that."

Her name! She had forgotten for a moment she told him that secret. Of course, she thought they were going to die at that point, thus prompting the sudden gift. But it was one of many things she bequeathed him. Had he given her anything in return?

As she sat above in confusion, Caim continually charging the Liseth creature. He had changed back to Spiked Wisdom; using the fireballs that encircled him as further collateral damage when he beat into the beast's armor. As he did so, the dragon felt her partner tug at her mind; like a call in the distance; begging her to re-enter the fray instead of sitting in the air as she did now.

Movement did not seem to be the proper option at the moment, as she felt the cold chill into her bones ever so slightly as she hovered in her spot.

Soaring high above the battle in the skies around St. Petersburg, Akane fought desperately for her life. Ice Succubus after Ice Succubus chased her, the dance of death performed at the speed of sound. Each twist, turn, dive, climb, roll and spin was a new angle of attack for the Kitsune, a new fireball or slash of her sword. But still the creatures attacked, still their numbers grew.

Even though Akane had been flying a patrol, even though she had been the first one to spot the oncoming storm of enemies, she could do little.
She had tried to keep them away from the Turbines, to no avail as their cold onslaught battered her.
She had tried to keep them away from the hanger, to no avail as their cold embrace assaulted her.
She had tried to keep herself alive, even as numbers untold swarmed her.

But it was too much. The cold aura of the succubus' was just too much for the Kitsune. She had been fighting and flying for too long. As the battle raged on below and came to a conclusion, Akane was exhausted. Alone and running out of time and energy, she spotted Lisbeth through a break in the clouds. She rolled about, and like a Valkyrie of old she descended upon the Queen Succubus. Fire blazed behind her, setting the clouds aflame as she broke the sound barrier.

Like a comet sent from the heavens the Kitsune dove, fire enveloping her. Flames gathered upon her sword as she held it ready.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" She shrieked as she struck Lisbeth full on at twice the speed of sound from directly above.

-Lazy Much?-

*Cadolbolg fluttered out of Tomoya's room with the owner in tow, heading towards the nearest hole that had been ripped in the hull of the ship. Conveniently, it was a rather large hole, being the hole that Amaya had ripped in the side of the ship in order to rid herself of Akasumi.*

"This looks to be the best point for us to part ways, Archangel Okazaki. I pray that are able to withstand the succubus's illusions. They are quite powerful. Now, hurry. I must look out for the others as there are still Ice Succubi on board the ship."*Arnal said through Cadobolg's beak as he fluttered off towards the bridge.*

*With that, Tomoya jumped through the hole to the sky and battle outside. As he felt the open skies hit his face, he heard the screeching of Ice Succubi closing in on his position.*

*The great blast roared towards Liseth, her eyes wide in amazement that a mere mortal could hold so much power, as she raised her giant black blade to deflect the shot.*

"You think that your puny magics can defeat the true mother of you all humans? I was to be Adam's first but now I shall be mankind's last."*She screamed with false bravado as the red beam hit her, eating away at her armor.*

*As the smoke cleared, Red Mage saw that St. Petersberg still stood, however, the great armored figure known as Liseth seemed to crumble in front of him.*

*His celebration was short lived however as she appeared from behind a snowdrift next to where she once stood, St. Petersberg also dissolved into a ruined city of dead bodies*

"Fool... take your eyes off of me and you pay."*She hissed as she moved towards him, her trailing leg rearing back into a kick.*

[b]-Mindfuckery you say? Mindblur I say.

*Angelus continued to hover as Liseth's despair began to creep through her like a black cancer, melting away her resolve to stay alive. It was only because of Caim's insistence that she had not chosen to end it all.*

*However, he was only slowing what seemed inevitable until something in her mind snapped as a different voice, softer and move feminine and far less domineering than Liseth, whispered in Angelus' ear.*

"You know Angie. If you listen to Liseth, you'll never see Caim without his shirt on again. Just think about it. Those muscles. That attitude. Those eyes. It would drive me wild if I were you. Besides, you know how men are. One track minds. Eat now. Screw Now. Fight Now. But if you don't help Caim out now, you'll never get to hear him whisper your name in your ear again, Red. Besides... you don't want the last thing you hear to be me telling you to get your massive ass in gear do you?"*Kurumu whispered as Puce's ship roared by, opening up on Liseth, tearing into her armor.*

-Twice the Speed of Sound?-

*Aftan watched as her friend came in streaking from above and remembered the feeling that she felt in the Hanger while the two of them summoned their strength to defeat Alperer.*

"Take my strength as well."*Aftan whispered as she channeled her energy into Akane's, move than doubling the size of the fireball that surrounded the Kitsune.*

*A massive release of fire and energy ensued as the Kitsune impacted. Blowing debris back away from the impact zone.*

*Akane found herself in the middle of a crater, but not alone. Liseth still stood, looking down at her, a gash scarring her armor and exposing her heart.*

As Akane struck Lisbeth with the power of fire pure and true, the Succubus was stunned, but only for a second. It was all that the rest of the Heroes needed to be freed enough to get their wits about them.

In the crater Akane curled up into a ball. "Nyaaaah.... So warm....."

Embers gently floated down, a shimmering haze of amber and red most beautiful. The first ember landed on the Kitsune's nose, and she sneezed.

"Somebody hit her now, I am tired....*YAAAAAAAAAAAWN*" the Kistune said before sleep claimed her. It had been a long day.

congrats, Puce. You actually made me feel something in this RP: embarrassment. *does the moe anime blush thing*

Angelus snapped back to reality, her draconic pride taking hold; "DO NOT MISTAKE ME FOR A RAGING PACK OF HUMAN HORMONES, GIRL! I will show you the prime of the dragons!"

With that, Angelus took in a deep breath, and unleashed another of her homing barrages upon Liseth, tearing apart more bits of armor. In that rush of endorphins, she heard Caim's voice clearly in her mind; his confidence and strength of will washing over her and blasting away that cancerous growth of despair. The old feeling of synchronization between the pact partners filled the duo; as draconic pride and an iron will filled the both of them and gave them a second wind.

Feeling more energy within her, Angelus hardly noticed the cold, and began blowing more homing fire on Liseth, careful to avoid roasting her allies. Caim switched weapons again, this time to Crimson Hood, a heavy ax; and began hacking at the armor on Liseth, doing a bit of a better job than his swords were able to.

Double post?! HOW?! I was editing!

Red grunted, the ash of the city drifted in the cold air. His arms had shielded him from the Dragon Slave, but his skin still felt at least slightly singed from the blast. Lisbeth stood dazed in a crater, surrounded by a dragon, a sleeping fox, and a blood knight.

The mage in red readied himself, he turned to the side, adjusted his hat and formed a flaming bow with his left hand. Using his right hand, he grabbed the burning bowstring and pulled back.


He let go, and a searing bolt flung itself toward Lisbeth's exposed heart.

-This is the end-

-My only friend-

-Oh well...-

-Ok you too-

*Red Mage's intensely hot bolt flew true and on target as Liseth stood stunned, surrounded on all sides by her enemies. The sound of shattering glass was followed by the Liseth's high pitched wail, causing all around her to wince in pain and cover their ears once more.*

*Additionally, a bright light blinded everyone as the earth seemed to quake at Liseth's final throes of pain.*

*And all of a sudden, silence and sunlight. The storm had abated and was gone, large drifts of snow were the only thing that proved that Liseth, the first woman, the first Succubus was ever there.*

*The group, Angelus, Caim, Red Mage, Akane, Aftan, Puce and Kurumu stood dazed and found themselves, regardless of they were previously at the edge of the Giant Crater.*

*Looking down, in the middle of the crater, they found a woman, brown haired, soft featured and stark naked lying, unconscious.*

"She's still alive?"*Puce said aloud as he realized who the woman in the middle of the crater was.*

"She's the first woman to have ever set first in Eden. She's practically immortal."*Kurumu said, looking almost reverently at the woman.*

"The only question remaining is what we do about her. I think Tomoya, being an Agent of God can send kill her or allow her to live."*Kurumu added.*

"What do you all think? Should we kill her once and for all?"

*Aboard the Airship, the rest of the team watched as the Ice Succubi suddenly became immobile, freezing mid motion as their mistress was defeated. A few of them even crumbled to ice as they were in mid air when their end came.*

"It is done"*Cadolbolg muttered as he tipped over a lifeless Succubus Statue crafted of ice.*

Caim and Angie say...

Caim placed Crimson Hood into the Wheel, and drew his sword. With his free hand, he drew his thumb over his neck, clearly indicating his feelings towards the matter. Angelus spoke up for her mute partner, her voice sounding a little more ragged than usual, probably due to the yelling and recent amounts of fire belching:

"If none of you feel able, we wish to end it. Letting her go will cause this all to happen once again, and quite frankly, after the hell she put us and countless others through; we feel she has earned a merciful sentence, compared to what COULD be done to her."

Akane says...

Despite being dead tired, with Liseth's presence gone the Kitsune was able to stand. Seeing Caim draw his sword and Red affirm their stance, Akane too drew her sword.

"I too say she should die. How many innocents has she slaughtered? We end her life now, she forfeited her right to live long ago. Let her God pass eternal judgement on her. I shall kill her myself unless anyone objects. She pushed me to my limits and tried to kill my friends. For that there is no forgiveness."


-Execution Time-

*Puce stood still, shaking his head. Despite what the woman had done to the world, he still could not bring himself to end another's life.*

"I think that she should be punished for what she did but is this really the way to do it? She's already suffered since the dawning of time and that's turned her into what she was. How can we do anything but show her the mercy and acceptance that early man never showed her?"*Puce said passionately as he looked down at Liseth.*

"Puce... they're right. Even if we take the risk and let her live, how do we know that she won't just come back and kill more countless of innocents?*Kurumu said to Puce, patting him on the shoulder as she was perched upon it.*

"I agree... we cannot take the risk."*Aftan said, agreeing with Kurumu and the rest.*

"But..."*Puce began before he was silenced by another voice.*

"It is alright, child. I have done great harm to you and all the world's children. I should not be allowed to live, in fact I welcome it. However, before one of you sends me to my Lord's loving embrace, could I ask but one favor?"*Liseth's voice came from the bottom of the Crater, the group turning and seeing her sitting up, naked but unafraid.*

*Puce nodded simply.*

"Remember that all the children that inhabit this Earth are your brothers and sisters. Treat them well, lest they become like me. Bitter and resentful. That is all I ask."*She said before nodding to Caim.*

"Will you please send me to the heaven's above?"*She said as she looked up towards the sky.*

Akane stepped forwards to complete Liseth's request. Sheathing her Katana, she drew out her Tanto, a much shorter and more ceremonial shortsword, almost a dagger. Kneeling in front of the first woman, Akane looked into her eyes.

"I shall send you on your last great journey. Farewell."

She plunged the Tanto deep into the woman's chest, striking the heart true. Akane held Liseth as the light faded from her eyes, gently lowering the woman to the ground when she no longer drew breath. A smile graced her face, and her eyes were closed.

She was finally at peace.

Akane stepped back and took her place amongst the gathered heroes.

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