The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Fear!Bruiser Slindis

When the Ice Wolf took the last bite of the false Bruiser, it turned to the Fear Version of Slinds and let out a deep growl. After numbly pointing at the Fake, Divine Justice and Snuffles attacking it, Teri's mind went a little blank when the possibilities of what was going on ran through her mind.

Teri rolled a 16 on Knowledge Arcana and a 26 on SpellCraft!

Clearly, this was just like the Fake Allies they had experienced before, except; it seemed to play on fears moreso than actually being a copy of their allies. That would explain why Bruiser appeared, as well as this Fake Slindis (which Teri guessed was for Melethia) with her cruel words. At this thought, Teri shouted, "It's just like the fakes! Don't give it mercy!"

Dimitri | Viscus | Vermilion

Dimitri gritted his teeth as they ran to the next control node. Even if he knew exactly what was going on, Viscus's words were still a tad on the demoralizing side...

"I must think of what good we'll do! I must!"

Perhaps it was a trick of the scanners, but the duo seemed to gain a little bit of speed as they headed to the next node. But it was probably the scanners...

Fear!Bruiser Slindis

The Shadow Slindis kicked the mutt aside and laughed at the impact of the blade, although Teri could see some goosebumps on the Shadow Slindis through the armor.. "You call me fake because I don't conform, I call you a half-witted freak, Author. Honestly, you were the worst person I've ever had to train. How the hell do you get to your age and not know how to defend yourself? Always clinging tho those around you for protection like a child... it's sickening! I already have to deal with a brat that's caused me nothing but problems, and it's not worth teaching you any further. That is, unless you want to learn what it's like to lie to everyone around you so you're exactly what they are looking for."

Melethia shook her head hesitantly while Slindis stayed silent. "Nuh-uh! Ms. Slindis is better than that!"

The SHadow Slindis laughed as she continued. "Oh, but it is true. Notice how your mother doesn't even want to talk to you? Hell, it would've been easier if you'd just balled up and died back there! After all, she doesn't want anyone cracking her impregnable defenses. That's not the proper thing to do! Oh, what a load of bullshit that is. At Least I can admit it!"

Teri could hear the real Slindis muttering under her breath. ", it's not true...

Kalastryn | Devon

As Kalastryn was going to get attacked, she heard a somewhat nervous voice calling out. "Kalastryn, don't worry. You've got some backup with me!" A quick glimpse showed a fairly young man in a long-sleeved green shirt wielding a shortsword heading over to her side, and Kalastryn noted the faint stench of someone that had been in Hell recently.

"Look, just focus! I don't know how you got here exactly, but we're going to have to stick together if you want to live." She could see that he knew how to use the blade at least.

Fear!Bruiser Slindis

She raised her cross in hope that a turn might be able to banish the demonic version of Slindis.... And nothing happened. The copy laughed mockingly,

"What was that supposed to do? Make me run? Don't make me laugh!"

If Teri had confidence after beating the hell out of the fake Bruiser, it was quickly deflated by this and the fake's words. Even though she KNEW this was a magical construct, the words from it hurt all the same.
However, she remembered what she had been told by Jake (and a few others); if she was so useless, why was she counted upon by her allies?

"I am always happy to serve you, Madam. You made me, after all."
"I'm glad you're my wielder, Teri. Something's just right about you!"
"I'm going to reiterate what I told you when you started this path. She believes in YOU. It's never mattered whether or not you believe in her but she has faith in YOU"
"Dammit Teri, I'm sorry but I need your help I can't do this shit alone. If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in the Me that believes in You!"
"So wipe away your tears, take my hand, and be the person you really are. Author. Cleric. Teri.

Looking back at the Cruel, twisted form of Slindis, Teri readied another spell, "That's not true! I am not useless! Sure, I may be physically weak, but I can fight and I can heal! And I will fight and heal for everyone here, Including Ms. Slindis! Sic Em, Snuffles, Caramel!"

A Celestial dog appeared, it's coat of fur glimmering with light as it charged at Slindis with a final assault from the wolf.


Knowing now that she wasn't fighting her fears alone, Kala took a deep sigh of relief, then coughed rather violently. "thanks for the help but you literally smell like hell. I would know. Anyway, introductions can wait, if they are anything like what I met before, the priest would be a martial artist and the nun would be a cleric, pretty well skilled on both."
she said, and as she was relaying the information to Devon, the priest started rather quickly attacking Kalastryn with twin kamas.
For a moment it was all she could do to back-step and dodge the blows, then she conjured a fireball on her tail, and dodged a leg sweep from the monk with a rather wobbly backflip, planting the tail to his chest before it exploded. She started panting heavily, already a little worn down as the monk regained his balance after a midair flight back to where the cleric was standing, almost all the damage the fireball had done was quickly healed over.

Fear! Slindis

The Shadow Slindis lunged, skewering the wolf and badly injuring the dog with each rapier. "You know, unlike me, when your spells run out, you don't have a damn thing you can do. And you know the amusing bit, Teri? Even if you did get stronger, I never could trust you because you're an author! On the other hand, it's been quite convenient for me to have the Authors around. For once, I could blame my myriad mess-ups on someone other than myself! Hell, that pathetic me over there's too scared to use her weapons after what happened at that village. If you knew what your teacher really was, you'd be horrified. I personally find it impressive that a paladin can have millions of innocent lives weighing on her conscience, but it's easier to just bury it away and blame others on it.!"

Melethia quickly made her way out of the room as Slindis looked down at the ground. "'re wrong...I'd never say that..."

The Shadow Slindis laughed at the attacks from Teri's summons then continued talking. "And look, even Melethia can't stand to be in the room with such a hypocrite! Go ahead and preach about being prepared and watching out for those around you, but I'll always be watching you and relishing your errors, because we are one and the same in the end, Slindis d'Tarkanan!"


Melethia made her way over to Rugal and started forcing healing potions down his throat, watching as the bones painfully realigned back into place and patched up the worst of the injuries. "Wheathair, ya gotta wake up! Miss Sl... my mom's in trouble! C'mon!" She shook the man gently to urge him on.

Kalastryn | Devon

Devon focused on the cleric aiding the monk and looked at her with a smile. "Why now, this is certainly rude. There's no need to fight when you can just listen to the music." He mentally crossed his fingers as he started playing his guitar, hoping this would work.

Devon is using his music to Fascinate the cleric with a total roll of 23 after modifiers. She can make a will save with a Will modifier of 8 to save


The cleric's will was barely broken by Devon's fascinate ability. she stops and stares blankly as the monk sheathes his kamas and cracks his knuckles, putting on spike studded gloves from a pocket in his robes. Instead of going directly for Kala this time, he activates water stance to increase his resistance to magical effects to avoid the music's fascination, then charges at Devon.
Kala steps in the way however, taking a punch that grazes past her face she offers a punch of her own, again with a fireball in her grip.
The monk was ready for this however, and blocked a majority of the blast, sliding backwards a good distance but maintaining his balance. Kala delivers three scorching rays, two to his knees and one to his forehead. Despite being burned the monk struggles to his feet and finally begins to speak. "So Kalastryn, we raised you, we gave up our church for your upbringing and were even burned at the stake for it. Yet you repay us by burning me again, and not allowing us to have you rejoin us in death. What's more your fighting alongside the man more or less responsible for Eberron's perishing. Your a disgrace. A worm we never should have found, much less raised."

Kalastryn's eyes narrowed, even as she looked to Devon, the hatred she held for both the two in front of her and the one beside her almost equal. "Your point? You... no the person your BASED ON allowed me the life I have, and taught me right from wrong, and for that I'm grateful, TO THEM. We both know your not who you say you are, I'm much more intelligent than to believe so. As for the bard next to me, Repercussions will come eventually if what you say is true. By my hand or otherwise. However, I understand that now is not the time for that. Now is the time when I destroy my fear of facing you again, by making you into a CORPSE!!"

she says as she is now on the offensive for a change, using her wand to giver herself stoneskin before charging with what appeared to be scorching rays extending from her fingertips in both hands for a sort of claw variation.

Fear! Slindis

After much prompting and forced healing potions, Rugal began to stir, his body was still feeling the effects of nearly being crushed to death, but he was awake at least.
The first thing he saw upon waking up was Melethia trying to shake him awake.
"..Melethia...ugh, that you?..Wh-where....Where am I?..." He asked before he events that he just lived though came back to him.
"...Was he actually there?..." He asked himself as he remembered Goenitz gloating him.
"Wheathair! Snap out of it! Mom is in trouble. Come on! Get up!" The elf pleaded as he helped the King of Fighters to his feet.
The crampedness of the death trap made him limp as he walked and his wrist was still broken, but the large amount of potion Mele forced him to drink helped to counter act most the side effects of being crushed.

It took some doing, but he soon reached the scene of the batt-
"....What the Hell?....." He flatly said as he looked at the Fear!Slindis.
No detail was spared from her Dragonmark to her-
Focus dammit!
"What do we have here!? Another Meaningless Imposter! Oh because that worked so well the first time!" He shouted at the Fear!Slindis, hoping Tomoya could hear his anger.

Fear! Slindis

Teri grit her teeth as Fear!Slindis attacked her dogs, "Be that as it may, Faker, at least I can have the honor of saying my 'weak little spells' can hold you off! Like this one!"

There was a wave of her hand, and a patch of ice appeared under Slindis' feet (Ice Slick)

Slindis needs to make a balance check!

When Rugal appeared, Teri's head whipped around for a brief moment; to which Rugal could see genuine joy on her face, "Mr. Bernstein!"

She tapped a few things on her tablet, and the Time Bubble was torn down, "Watch out for the ice!"

Fear! Slindis

Fear!Slindis rolled a 22 on her balance check. Better luck next time, kiddo.

The fake easily kept her balance on the ice and made her way out of it. "Fake, huh? If anything, the fake here is the woman who lies to every person she meets because it makes her feel so good to know something someone else doesn't. At least I admit it! Isn't that right, me?"

Slindis spoke up. "'re wrong, you're not me..."

An eerie pressure built in the hallway as the Fear!Slindis' eyes glinted yellow. "I couldn't hear you over all the self-pity angsty shit going through your, or should I say my head, miss Swindis?"

Melethia shook her head at the fake Slindis and stood close to the real Slindis, who was now on her knees. "C'mon, she's just tryin' to mess with ya!"

The Shadow Slindis threw Melethia on the ice face first, glaring Slindis directly in the eye with her exposed right eye. "Even that hunk of meat there only wants you for one reason alone, and I can go give it to him... Oh wait, you haven't told him, have you? Oh, this is delicious."

Kalastryn | Devon

Devon kept the playing up as he approached the fascinated woman, knowing all too well that Kalastryn already wanted him dead. However, no matter what she thought, he didn't sell 50 years of his afterlife to die here.

"Now, my lovely cleric, would you please leave here? Although your daughter isn't with you, she's doing all she can to help out other families to stop this situation from happening elsewhere. Besides, I'm certain that no matter what, she still cares for you very deeply." He'd been having luck so far, so he hoped some negotiations would help soothe Kalastryn's fears as the sorceress fought with the monk.

Devon tried negotiating with the fear to make it leave with a total mod of 35 or an unmodified roll of 19.

Fear! Slindis

Rugal was getting tried of the constant imposters and mind games from Tomoya, all the nonsense that followed, Not to mention being betrayed by his own servant.
But watching this scene unfold? This was his breaking point.
As the Fear!Slindis ranted to her real counterpart, He limped towards the pair.
"Even that hunk of meat there only wants you for one reason alone, and I can go give it to him... Oh wait, you haven't told him, have you? Oh, this is delicious."
The Fear!Slindis turned to face him.

"So "King of Fighters", Would you like to hear wh-"
She was cut short a massive right hook to the face, the same one he used earlier to try and escape the Crusher room.
The imposter felt the full force of it and then some.
Her jaw shattered on impact, long fractures raced across her skull, teeth became dust.
The force of it knocked her back and she rolled across the ground as if she was thrown from a moving vehicle.
Once it was over, Rugal had to take a moment to tend to his wrist, pretty sure he had damage it even further.
He looked to the actual Slindis and asked "You okay?...", offering his other hand to help her up.

The FEAR! cleric had to admit there was a truth to his words. But there was something about Devon... she wanted to do more than just leave. "Alright, while it's hard to forgive you for things you've done, none are beyond redemption I suppose... to make sure you make it out of this alive, my husband won't be so easily controlled with his water stance active, but that's the only thing he has going for him in honesty. He never finished the other elements, hell, he barely started them, if you can create a situation where he NEEDS to change, he'll be a lot weaker." she says before she slowly begins to fade away with a bow of her head.

meanwhile, a few meters away Kalastryn's attempts to touch the FEAR! monk were rather futile, his water stance gave him additional reflex, fortitude, and willpower, the reflexes of course having a more direct effect on dodging her melee attacks, he volleys three attacks back at her, all blocked physically, but there were enchantments behind his fists as he did so. 2 of which were fire, which didn't effect Kalastryn very much at all... and one was a dark punch... which hurt Kala quite a bit. Soon the monk slowly lowered his guard... on purpose. when Kala reached in for a punch... she found his fist going through her left lung, what's worse is she hit him at the same time, and his fist tore out violently from the resulting force of the blast... Kala fell to the floor, not quite dead, but not in good shape either. he used Karmic strike, causing the monk to allow himself to be hit, but the counterstrike was guaranteed to be critical. and it showed, Kalastryn had one thing she knew she could do before she passed out. With Angelus's blood still in effect she swapped spells twice for a one time cast on each, ray of enfeeblement to sap his strength, and enervation to lower everything else rather severely... then, she passed out.

Fear! Slindis

The Fake!Slindis blinked in and out of existence then slowly faded away while laughing. "Remember, I'll always be watching to see when you mess up next..." After the woman faded away, Slindis slowly got up to her feet with the aid of Rugal. "I'm okay...

The look on her face told a completely different story, though. Rugal could see that the last verbal beatdown had finally destroyed the woman's mask, and she was desperately trying to pretend it was still there.

Kalastryn | Devon

Before the woman left, the attack on Kalastryn happened. concerned about the Tiefling, he called out to the cleric. "Are you going to let your daughter die by the hands of her own father? It doesn't matter what you are, the mere thought if that happening is far too painful for anyone to bear!" The Fake!Cleric could see that the man was genuine in wanting to aid the tiefling, and hopefully she would aid.

Fear! Slindis
"you haven't told him"?....what was that about?... Rugal thought as he helped the Drow up.
She seemed shaken, only this time she showed it.
But there was another matter at hand.
"Melethia." He said before quickly checking up on the elf, quickly making sure she was alright.
Aside from some scrapes, she was perfectly fine.
"So...I take it your the ones who got me out?...Thank you, It was a good thing you arrived when you did..." He said before he noticed the imposter was gone.
"...If Tomoya is using this kind of tactics again, It's only a matter of time before the others fall prey to them as wel-"
A Sharp bolt of pain cut his words short as he held his wrist.
"Goddamn son of a-...Might need some help with this, think I might have dislodged something..."


Devon's well spoken words rang true to the cleric, who then casts cure serious wounds on Kalastryn and the hole in her chest closed, and even more than that she doesn't fade away. "You know what, what the hell would I leave for?! As long as I'm here I may as well help! she says as she puts her sword away and tries to utilize her already high diplomacy advantage over the monk. "Look honey, We may not be Kala's real parents, but those things you said earlier weren't true right? We both now our originals wouldn't feel that way, what say we end this peacefully? Even though we died because we took care of her, we did so because we cared."

the FEAR! cleric rolls a 5, from the position of the FEAR! monk's ally, it's enough to remain in good standing, and she did have a point.

the monk says in reply. "... The magic in this place is strange. It created us with the knowledge of our original's emotions and story, yet expected us to harm those close to us. You have a point now that I think about it. Still, purpose is purpose, and we were made to kill them."

her second attempt goes over much larger with a 19. "ugh this used to be a problem all the time... I thought you learned long ago that the reason a being is what they are should not effect who they are or what they become. I know we were made to impede them, but there is another way. I can assist them, and honestly you should make yourself scarce before our daughter wakes... you did put a hole in her chest, and I can't imagine she'd want you here. Still, you know as well as I do she deserves much better than death."

To this, the monk sighs. "If I recall correctly our original purpose was to keep this place safe from intruders, and though intruders they may be, they have very good reason for wanting the stone. One that would benefit the entire world if it succeeds. Alright... you stay to assist, I'll... disappear I suppose." with that, puts his hands together and bows to Devon. "thank you... for showing us another way... I cannot promise that other fears will be so kind however." he then fades away.
the cleric remains however, lifts Kala's unconscious body to carry her, and says to Devon. "Lead on. A friend to Kalastryn is a friend to me."

Fear! Slindis

Teri sighed in relief as the false Slindis was destroyed, and immediately shot after Rugal spoke. "Mr. Bernstein!"

She hugged him around the waist; and said, "I'm so sorry! I... I should have trusted you. I'm glad you're okay. Dimitri made a terrible mistake; and he did it to protect me. So, essentially, this is all my fault. But, Dimitri and Vermilion are fighting Viscus right now to get him off the ship and stop any terrible things he has in mind..."

After holding on for another moment; she realized the awkwardness of her actions, and pulled away quickly, "Right, your wrist... Let me work on that."

And so, she had led the King of Fighters to a wall so he could lean against it as she worked on his wrist, smiling the whole while.

"Mr. Bernstein!"

Before he had a chance to say anything else, Teri ambushed Rugal with a hug, unknowingly causing him a great deal of discomfort as his body was still raw from the Death trap.
"...Can you please not do that?..." He said as he took a pained breath before Teri let go.
"Sorry, just rather uncomfortable..."
"Right, your wrist... Let me work on that."
Thus Rugal sat against the wall and let the cleric get to work.

"If your AI's are going after Viscus, They'll need a Access Code spoken in my voice to shut him down. Or at least limit his processing power. We'll send them a recording in due time, for now, We need to make sure the others know what they are getting into." Rugal explained as he watched Melethia go to comfort her mother.
"...Tomoya was clever, I'll give him that much. Not many people could have made it this far between everything he threw at us. Just, if I'm not a around, Keep an eye on your teacher. She's been affected more then she'd care to let on..."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Teri nodded as she continued her work on the wrist. Rugal noticed that she had not even used any healing magic on him to do her work; but her skills in the art were becoming much better since the last time she had treated his wounds. Funny that he was able to track her growth in skill, maybe if he didn't get hurt so much, he wouldn't notice. However, when she finished with a Minor cure spell, Rugal took note that his wrist was good as new.

With a smile, the Cleric said, "If I had a few more spells on hand, then I would fix up the rest of you; however, I need to conserve those in this place. As for what you said; Yes, I will keep a close watch."

Getting up and gingerly aiding the King of Fighters up with her, she held up the tablet and asked, "How about that recording?"

Digital Hell, Round 2!

Dimitri couldn't help but smile Vermilion's quip, and shouted as they ran, "Isn't that my line? I am the butler here after all!"

Whacking at a defense with THE_NINE_IRON, YAMATA-NO-OROCHI took a sizable bite out of said defense, and destroyed it as the moved to the next node.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Rugal winced a little during the procedure, while he shrugged off getting stabbed before, the massive strain the crusher had on his body made his usual tactic of toughing out his wounds less effective.
Still, he had his punching wrist back so that was something.
When Teri asked for a recording, he spoke into the mic "Executive Command 1099: User: Rugal Bernstein: Access Code: Genocide Cutter."
"...Wait...Why didn't you just do that to begin with?"
"I left my PDA on the ship and I wasn't about to ask someone who might have gotten that E-mail if I could borrow theirs and start a civil war."
"...Good point..."
As Teri went to send it to Dimitri, Rugal stood and went to check up on Slindis.

Digital Hell, Round 2!
Vermillion's grenades managed to get Viscus's attention and she attempted to strike though the smokescreen of scrambled code.
Her attack was cut short by a load of Digital Buckshot to the chest, quickly downing her and knocking her back.
"Predictable." He stated as he advanced, unfolding his sword in the process.
"Executing command: Kill." He said as he went to finish her off.

Captcha: Describe this brand with any words: Oreo : "Want!" O_O

Fear! Slindis

Even as the body faded away, the Fear!Slindis left one last message that lingered in the ears of everyone in the area. "I'm surprised that none of you noticed that I'm a horrible person when a voice of the gods themselves said that a holy knight was not worthy of holding the Stone of Light... Honestly, you're all fucking idiots...

Melethia looked up at Slindis, but the Drow brushed the girl off to show that she didn't want to talk. She watched her mother walk past Rugal and Teri to get further into the temple, and Rugal saw that the woman that had shown herself as a steady rock was more than just affected. Indeed, it was clear that the events of today had awakened a lot of demons in her, and she had the hollow eyes of a shellshocked veteran.

Teri glimpsed up at the paladin and saw why the Fear!Slindis didn't attack the knight: she didn't have to. The knight had been defeated without a single attack.

Kalastryn | Devon

Devon led the way, feeling more sure about himself even as he was being followed by two of the people that he had made homeless by the end result of his writing. "Okay, I think you know why we're here, but I'd like to get something off my chest even if you're only a construct of this temple." The cleric carrying Kalastryn inquired what it was as Devon made light issue forth from the tip of his blade and he turned around to her.

"I know that my writings really messed up a lot for Eberron, and I know that a sorry isn't even enough to begin covering it. You may not be the people to tell this, but as long as I live, I will do whatever I can to ensure that nothing like that will ever happen to any other world. Could you see if you can pass that along to your daughter?"


"I will see if she will listen when she wakes if it pleases you; however, and this is coming from one of the victims here, you need to be a little lighter on yourself. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it... normally. In this case however you didn't know you did any wrong until it was too late. Given the circumstance, I don't blame you, and trust me when I say Kala will come to forgive eventually."

she seems quite serious when she says this, with no malice detectable however. "as for the stone's location... it would be useful information to have, but we were not entrusted with it, lest this exact situation occur" she says with a chuckle at the irony, protecting it without knowing where it is... well... that's unfortunate.


Rugal watched the defeated Drow walk away, Followed up by the snide last words of her tormentor.
Goddammit Tomoya... He thought as Slindis began to go deep into the darkness of the passage they were in.
"...Teri, Melethia, Back track to the main hall and make sure everyone knows what they are dealing with. Me and Slindis are going to keep checking this passage. Keep alert, We haven't seen anything yet." Rugal warned Teri and the elf before he went to follow Slindis deeper into the temple.
Second I get out of here, I'm going to mount that angel's head in my office... He promised himself as he soon caught up with the Drow.
"Slindis! Not so fast, I know first hand how bad some of these traps are." He said as his cover story.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Teri clenched the wall as she forced the message to follow an alternate course than the mailing room; the use of her Author powers causing her some strain. After that, she turned to Rugal and said, "Before you go sir... Here!"

Before Rugal began to leave, the cleric lightly tapped Rugal on the arm, and a soothing feeling began to wash over him as he began to walk away.

"Hopefully, that'll help get rid of some of the damage."

After that, she called for Melethia and began to retrace their steps to the main hall. With a wave of her hand, the staff began to shine with a soft, torchlike Light, illuminating their way to the chambers.

Digital Hell: Round II!

Dimitri would have laughed, but then he saw Viscus's advance, and began to unzip CERBERUS from his file holders.... Until a message appeared in front of Dimitri.

"From the Desk of Teri Gravel, 5th Level Cleric."

When Dimitri opened it, Rugal's voice played through the room: "Executive Command 1099: User: Rugal Bernstein: Access Code: Genocide Cutter."

Fear! Slindis

Slindis kept moving through the temple, seeming to ignore Rugal as she worked her way through the darkness. When he put a hand on her shoulder, she jerked away. "...I don't need your help..." Although she still managed to avoid the spikes that came out of the ground in places, the movements seemed lifeless.

"...I said I can handle this on my own, Rugal..." The dull tone in her voice said otherwise, though, and the paladin was tripped up by losing her balance. Rugal wasn't stupid: it was clear that Slindis needed the help, even if she didn't want to admit it.

Kalastryn | Devon

Devon shrugged. "It's still nothing that can be ignored easily, and the fact still remains that I have a whole lot of people to answer to." He made his way to a small alcove in the temple and took a moment to sit down.

Rugal gave Teri a thankful nod before he set off after the Drow, feeling a little better with each step.
Despite his efforts to reach out to her, she still hid her pain.
"And I heard you the first time, but I'm not leaving you like this." He said as he helped her up again after she tripped.
But she just resumed her march.
"Slindis, Listen to me, I know you are not okay. I'm not exactly an expert on this topic, but I do know this: You need help, Slindis."
Thus he kept shadowing her movements down the passage.

Digital Hell: Victory?
Viscus proceeded though the Logic Bombs, no-selling any damage they might have done to him as he began to rev up his minigun.
"Executive Command 1099: User: Rugal Bernstein: Access Code: Genocide Cutter."
The killer AI froze dead in it's tracks.
"...No...Negative...Impossible...Out of the question..." Viscus began to list Synonyms of the word no as the Command began to take effect.
The individual pieces of armour began to dissolve into small streams of code which then faded from existence.
It was as if a fine woven scarf was being undone in a process that clearly looked painful.
Little by little, his nigh unbreakable armour began to disappear, revealing his true form underneath.
"...Not going to happen...A pipe can't do this is me! I am VISCUS! I AM VISCUS!"
Once the armour was gone, what stood before them was a avatar of the AI's former self: Albert Wesker.
He took shaky steps before he finally fell down from the toll his disablement took on his being.

Digital Hell: Round 3

"Only 2: Think fast."
A Samurai Edge handgun quickly formed in AI Wesker's hand and he swiftly shot Vermilion in the knee before rolling backwards to avoid the BAN Hammer.
Rising to his feet, he stared at his rivals and said "You foolish puppets! You believe that *I* am the evil one? You let a man that, even by my standards, is completely morally bankrupt live? You don't know anything of what I good could have done with AIM at my command!"
He held his hands out and a pair of Sunglasses formed.
"You think you've won? No, this hasn't ended yet, even stripped back to my base form, I am far more advanced!" He warned before he put the sunglasses on.
He then ran to cover as he fired at the AI's.


"I can imagine those people to be displeased with whatever answers you could manage. However, keep in mind a good few people survived, many if not all of which were some of the most spiritually clean there were on Eberron. While Kalastryn will be one such person to answer to, I don't doubt she will be forgiving. Who knows, she might vouch for you when your judgement day comes, as it does for all. By the way, I forgot to mention before but if you have any injuries I could heal those for you." she asks devon. of course, her healing abilities were far better than most clerics. She could not only cure physical injuries, but even get rid of insanity and other mental scarring as well.

It was then that Kalastryn began to stir once more still slightly afraid of the cleric holding her she struggles out of her hands and sets her fingers on fire just in case, but of course that was not necessary. "That won't be necessary Kala, I understand you are afraid of facing your parents again when you join them in death eventually, but, to put your mind at ease, they forgive you. Actually they never blamed you in the first place. They are in a much better place now, one where they are working to rescue you from your eventual fate."

there was a long pause of silence after Kalastryn put out her hands... there were very few things that could make her cry... but this was one of them.

She fell to her knees sobbing, finally finding her worst mental scar healed, after 10 years... she finally found comfort from her parent's deaths.

Slindis. Teri, Melethia

She eventually triggered a pitfall trap, falling into it when Rugal heard the drow stab harshly into the sides with two knives to start the slow climb back up. He could look down to see that the pit was at least 70 feet deep and saw that she was lucky to catch herself when she did. It would be a long climb back up, though.

Melethia made her way back to the main hall with Teri's help and looked at the unconscious David. "Miss Teri, it looks like he got messed up real bad. But from one punch?"

Kalastryn | Devon

Devon went over to Kalastryn with a good deal of caution still, mainly because he knew that she had every reason to beat the crap out of him for his part in Eberron's destruction. "If you could help me and Kalastryn get a rest, that would be much appreciated." The cleric obliged, and with her magic aiding the two, they were ready to go after a fifteen minute rest.

After the two mentally prepared themselves, Devon turned to the shade of Kalastryn's mother. "While you're in here, could you focus on Kalastryn first? I'd hope that I'm more durable, and I'm sure that Kalastryn woud appreciate it much more."

"SLINDIS!" Rugal shouted as the ground beneath the Drow pulled away and she fell into the trap.
He attempted to grab her hand or whatever he could get she fell too deep, but he couldn't.
However, he left out a sigh of relief as she managed to use 2 knifes as climbing hooks and began to make her way back up.
"Jesus, that was close. Okay, Come on Slin, Just keep climbing, I'm right here." He said, urging her on, half thinking of lowering himself down and climbing down to get her.

David West
David began to stir, some what shakily after that KO punch from Slindis.
He had a huge black bruise across his jaw where she connected.
"Whhhhhhhooooaaaayyyy shhhhiiiittt....She some kind of boxing champion or something?..." He said as he picked himself up, wobbling from the effort.
Before he asked what was going on, he ran his tongue around his mouth.
"...Where are they?..." He then said as he looked around and found 3 teeth on the ground next to where he was standing.
"Here they are...Hey, kid, Pray to god you don't ever get spanked by your mother..." He said to Melethia before picking them up.
"How long was I out?"


"Of course. None I can think of are more deserving of a rest, and there are a few things about... your situation... that I think I could say without causing her to become to angered. Other than that all her major injuries were healed earlier with the hole in her chest incident."

during a good 5 minutes of their rest, Kalastryn's mother pulled aside Kala and explained the situation with the writers, and that Devon, without the slightest knowledge of doing harm had control over a good portion of events that happened in Ebberon... and of course what happened when this control was lost.

Kalastryn goes over to Devon, and gives him a firm and very strong slap across the face, but does nothing more than say. "That's all the revenge I'll wreak upon you... after all, you knew not what you had done. Might I ask a question though? Are you the one who wrote me into existence? If such is the case you have my thanks for creating me as a respectable person. Still, though it's going to take more than all this to make the millions of inhabitants of a now perished world to forgive you... that's all the payback I need. Especially since I'm better than killing you, and death would just be an easy way out of what you've done."

Her mother stayed silent for what Kala needed to say, but then said to the two of them. "Now that Kala has gotten out what she needs to, and is fully recuperated, what about you Devon?"

Slindis, Rugal

Slindis took a good 5 minutes to climb up the pit and eventually looked Rugal in the eye. "See? I can handle myself. Now let's get the orb of light so we can hand it off to two children and start this whole cycle again..."

Teri, Melethia, David

Melethia looked at the large bruise and whistled. "Wow! You can see the exact spot where she hit you! Now if ya wanna come with us, just know that there's lotsa traps in here, so let me take point. 'Kay?" It crossed David's mind that he didn't exactly know all that much about Slindis or her supposed daughter.

Kalastryn | Devon

He rubbed his cheek before speaking up. "Kalastryn, mind if I say something? I'm not quite sure who made you. I'm not passing off the blame, but you have run into two of the people I introduced to Eberron. As a matter of fact, you already know the quite well: Slindis and Melethia. Now, before you hit me again, I just created them. Every experience they had was their own, and honestly? I wish I was half as good as you are. And if I die before you, I'll try talking to Lucifer to see if you can go to the place that you rightfully deserve instead of the depths of hell."

Digital Hell: Round 3

Dimitri dodged around the shots, The_NINE_IRON ready in his hands as he leaped and brought the weapon down on the defense Viscus brought up; which was followed through with PRINCIPALITY beginning to convert the data around Dimitri's weapon into friendly particles, and thus began to move away from where it's master struck. This distraction allowed for YAMATA-NO-OROCHI, SEIRYU and CERBERUS to charge in past their master to attack. Viscus could already feel the dragon's (SEIRYU) deceleration effect in his data; slowly making his processes lose efficiency. It was as if he was made of flesh again, and his blood was coagulating in his body. Hissing heads reared back, and virtual smoke emanated from a trio of slobbering maws as the beasts were upon him.

David | Melethia | Teri

Teri shrugged and said, "They went their own way. Mel and I were sent to warn everyone about a fear effect that's been dropped on this place. Essentially, your worst fears come to life, or some variation thereof. Here..."

She took the teeth and gingerly put them in his face, casting a minor cure spell to re-attach them to his gums. "Now, make sure to fact check what you do or I won't fix your teeth again if they get punched out. Kay?"

She flashed him a bright smile of her own, and motioned to the inner depths of the Temple, "Now, we need to warn the others of what's going on around here. You coming or not?"

Slindis, Rugal

Once she was up high enough, Rugal offered Slindis a hand up, one she denied.
Then she went back into the same state she was in before the trap went off, much to his displeasure.
"...Fine...*I'll* take point..." He said as the pair continued on their way.
Then something came to mind.
"...Slin...Back with the others, that Other you said something about something you haven't told me...Mind if I ask what that is?..."

Teri, Melethia, David
"Yeah, sure, why not?..." David said in a somewhat bitter mood as Teri reattached his teeth, though he opted out of having the bruise treated, it wasn't enough to warrant a spell.
"Hey, I acted on a lead. Sure, It's all swell and dandy to tell me what I should have done after the time has passed, but keep in mind: We both know who Rugal is and what he is known for. Because he was innocent this time doesn't make up for the 100's of times he was guilty. Teammate or not, That man WILL answer for what he's done once this is all over.." He said afterwards.
He knew he was wrong, but if it meant letting Rugal get away scot free, he didn't want to be right.
"Right, lead the way you two." he finished before giving his M500 a spin.

Digital Hell: Round 3
Viscus quickly began to flee from the Programs Dimitri summoned upon him, using his Handgun to stall them.
He was starting to realise he wasn't going to get out of this one, but that was what the back-up copies were for.
So he set about doing as much damage to the Ship's system before he was deleted.
He began to sprint towards the central CPU with the intent on disabling it, crashing the entire system in the process.
The ship would stay in the air above the jungle, but his enemies would be among the data that would be lost in the process.


Kalastryn smiles at Devon. "Thanks for the kindness, not many people show me such. However, I overheard a bit of an angel-tech AI aboard the airship a while back... they were going to try to kill Teri for allying herself with me, being a Tiefling and all. I think that more than enough sums up just about how much the people upstairs think of me, so I doubt a fallen angel's good word will do much for me... though I guess it's better than nothing. Thank you, and sorry about hitting you... by the way what makes you so certain you'd be seeing someone like him when you die? I mean I admit I'm one to talk on saying that what happens to a person after death is never certain... but still, how can you be so sure?"

She was hoping their cases were nothing similar at all. She knew how it felt to have the constant sinking feeling of knowing your going to hell, and she definitely didn't want such a thing for Devon. I mean, he's done some screwed up things, but she fancied herself a testament to there being at least one respectable person on all walks of life, and the belief that no one is beyond redemption until they are dead.

The cleric, with her knowledge on the situation almost opened her mouth to tell her about Devon's training... but it'd probably best come from Devon's mouth at another time. "regardless, I think it's right about time we get moving... also Devon... I was equipped with Knowledge of Kalastryn's fears and story, not so much of the two you created. However, one of them seems to be in a great deal of distress, their fear already destroyed. Would you know anything they could have said to cause such a thing? Or which one? This place has been reluctant to communicate with me since I made myself a "traitor."

Slindis, Rugal

She spoke up as Rugal led the way. "It's nothing to concern yourself with...." The drow's stubbornness to not admit her problems would be infuriating to anyone, and it seemed that the only reason she kept moving was because it was the only thing she knew how to do.

No matter what you do, you'll always be seen as a tainted outcast by everyone around you... That last taunt was solely in the paladin's head, and it was the final straw as the paladin stopped walking.

Teri, Melethia, David

Melethia glared harshly at the man, making it quite clear that she wasn't happy at all with working with David. "I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you..." As they started moving through, Melethia halted the group a few times for traps, disabling what she could and marking what couldn't be disabled.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal was clearly starting to get annoyed by Slindis's lack of a answer and her overall attitude in light of what happened.
Now it'd be one thing if it wasn't affecting her, but it clearly was, given she nearly died in a pit trap.
On top of him really wanting to know what she was afraid of letting him know, He decided to act.
He stood in her way with his arms folded.
"Well if it concerned you enough to nearly break you like that, I think I have every right to know."
She didn't answer.
"....Slindis?...." He asked, starting to grow concerned.
She seemed to be in a daze.
"Slin? Come on, Tell me, What is so important you are afraid to tell me?" He asked as he grabbed her by the arms and shook her gently, nothing.
......Forgive me...
He let out a sigh and slapped her across the face, hard enough for her to feel it, hoping it'd be enough to snap her out it.

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