The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Slindis, Rugal

After the slap, she muttered something. "...leave me alone, I can handle myself... Since he couldn't hear it, he asked for her to speak up. Seeming to stare right through him, she shouted at the man with tears forming in her eyes.

"I don't need your help! I can handle this by myself, and I know that none of you wanted me around anyway! I can see it in your eyes, constantly judging me and waiting for the time when the tainted knight, the aberration finally gives the rest of the people a good reason to shunt her off again! Sure, you want me around when it comes to matters of death like that slaughter at the village earlier; oh they love that! But the moment it all finishes up, I'm thrown to the side and you completely forget that I'm even there!" By the end of that rant, she was crying fully and went down on her knees.

"...Now go, like everyone else does, and find someone that hasn't lived their lives shedding blood and picking up the bodies..." The dam had finally burst, and the knight looked down at the small pool of tears that was forming on the ground below her.

Slindis, Rugal

Rugal felt a wave of regret flush over him, sure, he'd killed more then he'd ever know, but this act of evil was on a much more personal level and was much harder to ignore.
He told himself that this release was probably for the best, though he didn't feel any better about it.
As the Drow wept, he knelled down and hugged her as she did.
"That's it...let it all out...I'm sorry..." He said as she cried into his chest, her sobs echoing though out the dark passages.
He lost track of how much time passed from there and he also moved them out of the centre of the passage to sitting at the base the wall at the side, Holding Slindis as he would Melethia as she let out decades of bottled emotions.
Rugal Bernstein, The man who killed an Angel... He reminded himself.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light
Time: Night

"Mark | Ella | Kyre

Kyre left the two alone and bounded through the dark hall. Her null-magic field gave her vision of the various magical traps and devices, of which there were not many on this floor. Her own intuition let her drop in and disarm a few of the more obvious traps along the route, but her main objective, something that had been ingrained into her mind by it's brother.

Destroy the Stone of Light.

She moved carefully along the walls and roofs, and then the floor fell out from underneath her, and the young Anti-Mage tumbled intot he great hall, the temple proper.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Corrupted Temple of Light: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton
Jake shook his head a little as most of the crew entered into the temple. He chose not to, staying outside with Tajuh and the few others. Finding a comfy spot just inside the door, he sat down cradling his rifle again and pulled his hat low. "Oi, shout out if ya's need me, touch me and I'll react to knock ya back and attack, fair warnin' given. Now, I'm gonna try and nab some sleep whilst everyone else is playin' Dora the fuckin' Explorer."

"K-K-K-Kokoa! Wha! Your eyes are different! GET OFF MY AFTAN YOU FAKE!"

Akane panicked, and threw a desperate left hook at the vampire's face. Had she of checked the spirit of the vampire, she wouldn't have panicked. But she could only see the loss of her beloved Aftan yet again. Then she saw the burns, the horrible horrible burns on her Kokoa...

The punch stopped right in front of Kokoa. "I! I! I CAN'T DO THIS! NO MORE HURTING NO MORE NO MORE!" the kitsune screamed before she grabbed both of them in a hug. She kissed Kokoa's forehead even as the little vampire fed.

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

Post contains Temple details.

Time: Midnight | January 2nd.

The story of the temple was written on the walls just like Egyptian hieroglyphics except with more detail and graphic images. The temple was old but angel tech was running the whole place for centuries, considering how old the technology is, it should teach everyone how powerful the dark angel fleet is in the terms of technology and power.

Though the two Tomoya which entered this place were different. One was a confident hero who devoted his life to serving good and the other was a corrupted body who was devoting his life to destroying his counterpart's work. The group will soon learn the truth about the two Archangels of Lightning.

And the stone was the key to everything.
Even though the Stone of Light choses it's most purest user, it changes everything around it.
Even the most holy warrior might not be chosen to wield it over someone unstained of death and blood.

The Temple of Light is ever changing. In the slight chance where unauthorized people will enter, the traps will activate.
Dark Tomoya only turned the power back on by introducing it's power source back. The stone.

Suddenly but slowly the temple began to change, the walls opened and closed, making new passages and closing other ones. Also the main entrance hallway slammed shut, closing off the opening to the outside world, the only way was down to the stone. In every room which the group of heroes lurked the walls began to close of them like some adventure movie. The worst part is that it looked like the temple wanted to direct them all to somewhere.

The worst was yet to happen as deep inside the temple, one of the guardians awoke with it's dark purple eyes. It was corrupted and wondered the halls for the temple's intruders. "Intruders detected. Activating extermination mode."

Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

The innocent young couple were behind the group of Slindis & Rugal and in-front of the Teri, Melethia and David group, the three groups were traveling in one of the many hallways of the temple. No one was disturbing the couple after the event that had just witnessed. The kidnapping fell heavily on Kud and revived her fears of losing her loved ones which included Riki, she was silent ever since she last talked and only the look of sadness was covering her.

Riki on the other hand was keeping silent but kept his arm over Kud so that she could calm down, but the vibrations of the temple kicked into gear. Suddenly the hallway that the three groups were within began to move slowly, the entrance and exit were covered by stone doors and the ground began to split. As the middle slowly parted, the sudden change shocked the couple and they were separated. Riki was on the left wall and Kud was on the right. "Riki!" She yelled after him as the ground was slowly opening up into darkness. The others began to know their situation.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Airport.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

Tomoya was standing in a long line to get to the main desk, he waited as he was almost to the front and started to fidget. Suddenly a fat american pushed in front of him, "Hey thanks for saving my *munch* spot man!" He like he knew Tomoya or something. The fat American held a KFC bucket and looked like someone who liked their American football too much. "Hahaha, I'm sorry friend... but do I know you?" Tomoya lightly chuckled as he some how surpassed the urge to gut the man and play skip rope with his entrails.

"Oh you know me, you covered my spot while I got some food." The man said with a assertive attitude, "No fucking idea what you are talking about" Tomoya said with a smile. The man became angry and shoved Tomoya, "Hey, who the FUCK do you think you are?!" The fat man yelled. "I'm a pissed off Archangel~" Tomoya said with a now sadistic smile as he summoned his dark katana and wings. The red lightning in his eyes began to shine with killing intent and the black lightning came out of him, whipping any sources of electricity.

"WHAT THE FU-BWWIAWEFFSF" The man tried to say but was immediately cut in half, the torso went flying at the main desk and the legs stood still. Tomoya pulled out one of his guns and shot it up into the air. "Okay you a oblivious humans, I need a damn helicopter... so I'm going to take one, does anyone else want to cut in line?" He smiled whilst pointing to the reception with his katana equipped hand.

Everyone was scared, Tomoya smiled as he walked up to the main desk and saw a cowering woman. Simply dinging a bell Tomoya just looked at the woman. "Excuse me miss, may you direct me to the pilot's lounge." He said in a nice tone. The lady quickly pointed to an elevator, "Thanks you... oh and... " Tomoya said as he pulled out a axe (Which was from the truck) and throw it at the receptionist. "That was for the service... I give it one axe out of five." He chuckled as he left the main entrance in the elevator. As the elevator began to ascend the only thing Tomoya could say was, "Oh right... I did save that guy a spot. Silly me... hehe".

Location: Blackhawke CIC | Storm Universe.

The atmosphere of the Blackhawke was less dense since Tomoya was not on board, but the second in command spartan Storm-178 was overlooking the universe the fleet laid within. The Storm universe was a separate universe which housed suns and planets entirely out of lightning. The many colors of lightning danced along the ships like a ballroom party. "How beautiful..." Storm said whilst touching his suit. He did not forget the attack which Dark Tomoya laid upon him, he roasted Storm alive in his suit with black lightning. That is how he was corrupted.

A soldier working on the bridge ran up to Storm with some information, "Hmm... we have an intrusion." Storm smiled within the suit. "Should we notify the Lord?" The soldier commented, "If you want to die, sure. I'm sure he already knows though, I'll lead a squad myself to deal with these people. Prepare it for me please." Storm said as he left the CIC to get ready.

Slindis, Rugal

In between wracked sobs, she choked out, "Tell me, why do you stay near me even though all I'm good for is war? it's all I was taught, all I know, all that I am! Even when I got a daughter, I ended up pushing her away and almost killed her..." As she kept on, Rugal knew why the knight hadn't ever gone into the town when she was in that place. She had thought that the ponies there wouldn't want someone so used to killing there, and Rugal could tell that the killing never got any easier for her.

Slindis, Rugal

"...You see yourself as nothing but a warmonger?..." Rugal asked as she took a few gasps to fuel more desperate sobbing.

"Believe me, I've seen the eyes of men who burn entire nations to the ground for personal gain and glory."
M. Bison...
"I've seen acts of compete and utter depravity preformed for nothing other then personal enjoyment."
"I've seen those who believed their cause was just and would trample anything that got in their way."
"I've even seen those who bet and control them all, using them as pawns in his own personal scheme for power and profit, ending countless lives in the process..."
...Yours truly
"And the fact that you would compare yourself to the likes of them, these compete monsters? Compete nonsense. You see yourself as covered in blood, Whether that is true or not is for you to decide, I know for a matter of fact that you are nothing like them. You kill, they slaughter, you fight, they overwhelm, you fight for those who can't, they....merely fight for the sake of it."
But enough about me...
"If all you were good for was war, Melethia wouldn't be the woman she is today, She would have spent her childhood mugging and killing bystanders on the street for scraps in a vain attempt to build a life for herself. You've made mistakes, but who doesn't? We fall so we can pick ourselves up again..."

He paused to let what he said sink in, hoping it'd turn her away from the brink of despair.

Slindis, Rugal

She slowly stopped the cries as she spoke up. "You know, besides the few people I could call friends back home, I was never really liked. No matter what I did, the credit would always go to someone else. It was hard to get mad about it considering the results but it still hurt. And now it seems that the gods themselves don't want my aid, even going as far as to to grant to completely green schoolchildren their abilities rather than someone that has dedicated her entire life. What sense does that make? Even when I finally got some recognition back home, I still heard numerous rumors that I'd slept around in order to get that title which ultimately didn't mean a thing."

Slindis, Rugal

"Well...I agree with you on the Schoolchildren. I've spent my entire life improving my skills, my power. Then some child is just handed power far beyond normal men, even when they don't want it. Still, even if you didn't get the recognition or power you rightfully deserve, I'm certain that the countless people you helped, who owe their lives to you, They're grateful every single day..." Rugal said, starting to surprise even himself with his Hypocrisy.
A Man who killed nigh everything that so much inconvenienced him, going on about the merits of selflessness.
What the hell am I talking about?...

Slindis, Rugal

She gripped the man tighter as she choked out more words. "But what does it matter when every person I've helped but one has died because of my failures? My home was demolished because of my failure, and I know now that you didn't need help with that bear in the cave, Rugal..." What she didn't know was that she had helped Rugal before while she was a resident of the Everfree Forest.

David, Melethia, Teri

David was about to read Melethia a short list of the crimes Rugal had caused when the passage began to shake.
"What the crap?..." He asked before the entrance to the passage they set down sealed behind them.
"...Aw....Great..." He dead-panned before echoes of Riki's and Kud's distress began to reach them.
"Oh those two again!? You two, Come on!" He shouted before he ran down the passage, The elf and the cleric following him.
Within a minute, He was on the scene, watching as Riki attempted to find a way across to Kud, The floor soon stopping and leaving a rather large gap between them into a dark bottomless abyss.

"...Oh wonderful...JUST SIT TIGHT, WE'LL GET BACK OVER! JUST STAY PUT!" He shouted in a attempt to calm the girl down, but she was all alone on her side and this place was starting to grow infamous for it's traps and monsters.
As he tried to formulate a plan, he turned to Riki and said "Kid...If you two wander off like this again, I'm fucking leaving you to whatever death trap you walk into. Did you not learn a single thing from the Village? I mean, It's alright when your walking around with people who can actually help and assist you, but on your own?....fucking moron..."
While he had a point, Riki could see it was more to do with the day he was having rather then actual anger.

He got a distance, around 20 meters long, and asked the expert on their team "Melethia, Got a hook and some rope? I think I can jam it into my gun and use it to set up a zipline or something..."
It was then Melethia realised just how much David hated his plans.

David, Melethia, Teri

She chuckled. "Do I have rope... mister, that's like asking a barkeep if he has grog!" She went to her pouch directly behind her and pulled out 25 meters of rope and a hook. The man looked at her in shock for a moment as she stuck out her tongue.

"Mister, I worked on all kinds of boats before I came here. If I didn't have rope, Mister Cage would be ashamed of me!" She handed the rope over, and David could smell the remnants of seawater on the well-used rope.

David, Melethia, Teri

"...Only grog?..." David quipped as he began to go to work, slightly dismantling his M500 to allow the hook to be shoved into the barrel with the rope attached to it, Almost like a musket.
"Right...This can either end really well or really bad..." He sighed at he leaned over and fired his "Grapple Gun" across the pit at the corner, The rope setting up a Zip-line that went across diagonally.
"Oh David, what have we gotten ourselves into this time?...Where is Elena?..." He cursed under his breath as he secured the line and took off his jacket, revealing a white running top.
"Hey, line doesn't hold..." He started before throwing his jacket over the Elf's head as if she was a hanger.
"There's your inheritance...Goddamn you BRAIN!" He raged as he began to cross the pit using the zip line, muttering obscenities as he did.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal was about to answer before the passage shook and the exit in the far distance closed.
The air was tense for a moment as he waited for any other effects or traps to reveal themselves: After a good minute, it seemed like they were in the clear.
"....It's not a matter of failings, but successes. You assess your life by them alone, No wonder it seems meaningless...
That and I let the Bear get in a few shots, I was trying to be believable in my Ruse..."
He then stood up, still carrying Slindis as he did.
"I don't like the sound of that...Best press on before something else happens..."

David, Melethia, Teri

As he went across the rope, his test showed that it was fairly strong despite the salty smell that clung to it. "Silverhair, hold on! We'll be there soon!" The main problem would be getting Teri across the pit.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis tried to get up, partly wanting to show him that she could handle herself even though she was still fairly shaken. "Rugal, please... let me handle myself. I'm not going to be a burden to anyone." He could see above all else that she looked out for others above herself, and she obviously held herself up to very exacting standards.

David, Melethia, Teri

"Wait, Wh-WHOAOHOHOHOH-WHOAOA-WHOA! HEY! One at a time, this fucking thing is making me nervous enough as it is!" David protested loudly as Melethia joined him on his rather moronic stunt.
But by the time he voiced his thoughts, she was already right behind him.
"....F-freaking kids..." He stammered as he proceeded from there, While he wasn't normally afraid of heights, He was still VERY sceptical about his "Master Plan".
"Okay, okay, half way there...half way there...hoooooolllyyyyy shhhiitttt..." He said as he let himself look down, instantly regretting it.

Rugal, Slindis

"As you wish." Rugal said before he let her down on her feet, noting her eyes were still red.
Not to mention the slap mark across her cheek from when he stuck her.
"...I'm sorry I did that, I really am, but I had to snap you out of it. I know it hurt, badly, but I couldn't let you stay like that at a time like this.." He said as they advanced though the passage-way.

David, Melethia, Teri

Melethia whistled, not too bothered by the depth of the gap since she didn't look down. "Mister, are ya gonna hang there or are ya gonna pick it up so I can cross?" She was getting a bit impatient about the man's fear of crossing the gap. After all, there wasn't any acid pools or open pools of lava below them. What was so hard about it?

Rugal, Slindis

She gave a kind smile, clearly not too mad with the man. "You don't need to apologize. I've already held us up far too long with all that, and I do apologize. Thank you, Rugal." Although still rattled, she was slowly getting some confidence back.

Teri, Melethia, David
Teri kept her staff at the ready, it's light acting as a torch for the trio as they advanced further into the temple. However, upon reaching the conclusion that they would need to cross the enlarged gap, the cleric gulped but did not object. If this was the way to go about things, then that was the way it had to be. However, she imagined it'd be slow going, with her staff and satchel to worry about. But, where to begin..? After David finished, Teri checked her satchel to make sure it remained secure, and stuffed it down her robes for an extra precaution. Then she lowered herself to the rope and looped Sadei to where it was atop the rope, and her arms could hold onto it while she crossed. However, she was unbearably slow (at least, for Melethia) to cross. Having never done this sort of thing before, it made crossing a difficult task.

Digital Hell: Round 3

SEIRYU was the first to charge after Viscus, using it's cloying effect to slow down the Rogue AI as much as possible. The other three; YAMATA-NO-OROCHI, PRINCIPALITY and CERBERUS bore down on Viscus, with the False Angel of the three using it's magic to bring up barriers of Data in an attempt to slow the AI down from reaching the Main CPU. Meanwhile, Dimitri unzipped NIDHOGG from his files. When it was released, a withered, deathly looking dragon descended upon the scene, it's jaws opening wide and ready to taste the delicious files of Viscus. A root-eater was a deadly thing to go toe to toe with, and Dimitri had the leash.

David, Melethia, Teri

Once he was back on solid ground, David laid down for a moment to embrace it, Again, while he wasn't afraid of heights, he WAS afraid of his plans.
Thus he couldn't watch when Teri began to cross over on the Zip Line, but he had to as she slowly came over one foot (Measurement Unit) at a time.
Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break Don't break

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal gave a smile back as it seemed like she was improving.
"Good to hear. Shall we?" He said before taking the lead again though the darkness of the temple.
Phew, thought I'd have to bring up that time in Everfree Forest... He thought, trying to distance himself away from that place when ever possible.
And so, the duo marched on though the trap filled halls of the Temple...

Digital Heaven
With the massive barrage of programs and attacks, the threat Viscus posed to the ship was gone and Vermillion was free to lay down the BAN Hammer on the AI.
As he squirmed, he ranted "Fools! Has it ever occurred to you that this planet is in Danger? I don't just mean Tomoya. I have the means to wipe the slate clean, to reduce all beings on earth to their base form, All is equal in the land of the powerless. If only you could see the threat of Super-powers as I do. But no...You are merely a quick fix created by a hack writer to do 2+2 for her!....Go ahead....I'm done wasting my time on you sheep..."
Thus he stopped struggling and awaited his fate.

David, Melethia, Teri

Melethia urged Teri on. "You can do it, Miss Teri! It's only a rope after all, not something like your only way to cross over an acid pit!" She was oddly upbeat for the crossing, but it was nothing more than a challenge for her.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis led the way through, still a bit wary after that version of her based off of the darkest parts of her had spawned in here. After all, what was stopping them from having worse in there? "You know, I was somewhere else before I came here, although I'm sure that you wouldn't believe me. I told you a bit about it earlier, the Everfree Forest. For all the claims that the forest was dangerous, I actually found it quite safe. It's just that the horses that lived there didn't know anything about the area. There were quite a few times where I had to save some that ran into there, but of course I ended up scaring them off with my dark armor, dark skin, and red hair, but nobody else was going to save the hapless horses that blundered about in there."

David, Melethia, Teri

"You can do it, Miss Teri! It's only a rope after all, not something like your only way to cross over an acid pit!"

Teri gulped after hearing Melethia; but kept her eyes to the ceiling of the pit. So long as she didn't look down, this was a snap! A slow one, but a snap none the less! Focusing specifically on the crawl instead of the goal, Teri found that her progress was much easier than previously anticipated. Thus, when she finally reached the end, she was pleasantly surprised! Looking up at David; she quietly asked, "How do I get up? I think I'm stuck."

David, Melethia, Teri

David held his breath as both Teri and Riki made their way across the Zip Line, breaking numerous records for plans that David West came up with.
No one even lost a leg!
"Right....That went a lot better then I thought it would. Hell, we still even got the rope!" He stated as he made sure the Zip Line was intact.
"Okay, well, we have a way back, mightn't be the fastest way possible, but it's something. Now...As for you two..."

David turned to Riki and Kud.
"Look...I understand that some big players are betting on you two, but you have to think before you act! What if it was a Spike Trap? Or a Crusher? What if me and my parters here were topside? Answer: You would be both dead. From now on, Stay. With. The Group." He threatened like a upset parent.
He killed an entire village for those two and, though he didn't know it, it might have cost him Elena.

Rugal, Slindis

"...Is that right?...You certainly seem to get around..." Rugal commented, briefly seeming uncomfortable at the mention of the name.
His mind began to wander slightly back to that place....
My litt-
He seemed to shudder slightly as he remembered the time he spent there, haunted by his failings every waking second.
"Still, Those Timberwolfs"
He froze for a second as he realised what he just said, There was no way anyone who wasn't there should know about the wolfs there.
He attempted to ignore the topic by advancing onwards with a slightly increased pace.

David, Melethia, Teri

Melethia laughed cheerfully as Teri crossed. "See, I knew ya could do it! Even if ya do look a bit wimpy, but whatever~" She checked on Kud while Teri heard Sadei mentally talking to her.

This place feels so odd... still, if it stops that weird guy you're after, I'll help you however I can! As she said that, Teri felt the staff glow a bit brighter as it seemed to grow from the shared experiences of that day.

The enhancement bonus on Sadei has increased from +1 to +2, making her a +2 Sacred Silver Quarterstaff of Righteousness. In layman's terms, it's a +4 quarterstaff against any Evil aligned creatures, and it enhances Teri's Turning attempts with a +2 bonus to her effective level.

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis turned to Rugal. "Wait a minute... it was hard to find information on Timberwolves even when I was in the Everfree Forest, so I know that you were there at some time. When was this?" She kept right on his tail, and she wasn't about to let this go easily.

*Facedesk* Sorry if you guys misunderstood me... ALL of the floor is opening.

Riki & Kud (Plus Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

The rescue efforts of David didn't go unnoticed because it didn't help if the whole passageway/hallway's entire floor was splitting open like a ripe melon. Of course there was darkness below, but it had to lead to somewhere. Luckily enough for the group all of the exits were shut and the only way to go was down. The brief noise of water flowed from the darkness if anyone was not freaking out.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Airport | Airstrip.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

Meanwhile on Tomoya's side, the only thing he left behind in the airport was blood and nightmares as he walked to the helicopter pad to get his prize. The armada of helicopters was waiting for him, and Tomoya picked the most heavily equipped helicopter due to there being a military helicopter pilot in the lounge from which he cut of his arms and started to beat him to death.

Temple Entrance

Jake had barely closed his eyes when the temple itself shuddered and began to warp. "Oh bloody hell... That ain't good. I'd best try and link up with someone..." With that, he got up and started moving down a new random path, M4 up and the barrel light shining full blaze down the corridor. He moved silently and at a careful pace.

After the third dead end and the second trap plate avoided, he sighed. He pulled out his Compact PC and started typing.

TO: Bluerocker
FROM: Sgt_Jakeman214
SUBJECT: Fuck this Temple...

BODY: G'day T, Jake here.

I was trying to nap inside the temple doors when they closed, I was gonna stay with the outside guard group. SO now, I'm stuck inside and moving down a corridor. It is slow work mapping things out, I've avoided both traps I've come across so far, but the three dead ends are annoying. Any chance you know of a way for me to meet up with you or use your PDA as a homing device/Map tool?

If nothing is possible, I'll head back to the Main entrance room and hold tight, but it feels way off to stay there.

Believe in the Me who believes in You! Stay strong Kiddo.


PS: Does Caim check his PDA, and are the Pact Partners in here? The Cutie Bruisers are outside, last I checked.

David, Melethia, Teri

Teri would have said something about Sadei speaking with her again, but there were several other pressing concerns... Such as the floor dropping out below them. Right before the floor split open, Teri saw that a message alert went off on her tablet. Before she could check it, the aforementioned phenomena happened; causing the floor to become a slide to water below. However, Teri was not alarmed by the thought of water; after all, Water had become a part of her very being (aside from body composition)! Water was something she was slowly gaining control over, water was her friend! Uncorking a water bottle, Teri sent Squishy down after the water, calling out in Aquan: "Slow our fall with a vortex! Make sure not to hurt anyone!"

The water elemental responded with a simple "Yes Mistress!" before allowing itself to hit the waters below. There was silence for a moment, and then a vortex of water caught the group, slowing their descent considerably. Teri was very thankful her Tablet was made to be waterproof, or things would have gone sour quickly. After being caught, the water elemental lowered the group down slowly, ejected them gently outside of it's watery depths, and reverted back to it's normal size. Teri gave the creature a pat on the head, and blurbled in Aquan to the creature about what a good job it had done in adversity, and smiled as it swam about in the knee-deep water. These elementals proved to be extremely helpful, it seemed. She then turned to her friends, and asked, "Nothing broken, I presume?"

David, Melethia, Teri

Melethia nodded and touched the water elemental as it swam around. "It'll take a bit more than that little fall to break anythin' on me!" She went over to Kud to make sure that she was okay, fairly sure that David could handle himself. Besides, she thought he was a jerk for hurting Rugal, so he could look somewhere for help.

Teri could see a light approaching the group, and as it got closer, she could see that it was issuing from the shortsword held in Devon's hand. "Hey, Teri! I kinda lost Kalastryn and her fear which should be guarding her for the time being, so how about we stick together? There's only so much that can be done on your own, after all." She could see that he was in a fairly decent mood, even if he did have a huge slap mark on his right cheek.

David, Devon, Kud, Melethia, Riki Teri

The water elemental had been patrolling the area; taking advantage of the water about it to speed along the corridors and protect it's creator from harm. When it had seen Devon, it gave an aquatic hiss, and it's body riled up, to which Teri gave a small sigh of relief when she saw that it was Devon, and said, "Good to see you holding up well enough. Squishy, don't worry, he's a friendly."

The water elemental calmed down, and returned to Teri's side. As she pet it, with one hand, she checked the email Jake sent with the other,

Teri frowned at the message, and wrote,

TO: Bluerocker
FROM: Sgt_Jakeman214
SUBJECT: RE: Fuck this Temple...

BODY: As far as I understand, Caim and Angelus are in the temple; and you'd be better off trying to find them instead of me. We've fallen down this chute into a water filled area; which is good for me, but not for everyone else. Frankly, I've little to no idea where we are... Caim does check his PDA now and again, but probably not as much as I do. I'll try to finagle a message to him, if you'd like."

"M-M-Mark!" Akane spluttered as she cradled the near dead Aftan. The Kitsune was a mess. Alone for centuries, and then in the space of a few months, her world had massively improved, then shattered around her. Though she had grown up around the Bushido code, she was no warrior. A skilled swordswoman, a master of fire, stealer of hearts... But no soldier.

Jake's PC pinged and he checked it in the cover of a dark corner. A quick reply was sent, and another quick email dispatched before he continued on. The Compact PC was serving him well, keeping a map of his travels.

TO: Bluerocker
FROM: Sgt_Jakeman214
SUBJECT: RE: RE: Fuck this Temple...

BODY: Thanks for the SITREP. I'll keep on going then, and send an email to Caim.

Jakeman, out.

TO: Caim
FROM: Sgt_Jakeman214
SUBJECT: Fuck this Temple...

BODY: Caim. Jake. I've become trapped inside the temple and am now moving further inside. The Main Hall was not safe. Teri's alright, she's with a few others, though they activated a slide trap and are in some water. She suggested I try and link up with you rather than her group. I'm not sure how I am going to do that, but keep an eye out. To prevent Fake!attacks, if you see me, call out PANZER. I will reply with VOR. Kill any imposters, they will probably reply with BLITZKREIG.

Anything you can use to leave a trail with, do it.

Jakeman, out.

A.I. Hell Heaven: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri gave a sigh of relief after Vermilion finished off Viscus, very glad of the fact that their combined foe was finally thwarted. After telling his programs to patrol the area for any remnants of Viscus' protocols, (save for NIDHOGG and PRINCIPALITY, they were staying right next to him) he wandered to the Vermilion AI, and embraced her hands with his own; synthetic gloves over digital flesh;

"That was amazing, Ms. Vermilion! Your skills with that hammer are certainly one of a kind."

Of course, Dimitri wasn't aware of the innuendo there; being that he was a gentleman and a servant; but his praise was all the sweeter to the Vermilion AI; especially with the goofy grin he was giving her now. She certainly was an impressive AI, he thought to himself, I should work hard to be just as strong as this lady here.

Still holding her hands, he asked, "Ms. Vermilion, I do not believe our jobs are quite finished. Would you accompany me in patrolling the rest of this airship for any other User-malignant code?"

Teri was alerted by another beep from her Tablet, and she typed up quick messages to Caim and Jake;

TO: Sgt_Jakeman214
FROM: bluerocker
SUBJECT: RE: RE: RE: Fuck this Temple...

BODY: Will do. I'll send something Caim's way, just in case he doesn't answer you. Godspeed.

TO: Caim
FROM: bluerocker
SUBJECT: Hey there, Mr. Stabby!

BODY: Hey there, Caim. It's Teri. I'll keep this quick, in case you're fighting something. Anyways, Jake is looking for you two (I'm assuming you've been with Angelus this whole time), so you need to start up the tracker in your PDA. Jake will be able to find you then. Also, if you see a blue dot on it, that would be me. DON'T FOLLOW IT! We've fallen into a trap with some water, but we're otherwise okay. Let Angie know that I have a few water elementals left, so I'll be okay; that and I'm with friends. One last thing, let her know that the plan went off without a kink in it; as far as we know. Feel free to ask her about it, it had nothing to do with you (Mr. Paranoid!)

Gotta go, Teri

PS: If you see something from Dimitri, ignore and delete it. That stuff is irrelevant now.

After that, Teri gripped her staff again, and continued walking down the wet halls with her friends.

Caim had finished painting his sword red with the blood of another one of his opponents when his PDA went off. Taking a looksie at it; he saw that he had three unread messages, the most recent being from the Writers Teri and Jake. Taking a look at those, he read and understood; and fiddled around with his PDA to turn on the tracking system; to which he could see a maroon and a blue dot appear on his HUD. Waving Angelus over, Caim began to wander down the halls....

Jake was still walking when he heard the sound of babies cooing fill the air, followed by a sickening crunch. However, it was not enough to make the cooing stop, as it started up again almost immediately after it was silenced. When Jake wandered to where the source of the noise was, he saw Caim and Angelus busy burning and slicing open what looked like giant infants, as well as an occasional corpse that looked like some form of demon. However, Jake wasn't entirely sure what it was, as it was too covered in blood to really make out any features. Whatever they were, they certainly weren't cherubic.

David, Melethia, Teri

David was about to go on with his rant before the hallway started to shake again
"....Fuck my life...-WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" He cried as he began to tumble down into the water below, bouncing as he did, making his fall FAR more painful then the others.
Had Teri not summoned her Water Elemental, he would have been covered in bruises by the time he reached the bottom.
But fortunately, she did and David landed on the dry ground, a little bit sore but no worse for wear, though a little mind fucked as to how she managed to do that.
"..ooohhh...Hey! Teri! Even told me you were a Water-bender!...." He said as he fixed up his M500 and followed.

Rugal, Slindis
"...Just had to open my mouth..." Rugal groaned as he stopped and sighed.
"....It was around a year ago. I....Upset some powerful beings..." He started, conviently leaving out the part about Time Travel, Angel Power and having the Heroes be sent to hell.
...Now THOSE where some wild times...
"As a result...I was..."Exiled" for lack of a better"
Rugal took a deep breath as he recalled the day he was sent to hell.
"....*Ahem* On top of that...They gave me a form...."Suitable"....For that...Realm..."
"....You were a Pony?..."
"...I don't like to talk about it. Shall we move on? We have a lot of ground to cover."

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Airport | Airstrip.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

Tomoya cruised across the Mexican desert, throwing out the odd missile and spray of gunfire from his Helicopter onto anything that appeared to be living and having a rather fun time doing it.
He raced across the open expanses and over the towering mesas.

That's when he saw him.

A Man was standing atop one of the Mesas, watching him as he flew over.
"Ah, good. More target practise." The Dark Angel laughed with glee as he rubbed his hands in excitement.
A quick Target lock later, 2 missiles were racing towards him, followed by Tomoya opening fire with the Helicopter's guns because there was no kill like overkill.
"DOMINATED! HAHAHAHAHA!....Oh I shouldn't enjoy this so much...but I do! Hahaheh." He laughed as the smoke cleared.

There was nothing there.

Then something landed on the front of the helicopter, giving him a fright.
"What the!?"
"It doesn't pay to betray your principles..." Strider Hiryu said before disappearing as quickly as he appeared.
Tomoya looked around for where the Ninja went, intending on actually hitting him this time.

It was then he noticed as he left, he was kind enough to cut clean though the Helicopter propellers with his sword.
"...Oh..." Tomoya said before his helicopter went to crash into one of the Mesas.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

Devon looked around as he moved the shortsword with light gleaming from its tip, brightening the area. "Hey, it looks like the water here might lead to somewhere else. You guys want to check it with me?" He looked at the group, wanting to move forward in the temple.

For her part, Melethia was happy with Kud's condition. Sure, the silver-haired girl was scared, but she'd be fine. "Silverhair, cheer up! We're right here for you, an' we'll beat up anythin' that comes to attack us!"

Rugal, Slindis

She nodded, and it felt a bit odd for her to feel so empty after having let all of those bottled emotions out. However, for the first time in years, she felt free. Free from all the lies she'd had to weave, free from the prying eyes of everyone around her, and free from those that only saw her as a tool. "I'll leave it alone then, and we do have a lot of ground to cover."

The paladin's energy after letting all of those emotions out was rising, and it showed: although they weren't reckless, she moved with much more enthusiasm than ever before, and the change might be a bit jarring to those that had known the paladin for a good deal of time.

David, Melethia, Teri, Devon

"Eh, Why not? Sure as shit ain't getting back up the way the came..." David said as he noted the steepness of the slope they just fell down.
It was the realised he was most likely the only one without some form of light source.
"Devon! Thank you. You got a glowing Knife? Might strap one on to my not-so-little friend here, forgot to bring a flashlight see..." He asked, pointing to his M500 as the group pressed on though the dark water-works of whatever they were

Rugal, Slindis

Good, I hated that damn place... Rugal thought as they marched on though the dark, relieved he didn't have to go into detail.
As they passed a few more littered pressure plates and pit-falls, He noticed how much more fluid she was without all emotional baggage, Realising how much his slap actually helped.
Oh the Irony... He smirked as they began to pick up speed though the passage.

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

Post contains Temple details.

Time: Midnight | January 2nd.

As the temple changed, curved and warped, the defenses and traps were only getting even more lethal. It was luck which led the group to fall into a pipe leading to water but only more danger. Meanwhile the Corrupted Temple Guardian was gearing up for the fight he was going to be led into. The armor was polished and cleaned, his guns were mounted on his arms and reloaded. "Load-out completed, weapons activated, radar online, computer mode activated. MAY THE HUNT BEGIN!" It screamed out as it bursted out of it's shackles and smashed through a near by wall, walking towards the nearest life forms.

Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

The fall came to a surprised to the couple, Riki & Kud were worried during the fall mostly saying each others name loudly. Once they fell directly on the water they were surprised they were alive. "I know I should not be surprised by now... but how are we alive?" Riki said but quickly noticed the water elemental's hiss and yelled in surprised and swam a couple of meters ahead of them. "What the hell is that!?" Riki said, to him it looked like something from a RPG.

The one thing he didn't notice was his gun was wet.

Kud from the other hand was still silent and sad from everything. When Melethia tried to cheer up Kud it worked indeed, she surpassed her fears for now so she can support everyone and the group for the better good. "Uhm!" She nodded, "Thank you Melethia-san." Kud smiled as she began to doggy paddle.

The water was actually a river leading deeper into the catacombs. This river was leading to the baths of the temple.

Location: Blackhawke Hanger | Storm Universe.

Two small carrier ships were rocked and ready to go as Storm came down in his green yet still scorched armor. The groups of soldiers were waiting behind the ships getting ready, when they noticed the Commander they all saluted. "At ease... I'm not HIM." Storm said in a kind tone. Everyone calmed down and began to listen to him. "Okay everyone... we have received a message telling us that the heroes are in the Temple attempting to retrieve the stone of light. We need to stop them!" He informed all of them.

"Why the fuck should we care?" One soldier said in a pissed off tone. "Because Lord Tomoya will kill us all if we fail!" Storm said but a voice lashed out in his head, ("KILL... KILL!") It screamed within Storm's head, it was the corruption. ("NO... I will not... obey... you!") Storm yelled back, but when he came to his senses he had already shot the soldier with his pistol.

Silently sighing he looked to everyone else who were quite shocked. "Any... questions..." He said in a tired tone, everyone shook their head. "Okay then... move out!" Storm ordered and everyone started to hope onto the ships. As Storm got onboard with the last soldiers he have the order to launch. The ships launched from the ship and into a portal to Earth.

Rugal, Slindis.
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.

As the two travelled in the hallway they came across many paintings and carvings expressing the history of the temple, for some reason it even included the history about Tomoya and how he claimed the stone before. The temple was a huge mystery.

Beside Tomoya's history and next to an image of the stone itself, there were The Ten commandments straight from the bible.

"And God spoke all these words, saying: 'I am the LORD your God...

ONE: 'You shall have no other gods before Me.'

TWO: 'You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.'

THREE: 'You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.'

FOUR: 'Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.'

FIVE: 'Honor your father and your mother.'

SIX: 'You shall not murder.'

SEVEN: 'You shall not commit adultery.'

EIGHT: 'You shall not steal.'

NINE: 'You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.'

TEN: 'You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.'

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

The flight was going well, Tomoya was drinking as he shot shit up, everything was well. As soon as the strider appeared, Tomoya knew who it was. "Strider..." He briefly said as Hiryu disappeared and sliced the propellers. As the helicopter began to fall, Tomoya simply threw his bottle of whisky out of the window. "Well fuck... that is the last time I'm going to drink and-" *BOOM* The helicopter smacked straight into the mesas before Tomoya could finish talking.

The helicopter simply smashed into the mesas and exploded. The wreckage fell off it and slammed straight into the ground. Tomoya crawled out of the wreckage and sighed, he had a piece of glass sticking out of his head which he removed and the blood flowed. "Really... I guess more blood never hurts." He said as he spotted something similar stuck in the side of the mesas.

It was his dark katana.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" He said as he raised his hand to call it back to him.

Tomoya simply sighed as he looked at his bloody sword, which still danced with black lightning. The beam of lightning shot out to the sky and blackened the clouds. "You love me too much..." He smiled at his sword. It called for more blood.

Dark Tomoya Strider Hiryu
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Stormy.

Tomoya walked away from the wreckage, katana in hand ready to bring about the bloodiest of bloody brutal battles.
But despite having it all, The Setting, The Enemy, The Weapon, The lust for ultra-violence, nothing happened.
He wandered off into the nearby as entire minutes passed without confrontation, looking for the S-Rank Strider.
"....What?....You think you can crash someone's ride then not even have the common decency to fight to the death?! Come on! SHOW YOURSELF!" He shouted, hungering for blood.
"Unless you're a target of mine, you will never see me. If you do see me, then it's already too late." The Strider spoke into his ear.

Tomoya turned and swung his blade, hitting nothing but thin air.
Then as a final insult, he looked down and found 2 sets of footprints.
He was walking right behind him the whole time.
"...Freaking Ninjas...." He said as he kept searching for the Strider.

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