The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.

As the group entered the Stone Chamber they could clearly see the light given off by the stone, even though it was encased within a small box with the rest of Tomoya's past weapons beside it. "The stone is up there... well I doubt this will be easy." Riki sighed as he looked around. The chamber itself was covered in darkness and cobwebs, who knew what lurked within it. Piles of bodies also were lined along the pathways, some were old skeletons and some were recently killed spiders. The light boxes which contained the weapons and stone was on top of a main pillar over to the back of the room, it was surrounded by multiple statues. One even looked like the past Tomoya.

Quickly though a loud roar was heard from one of the statues. It was the corrupted Guardian, "Multiple life forms detected. Light origin detected, protect the stone!" As it launched a darkness missile which blew up the bridge in front of them.

The guardian itself was bigger then a (Halo) Spartan, it had dual mini-guns on both it's arms which could easily switch to dual double toothed chainsaws. On it's shoulder it held a small missile launcher, it's armor was made of angelic metal which intended it to be the worst thing in the temple.

Location: AA Universe | Air space above temple.

The ships were already gone as the all the pods were launched. All 40 of them.
As Ton Ton leapt from the already darkened and dead pod, Storm noticed his dead soldier quickly.
"FUCK YOU!" Storm said as he jumped and quickly used his super strength to boot the pod directly at Ton Ton in mid-air.

Meanwhile 15 of the pods had already landed and were attacking the temple defenders.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Mexico | Desert.
Time: Evening | January 1st.
Weather: Cloudy.

Flying at a decent speed, DT already knew that his men were already attacking the temple. He also felt the presence of some people get closer to THAT. He wasn't worried though, both his men and the guardian were giving him enough time. "I wonder how my little prisoner is doing... hehe. I wonder if he knows?" D.T said to himself as he flew past the desert and into Central America. He wanted to blow up the Strider HQ after this for laughs, but first things are first.

DS Shaun.
Location: Lightning Archangel Fleet | Blackhawke | VIP Cell.
Universe: The Stormverse.

The VIP prison cell turned back to normal. A group of different angels came around and replaced to the nice angel he was used to guarding him. Cursing himself, Shaun looked around. He still had the ordinary stuff, a bed, a toilet, sink and mirror. The mask on his face had broken from the torture and some how the other half still manage to be attached to his face. Gazing up at the metallic fan spinning around in the room he thought about the time DC had him, the only thing he could see was the gun... and the real demon.

The killing intent he felt was strong, but the worst part is that Shaun didn't know if it was fake or not. "Crap... maybe I should of talked it out. Though... if I die... they die." Shaun said to himself, the last thing he was going to let die was his characters from which his cherished through out this whole thing... especially Tomoya. The thing he knew was that Tomoya could be redeemed and sent back to his world before he was hurt.

"(You could of killed them...)" A voice said in the deepest darkest corner of my heart. Shaking his head, he mentally locked the voice back in it's cage. "(Their blood could save them.)" It said once more, the dark voice in his heart was weak, but it was there. "No... no... FUCK YOU!" He said to himself. "(You know who I am... you know who makes me stronger.)" It said once more.

Staying silent, Shaun knew what the voice was... it was the dark him... the one which gave birth to Dark Tomoya. Dark Shaun...
The one who wanted the world dead and those who hurt him dead.
Getting up and walking over to the mirror he called once more.
"(They hurt you just like the others... let... THEM BLEED!)" Dark Shaun said to him.
"NO!" Shaun yelled out and immediately bashed his head against the mirror multiple times until it was oozing blood.

Shaun fell onto the ground and just laughed until he passed out.
"You won't... win"

"EVERYBODY GET DOWN!" David shouted before the bridge was blown up by the guardian.
He was knocked back by the blast but was otherwise un-harmed.
"...Oh...sweet....fuckberries..." He stated as he took in the sight of the entire beast as it revved up twin Chainsaws.
"Melethia! Get the kids out then get me the strongest acid you got! Devon, Teri, Do whatever it is that you guys do to kill something! Slindis, Rugal! Get up in it's face, I'll cover you!" He ordered in a attempt to organize the group before the real fight begun.

While he wasn't one to take orders, he decided to follow David's commands for now.
He brought up his Slashing Aura and rushed into battle, searching for a weak point as David took potshots at it's face.


He looked at the guardian and laughed as he looked at it. "Well, this is nice. Let's see what makes you tick, Mister Roboto." His eyes took a golden hue as he saw multiple runes runes floating around it. Can't be poisoned or diseased, likes fire and electricity, needs good and chaotic aligned blades to fully punch through the armor although either would weaken it somewhat, acid can partially eat through the armor, cold will slow it down, Light based spells won't work, and there's some more here...

Devon cast Know Vulnerabilities! He knows all weaknesses, resistances, and immunities of the guardian.

"Good and chaotic aligned equipment or acid rounds will hurt, cold will slow it down!" He began singing to rally the group as the fight started.


She moved Riki and Kud over to a safer area then tossed David a small glass bottle filled with dull brown liquid. "Toss it at the thing then shoot it unless ya want to lose that weapon of yours!" Melethia then went for a bow that looked a bit too large for her then fired a few arrows at the guardian to weaken it.


Slindis chanted a few defensive spells to improve her defenses all around against physical attacks and elemental blasts then jumped across to where Rugal was then drew her blades to start attacking the guardian. "Divide its attention!"


The first landing attackers encountered a single man on the ground. For a moment, they laughed at the incompetence of the invaders. Why the hell would they only have one man guarding the ground? That line of thought was quickly quashed as he pounced on the ones nearest him and tore through their ranks with no scratches. "You've grown weak in your position, and you've underestimated your foe. Fortunately for me, that's the last time you'll make that mistake."

Once David had the bottle, he quickly switched his ammo to Acid rounds for good measure.
"HEADS UP! ACID INCOMING!" He shouted before he threw it towards the Guardian.
Once it was entering it's downward arc, David took the shot, shattering the glass and freeing the acid within...

...Just as Rugal received Slindis's instructions.
Once the acid splashed into it's face., The Guardian turned it's attention to David and Melethia, the source of the corrosive goop, and brought out his Mini-Gun.
This allowed Rugal to climb onto the back of the creature, focusing on keeping it distracted as the others attacked, keeping a wery mind of future Acid Attacks.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer | Teri

Teri would have responded, but the sudden appearance of the wings threw her out of a loop. She had always heard of the beauty of angels, and their wings; but to see one (even if it was THE fallen angel) was a new experience in of itself. Without really thinking, she slowly reached out to feel the texture of the wing. To her pleasant surprise, it was as soft as a kitten's fur, and a small smile appeared on her face. That was when she realized what exactly she was doing. Retracting the arm like a hand from scalding water, she apologized profusely, "Oh god! I didn't even ask if that was okay! I'm so sorry!"

Her face warming with embarrassment, Teri remembered the question asked to her, and softly nodded, "Yeah, it's usually like that. But it changes with my mood- When I'm not feeling like crap. You know, I never really like this whole feeling thing; its never lead me anywhere good..."

She expected a quip from the Morning Star, but found that line of thought changed when the very foundations of the cavern shook violently. Her body was under attack! Gritting her teeth, she closed her mental eyes for a moment, "I won't be -"

The Rest of Reality

The Cleric's eyes cleared, and she 'spoke', "gone long. If you still want to talk, I can still hear you here, I think."

"Good and chaotic aligned equipment or acid rounds will hurt, cold will slow it down!"

Thus, she poured out a water bottle, and began to chant as Squishy rose from his home. A moment later, Helga, the Ice Construct Dire Badger appeared; and Teri set it towards the guardian. Snuffles would be next. Moving to a slightly safer location; the Celestial Chanting began again as she readied the incantation for Snuffles (Ice Wolf Construct) to appear. If it was ice they wanted, ice they would receive.


He switched the singing over to his instrument as he began casting another spell. "Look, we've got this! that Hot Topic angel doesn't have crap on us, Especially when his defenses can't hit us!" As he spoke, the others around him saw the man blinking in and out of existence as he tried to get a better look at the battlefield.

Devon casts Blink! For the next 48 seconds, all attacks have a 50% chance of missing him, and he can move through solid objects with a 50%chance of materializing within it every 5 feet and being forced out to take damage


Melethia pulled out a few more acid phials and threw them at the guardian, rolling to the side to avoid the gunfire and shooting the phials when they were just about to hit the guardian for a double dose of acid damage. "C'mon, we've got this tin bucket!"


Slindis began jabbing her rapiers at the guardian's legs, and the rapiers shifted to pierce through the angelic metal with ease. "Doing good, Rugal!" She chanted to provide Rugal a major amount of protection against the acid that was coming their way.

As David was going his best to not hit Rugal or at least hit him without LOOKING like he was trying to him, he heard Devon's strange little ditty and watched as the Bard seemed to phase in and out of existance!
"....Why am I even surprised anymore?..." He sighed before returning to the task at hand.
He watched as the Acid flowed across the front of the Guardian before adding to Melethia's Brew with his own brand Acid RoundsTM.
While it'd be some time before any real damage would appear, it certainly seemed to piss him off so they were going something right.

"Just!...Let me know when-! it's safe to strike!" Rugal managed to get out as the Guardian attempted to get him off his back, while he wasn't using his key strengths in combat, the fact that the Guardian was more worried about him then everyone else was good in of itself.
Though he could have sworn that David was trying to hit him the whole them.


He moved over to Teri and flickered as he watched the Badger's attacks slightly hinder the guardian's speed. "Good move Teri! That'll give the bastard a hard time!" the phasing in and out distorted his voice, making it a bit hard to hear him well as he continued to play the energetic song that helped the group focus.


Melethia kept the acidic assault, and the guardian was slowly getting hit by more of the attacks as the slowing effects of the cold seeped in. "Wheathair, watch out! It's hard to get direct shots in, so we might hit you!" It was clear that the girl was trying to avoid hitting the large man, but with the movements it was making, it was difficult to do so.


Slindis sidestepped more attacks from the guardian as she began working in concert with the Badger to harass the guardian from multiple sides. Gunfire from the guardian went close to Devon and Tri's positions, but the distractions made the accuracy less than expected.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer

"Are you smiling yet? Because I'd like to see something other than this muck."

As soon as he had said that, he noticed there was a tad bit more light in the cavern; and an opening to a layer above the caves. Following that path with a flap of his wings, he came to an empty grass field, an environmental impossibility anywhere but the mind; and looked to the skies. Divided in two they were, as the bright patch where the light derived from was being obscured from an oncoming front.

Was this her expressing joy in battle? The front only rumbled with thunder in response to the thought, leaving things up in the air.

The Rest of Reality

After sending Snuffles (Ice Wolf) barreling after the guardian, Teri tapped Devon's shoulder to indicate a need to change in position; as the Guardian was starting to advance their way. As they did; Teri waved a hand, and cried out, "Incoming downpour, watch yourselves!"

As she ran, Teri answered Lucifer's mockery (at least, that was as she saw it); "Hey, those are my friends you're talking about! You think I haven't thought about what has happened with them? You think I forgot that Rugal runs a Cartel, that Caim and Angelus have slaughtered thousands, if not hundreds of thousands; or that the rest of our party have done their share of bad things?

With the frontline fighters out of the way; an orb of water appeared (10 gallons, to be exact) and washed over the guardian from the waist down, the body of the water running off the Guardian's body and onto the already wet floor. While it seemed like an inconvenience, there was a method to this madness. When the group re-approached the beast, they found that Teri's constructs moved a tad bit faster, especially where Squishy and the wolf was concerned. With every step it took; ice sprang from it's paws around the water. Teri had prepared for this, as the wolf had a cold aura about it.

"I will whole heartily admit to destroying a world, so I'm just as guilty as the rest of them! Sure we've screwed up a bunch; but we all still have a chance to get better so long as we are alive! That's why I even came to this realm. I did so to fix the problems the Writers have caused! Even if my own creations loathe me for what I've done, I intend to bring balance back to this place; with this God-granted power!"

As her spells were recharging, she used this chance to hold aloft the cross necklace, and call out, "Oh beings of water, take arms for the Lord! Be strengthened in His Holy Name!"

The water itself trembled at the girl's command; and from what could be seen, Squishy the Water Elemental shivered by the girl's words and charged with the battle-like prayer; brought itself against the Guardian with renewed vigor.

"Call me a fool if you will, Mr. Accentuate The Negative; but I think that people ALWAYS have the chance to fix their issues, so long as they're alive and kicking! Even if I feel like crap because my friends are tearing at each other throats, this I will ALWAYS believe in!"

Rise and shine Mr. Preacher!

Riki & Kud (Plus Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).
Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.


The Guardian was worried about the large steroid man on his back, but the weapon on his soldier proved to be a big benefit. The shoulder mounted missile launcher turned around and introduced itself to Rugal by shooting him point blank with a missile. The explosion made a strong gust of wind and the fireball wasn't very big and did not affect the Guardian in the slightest.

The metal ripped off from the guardian would only grew back.
This would happen with angelic metal bound with souls of all the dead.
This also reacted to the acid attacks.

Another missile flew out of the launcher, but was aimed at the golem made out of the temple's weak and decaying stone.

The efforts of Teri were managing to work, the combination of both ice and water made the Guardian's legs almost immobile. Though the Guardian was trying it's least hardest to move with it's legs.


The two kids were in a safe spot from the battle, but the boy didn't want anything bad to happen... even to the Guardian. Noticing the chucks of black on it, it was safe it say that the Guardian was corrupted. Riki switched his scared view to the stone of light. Riki tried to play the situation out in his head but it all said "Don't do it?", ignoring the voice in his head Riki ran surprisingly quick and jumped off the platform where everyone was and the guardian was focusing on.

Managing to latch himself on one of the statue's strong cobwebs, Riki was climbing up to the Stone of Light.


Seeing her stupid boyfriend do what he did, Kud was immediately worried about him. Though she knew what he was trying to do and decided to help backing everyone up... but with what?

A lone gun was on the ground, it was Riki's, it was wet from before but now it was dry.
Aiming the gun at the guardian she managed to shoot a round which went underneath David's legs and almost hit Puce on the other side.

"Umm... my fault." She said as she resumed and tried to shoot the guardian. In half a clip's time she was actually managing to land hits on the creature. The danger climbed for the group on the main platform as gigantic spiders climbed up to meet both groups.

"Everyone!" Kud yelled as she pointed at three spiders climbing up on their side.
Well... two.
She managed to hit one a second later.

Location: AA Universe | Temple.

The group outside.

The shots were tight enough to head straight to Storm who was distracted and had not used his suit power.
Alpha did inform him of the bullets but it was too fast, time started to slow down as Storm was thinking about everything. "Death would be better then serving evil." He thought as the bullet were a meter from him with lightning crackling in the sky.

Not just lightning.
Evil and the most unholy lightning created.

A dark scream was heard as the dark sky covered Storm.
One lightning bolt crackled in the background.

The dark light given off from it outlined two people.
One standing in front of the other.

"No..." He said looking up. If anyone could see the figure it had many holes in it's face.


He screamed as he was suddenly gone by the next lightning strike.
The darkness of midnight covered him.

The Dark Archangel.

Another lightning bolt struck the temple and he was already in front of the succubus.
"Go back to your lover, you demon bitch!" He smirked right in front of her before he launched an unbearable punch on the girl. The unholy force made her flew into the temple, the girl was unfortunately strong and would definitely live as long Tomoya didn't get a hold of her again.

A dark laughter filled the skies.
"All of you should die... " He looked down upon them.

The angel soldiers took notice of their Lord and ran back to cover for the best.
Dark Tomoya then floated down on the ground with Storm.
The Dark Angel's wings were huge and had dark lightning outlining them.

The one thing he noticed was the bullet holes inside Storm, who was kneeling on the ground.

"So anyone want to battle me one V one... or can I just kill all of you?" He smirked as he offered an option.

"*cough* Thanks... " Storm managed to say to Tomoya. The Dark Angel turned around and gave him his iconic thumbs up.

>Corruted file.<
Location: ...
Time: Never.

A chamber made up of Complete was lit up by only one screen.
Looking from his own view he saw Mark's reaction.
"What a antagonistic little bitch..."
It said with no emotion.

He could hear the crying nearby.
"I will carry it out."


"So anyone want to battle me one V one... or can I just kill all of you?"

"Well, that's a very interesting offer, child. Am I to assume you will holding one hand behind your back? ". A voice, gentle yet powerful, echoed across the forest. The Fallen Angel turned to see a tall, slender figure emerge from the forest, eyes glowing behind his glasses, book in his left hand. It was The Preacher, having arrived at the temple to check on the expedition. "Good Evening son. I trust you are well at the moment?" He sat down on a stone, folding his legs. "This is all a bit too far isn't it? I thought you were taught to play nice with others." His calm demeanor masked the man's fury, this was the stray child that destroyed a city and killed millions of people for a laugh. Yet, he waited for an opportunity.

One thing I do have to admit is that I do like Preacher. :D

Tomoya didn't know the Preacher was there, turning around he saw the calm, cool looking man looking directly at him. The other point Tomoya was really impressed about is the he could keep calm under this kind of situation unlike the author Mark. The fact that he is a powerful human servant of God is also true which delighted Tomoya. "Ah good morning Father, I am well and I hope you are as well." Tomoya said as he gave a respectful bow.

To people... or humans like Preacher, Tomoya could keep calm and civilized. "I was nice, but then something... actually someone made me." Tomoya said in a weird sense, he just wanted to kill the old man already but deep down, something respected this kind man. "Okay... how about a game? A game of human checkers!?" Tomoya said loudly with a smile. Suddenly his men actually moved into a checker board formation.

"The funny thing is that I also like board games, it's... different from killing." Tomoya said with an uncertain look on his face, the memories of his daughter had flooded into him. "If you don't want to play we can just do the usual. Though if you do..." A smirk appeared on the angel's face as though he had an obvious plan.

"If you don't want to play we can just do the usual. Though if you do..."

The Preacher shook his head subtly, the Dark Angel's demeanor was a jarring combination of a teenager granted absolute power determined to enjoy it, and a reluctant harbinger of death. While he could see that Tomoya had a strange respect for him, he knew it was more to do with his status, less of his character. He could briefly see the human side of Dark Tomoya, determined to use it to stop the bloodshed. "Will this be another game where our player pieces will be at risk? Because I have a far simpler offer for you. It involves no violence or suffering, I'm quite fond of it myself". He continued to sit, waiting to see if Dark Tomoya would listen.

Tomoya was disappointed he discovered his rules all too quickly, but he didn't care. "Eh... I was going to suggest that my pieces were the ones to die. But whatever, I'm listening..." Tomoya smirked to himself as he waited eagerly to hear the Preacher's offer. "Lets try to do this quickly, I know they are down there... but it wouldn't be bad if we were longer so..." Tomoya said with a more human face but suddenly coughed into his hand.

Preacher could only see black liquid on his hand before Tomoya wiped it away from his coat.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd


The man stopped blinking in and out of the Material Plane when the spiders popped up. "Hmm, that's no good. Better slow those bugs down before it gets sticky up here." He pointed at the ground in front of the spiders, coating the area in a thick grease. No matter what, it'd buy them time.

Devon casts Grease directly in front of the two spiders climbing up to attack the group! A DC 10 check will allow them to climb at half-speed, and failing the check means it has to make a DC15 check to avoid falling. Failing the first roll with a 5 or under means the spiders fall.

Both spiders rolled a 3... oh dear.


She continued to fire arrows at the Guardian with each blessed arrow colliding with small acid vials to burn small holes in the armor. Even though the creature could regenerate, a focused attack from multiple people all nailing it with its weaknesses was sure to wear it down.


The Paladin increases the stabbing, separating the left chaingun arm with a good number of stabs to cripple the arm before finally tearing it off.


Tajuh looked over at the Preacher and nodded, showing he wouldn't let Tomoya's allies interrupt the fight as he kept the shortswords out and looked at Storm. "Hm, a Spartan. I've heard a bit of your talents. Are you going to be declared MIA, though?" He knew enough through conversations with Gilliam to know that a Spartan was never declared to be dead.

Riki, Kud, Slindis, Rugal, Teri, Melethia and David).

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America.
Time: Midnight | January 2nd.
Weather: Dark clouds.


Teri felt a twinge of sadness when Squishy finally disappeared, but held firm. Her constructs were still up and kicking; and with their efforts, had frozen the Guardian in place. However, she also noticed that Devon seemed to have found himself in a bit of a pickle with the spiders, and called out her beasts: "Keep attacking that thing, but if the Paladin says otherwise, follow her lead!"

Turning to Devon, she asked him where the spiders were exactly and chanted in Celestial, Conjuring a 20 foot layer of ice that wrapped around the sides of the ledge.

Teri Casts Ice Slick to wrap around the sides of the ledge! The Spiders must now roll a Balance Check to cross the ice! Given that they are now covered with grease (and failed at that, for that matter), They must roll a higher DC of 17 instead of the standard 15.

The group outside.

"Ms. Kurumu! Cadolbolg, get us over to where she is, and make it quick! We don't know what's in that temple with her!"

The mechanical turtle/dragon gave an angry growl, but followed through with his pact partner. Even with their newfound strength, charging the Corrupted Archangel would not prove to bode well for their lives.


"You're welcome"

"Damn straight!"

"Lets try to do this quickly, I know they are down there... but it wouldn't be bad if we were longer so..."

The Preacher smiled very slightly, he could see the human side of the Fallen Archangel was still there. Hopefully, he could buy the group enough time at least, if not end the carnage once and for all. "Have I ever told you my favorite quote of this book?" He held it up to let Dark Tomoya see it, he opened it and flicked through it until he came to right page. He began to read:

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you shall know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Finishing the excerpt, he closed the book and put it back into the inside of his coat. The Preacher now looked back to Tomoya.

"Now, you may think that passage is something impressive to say before kicking someones arse, but I consider it to be a great summation of my purpose." He used his right hand to provide gestures, punctuating his argument. "You see, I am the shepherd." He pointed to Tajuh, ""And the good pilot there is the righteous man, a true brother." then he pointed to Tomoya "And you are a lost child." His face became far more serious now, determined to avoid any more deaths. " I have seen what truly evil men can accomplish, and what it is to be completely irredeemable, and you are neither. It is not too late to stop now, to end this pointless violence. You may not be a Man of God anymore, but surely you can see the futility in this?" He extended his hand to the Archangel "I offer you one last chance to stop, you are not completely lost, you can still be forgiven."

Rugal was doing a good job of playing Human target with the Guardian, allowing the others to deal some damage to the creation but it was clear it wasn't working.
Goddamn Angel Tech! He cursed as he did his best to rip strips from it when he could, only to watch them grow back again near instantly.
"...GOD FUCKING DAMN-" He yelled before the rocket launcher appeared on the shoulder, aimed right at his face.
Before he could do anything, he was blasted clean in the face and into one of the chamber halls, leaving a massive dent.
He then fell seemingly lifelessly into the seemingly bottom chasm below.

He watched the scene unfold and shouted "RUGAL'S DOWN!" as he was nearly shot in the back by Kud and Riki took off on his own for the umpteenth time.
"JESUS CHRIST! YOU HAD ONE JOB! ONE JOB!" He shouted at the pair of them, every-time he tried to get them to not get themselves killed, they just did the opposite.
It was then that Devon took care of the spiders and Teri froze the Guardian in place.
....I'm not dying like this...
"SLIN! DOUBLE BACK! NOW!" he warned as the Dorw saw him change ammo type.
"...Please for the love of god just die..." He begged as he fired an entire clip of explosive rounds at the guardian's legs and the platform he was standing on, hoping to blow his legs off and cause his platform, and him, to fall into the abyss below.

She rolled back as the impacts hit and watched as the Guardian struggled to get up with no legs, a good bit worse for wear but not out for the count. After seeing Rugal get thrown down the cliff, she became serenely calm as she drew her second rapier. "I do not care what you are any more, but you represent everything that has gone wrong in the last few weeks. I promise you that this will be over quickly."

The Paladin then began tearing the guardian apart, capitalizing on the damaged areas from David's attack with a surgical precision. Angel Tech or not, there was only so much it could regenerate, and the guardian hadn't been built with an enraged Paladin giving their all with Rapiers that constantly shifted to exploit any weakness they could find. The sheer amount of damage that was being put out through each and every harsh blow to the Guardian's body began overwhelming the defenses, and the Paladin chained together multiple Smite Evils to rend through the armor bound with the souls of the undead.

It tried to flee, but the attacks from the Ice Badger and Frost Wolf slowed its already sluggish movement to a crawl.

He watched the paladin viciously dismantle the guardian with a bit of fear, knowing that could have been him had he not explained his remorse earlier. "Teri, remind me to never make Slindis angry."

As the guardian was being harshly assaulted by the paladin, Melethia looked down at the pit that Rugal had fallen into. "...Wheathair?...Did that really happen?..." It was clear to anyone that could see her that she planned on jumping down there to check on the man and see if he was okay.

"Teri, remind me to never make Slindis angry."

She edged around the battle field, keeping her focus on her constructs as she did so when she heard those words. Confusion crossed her face for a moment, and that was when she saw it - Pure unadulterated wrath from the Paladin's assault upon the Guardian. Swords flew against metal; elements and affinities changing on the fly as the Paladin tore into the creature. If it weren't for Slindis' appearance, Teri might have mistaken her for Caim.

"Good God... And I thought her Shadow was terrible enough."

"I think you're misunderstanding me. I just wanna make sure that their darkness doesn't stain you. Your soul sings because you're useful to your friends, but it's not screaming for blood. If there's anything I'm a good judge of, it's character."

As she relfected this, she remembered the Devil had a few more words about those she was surrounded by, and answered, "Yes, they may enjoy battle. That is who they are. But you are forgetting, or at least, deciding to omit, that there is goodness in their hearts as well. Perhaps it's just that you choose not to look at those qualities within them."

She paused, gripping her staff tightly, "As for myself... You said so before I came here. If I must be in a position of moderation or balance, then being among these 'sinners' is where I belong."

David screamed and threw his gun at the floor in anger at the fact his attack failed to end the Guardian, now he'd just regenerate and kill them all and there wasn't a single gun or bullet he had that could stop it.
"THAT'S IT! EVERYONE PULL BACK! WE NEED TO GET BACK TO TH-SLIN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" He stopped as Slindis began her final assault.
After a prolonged and extremely graphic display of what this woman could do, David stood there, confused and extremely intimidated of the Drow.
"....How...did she...." He said as the guardian seemed to finally become still.
Thus he merely gave out a sigh of relief.
"...Let's just get the stone before we run into it's bigger brother or something..." He said as he watched Riki near the stone.
He didn't pass any heed to the fact that Rugal could have been killed by the fall.

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Following the efforts of the group as well as Slindis's brutal finishing assault, the Guardian was defeated and was now laying still, much to the relief of everyone.
Then it stirred again.
"...OH FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK!" David exclaimed as the group braced themselves for another horrible up-hill battle.
Then something became clear: The Machine itself was down for the count, but it seemed like something was trying to get out of it.
Soon, the chest of the beast was kicked open by the pilot of the Guardian, a rather young and beat up looking Angel Trooper, most likely put inside by Dark Tomoya.

"s-s-s-STAPH! i-i-i-I GIVE UP! just d-d-d-Don't hit me again!" he said as he limped away from the wreaked Guardian, clearly beaten.
Slindis looked inside the cockpit, the entirety of which was covered in runes.
David crept behind her and started peering in.
"So that thing was controlled?...Dang...if I knew that, I could have tried AP. Rounds, hit the man instead of the machine." he scratched his head.
"Think this thing still works after the beating we gave it?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

Teri couldn't help but smile faintly at the "possibilities" that Lucifer detailed, and a soft laugh echoed in her Mindscape, "I dunno, dragon riding swordswoman does have it's appeal... Wait a minute."

She scanned the members of the group, and noticed one of their number was missing, and Melethia was looking over a crevasse with purpose;

"Oh shit! I hope he's alright... Hmn, I wonder if sending something after him would be counter-intuitive. He's practically made of iron..."

That was when the Angel understudy fell out of the capsule, and Teri raised her staff in defense, just in case this Angel tried to do anything funny. She had spells ready, and she wasn't afraid to use em!

A foot taped in her mind, and Teri realized she had kept Lucifer waiting for an answer, to which her face melted back to a similar expression as the 'mask' she had in her mental world, cold and expressionless, "Being... happier? I... I don't think I have anything to be supremely joyous about. I mean, don't get me wrong; it's great to quite literally having a divine calling in this place; and to heal-slash-defend others with my spell work and medical skills! But, I... I don't think that focusing on me is really anything of importance, especially with all of these fights going on. It's bad enough people have been exposed to my baggage several times already. They don't need any more of that when there's so much more important things going on."

Her mask fully up for those around her, she added, "In this war against Angels, I need to be as strong as possible. That means I can't burden the others with my petty feelings. It's as simple as that. My 'happiness' can come after its all over."

She paused when she realized that in that very moment, she just did what she had meaning NOT to do all this time. Was she just tricked? Was this devil trying to expose her for being a hypocrite for what she had just 'said' to him? God knows, he was a master of reverse psychology; at least where she was concerned. Hands wringing against her weapon in desperation, she twitched ever so slightly, "At least... I usually don't want to burden others with these feelings. It seems I accidentally did what I set out to avoid. Touche, Lord of the Underworld."

Seeing the sad, broken state of the angel that exited the machine, she calmed herself from that fearsome battle state. "Leave now and show those uncorrupted members of the angelic host that you're worthy of being in their ranks. I do not see a knight in your eyes, and any taint that you had was cleansed in that fight." Slindis chanted a moderate healing spell and fixed up some of the Angel's injuries - not enough for any major attack on the group, but it could get him home safely. The meaning behind her showing mercy at this point when she'd gone all-out earlier was not lost on the angel or anyone else in the group.

As the angel managed to start flying away well out of sight of Dark Tomoya, Slindis managed to get in the cockpit to get a feel for it and felt very slightly drained as the Guardian quickly repaired itself. "If anyone's going to use this, they'll need a good amount of energy."


Devon looked in awe as Slindis shifted attitudes so quickly. "Yeah, I really shouldn't make her mad. But what happened to Rugal?" That concern was shared by Melethia as she fished out a rope to climb down the chasm. "Wheathair, please be okay... I'll be down there soon..."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Temple
Time: Night


The young anti-mage watched silently from the shadows above the group and the guardian. Her magic hidden in her shadowy field, shielding the world from her piercing green eyes. The group before her were her friends, and the Angel lying upon the floor.

The technology around her frightened the young Anti-Mage, but she kept close watch on the preceding. Hoping that Ella would be more useful in the future.


Armageddon | Nessaj

"Ezalor!" Nessaj said triumphantly as he stood up from his seat in front of the Rising Dawn refrigerator. "You finally make yourself known my old brother!" The fires inside his armor flared out and burned the metal floor. His passion reawakened, the Chaos Knight jogged haphazardly into the Hanger and looked outward at the Angel Ships and the Temple of Light he raised his cudgel triumphantly and screamed for Armageddon.

The old warhorse trotted to his side and snorted with annoyance.

Nessaj placed a great gauntlet on his snout and pointed forward, "Soon, are to ride down the light."



"THIS. IS. FRUSTRATION!!!" BlackHarte shook the Canteen with his distorted voice, "Armageddon's reports are absolutely useless! What in the world is making that little girl so blood crazy?"

The technomorph flipped the table he was working at and sent the books flying across the room and stomped off back into the engineering bay. The darkness would help breed his thoughts more properly.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Temple
Time: Night

Ella | Kyre

Kyre crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue, "I fell down a few holes and stalked the main group. Nothing else much." She walked forward and planted her hands on Ella and closed her eyes, "you have been doing much. Tell me what you've been up to."


Nessaj | Armageddon

"Knight Kurumu should not ride alone this day," Nessaj declared to no one in particular while mounting Armageddon. He kicked his fiery steed in the flank and took off toward Tomoya as well, brandishing his cudgle over his head and bellowing some archaic cry from deep within his armor.


A dark orange portal opened between tomoya and Nessaj, and the Chaos Knight Road through with great haste to assist his loyal knave.

I like the angel part. :P

Temple Group.
Location: Temple Stone Chamber | South America | AA Universe.
Time: Early Morning. (2 am)
Weather: Raging black lightning.

The angel soon calmed down and wiped his face. "Ugh... uh... thanks for freeing me for that awful darkness. The Commander... um... Tomoya just went crazy and took everything over with darkness and eventually he stuff me in that thing." The angel was saying to Slindis as he was patched up. His wings sprouted in front of everyone, he gazed up at the light in the ceiling gap to the outside world. "But don't worry... Michael will hear of this!" He yelled as he pierced out of the temple and flew back to Heaven.

Meanwhile, whilst everyone was down on the lower platform of the chamber examining the Guardian they had just fought. Riki had climbed to the top and saw a pedestal which held a small dark box with light creeping out of the sides. Sighing Riki turned to the group, "I found the stone!" He yelled from the stop of the tallest pillar in the room. His shoulder ached from climbing and even holding the gun. Flicking the box open, a huge bright light was exposed in the room and the Guardian came back to life but awaited a new pilot. The light eventually wore off and a pure blue stone was left, and it was some how impaled onto a small, thin dagger.

The worst part is that there was a red eyeball near the bottom of the dagger. "FOUND YOU!" Said the eyeball as it disintegrated to black lightning and crawled it's way back to the entrance of the Temple.

Outside Group.
Location: Outside of Temple | South America | AA Universe.
Time: Early Morning. (2 am)
Weather: Raging black lightning.

Seeing the boy's face indeed had accomplished his goal. "I see... they have it. Just like he said... " The Dark Archangel said as his eyes was still locked with Preacher's when suddenly the two outsiders attacked Dark Tomoya, his patience was almost at it's limits. "Very informal ... huh?" He simply with his smirk, still looking the Preacher in the eyes. Without a blink, black lightning descended and immediately made a barrier appeared to be made out of solid black unholy lightning.


Dark Tomoya said with an angered face, the dark angel yelled with such anger that it rattled the sky with rumbles and clashes. The lightning in the sky had begun to destroy the forest itself. It struck half a mile away from the temple, and it would only get closer with each strike.

Coughing up some more black liquid, Tomoya turned to the Preacher. "This... this shall be a fight between me and the Preacher... and a fair one at that!"

Meanwhile Storm had regenerated his health and pulled out his energy sword again. "No one will disturb this fight!" He said with a passionate voice.

David was checking out the Guardian just like the rest of them when Riki shouted that he had the stone.
"Great. Get your ass back down here and we'll get that to UNIT or one of them. Might be able to Weaponize it somehow." He shouted up to Riki as he opened the Box and triggered Tomoya's little trap.
As the black lighting raced out of the Chamber, David instinctively took some pot shots at it before he realized how pointless that was.
"Shit! He's onto us! Get whoever is on the ship to get it over here, ASAP! Things are about to get rough..." He said as he entered the guardian and attempted to fire it up.
"Seeing how much trouble this thing gave us, should at least do the same to Tommy-boy." He said as he closed the hatch and the Mech came to life...

Well...Not so much came to life as sputtered weakly as the Mech attempted to use David's Energy to start it.
He didn't have very much.
"OH COME ON YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WORK!" He shouted in anger before he gave up and left the machine.
"Fuck...I'm betting there is some kind of exclusion clause for us bod-standard humans...Someone get in this thing, we could use it." He ordered as Slindis got in, clearly bitter about not being able to drive it

As Melethia went to climb down, she paused as a small red light glowed in the dark pit and it seemed to be getting closer.
Then the sound of grunting as Rugal used a pair of bloody metal spikes to ascend from the pit.
After a minute of tension as he climbed up, Rugal finally reached the top and rolled himself onto solid ground, taking a sec to catch his breath.
"...I hate spike pits...Sorry I'm late...That climb is longer then it looks.." He groaned to the group, saddened that he missed the Guardian fight.
While his face was black and parts of it burned, he seemed alright, much to David's dismay.
"AGAIN!? Jesus Christ, what does it take to kill that guy!?" he exclaimed, between this and the crushing trap, he was not starting to understand how Rugal managed to get so highly respected in the global underworld.

"..LOOK OUT! IT'S STILL ACTIVE!" Rugal shouted as he saw the Guardian stand up.
Grabbing the first thing on hand, he threw the pair of spikes at the mech as he picked himself up and braced for combat.

Tailgate moved through the corridors of the ship towards Sentinel's room. She felt uneasy. These last couple of days since the incident in the asylum anomaly nest -- where every one of her friends save for Chris and Sentinel had been slaughtered -- had been strange.

She had a feeling that she found hard to describe. Like she was unsafe. It was as if someone -- or something -- was manipulating her, predicting her movements and reacting in a way as to alter them. Were her thoughts her own, or had they been influenced? She didn't like the idea.

The young girl picked up speed. She wanted to see Ba'erth again. She wanted to feel him embrace her for she knew that she would be safe there in his arms. But first she needed a word with Sentinel. Chris had been his best friend -- Java too -- and their deaths probably hit him hard. Harder than anyone could tell, what with him now hidden behind a mask.

He had felt it too. Ba'erth, that was. Tailgate didn't like that. She had a feeling of danger, she was uneasy, that was all. But he could feel something. He could sense something. And ... yet he stayed here. Was it duty? Morals? Could he simply not bear to leave innocent people in harm's way, or was it something more than that? He could step through the fabric of space as if it were a sheet of paper, yet he stayed. She wasn't complaining, though. She knew it was selfish of her, but she was glad he stayed.

She came to Sentinel's door and knocked. A masked face answered and invited her in.

"Hello, Tailgate. What's going on?"
"I just wanted to check up on you," she said, smiling weakly and leaning back against the door.
"Why, have I been acting strange lately?"
"No. That's the problem. Java, Chris and John. You three were never spoken of without the other two being mentioned. Now it's just John. And you're acting as if nothing has changed." He hesitated for a moment.
"Java isn't dead."
"What? What do you mean? We saw him die. That ... that thing killed him!"
"I hear him. He speaks to me when I'm alone. He tells me to do things. I ..." Tailgate was suddenly overcome with dread. What was Sentinel saying right now? She suddenly felt much less safe, but this time she had a reason for it.
"John, listen to me. What you're saying is crazy. He's dead. They're all dead." She started to move for the door controls. She was afraid. Sentinel looked up and straight into her deep, blue eyes.
"And we shall soon join them." He just kept looking right into her eyes, unblinking. "He told me so."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

Teri's eyes glazed over again as the group did their individual activites in the Chamber of Light; her role not entirely nessecary at the moment. If one were to look at her closely, they would find that despite her vacant expression, her knuckles were bone white from gripping the staff with an utmost-

Teri's Mindscape: Lucifer

intensity. That was her in this moment, a concentration of anger and betrayal burning brightly, but for all the wrong reasons. Her hair whipped in the wind of that field, the storm above pouring buckets of rain on the duo. Water was her domain, after all; and covered in it, she looked deadly instead of pathetic (as humans were wont to when soaked). Her hazel eyes bore into icy blue, and she pointed; a door of ice appearing.

"Go. There's the door, show yourself the way out."


The rain bore down even harder, and her gaze did not waver, "And I would have accepted that offer about 5 minutes ago. But right now, you have upset me greatly, and I am trying to be polite in showing you the door. Now, please go. I cannot be distracted much longer."

After saying this, the mental manifestation became encased in ice as the girl's mind went back to -

The Chamber of Light

reality. Her eyes refocused again, and she could see that Rugal was back up, and covered in blood. This looked like her job again. Walking to the Crime Lord, she patted his shoulder before holding up her Medical Bag, "Where does it hurt?"

There was a slightly robotic edge to her voice, at least, moreso than usual. It was strange, almost as if she was reciting a script. Then again, it wasn't helped by the fact that the girl's face looked dispassionate and drained. Hell, it looked like she didn't even care the robot was up and about.

When Rugal went and attacked her in the Guardian, she dodged the attack from him but kept the weapons down as she communicated in a distorted mechanical voice. "Rugal, you're okay! Thank goodness... Now, how about we take this fight to Tomoya?" Even with the distorted tone, it was easy for almost anyone there to tell that Slindis was extremely relieved, but the Guardian's armor prevented the others outside seeing the crying going on inside the machine.

Melethia held Rugal tightly to try and stop further attacks. "Wheathair, you're okay! My mom went an' tore the thing apart, and I'm pretty sure she went into it." A quick glance around showed Rugal that the Paladin wasn't anywhere else, so she could be in that Guardian.

Devon started limbering up as he looked at the gap and got ready to cross it. "Rugal, Melethia's right. Slin did jump in there, so you may want to hold off on those attacks." The fact that nobody had attacked the machine was another indicator that Rugal had missed something.

He looked the Spartan up and smirked. "Don't forget me, Spartan. I'll make sure to tell your comrades about your being MIA." The man have height over him, but it just meant that it'd be easier to take him down.

"WHOA-WHOA-WHOA! Easy big guy! It's alright, Slin is operating it!" David shouted along with the others before this fight got out of hand.

Rugal froze when he heard Slindis's voice.
"Slindis!?....I-What?...She's...Inside that thing?..." He said as everyone explained that the Guardian was in fact a class of Mech.
"...An Angel Mech? Powered by it's users energy?....Interesting..." He said to himself as he walked up in front of it.
"Slin! Just if that thing does run of it's pilot's energy, be careful not to over do it. While I'm certain that you got the power to use it, I'm not sure if you'd have as much Energy to spare as who-ever was in it last. Keep that in mind." He said as Slin got a feel for the controls as Caim, Jake and Angelus showed up.
Mmmm...Think we missed out... The mute sighed as he put down his sword.

"Okay everyone, listen up. We need to get back to the ship as quickly as possible! Slin, get to knocking though some of the walls, We don't have time to muck about the same way we came in. Where's Angelus? ANGELUS!?"
The dragon in question said "I'm right here..."
"Good, second we get topside, take Riki and Kud back to the ship, I don't care what is happening outside, they need to get the stone where Tomoya can't get it. Akane, Elle, Back her up. Feel free to "

"Everyone Else: Tight formation as we follow the path Slin makes, no more traps, no more surprises, no more impostors! If the Angels are here, we'll have to force them back until the Stone is on the ship. You have you orders, lets get the hell out of the god-forsaken temple..."

Once he was gone with his speech, he allowed Teri to fix up the burns on his face.
"Thank you...Are you okay?...You seem...distant..." he noticed as the Cleric used some light healing magic.

Captcha: People like me: *Blush*

Caim, Angelus

The dragon nodded, and gave a sigh of relief when she saw that most of the crew was there (that and she knew Cadolbolg and Ton Ton were outside); and snapped a fireball into existence, providing a little bit of extra light in the Chamber. Caim could only stand around with sword in hand; wondering what his next course of action should be.


Cracking her best (fake) cheery smile, she said, "You just fell over a cliff, Mr. Bernstein, forgive me for being a bit worried!"

As she applied one of her minor healing spells to another wound, she continued, "Besides, I always look kind of serious when I'm working. I'm in the zone, as it were! Hee Hee!"

And just like that, the seriousness about her seemed to fade... Were it not for her aura. It seemed a bit deflated; and was further incriminated by a set of white knuckles. But, with the situation, questioning the Cleric further may have to wait...


Upon hearing the plan, Slindis moved to the nearest wall, and luckily after shouting to the machine, it pulled up the map of the temple. "We're taking a direct path to the entrance, people! Tighten your belts, because we won't stop until we see the sky!" After calling that out, she switched over to the chaingun on the left arm and blew a hole through the wall with concentrated gunfire as she began clearing a path for the group, wanting to get the hell out of that temple before any more rage could be awakened.


She let go of Rugal as she followed the path Slindis made, more than a bit astonished with the path the Paladin made for their exit. It would involve a bit of climbing, but the rubble left by the rapid ascent made it much easier than a direct climb. "Wheathair, we can do it!" Skipping on the rocks, she made her way up the temple.

Devon went over to Rugal, aiding Teri in the healing department. "I'm surprised you made it out of that one, Rugal, but it just shows that I don't really know much at all about you. It doesn't mean that I can't help Patch you up, though." As the wounds knitted themselves, he went over to Ella and gave her a disappointed look.

Devon casts Cure Moderate wounds on Rugal to help seal up the injuries.

David watched as Slindis used the Guardian Mech to literally blast a way out of the temple and sighed.
"...I coulda been the pilot..." He said to himself as he began to take point behind the Drow's Mech.
Still, at the very least, they were leaving and he managed to keep his souvenir: The Angel Towel he snagged from the baths.

Rugal meanwhile was back to his peak after the joint efforts of Teri and Devon.
"Thanks for that. Just Spike Pits, rather nasty, amazed I got off as lightly as I did." He said when he noticed something.
"...Teri, Where'd you get that necklace and feather?..." He asked as Teri noticed she was infact wearing them.

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