The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Our character have the same color. o_o

Temple Group.
Location: Temple Stone Chamber | South America | AA Universe.
Time: Early Morning. (2 am)
Weather: Raging black lightning.

As Riki saw the Guardian get up and running he closed the box with the Stone of Light and stabbed the long briefcase full of Tomoya's weapons to his back and started to climb down. Once he reached the bottom he heard David's order, nodding to the soldier he walked quickly to Angelus. This time he decided not to disobey his order because he wanted himself and Kud out of this place. Nodding to Kud whom skipped along until she was beside him, the two awaited for the ride home.

Outside Group.
Location: Outside of Temple | South America | AA Universe.
Time: Early Morning. (2 am)
Weather: Raging black lightning.

Noticing the male creature talked Storm turned his attention from his friend to Tajuh. "You won't touch me or Tomoya... because I lost enough friends today as it is!" He said to the male and he brandished his energy sword and a single pistol. It seemed that Storm was one undisturbed by the darkness which had corrupted everyone else. "Why not just help your friends instead of worrying about me... right now he is my only worry." Storm said and looked at Tomoya.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | David | Devon | Ella | Gabrielle | Jake | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kud | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Riki | Rugal | Slindis | Tajuh | Teri | Ton Ton

"...Teri, Where'd you get that necklace and feather?..."

Genuine confusion crossed the Cleric's face when asked and she began with, "What are you tal-?"

That was when Ella charged in and burnt herself on the necklace. The Cleric watched all of these events in terror and could barely move until the deed was done, and she backed away, and towards Angelus and Caim, an incantation barely formed in the back of her mind should the Succubus attempt anything again,

"I don't know! I wasn't even aware I had these things until - "

"If you need me, just call for me and I'll be there."

The Cleric paused when that voice came into her memories, and she suddenly realized where her new possessions had come from. However, she was still a little confused as to why she was attacked by the Succubus. She reached for the feather and carefully put it in an empty vial from her satchel before saying,

"Look, I think you might be mistaken. I'm sorry you're hand's hurt, um... I bet there's salve on the ship where we can fix that up. I'll be with these guys till then."

With that, she hurried away with Caim, Angelus and the two teens (Riki and Kud) as they began their walk to the surface; clearly trying to make some distance between herself and the Succubus. The dragoness looked over her shoulder at the wounded demon, and only glared before leading her charges along the way...

I noticed.

She continued rapidly ascending through the temple, becoming slightly drained from the sheer amount of energy being put out as she paved a path through the temple. "We're about halfway through here! Just keep coming, and we'll be out of here in no time!"

If nothing else, she knew how to make a clear path of retreat for her team.

He tried apologizing to Teri for Ella's actions. "Really sorry, Teri, it's just Ella here's got more than a few problems with her father. Now if she would just follow me for a second so I could talk to her in private..." He gave the Succubus a look that showed that he needed to talk to her in private.

As she climbed up, she picked up a few samples of the metal from the now-ruined traps and put them into one of her pouches to take a look at later.


He eyed up the Spartan, mentally breaking down the likely attack patterns he'd try to use against the man. "Here's the thing: in order for me to do that, they need a safe avenue to exit that temple. We both know that won't be happening while those drops continue, so unless you'd like to step aside and allow that, then we've got some problems." Although his tone was calm, it was clear that he'd not allow Storm to interfere with the operation. More importantly, the Angel databases had relatively little information on Tajuh, and what little there was on him was kept under lock and key.

David was in awe of the power of the Guardian as it blasted its way though the hard stone of the temple.
"Bloody hell! Next time I'm driving! I don't care if I need to bring a Car battery with me! I HAVE to try this sometime!" He exclaimed as they forced their way though the old passages that gave them so much trouble on the way in.
It was then Teri joined his team on their way topside, She certainly seemed off and Angelus reckoned Ella was the reason why.
"Hey, You two, plenty of time for chewing people out once we are out, Keep up!" He said to the pair of them as he followed the path of Slindis and Melethia.

Rugal found the events surrounding the necklace and Ella rather strange but that would have to wait for another time.
"You can talk with her Devon, but don't take too long, god only knows how much time we have. Get topside as soon as you can. Dismissed." He said before he ran over into the escape tunnel.

Angelus, Caim, David, Kud, Riki, Slindis, Teri

Angelus' gaze turned away from the offending woman upon being acknowledged by David,

"As you say, mortal.. Come, Teri. We've no time to dawdle here."

Teri gave a quick nod, and as they advanced, she tucked the necklace under her robes. If seeing it was going to cause trouble, then she'd have to hide it. If Lucifer was really the one to bequeath this to her, The Cleric could only ask herself this... Why?

This train of thought was quickly squelched when she saw Slindis tear into some more rock with the Guardian suit, and marveled at the power the suit commanded, "I wonder if it functions more like an Eva or a Gundam..?"

"This... this shall be a fight between me and the Preacher... and a fair one at that!"

The Preacher tutted slightly and shook his head, "I see then, violence is unavoidable. I am truly sorry child." He pulled out his blade, now beginning to become enveloped in a feint crimson aura. The area now began to darken, except for himself and the fallen angel, almost as if the two were being highlighted. The Preacher slashed downward as he began to walk towards Tomoya. The aura around the sword now began to appear around the angel's feet. Befroe he could react the attack struck.

Northswain's Strike.


Dark Tomoya
The Dark Angel recoiled from the Preachers attack, bringing his arms up to protect himself.
He had a pained expression, it was clear that it hurt him, but it faded into a Evil Grin.
"That's all?...Here, let me show you how it's done!" He boasted as he brought his fist down into the ground, sending a electrical current into the ground.
Like Preachers attack, it appeared before he could react and a cage made of Black Lighting formed over him.
"Get out of this!" He taunted as he had the cage quickly close in on itself, intending to crush its prisoner.

Group in general
Within record time, Slindis managed to burst though the hall not far from Storm and Tajuh, much to the surprise of the Spartan's Men.
"...A Guardian!?...Wonderful....ALL UNITS ATTACK! THEY MUST NOT LEAVE WITH THE STONE!" He ordered the remainder of his squad and they descended on the Group.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Devon | Ella

Devon began talking to Ella in the same tone a disappointed family member would use towards one o their siblings. "Ella, when I helped you get out of Hell, it wasn't so you could go and try to break up relationships here. I know what you are, but what you're doing is abusing the trust that I put in you. Now, before you go and try saying that it didn't happen, I know what I saw. And we both know Puce is Kurumu's fated lover, so trying to break them up, no matter how long it was for, is basically saying that you want your only sister dead."

He looked her in the eyes, not really caring what she planned as long as the message went through. "So please, try to show me that the trust I put into you and your father's words wasn't horribly misplaced. I'd rather not lose hope for you, but when you're willing to break up your sister and kill her for whatever plot you have going, why should I keep believing in you?"

Group in general

Upon seeing the last bits of block fall to expose sky, Angelus called out, "Caim, the mask!"

Fishing it out of the Armory, Caim handed the dragon the aforementioned item, and Angelus ran outside, threw the mask in the air, and set herself aflame. It was quicker than trying to remove all the irritating pieces of human clothing; and by the time the mask came back down, the woman was stark naked; give or take a few scarps. Placing the mask on her face, the woman bent over as she began to grow and change into her former self.

As all that went down, Caim had already begun to charge with The Angel Killer equipped, the scarlet blade singing in the air the moment blood met blade.

Teri decided to cover the kid's tracks towards the dragon by calling upon the Lord in Celestial: "Cover our tracks as we wade into war! Mists of obfuscation, come down!"

Thus, a bank of fog encircled and covered the area around the transforming dragon and teens, and Teri hoped that this would be ample enough cover for Angelus and the kids to begin their ascent.

Teri has used: Fog Cloud! Spreading 20 feet across and 20 feet high, this fog provides total concealment! The fog obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature within 5 feet has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker can't use sight to locate the target).

Following that, Teri began to ready another spell, this time; a Shield for a front line fighter.


"Get out of this!"

The Preacher grinned, raising his left hand, his fist closed. "Gladly." He flicked his hand open, and scattered the black lightning, before continuing his slow approach. Tomoya could tell the man would be able to evade or block any attempt at flanking with lightning speed. The sword began to glow again.......

Dark Tomoya
Persistent old bastard... Tomoya thought as he watched the glowing sword.
A smirk appeared as he summoned up the Electric Cage again, this time having it encase him, opting to use it defensively.
The Lighting was nothing to him, but it was a different story for Preacher.
"Now what old man!?" He said as he rushed in to gut him, knowing his cage would prevent a counterattack.

As the group set out to engage the enemy, David went about providing covering fire for Caim as he used his Angel Killer blade on Storm's men, hitting every shot dead on and ensuring Caim could be as reckless and offensive as he wished without fear of being ambushed.
His keen eye was mostly unaffected by the fog.
"I SWEAR TO GOD I'M BECOMING A MUSLIM AFTER ALL THIS IS OVER!" He shouted, clearly this mission was going to change his views on Religion forever.

Rugal merely walked into the battle, casually throwing the odd punch or kick with deadly results to whomever it connected with.
Every time anyone went to engage him, he reacted and they fell down, simple as that.
It was then he noticed that the Dark Angel himself was among them and the Preacher was fighting him one on one.
What the hell is that senile fool doing!?


"Now what old man!?"

"I think I'll have a bit of a read, son." Keeping his sword ready, he pulled out his book again and began reading. As he muttered different phrases, the black lightning began to dissipate, becoming too weak to stop The Preacher's next attack. The Dark Angel then directed the lightning at the man, but he struck his blade at the bolt, the lightning turning from black to white. The Preacher then hurled the purified electricity at the angel.

Dark Tomoya
Dammit! Who is this guy!? Tomoya thought as he parried Preacher's electrical attack with his sword, plotting his next move.
Once Preachers assault was finished, he stabbed his sword into the ground and held his hand up in the air.
"SHAZAM!" He laughed as the ground began to glow underneath the two of them.
A Massive Black Thunderbolt struck down from the skies above with enough power to fry anything near him as indicated by the glowing ground.

Seeing the massive group charging towards her companions, she looked at the controls to get a better feel for how the machine worked. It was still a good bit beyond her compared to the exit path she had cleared earlier, but she started up with leading the shots to hit the angels much like she would a bow. Due to the massive difference in firing speeds, it took her a bit to get the guiding right. Although not as deadly as the Guardian earlier at range, she still made up for it on the ground with the thrusts and stabs of her chainsaw bladed right hand. "Scatter them!"

For his Part, Tajuh intercepted Storm as he went to aid the attack with a single blade quickly pointed at him. "I gave you the option, but now it's time for me to do what I came here for." He followed up with slashing with his offhand to provoke a guard with the Energy Sword, then stabbed the Spartan's pistol with his mainhand blade to devastate the gun's barrel.

"While I draw breath, you shall not lay a single finger on any member of the Rising Dawn."

The angels that closed on her position ignored the twelve year old elf with a longsword and flask with a mix of a murky brown and lavender liquid in each hand. This was really the best their enemy could come up with? As they focused on the more dangerous threats, she threw the bottle deep into the ranks of the group, sending glass shards and a violently corrosive acid mix in a ten meter radius to badly burn a chunk of the enemies. "That's whatcha get, kinslayers." Seizing the opportunity, she began slashing the Angels with the extremely sharp blade crackling with electricity.


Foolish Child.... The Preacher intercepted the lightning strike with his blade, once again purifying the attack. This time however, he used the cleansed electricity to charge his next attack. The sword struck the ground, instantly conjuring a holy blade which struck with the force of a train.

Hallowed Bolt.


Dark Tomoya
After seeing his "Air Strike" Lighting wasn't working, Tomoya quickly moved from where the sword would strike and lunged at the Preacher, wishing to find out if his skills with a sword were anywhere as good as his skill with holy power.

The Guardian was clearly over-powering the enemy en mass and the Healing Factor of the Mech made any and all attacks moot.
At this point, some soldiers, stuck between death at Tomoya's whim and death by Guardian Mech, decided to try their luck in the corrupted jungle, fleeing from battle.
Still, there was more where they came from.

David was lining up a shot when Melethia ran past after a Angel burning in acid with her longsword.
The fact he saw that happen caused him to stop and say "...So this is my life...I need to drink more.
Once that nugget of wisdom was stored and filed, He resumed his covering fire of Caim.

Rugal too was in a state of shock, THIS! Was what that old coot Preacher could do.
Suddenly, nearly being thrown out an airlock didn't seem as bad.
He also casually snapped the neck of a passing trooper.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple of Light: Devon | Ella

She noticed that the young man got oddly uncomfortable after that nickname she gave him and tried his best to hide the wave of emotions it brought to the front. "Hey, do you mind not calling me that name again? It's not exactly what I need to be focusing on right now. What's more important is you trying to pull a Yoko Ono on the group." He mentally hoped that she didn't see through his bluff as went back to the flirting.

On her asking him to make someone fall in love with her, he shook his head and spoke in a subdued tone. "Ella. I'm not going to force someone to fall in love with you. What kinda guy do you take me for? It's not even been a night since we got here, and I've got a pretty strong feeling almost all of the guys here are spoken for." A look up at the long climb up encouraged him to turn to Ella. "Mind giving me a hand up there?"


The Cleric focused her spell, chanting, "In the beginning there was the word, and the word became flesh. In this time of need, The word becomes force and force begets strength!"

Teri hit a hotkey on her Tablet, and a small scroll appeared, and then disintegrated; a glow covering her hand. Slapping it on the King of Fighter's back, she shouted

"Snap out of it, Mr. Bernstein! Now get in there and don't let yourself be showed up by the others! You wouldn't want that, now would you?"

From what Rugal could see, a shimmering field covered his skin; making him look vaguely iridescent in the torch-light.

Teri shouted, "It's a protective field! Get to it!"


Angelus shook her head with pleasure; happy to be in her proper form again, as she waited for Riki and Kud to get on her back. She wanted to be in the air again, and not just because it was her mission. After being in that gods-forsaken temple, anywhere but this place was a good thought.

To her surprise, she heard the sound of fire; and the smell of fox and flames filled the air.

"Ah, Akane! Here to help these little ones up, eh? Let's hurry along then. The sooner the better."


Caim... Was being Caim. Cutting swathes into soldiers with his Angel Killer and a dark grin on his face, Caim was in his element once again.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg

"Hey, Cadolbolg! I think I see your dad! Wanna help him out? I bet we could help out in thinning those numbers!"

Without a roar from the turtle, the duo flew in, and Ton Ton leaped onto a soldier, putting his Knife straight into the jugular of one of the poor saps.

Those words were just what he needed to take his mind off the Preacher
"You're right...I don't..." He said before he turned around and saw a trio of Angel Troopers behind him.
A quick neck crack and Rugal engaged them with his Slashing Aura, a brief display of blood and guts and he was marching in to clean up.
They were dead before they hit the ground.

David | Jake
As David lined up another shot, Jake finally got out of the temple. He was nowhere near as fit as anyone else in the crew, being a nerd who only kept his body in basic shape. Seeing the master sniper, Jake figured at least he wouldn't be quite so useless hanging with the other relatively normal guy in the crew. Making the dash, Jake stopped and dropped to one knee to steady his shots with his M4.
"G'day David! Who're we covering?" Jake said as he steadied his breathing so as not to throw his shots off.

Angelus | Akane
Akane gave a little smile at the Dragon. Angelus seemed a tad warmer towards her today...

"You're taking the little ones straight to the airship yes? I'll fly cover for you then! Looks like my Knights are already in the fray, they should keep us clear for now I think!" She said, even as she grabbed Kud and threw her up onto the Dragon's neck, where she clung for dear life. The little girl was terrified! Riki followed before Akane could grab him too, but not before giving the Kitsune a foul look.
"Okay kids, hang on tight to Angelus! We'll keep you safe! Let us all fight, that's our job right now!"

The Kitsune gave a tap behind the ear to the Dragon before making a running leap off the temple edge. She disappeared from view only to re-appear second later, her tails alight with brilliant blue flames as she picked up speed and altitude. Her sword was back in her hand, a fireball ready in the other.

David | Jake | Teri

After pouring out a water bottle to unleash Squishy upon the troops, Teri called out, "Long time, no see, Jake! Hope you've been faring well!"

Holding up her staff to focus, the Cleric called to the Water elemental in Aquan, "My friend, I shall be granting you a covering of water! When it arrives, go into your vortex form!"

The elemental blurbled in reply, and began to position itself as Teri chanted her spell, "Bring unto us your cleansing waters, Lord! Strengthen your children with this gift!"

On cue, 10 gallons of water poured on the water elemental; who began to grow in size; whipping around in a dangerous vortex for those who dared come near. Several of the soldiers found themselves swept in the creatures depths, and gasped as the air escaped their lungs.

Despite the fact that soldiers were dying by her hands, the Cleric took solace in the thought that God would provide mercy to these wayward Angels. After all, they could have easily been deceived by a false and cruel Shepard.

Angelus | Akane

Upon seeing Akane return, the dragon flapped her wings, throwing herself into the air. The fog had done it's job well to cover their progress, and Angelus was 20 feet in the air before the soldiers even got sight of her. Of course, those who dared attack her were quick to be blasted with a homing ball of fire from the dragon or face the wrath of the Kitsune. In short, the duo were ascending quickly to the skies above.

Outside Group.
Location: Outside of Temple | South America | AA Universe.
Time: Early Morning. (2 am)
Weather: Raging black lightning.

Tomoya & Preacher.
Within the lightning barrier.

Seeing the escaping soldier Tomoya's smirk had changed into a scowl. "FOOLS!" He said as he waved his hand and the lightning scatted across the jungle hit the dark angels, immediately turning them into lightning particles which flowed back into Tomoya. More black lightning came out of his hand to form his dark katana, still stained with the blood from New York.

"Lets see if your sword kills are good..." Tomoya said, in a blink of an eye he already swung at Preacher he looked ever ready. The black lightning was lashing out with anger from the sword.

Storm & Tajuh

As the angel bodies were laid across the entrance of the temple, their bodies were transferred into black orbs which quickly disintegrated back to the angel fleet and their motherships.

Losing his gun, Storm through his pistol to the side. "You should know that killing isn't... everything." Storm laughed as he lunged with his bulky armor, Tajuh avoided but Storm ended up cutting a stone pillar in half with the sword. "Alien tech you see... Alpha... boost mode." Storm asked Alpha and soon the boosters on his armor were warmed up.

David was in the middle of a reload once Jake showed up and took out a few more Angels.
"Just shoot anyone trying to sneak up on Caim and we might make it out of here alive!" He ordered as the pair of them covered the Mute's rear as he cut though the hordes, the pair of shooters getting splash back from the blood bath.
"....So how are you!?" He asked as he kept firing.

Rugal was calmly cutting down the inferior trained soldiers as the battle raged on, not even bothering to block thanks the shield that Teri gave him.

As the Drow put a MASSIVE dent in Tomoya's forces, a plot was hatched from above to try and get rid of her before she killed them all.

Up the sky above the battlefield, 2 low ranking grunts got an idea.
Grabbing as much explosive ordinance as they could, Dynamite, C4, Semtex, Frag Mines, I could do on, but I won't, but I could.
"You sure this is a good idea? I mean...Friendly Fire and-"
"Hey, Either this bitch dies or Tomoya kills all of us!"
Thus they went down to the Drop Pods and began stuffing it to make their "Bomb".

Since she didn't want to allow the enemies to get too comfortable with the acid, she took a moment in the fight to switch over to some incendiary flasks to continue disorienting the angels as she slashed at their ranks. "When are these kinslayers gonna learn?" The worst of the attacks that were aimed at her were blunted by the chainmail shirt, but against the constant enemies landing, she was beginning to get tired.

He ducked and weaved around the attacks from Storm, getting a stab in when he could. "Powered armor, then. Bit difficult to work around, certainly, but you're wrong if you think that will ensure your victory." As the Spartan's attacks continued to come, he took note of the man's technique which was a mix of power and speed.

She began to get concerned about the way the attack seemed to not relent and tried to keep the attention away from Angelus. Judging from the forces attacking her, it was clear that it was having some effect.

Rugal enjoyed his brief spell of invulnerability while it lasted, the Shield of Fate soon burning out.
He looked across the battle field, depending on how well the Preacher handled Tomoya, they might beat the Dark Angel right here and now.
It was then he saw Melethia throwing around incendiary grenades at those who were foolish enough to under-estimate her with Slindis tearing apart the enemy in the distance.
For the first time since they came to this damn jungle, things were finally going their way.

Skies Above
Once the Drop Pod was filled up and the target was set, the Two Grunts up the Angel ship above prayed to god this would work, least a world of hurt be put upon them by Tomoya.
"Attention all units, Drop Pod inbound, Keep that Mech in place if you can..." He radioed in before he launched the pod down into the battleground below.

As the Guardian Mech marched onward after fleeing Angels, an alert came up on her HUD...

"Lets see if your sword kills are good..."

As the blade neared The Preacher's neck, a flash of light blinded the Angel for only an instant, his strike was now being blocked. "I'm alright, could use some practice".

The Angel followed up his attack with a barrage of slashes, The Preacher deflecting each except for one, opening a wound on his left arm. The man barely noticed, although Tomoya could detect a slight grimace from the man. He replied with a slash to his face, his attack almost as quick as the Dark Angel's

As the indicator started blaring more, she managed to look up to see the pod. Okay, looks like I'd better get out of this thing now... where's that way to get out? She fumbled around for the eject and bumped into the big red button sending her rocketing out. "Okay, Slin... let your instincts kick in..." She rolled up into a ball to lessen the impact when she landed as an explosion consumed the Guardian.

The impact engulfed the Guardian Mech in a huge explosion and shot a tall cloud of dirt and metal into the air.
While this was a victory for the Angels, it was clear that the toll Slindis's time in the cockpit was too large for them to really call it that as they wearily went after the other crew members.

They turned to see a rather pissed off looking Rugal glaring at them, clearly not a fan of the fact that they nearly killed Slindis.
"...You are all going to die at my hand. Try not to scream too much..."
With a enraged roar, he waded into the fight, easily overpowering much of the re-grouping forces, breaking bones and spilling blood with deadly efficiency.

"Ms. Slindis!"

Teri ran ahead to where Slindis had landed, hands already glowing with a healing spell (Level 2) by the time she reached her teacher. After placing her hands on The Paladin, something whizzed past her head, wind rushing though her hair as a shout went through the air,

"The kid's a Healer and a Spellcaster! SHOOT HER FIRST!"

The Cleric's eyes widened when she heard those words, and tried to lift Slindis closer to the wreckage of the Guardian to provide some cover, but opted to wave her hands and call up Snuffles again; hoping that he would provide ample distraction while she dragged the Paladin. The wolf barreled at the offending soldiers, it's cold aura making things a tad more difficult but due sheer numbers alone, the Cleric found fire coming her way.

"The kid's a Healer and a Spellcaster! SHOOT HER FIRST!"

Between the screams and pleas for mercy from the main group, Rugal heard the command and if he wasn't angry before, he would certainly be now.
"...What did you just say?..." He asked as he turned his attention to whomever gave that order.
Silence filled the air for a second as some of the soldiers realized who he was.
"...FORGET WHAT I SAID! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM!" the officer corrected himself.

Though neither Teri nor Slindis saw what exactly happened next, the sounds gave them the details.
Gunfire raced though the air as one by one each of the men who dared to fire at the cleric were brutally cut down.
Rugal didn't even give them the courtesy of using his slashing aura, he instead choose to tear them apart with his hands alone.
Screams filled the air as one by one the guns fell silent.
Soon, only the officer remained.
"...Oh God...Look, I'm sorry, I was just following orders.
"...You mistake me for someone who cares..."

Teri managed to peer out from behind the wreckage in time to watch Rugal tear the officers torso clean off his legs, pulling out his spine in the process.
It was safe to say he was dead.
Very dead.
Once his bloodlust was over, Rugal walked over to the Cleric and the Drow.
"You two okay?..." He asked, clearly this was another day at the office for him.


She took a few moments to recover as Teri's spell gave her a some energy then got up slowly. "Thank you, Teri. That's just what I needed." Slindis looked a bit worn out from the fighting in the Guardian, but drew her bow from her Bag of Holding and began firing arrows at the massive amounts of enemies focusing on them., getting some relief as Rugal viciously attacked the group.

"Rugal, thank you for the assistance even if that was more than a bit extreme..." She wasn't going to lecture him after having just saved them, but she was clearly caught off-guard by it.


Melethia threw some more incendiary grenades at the massive crowd focusing in on Teri and Slindis, but that only served to anger the angels she attacked and drew their attention as a few began firing on her. "C'mon, can't ya guys just give up? Ya know you're losing a lotta kinslayers to keep this up!"


Respond to the talk from earlier in the next post, okay?

Having talked with Ella, he made his way over to the larger majority of the group and sliced at the angels where he could. "You'll have to do a lot better than that to hit me! Ella, we need to scatter the large chunk of enemies down there before this gets any worse. Let's roll!" He blinked in and out of existence as the two closed in on the rest of the team.

Devon casts Blink! 50% miss, reduced to 20% if they can see invisible creatures or fight while blind, and his attacks have a 20% chance to miss due to the blinking effect for the next 48 seconds.

After hearing the comment about going too far from Slindis, Rugal shrugged and said "I already watched you die twice, I wasn't about to go 3 for 3. Now come on, this day is almost won."
It was then that gunfire sounded from Melethia's position.
"Dammit, Melethia! On me!" He commanded as he moved to engage the attackers, about to do a repeat performance of his Mortal Kombat routine.


Teri looked up to the King of Fighters after he returned from dismembering soldiers and gave only a small nod in response. If Slindis wasn't with her, the Cleric suspected that she probably would have made a mess of herself. However, she shakily forced herself up as Rugal began to charge the next group of soldiers. It was at this point Snuffles, the wolf, loped towards her, awaiting it's master's next command. It didn't get too close, for the moment it did, the girl pointed at Rugal and muttered, "Help him. Keep him out of range of your aura."

The wolf didn't need telling twice. Barreling after Rugal, the wolf tore into another soldier; it's cold aura making the wounds it made especially painful for the unfortunate souls who felt the creature's bite.

Like the wolf, the Cleric's eyes became dull and cold as it took in the spectacle about her, her mind doing what it did best in times of desperation: repression. Slowly, this memory would be filed away and forgotten when she went to bed; not to be remembered properly until someone reminded her. She would be happier this way, her mental processes assumed.

Angelus | Akane

The dragon continued towards the Rising Dawn; her fire now being focused upon any offending airships that dared come her way. Jaws full of flame, the dragon began shooting homing fire towards the ships that attempted to fire and knock off the kids. After another volley, she called out, "Hold on tightly, little ones, there will be turbulence on this flight!"

Inner Circuitry: The Rising Dawn AIs Dimitri and Vermilion

Dimitri noticed four new lifeforms showed up on their scanners, and called to his partner, "Ms. Vermilion! We have four User-based items approaching! If these are to be correct, it is Ms. Akane, Ms. Angelus, Mr. Riki and Ms. Kud. Should we begin cover fire? I am 97.938 percent certain they are the real Users in this database."

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Slindis | Teri | Sadei:

She hid a look of disappointment and sadness when Teri got the dull look in her eyes from the combat. That talk would have to happen right when they got back on the ship, but there were more important things for the moment. "The numbers are still great, but we're gaining ground! Stick close to me: we need to check on the condition of everyone else here." The two started making their way through the battlefield with Slindis keeping the angels at range with arrows from her bow greatly harming those trying to attack.

While they made their way through, Sadei did her best to comfort her wielder even though the amount of blood shed saddened the staff. Teri, please. You have to stop trying to do so much all by yourself... Could you please promise me that? You're way too nice to have to see all this sadness in your life and pretend like it's okay to pretend it never happened...


ALthough the numbers were starting to prove to be a bit much for the girl, she tried to act like it was nothing as she fought the angels that were beginning to get quite angry with the small girl as she slashed at their ranks. For each one she managed to kill, three took their place! "Really, it takes so many of ya kinslayers to hit li'l ol me? If it weren't so sad, I'd be laughin' at ya!" For all her bluffing, though, she was getting worn out fast.

Devon | Ella

The man flickered in and out of existence as he sliced and stabbed through the ranks, managing to move through the outskirts of the crowd to attempt to back up Ella. "You think two ships will help you keep that stone in your fallen hands? That's nothing compared to the legions at our side!" At that moment, four portals silently popped up in one section of the battlefield with soldiers from the circle of Greed silently walking out and looking ready for a fight. The eerie silence from the infernal armies did much to unnerve the angels.

Devon casts Silent Image and Bluffs the slightly demoralized forces of Dark Tomoya to make them believe that Hell's armies are joining the fight! DC 15 mod to see through the illusion and the bluff, and they rolled a 2.

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Slindis | Teri | Sadei:

"I cannot go through on that promise, Sadei. I must pull my share of the weight around here. If I can't handle it; then I don't need to be with The Rising Dawn."

Teri stuck to her guns, even if the efforts were futile. Calling up her Ice Badger, Teri did not allow the mask of ice (to speak in both a punny and metaphorical sense) to fall, and spoke, "Lord, bless these children, for they do not know what they are doing. May they find comfort in your arms when they reach your gates."

With similar brutal effieciency, the Ice Dire Badger began tearing into troops and cleared a path for the Paladin and her Clerical student. It was a strange sight, to see the emotive cleric turn so cold in a moments notice; and only watched with a dispassionate glare as Angels fell left and right.

Cutie Bruisers!

As Ton Ton pulled his Knife out of another soldier, he felt a piercing feeling go through his tail. With a shriek, he turned to the offending Angel, Lantern glowing with an unholy edge as Karmic Backlash began to emerge. With a glare that piereced the man's eyes, the last thing that Angel heard before death was two words in a high, almost childlike voice : "Everyone's Grudge."

An explosion of shadows burst from the Lantern and covered the Angel, screams of terror emitting from the black covering as it did it's dirty work. This, was all from a tiny creature no bigger than a house cat. When the Shadows cleared, a dark laugh came from the mouthless creature as it waved it's pale blue lantern at the troops, "Who wants to try their Karma? I'm certain spotless Angels like yourselves have nothing to worry about..."

Shivering from this display, and seeing the Hell's Army advance, the Angels shook in horror at the forces upon them,

"The fight like demons! They're unholy devils!"


"But what about Tomoya?!"

"I don't know!"

As the Angels wondered what to do with themselves, Ton Ton sent to his partner, "Good performance, eh? Nothing like a little darkness to scare the crap out of these guys! How about you give it a try?"

The Tonberry readied his knife again, and charged at another Angel's ankles.

Dimitri | Vermilion

Dimitri only smiled, and as he shot some more at enemy fire, he said, "Perhaps it is because of who programmed me, Miss Vermilion, but I have a little something that enables me to look past the protocols and figures... Faith. My Lady has proven to me via my own creation that the Users are capable of many feats that would otherwise be considered illogical or impossible. I will hold faith in their resourcefulness and their capability. If this plan is as it was, and the Stone of Light will aid in stopping Tomoya; look below. We've already taken a step in the right direction!"

Dimitri turned to his compatriot, and Vermilion could see the genuine look in his eyes. It was almost unfitting with the formal outfit the Butler wore, but charming in it's own sense, "If we loose hope now, Miss. Vermilion, then why should we have fought in the first place? Now please, don't look so down. It is most unbecoming on one with so much-"

The AI stopped himself, and turned back to his console, "Forgive me! I was too forward with that remark. Ahem! Business as usual then!"

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