The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David | Jake
"Well, apart from being unfit compared to all you, very low on the power charts, and a squishy human, not fuckin' bad. THAT'S FIVE MOTHERFUCKERS!" Jake said as he reloaded again. "looks like Caim is doing alright now, who else needs support?

"Dammit, Melethia! On me!" Rugal commanded as he moved to engage the attackers, about to do a repeat performance of his Mortal Kombat routine.

"Hear that David? Shift fire left to suppress!" Jake called out, removing another Angel on the path of Rugal, Slindis and Teri.

Angelus | Akane
Akane sliced yet another Angel open who dared to approach the Dragon in the air. She fell back into formation with the Dragon, waving at the kids. "Hey Angelus! Does getting 5 kills against Airborne Angels count for Ace status? Nevermind, let's nail that enemy Airship there! I sense Gabs and Aftan on the other one, so it'll be gone soon. I'll make a high speed pass, can you hit them whilst they are distracted with me?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Angelus | Akane

Angelus gave a hearty laugh at the Kitsune's jest, and allowed her fires to be an answer for herself. A casual challenge was issued, and the dragon flapped harder; propelling herself closer towards the Rising Dawn while releasing another volley at the offending ship. She chuckled to herself before releasing another volley; her pact mate was enjoying his sport moreso than usual... Most likely due to not having participated in it for some time. The anxiety and anticipation of the human's bloodlust washed over her, and she found this battle to be a tad bit more sweeter. Even so, she still remembered riders were upon her. A shame, she might have enjoyed the battle more.

Caim | Cadolbolg | Ton Ton:

Caim had already allowed his heart to fall into it's happier place where soldiers were concerned. His blade easily sinking into the Angelic flesh, Caim whirled around in his own personal circle of death-dealing. This was Caim of Caerleon these Angels were dealing with; and he would not fall easily.

"Follow your dad, gotcha!"

Ton Ton began speeding towards the mute and his pact partner, using his blade to hit unsuspecting Achilles' tendon on his way over to the mute; cries of pain following wherever the creature lay. His size was an advantage at this point, and he could hide among the sea of legs and yelling.

Airship Rising Dawn Networks: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri rolls a 4 on an attempt to Bluff Vermilion... The poor sap.

Being cornered in his statement (and finding it very hard to deny Vermilion any sort of request), Dimitri decided to attempt to cover up the truth with an equally true statement. Looking away from his companion AI, he said, "Er... One with so much, er, Power! Yes, power. That is to say, you are very strong, Ms. Vermilion! To see you doubt our chances, I cannot help but feel a little down myself. Someone so much stronger than I despairing? I must say, it is rather disheartening!"

Phew, he had managed to turn that terrible excuse around into something viable! Now, here's hoping that the other AI believed him. As he waited for her response, the turrets were online again to aid the Users' cover...

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Angelus | Akane

Akane let a small grin spread across her face as she dived down at the enemy airship. The turrets on the Airship turned but couldn't track her as she added more speed, a trail of flames behind her. The first turret missed it's shot at her, and the second never got a chance as Akane launched a large fireball at it, roasting it's crew inside. Bullets impacted all around the Kitsune from an Angel Trooper who thought it safe enough to tail her. Akane stopped in mid air and her sword pointed upwards, the hapless Angel finding himself out of space to avoid it and gutting himself upon it. The third turret found it's mark, zeroing in on her, but she only smiled wider and watched it explode from a homing fireball of the Dragon above. Akane looked back at the first turret, and could see right down the barrel of it. She smiled and threw a small fastball of a fireball right down the barrel. It set off the cannon round being loaded and the whole turret exploded in a massive explosion, exposing the inner hull.

Akane whooped and took off again, zooming away to avoid Angel Troopers homing in to protect their stricken Airship. But it was too late... Angelus had the perfect shot now.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Angelus | Akane

And a perfect shot she had to take. Angelus could feel the magical energies brimming in her throat; and unleashed ribbons of magically-infused dragonfire upon the poor saps of the Airship. The runic ribbons tore into the ship's body without mercy, the crew screaming as each ribbon ripped another piece of the ship away. All that was left was the ruined framework of a ship; barely floating in the air... Well, more along the lines of falling in style at this point. With a dark chuckle, the dragon gave a hard flap of her wings to propel herself closer to The Rising Dawn; and hopefully to deposit her cargo safely...

Airship Rising Dawn Networks: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri frowned upon realizing that Vermilion had seen her way through his lie. Well, Dimitri, if you weren't so geared towards etiquette, perhaps the action would be a bit more natural to you. Squirming in his seat, Dimitri bowed his head in embarrassment, and said softly, "I'm sorry for lying to you, Ms. Vermilion, but I feared that this statement would make things... Er, what is the human term... Incompatible, I suppose?"

His hands were clenched for a moment, white gloves still looking immaculate even in his distress, and he continued, "In truth, I was going to say that looking grim all the time was unbecoming of one such as yourself because of... Well, of-"

Dimitri fumbled about again with his words, clearly on the flustered side of the spectrum when it regarded this phrasing, however innocent or serious it may have been. Thus, to aid himself, he moved his hands back to the Turret controls, and with his back turned, he finally spat it out, "Always frowning is not befitting to one of your pulchritude, Madam! With your visual data, a smile would be a closer fit. It would make your ocular receptors shine brighter under your hood, if it were up, and even moreso down!"

Welp, that was more than he intended to say, but with Vermilion tossing around terms like "partner" and "companion", Dimitri's processing of her intentions... Let's just say they were a little biased in his favor. However, a man such as himself must remain a gentleman at all time, hence his confusion. How was one able to say such things without being forward? These human concepts of emotion were still hard to bear.

Work Update

Aided by the covering fire of David and Jake, Rugal managed to get into the heart of the Angel unit attempting to land a hit on the Little Elf.
Despite them piling on attacks and gunfire at all angles, skill and experience ruled out.
While not as brutal as the display after the Drop Pod hit the Guardian, it was still rather heavy-handed.
The crunch of fist meeting skull filled the air until the unit was down.

David and Jake meanwhile ensured that Rugal wasn't overrun but they quickly realized that the chances of that was low.
"Jakeman! Get the elf! Covering Fire!" He ordered as he went to engage the angels.
*Click Click*
"...Perfect..." He groaned as he holstered his M500 and began trying to steal a Angel Assault Rifle.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Morning | January 2nd

Corrupted Temple (The Counter Offensive):

Angelus | Akane
Akane formed back up on the Dragon, still a little in awe of her immense firepower. Then she remembered the time Aftan and she had obliterated a giant living mountain, and smiled a little more. One day, they would have their little duel of flames...If the world ever returned to peace.

"Nearly there Angelus! Oh look at that! My Knights got the other airship! YES!"

Rugal | Melethia | Slindis | Teri | David | Jake
As David gave his orders Jake saw a better way to help the Marksman. He unslung his M4 and his two minimi pouches full of ammo, roughly 300 rounds of ammo in magazines in them before shouting to David. "David! Take these, I've got a sword and .45 for up close work!"

David West paused for just a second to pick up the incoming Rifle with ammo pouches clipped to its sling as it slid along the temple floor. He looked on in amazement as Jake drew his longsword with it's faint blue glow and the crazy pilot charged down the steps towards Rugal and Melethia. A slash here, and a thrust there, and he had already downed several Angel Troopers in his path before linking up with the odd pair.

"Rugal! Little one! I'm here to help!" he said as he shifted into a defensive stance, his sword feeling good in his hands again.

Getting Lucifer to enchant the longsword had been a good idea.

Across the Battlefield, Dark Angel Troopers were dying off too quickly. They were down to scattered pairs and trios on the ground, and in the air they were all but gone with the loss of the two carrier airships.

Apart from Dark Tomoya and Storm-182, the battle had shifted into the Rising Dawn Crew's favour. And the two Heroes of the Corrupt side were locked in respective duels with men their equals, or at least as the battles had shown so far...

Outside group.
Location: Corrupted Temple Entrance | South America.
Weather: Raging black lightning.
Time: 3am.

Storm-178 V Tajuh.

The Spartan and human male were against each other. They were actually not evenly matched, Storm was getting slower due to his earlier injury. The strikes by Tajuh were faster then Storm could block, which scratched, chipped and broke some of his armor. On Storm's side, he was battling with a blurry vision and blood crawling all over his body. Gasping due to injuries left Storm open which led Tajuh to hitting his helmet.

Storm quickly jumped back but just kneeled on his knee and pulled open his helmet.

He immediately coughed up blood and some kind of black liquid onto the ground. A strange hissing sound was left between the two. Tajuh walked up to the injured Spartan.

"Hah... haaaah... nice form. It was a good fight, for a human... hehe" He managed to say between his gasps, his eyes were bleeding and blood was pouring on the ground because of the shotgun blast he took to the stomach, he was close to death. "Maybe death would be better for the world... but who would protect hose soldiers." Storm only sighed as he placed his hand on his wound. Before the victor could decide the Spartan's fate a difficult event happened.

D.Tomoya V Preacher.

The battle between Preacher was not one sided, both side were not landing major blows on each other. Except the exemptions of a minor cuts, scratches and a few bones broken. The bad part for Preacher was that Tomoya was only regenerating and healing most of his injuries. The reason for this was the actually angel bodies, Tomoya was actually managing to transfer their energy into him. Gaining more everything.

As soon as Preacher aimed for the head... he hit. Preacher actually managed to place his sword in the middle of Tomoya's head and face. As the head was split open blood began to flow down the body, Tomoya's body knelt on the ground. a disappointing look came from Preacher as he gazed down the body.

Except a low noise was coming from it.
"He... he... he" It said slowly as the eyes suddenly flashed back open, this time with black lightning actually coming out from it.


Tomoya laughed wildly up towards the black sky. Preacher could only see black lightning in the contents of his head. "Did you think you can kill me that easily! He doesn't want me to die ya know! Tomoya talked back to Preacher as he grabbed his sword with both of his hands and pulled it out of his face, leaving more blood... but it was only replaced by electricity.

"Play time is over Father..." Tomoya grimly said as all of the angel corpses in the area were turned to black lightning and all sources of lightning and electricity (Including the barrier) crawled inside Tomoya creating a massive field of black lightning around him.


Tomoya simply said as most of Tomoya's energy was transfered along the sword and directly into Preacher's body, shocking him. A couple of seconds later Tomoya could only see what looked like Storm whom was about to be executed by Tajuh. Letting Preacher's sword go and ending the attack early, "NOOOOO!!!" Tomoya yelled out and in a blink of an eye he was already in front of Tajuh and gave him a giant push.

He quickly examined Storm's body and saw he was barely hanging on. "You will ALL pay for this. Millions... no... BILLIONS of souls say be cast away because of you!" He said to everyone as he quickly picked up Storm and the two disappeared into black lightning.

As the two disappeared off the face of the Earth, all the alive angel carriers and angels were simply just gone. The weather in the area raged even more then it had before, it began to strike at everything... the so called heroes should leave soon.

Chapter 3 end!

Outside group.
Location: Corrupted Temple Entrance | South America.
Weather: Raging black lightning.
Time: 3am.


As Storm was whisked away, Tajuh mentally sighed in relief. Although the fight had been more difficult than he had let on, he learned a good deal about the Spartan during the fight. The man still had a conscience, and he'd find a way to get rid of that corruption. However, that would have to wait for later: the lightning would prove to be too much if they stayed any longer.

"We've got no reason to stay here a moment longer. Everyone, fall back to the Rising Dawn!" The man's voice carried over the intensifying storm to all those out on the field.


He saw the lightning pick up and the portals with the armies from hell vanished, proving that they were illusions as the man stopped blinking. "Ella, any way that we could get out of this one and back to that airship up there? I don't know much about you, but I'd rather not die here."

Melethia and Slindis

Just as it looked like the girl was in a situation that would end in her death, the forces attacking her vanished as she was approached by Teri, David, Jake, Slin, and Rugal. "Thanks, but I coulda handled it myse- crap! Lightning! We'd better get outta here fast!"

Slindis looked around, not seeing much of a way to do that. "There's a slight issue with that, Melethia..."

Markus navigated the city streets, trying to remember where he had to go. Simon and Delilah followed suit, sighing as the stares from the public got more intense. 3 hunters in DC at the same time as a conference on the supposed demon Tomoya was big news. But they weren't there for that.

The Xeno-worship cult of Grogmalek had been planning something for some time, and intel suggested that they saw Tomoya as the great prophet of their beloved outer god. The leaders of house DeLange suspected a mass sacrifice to take place, and what better targets than the world leaders? The blood of the leaders of men would surely satisfy Grogmalek, perhaps paving the way for him to awaken from his cosmic trance and descend upon the Earth.

Things were about to get bad.

"DAMMIT! YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Rugal shouted in reaction to Tomoya Frying the Preacher before fleeing with an Injured Storm, leaving the harsh weather to finish them off.
Once it was clear that Tomoya had escaped, he turned his mind to the next order of business: The Preacher.
He examined the Holy One, clearly in a bad state and steaming from the amount of Dark Lighting that flowed though him.
How the hell is he still breathing!? How did he survive?! He thought as he realised there wasn't much time left.
"Your Power? How....How did you get it? I've trained by whole life but even I couldn't live though that! Tell me!" He pleaded, his greed starting to show after a long day of reasonable humbleness.

As Rugal interrogated the Preacher, David was more worried about getting back up to the ship.
"TERI! IS DAMIAN STILL UP THERE?!" He shouted over the raging wind while pointing to the ship.
"YOU MEAN DIMITRI?!" She asked back as she went to contact him on her tablet.
"WHATEVER! JUST GIVE ME THAT THING!" He barked back before yanking it out of Teri's hands.

As Dimitri and Vermilion basically flirted, he received an incoming call from her master and pressed his finger to his ear.
"Yes, Mistress. How can I-"
"2 TRANSPORT SHIPS! FROM THE HANGER! DOWN HERE! NOW! ASAP!" David yelled loud enough to cause him to recoil from the volume of his voice.
"MAKE SURE THEY HAVE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT! PREACHER IS DOWN! BE QUICK ABOUT IT!" He finished as Dimitri shrugged of his minor ear rape.
"...Coming right...up..." He answered before hanging up, if he had blood to bled, his ear would be a river right now.

"Your Power? How....How did you get it? I've trained by whole life but even I couldn't live though that! Tell me!"

".....The Ship" The Preacher managed coughed up a few words in between his breaths. "Get everyone on board....... then I'll tell you......" Unbeknownst to Rugal, The Preacher had only minutes left. He began to mutter to himself, it was the strongest healing spell he had, but even that couldn't fully heal the damage on the spot. "Little one got a lucky shot in........"

"....I swear if you fucking die without telling me..." Rugal stated before lifting the old man in a fireman's carry as David began to flag down the Transports he had Dimitri send.
"COME ON EVERYONE! WHILE WE CAN STILL FLY!" He shouted as he looked around the group.
Where is she!?
"ELENA!....ELENA!! WHERE ARE YOU!?" He shouted as the Crew Members who couldn't fly entered the transports.

Rugal boarded one and laid the Preacher down across one of the seats.
"Once you tell me what I want to know, then you have my permission to die." He warned again as he went the side door and began waving everyone over.

After snatching her tablet back from David, the Cleric wandered to the Preacher and readied her highest level healing spell (Level 2), gently placed her fingertips on the Preacher's body. She silently hoped that the positive energy of the spell would aid in dispelling the darkness within this poor man.

"Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! Work damnit!"

After the second level spell was exhausted, Teri reverted to using her lower level healing; hoping (praying to) that she could help in resuscitating the Holy Man. If he was as strong as he looked, the Rising Dawn desperately needed this man to fight Tomoya.

The others could only sit around and wait for the transports to bring them up.

Angelus | Akane

The arrival to The Rising Dawn with the children in tow was greeted with little fanfare; only a familiar AI (Dimitri) listing off docking procedures as the dragon found herself in the Hangar once more. Taking a look outside, she saw that conditions were looking extremely nasty; with all the thunder and lighting billowing about. It almost looked dangerous to fly in herself, and the dragon was used to storms....

"Be careful down there, Caim...."

Slindis and Melethia climbed in the transport with Teri, Rugal, and the Preacher. A quick once over of Preacher told Slindis that the man was in real bad shape. She took a few deep breaths, then placed both of her hands on the critically injured man to heal him up, since Teri's spells were ineffective. However, in the state the holy man was in, it only served to soothe him instead of bring him back in action.

"Mister Goldenhair, what happened to ya? You're tough, you can make it. Right?" The young girl held the holy man's hand, hoping that he'd make it as Slindis and Teri worked together to try to patch up the man's injuries.


He saw the transports and focused on getting the various crew members of the Rising Dawn on them before he left. "Hurry up, everyone!" Once the last people boarded, he took the controls of the last transport and made his way to the Rising Dawn.


"Mister Goldenhair, what happened to ya? You're tough, you can make it. Right?"

"Do not worry, my dear.......... All I need is a long rest" The Preacher was grinning at this point, he was confident in the crew at this point. "Besides........ you dealt with those ....unpleasant individuals quite well .......yes?"


"Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! Work damnit!"

Seeing the futility in their efforts, he raised his hands. "There is no need for this....... You should save your energy for those who really need it......" He coughed again, while the wounds were healed, it was obvious the damage at this point had been inflicted. "Well young Paladin........ I have full confidence in you and .......your student....... prove me right won't you?"


"Once you tell me what I want to know, then you have my permission to die."

As he leaned back, he now decided to answer Rugal. "You wish to learn my abilities?........ hehehehe"
The Preacher erupted in laughter at the man's naivety, his last breaths before he was gone were used to enjoy Rugal's frustration at his own greed. His laughter slowly died down, fading into a smile before he lost consciousness.

And with that, The holy man was now dead to the cast. While a more informed individual could see he wasn't fully gone, there was no way the rest of the Rising Dawn could hope to get him back now.

Once the Preacher used his dying breaths to spite Rugal, Melethia, Teri and Slindis all got a look at the man he really was.


He continued to rant and rave until his face was red as he shook the old man's still warm body.
It was truly a sickening display of ego and greed and it greatly damaged the image of Rugal in the trio watching.
"YOU WILL TELL ME!" He screamed as he raised his fist and went to punch the dead man in the face.

As Caim made a note of his partner's warnings, Jake followed the rest of the crew in getting the hell out of here.
Once everyone was on board, the crying of David became clear.
"GODDAMMIT! WHERE ARE YOU!? ELENA!" He shouted into the storm until he realized the transport was taking off.
"Shit! WAIT UP!" He said as he climbed in just as it was about to take off.

As the Heroes left the temple behind them, a massive bolt of lighting stuck the tip of old Mayan Temple, sending so much power though it, it exploded, sending rocks and bits of metal across the entire area, threatening to strike them as they flew off.

Thus, the famed Temple of the Stone of Light was no more.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Rugal's attack would have gone through... If it weren't for the Cleric touching the Preacher's body. A small scroll appeared and disintegrated; covering the body with a familiar shimmer of light right before Rugal's attack went through, and the King of Fighters found his fist coming into contact with a VERY familiar covering of force. The Cleric did not move from her post, her hands gripped tightly to the fabric of the Preacher's clothes, and her Tablet very calmly spoke, "Be mad all you want, but this body will not be desecrated."

She trembled as she said this; aware of the fact that she was drained in all of her faculties and locked in a pod with Rugal Bernstein. Those odds were not the best, but dammit, if she didn't defend this holy man's corpse, the Cleric felt that she'd regret it later. So, she held firm, as she did before in the woods. Her gaze did not waver from her charge as she shook; thoughts of what was to come in the next moment.

Caim, Cutie Bruisers

"Did you not see the shuttles coming for us, dragon? We're already on our way up. See you in a few."

Caim quietly broke the conversation, but did not sever the link. If at worst, he wanted to be able to contact her if something went wrong. Barring that, he occupied himself by watching Cadolbolg and Ton Ton cavort about in the Shuttle while they began to lift off. Shifting uncomfortably, Caim was reminded why he preferred flying with Angelus in comparison to these ships. It was too cramped for his tastes, and he liked the feel of open air on his back. This... This was distinctly lesser compared to his usual exploits.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

"...WHAT?!....OH YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!?" Rugal said as his fist came into contact with the shield a millimeter above the Preacher's dead smirking face, filling his mind with the mental image of him laughing at him for thinking he was dead.
"YOU DARE MOCK ME!? ME!? THE KING OF FIGHTERS!?" He shouted before Teri spoke and he knew instantly.
"...You..." He said in a quiet tone, clenching his fist as he glared at the Cleric, Her inability to talk helping her hide a *Gulp*
"...You dare....defy me?...YOU LITT-"
He paused for a second as he felt the area around the back of his head, finding and pulling out a dart.
"Sorry Wheathair, but you need a time out!" Melethia said, holding a blowdart pipe and clearly not impressed with his disrespect for the dead.
"" He trailed off as the tranquilizer flooded his system, causing him to pass out into one of the transport seats.

As the Transports neared and the Preacher passed away, what the group for the most part didn't know was what he was doing on the ship for that entire time.
Angelus felt something faint, something...familiar...
....uhhhhhh....wh..what...happe-......Where am I?! WHAT'S GOING ON!? AM I DEAD!? AHHHH! WHY IS IT SO COLD!?!? a panicked voice cried out mentally.
The Voice of Jenny.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

As Rugal slumped down into the chair, Melethia went over to Teri with a sad look on her face. "Miss Teri, why did he have to act like that? What happened to the Wheathair that I knew?" The girl looked a bit betrayed at the man's reaction.

Slindis kept a sharp eye on the unconscious man, having seen a fairly power-hungry side of the man that she never knew existed. "Teri, we are going to have that training as soon as we get back. It will not be physically tasking, especially after what we went through."

Tajuh | David

He looked at David and motioned to a seat. "I'm gonna have to ask you to sit down for now. With Elena's Talent, she's likely wherever she intends to be. The details on what went on in there are still unclear to me, though, but the chances of her being harmed are small."

Tajuh | David
After some prompting, David finally settled down and sat in the seat, taking a second to wring the storm rain out the Angel Towel he took from the temple.
"...Sorry...Just...some time ago, She was...Enslaved by a Group calling themselves the Hammer Empire....It was rather rough on her. And these guys? They are un-fucking believable, Had a base under the Empire State Tower of all places. They want you, they will find you. Hence why I'm concerned..." He explained as he wiped the rain from his face with said towel.
"...Just...After I...err...Went to the temple with Rugal...As party!...*Ahem* You didn't see her, did you?...I haven't seen her since."

Tajuh | David

He nodded knowingly. "So, she's the type to draw attention from dangerous groups? I'm sure that she knows enough to stay clear of them, but I've not seen her since before the drop. And if she did run into them, it's a matter of helping her see sense. Go ahead and call it odd, but sometimes to show that you care for someone, you've just got to give them space yet be there for them should they need you."

Tajuh | David

David finally wiped his face off and put his Towel up in his jacket pocket, keen on keeping his piece of history.
"...Ach, I still dunno...I mean this wasn't merely her being forced to kill, this included.....You know..." He explained, a nod and a awkward gesture giving Tajuh the message.
"Just I let her know I would never let that happen to her again and if she is in trouble..."

Tajuh | David

He calmly finished the statement. "Then you go and get her back. It's as simple as that since you care for her the way that you do. Doesn't matter whether she's pinned down in a tight spot or if that empire goes off and tries to make her fight you, does it? Those eyes are ones of a man that makes a goal and accomplishes it, no matter what's in his way." Tajuh was speaking in the tone of someone that had seen this before, and he was stating facts instead of lecturing the man next to him.

Tajuh | David

"...Yeah...Thanks just...I got REALLY lucky last time, like...I had the grim reaper on my side for some reason. I just don't know if I'll get that lucky again next time...." He sighed as he began spinning his M500 on his fingers, showing great skill doing so.
"Hell, even back there, I was more on the back-burner. Hell, that Kid, Melethia? She most likely did more in that fight then me...Now, don't go thinking I'm getting depressed, just I have to work REALLY hard to get shit done around here and half the time it's luck based anyway..."

Mood music for the first section.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Teri's eyes still had that dull and glazed expression, even after Rugal had threatened her life... Again. God knows she was tired of all of this by now. Even the death threat barely fazed her. It was terrifying, certainly, but the feeling wasn't entirely there anymore. Was this what it was like to become a soldier? To stop caring about everything after dealing with it for so long? To repress and squelch anything that threatened your sanity? Well, the repression part she was getting down, it was a matter of not allowing it to affect her... Which was failing miserably.

That was when she heard Slindis speak up, "Teri, we are going to have that training as soon as we get back. It will not be physically tasking, especially after what we went through."

The Cleric looked up from her post beside the cold Preacher, and tilted her head to the side in confusion, her 'voice' getting that hard, almost emotionless edge again, "..? Ah, right. The training. I can't help but ask, Ms. Slindis, what kind of training this will be? As far as I've known, our exercises have been nothing but physical. Even when I was being taught how to concentrate, there was a physical component to that as well. Besides, what about healing? Don't we need to fix up anyone when we land?"

Curled up within herself, the Paladin was painfully aware of how drained her student was by this mission. And, sadly enough, it was only going to get worse.


Angelus froze hearing Jenny's voice in her mind, and summoned up the mask; allowing herself to turn human again. Even if she was nude, the moment in question made such human things irrelevant. That was, of course, until an exasperated AI informed her where to find a temporary set of clothes before allowing her to go her own way. Wandering down the halls aimlessly, Angelus called out via the pact's 'voice', "Jenny?! Can you hear me? Where are you, girl? It's me, Angelus! I'm here to help!"

Panic filled Jenny's mind and body as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, finding herself to be in some steel chamber with traces of ice on the walls and she herself had some frozen moisture on her person.
She shivered both from cold and fear as felt something around her foot.
After a bit of movement, she grabbed it and tore it off, it was a toe-tag.
"j-j-Jenny? DO-a-a-a-A 2013!?" she exclaimed to herself as she recalled the events in New York:

Before the Battle of New York
After sending David and Elena after the Hammer Forces in the Empire state building, Jenny returned back to her clinic to lock up.
When she got there, the door was kicked down and the entire place was ransacked.
Man...Tomoya has REALLY done off the deep end... She sensed a Angel Soldier think.
"Tomoya?...Deep end?...What?" the Gardevoir asked herself, giving away her position.
The last thing she felt was several shots impacting against her chest and blasting out of her back.

"Jenny?! Can you hear me? Where are you, girl? It's me, Angelus! I'm here to help!"
a-a-Angelus?! Is that y-y-you?! I don't k-k-know. I th-th-think I'm in some k-k-kind of freezer. w-w-where are y-you? she sent back, rubbing her arms to try and get warm, the time she spent in the cooler before now catching up on her and threatening to kill her again.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

She kept a somewhat calm face on as she looked at Teri, although having to bury another man didn't sit too well on her. "If I told you what the training was, it would lose its point. and this training is crucial. Now, we worked well enough in there that the patching up can be done by some potions and other remedies. And much like my other rounds of training, this is mandatory."

Melethia looked up at Teri, clearly tired but not wanting to stress out the cleric any more. "Don't worry, Miss Teri. I'll work at helpin' the others out, so ya can just stick with her."

Tajuh | David

Tajuh just shrugged as he began pulling the transport in for the landing. "You're too hard on yourself considering what the rest of this crew can do. Just find your talents and work on them while you find out how to make your own luck. From where I stand, you've got the ability to make yourself known, even if you can't see it yourself. You want to find out how you'll tap into that potential? If so, hold your breath until I say so."

"Look, do you think I'm that stupid? Holding my breath for however long you want me to? I'm not that stupid." The man was clearly skeptical.

"If you want to learn how to be better than who you are right now, you'll do that. Or you could just refuse and never know."

David grumbled as the man looked at him expectantly, then he began holding his breath. Then kept holding ontil he thought he was beginning to get blue with no word from the man. And kept holding his breath until he thought he was going to die unless he got another breath, then he got the wave to breathe and gasped for fresh air.

"Wh-what the hell was that about?! You could've killed me!" David looked at Tajuh like he was a madman and was ready to hit him in the arm with the butt of his gun until Tajuh spoke again.

"You know that feeling for the last ten seconds where you wanted nothing more in existence than to breathe? Until your desire to improve matches that same desire you felt then, you will never reach your full potential." The man had a dead serious tone as he said that, clearly wanting the message to sink in.

Devon | Ella

When he got to the Rising Dawn's Hangar, he propped up the tired Ella as he walked her to a seat. Flying alone wouldn't have worn out the succubus, but it was an entirely different story when one had to carry 80 kilos of weight as well and avoid a massive lightning storm. "Any way I can help you get back on your feet?"

Tajuh | David

"You want to find out how you'll tap into that potential? If so, hold your breath until I say so."
"...Ya wha?" David asked, clear confused by what the hell he was on about.
"....Fuck it, though next time, Wait till I'm drunk, I'll do anything then..." He said as he took a deep breath and held it for as long as Tajuh stated.
It was easy to begin with, but after the first minute, it was really starting to hurt.
He gasped for air when he was allowed to.
""You know that feeling for the last ten seconds where you wanted nothing more in existence than to breathe? Until your desire to improve matches that same desire you felt then, you will never reach your full potential."
"......ohhhhh-kaaayyyy..." He said, clearly not one for the romantic "Follow your Dreams" type advice.

Angelus | Jenny

The dragon paused in confusion. What was Jenny doing in a food receptacle? No, that couldn't be right; they would have noticed her there. Hmn... Freezers for the dead? That was a strange thought indeed... "A freezer? What on earth..? Look, I'll try to home in on you; but I need your help to do so. Your signal is similar to a pact partners, so perhaps..."

Caim | David | Tajuh

Caim silently snickered at David's pathetic attempt to hold his breath, to which the soldier retorted,

"Oh go get some makeup you psychotic mime!"

Caim shook his head in response, and then paused when a message from Angelus entered his mind, "Caim, this is urgent! Ask the crewmates if there is a kind of freezer for the dead and where can I find it on the Rising Dawn!"

If one were to look at the Mute, they would have seen the equivalent of a 404 error on his face. Thus, after putting his thoughts back together, he relayed the question word for word to his comrades, confusion still coloring his expression.

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Teri only nodded quietly to the women's words, "Thanks, Melethia. It's good to know.. Hmn, I wonder what's so mandatory about this training..? I hope we land soon, I don't want to be around when he wakes up..."

It was no guesses as to whom the Cleric was talking about...

Angelus | Jenny

Jenny was now attempting to bust out of her icy coffin, but the cold made it hard to focus enough to use a Psychic attack to break the lock and she lacked the upper body strength to break out.
S-s-sure....just....give me a moment to re-NO! She said as she began to drift off from the cold, snapping herself out of it by slapping herself in the face.
...Okay..Just...Keep talking to me... She said as she tried to undo the lock, resulting the handle of her compartment shaking.

Caim | David | Tajuh
While he was confused by why Caim asked that question, David was able to answer.
"Ahhh, Right. Well, in hospitals and other such places, They have a place called a morgue, Basically, they cut open dead people so they can find out how they died. To stop the bodies from rotting, they put them in freezers. There's one next to the Medical Wing of the ship." He explained as Caim relayed that information to Angelus.
"...So why do you ask?"

Caim | David | Tajuh

Tajuh turned to Caim. "You're referring to the morgue? That's near the main training room." Although it was an odd question, he'd seen far worse ones. After responding to Caim's question, he pulled the transport in and looked David in the eye. "I'll only tell you one more time: until you feel that same passion, that same primal need that you felt earlier, you'll always be holding yourself back and be settling for mediocrity. David, you're better than that. In any case, we're back on the Rising Dawn."

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

The transport pulled up shortly after Tajuh's did and Slindis lifted the body of Preacher, taking care to not damage the body. "Teri, we'll get the body ready for its final rest then begin the training. Melethia, mind checking on the others while Teri and I handle our business?"

Melethia nodded. "Okay, but I'm gonna get some sleep after that..." The day'd been longer on her than almost any other member of the crew, and her tattered tunic clearly showed it.

Caim | David | Tajuh

Caim frowned and shrugged, "I don't know, Angelus said something about it being urgent... I could ask her..."

His mind reached for the dragon's, and dropped the question; to which he heard a hiss, and a hurried "Jenny's in one of them! I don't know exactly what's going on, but she's alive! However, if I don't get to her quickly, she'll be lost again!"

Caim's eyes widened at that prospect, and found himself leaning against a wall, his voice broadcasting to both the dragon and the crew, "What? Jenny? But, I thought-"

"It matters not! If she's alive, then I need to find her!"

Caim nodded at that notion, and charged on ahead through the doors to the rest of the Dawn. "We're on the ship! I'll be right there!"

Angelus | Jenny

Angelus released a held breath before rushing towards the Medical Bay, looking for any signs that said 'Morgue'. Kicking down a door, Angelus could feel the chill run through her as she entered that cold place. Flames licking her hands, she yelled, "Jenny! Where are you? I'm here for you now! Please, say anything!"

Melethia | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

After seeing Caim run off, Teri's brow furrowed in confusion, but wrote it off as nothing new. Caim probably went to find Angelus and check on her; which is what she guessed (and she did know the two well enough to come to that conclusion). With a little wave to Melethia, Teri began to follow after Slindis to the Morgue, a solemn silence being kept between the two as they wandered to the place where the dead were prepared...

"I'M IN H-H-HERE!" She shouted as she banged on the door of her compartment, failing to realize the door was thicker then it let itself onto be.
In a last ditch effort to mark her location, she started using Telekinesis to shake the handle on her compartment, allowing Angelus to find her.
Soon the door opened and the Dragoness slid out the tray she was laid out on earlier.
The second she was free she instantly sat up and took deep breaths of the much warmer air outside the cooler, the breaths leaving her mouth being clearly visible.
She had some frostnip on her skin and she was ice cold to the touch, but aside from that she was very much alive, despite the events in New York.
"T-t-t-t-thank you..." She said as she tried to harm herself up.

David was about to answer Tajuh when he heard Caim talk about Jenny before running off.
Mmm...Morgue Freezers..Jenny...
"OH JAYSUS!" He shouted to himself, she could have been alive the whole time!!!
Thus he took off after Caim and soon the pair of them reached the morgue past the busted down door.
They both entered to the sight of Angelus helping her to warm up.
"OOOHHHH SHHHIT! I am so SOOOOOOOOO Sorry, I don't know how you guys react to death, just...oh man, I fucked up big time!" He panicked, fearing that this was all his fault.


Slindis made her way to the morgue with Teri, Melethia, and the body when she saw David and Caim sprinting there. "Watch it, I'm trying to carry Preacher to get him cleaned up before we send him off!" The door to the morgue was opened and the scene there was more than a bit awkward as Slindis put the body on one of the preparation tables next to jenny, and the dead man's outfit was charred from the lightning strikes.

"Um, miss, what are you?" Melethia looked at Jenny in curiosity, trying to make it a bit less awkward. Whatever the thing was, it was about her height. Maybe it was around her age too? She stifled a yawn as she tried to perform a checkup on the thing. Jenny could see that the girl'd had a hectic day from her torn-up tunic revealing the chain shirt underneath with two clear holes and multiple indented areas from bullets the shirt had deflected.


Teri gave a little wave to her comrades, and followed after Slindis, sorrow still filling her despite the miraculous return of Jenny. A death and a rebirth in one day? Surely this couldn't just be coincidence...

Disregarding such thoughts, Teri busied her mind in her with the preperation of the Preacher's body. Angelus, realizing what had happened, ushered the re-birthing party away from the two Healers. Even she knew that the dead deserved their due.

"Come on, let's get to the Canteen. I'm certain all of us will want something to eat or drink after this long day..."

AI: Dimitri | Vermilion

The flirtatious atmosphere between the two AIs was broken when David had called in the Shuttles and news of the Preacher's death rolled in. Thus, the duo set to work making sure the Airship ran smoothly as all the Users arrived. Naturally, Dimitri was on the lookout for his Madam in particular; as he had not seen nor heard of her in some time... However, when he saw the vital signs appear on screen for the Cleric (which included Mental scans) his delicate brows creased, "... What on earth happened down there? Ms. Vermilion; take a look here. I don't think these are normal..."

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