The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Slindis

Rugal was most impressed with Slindis's one handed Hadokens, giving her a small clap for picking up such a high level.
"If you wish. I know I was getting ahead of myself but I just wanted to make sure you leave where with at least basic fireballs down before something mad happened, I mean, you have to admit, never a dull moment around here..." He said, there was truth to those words as less then half an hour ago she was inside Teri's mind with Satan fighting her inner fears.

"Right, now from what I gather, You have more then enough experience with Fighting, just not without weapons so first we need to break your bad habits, your moving as if you were wearing armour, your awkward punching, etc.
Seeing how it worked so well with your student, We are going to go all out but rest assured, I'm not about to lock you in a dark room and shoot arrows at you. Just some simple sparring." He explained, referring back to one of Slin's sessions with Teri.

He got into a very loose stance, strafing around the drow as he did.
"Rules are simple: Land a hit on me. Punch incorrectly, fail to use your new mobility, retain your old armor based motions, I'll merely tap you on the head."
"Tap me on the head?"
"Yes, Tap, it's what masters do to avoid giving their students a concussion. Unless you want me to strike with full force...Right, Lets begin..."
Thus Rugal started to dodge every attempt for Slin to land a hit.

Devon, Ella, Caim

Caim stared at the bard for a moment, taking in all that information very quietly, and then sheathed his blade. From what he could tell, Devon had not lied to him at all (and Caim felt he had some proficiency at reading people) His face a picture of bewilderment, Caim just pointed at Devon and said, "Let me know if you figure anything else out... Angelus, I'll be in a training room."

And in an extremely uncharacteristic manner, Caim left the room looking deflated, his walk slow and disjointed, similar to a puppet cut from the strings. The wind of the victory taken from his sails and leaving him to the cold reality of what he learned from an Author. His sister was alive, human and in the 'care' of Inuart. But where would Inuart find the means to revive her? How was she not a raving demon?! Could he find her..? For once in Caim's life, the warrior felt very lost and confused about where to go next. On one hand, he had to work with this group to defeat Tomoya; after all, murderous angel equaled a dead world; which would not be conducive to his goals, but on the other hand, he didn't like the thought of his sister being in the clutches of Inuart either...

As he wandered to a training room; passing the one with several persons (Rugal, Slindis and Melethia) sparring, Caim didn't even touch the console controlling what was to come. Instead, he merely stood in the room; looking at the blank walls desperately for some sign of where to go next or what to do...


Furiae stirred in her bed, images of blood, visceral tearing, and death flooding her mind before she awoke with a start; a small cry escaping her. To her right, she could see that Inuart awoke as well, having fallen asleep at his vigil for her. Looking around the place in confusion, Furiae felt so many questions flood her mind as she took in her surroundings, for starters, where was she? Why was she even alive? Aside from the aforementioned images in her mind, the last thing she remembered was... Well, her death. She remembered the pain of the dagger in her breast, the shame of her mind being torn apart by a child priestess and laid bare before her brother, and the guilt of knowing what her death would do to the world. She had fulfilled her selfish desires of casting off the Goddess mantle, and had cast the world into fire as a result; didn't she? If that was the case, then why was everything still pristine and clean? Looking to Inuart slowly, Furiae was about to vocalize a question, to which Inuart held up a hand, "Before you ask, perhaps I should explain how we got here?"

The woman nodded quietly, and Inuart took a great length time to tell his story (especially when Furiae had so many questions about the different things in this world), beginning with his death at her hands, how he had eventually ended up in this realm, his working for several different factions to bring her back; how he had toiled and agonized for her sake; how he eventually ended up here, and the events of her second resurrection.

The girl took this all in quietly; and thanks to Inuart's pacing, was able to process it at a reasonable rate, but found herself still a bit lost about this world. Furthermore, Inuart left out a very important detail, that being her brother's location, which she decided not to ask at that moment; given that Inuart had literally just fought off a powerful man in order for her to be revived properly. However, this brought into question about 'that form'. Just how much damage had she wrecked in that room? Why couldn't she remember anything about it? Before she could vocalize this, there was a sound of a door opening, and someone began to walk in the room towards the two.

Rugal, Slindis

As she began fighting, Rugal quickly tapped her on the head three times due to her constantly slipping into her old habits. You can do this. You just have to find what works. The taps continued as Rugal kept picking apart the numerous ways that she was fighting wrong. She was clearly getting frustrated with how much she was getting wrong, but Rugal could feel the paladin's ki slowly trickling through her body as her movements got closer to the ones needed for an actual fight.

Slowly but surely, she was becoming more agile in her attacks as Rugal felt Slindis' Ki awakening towards one of the stances.

Rugal, Slindis
While she got off to a terrible start, Rugal did notice some improvement as time went on.
"Yes, yes, now you are learning!" He exclaimed as her attacks grew in number and speed, possibly due to her moving towards her Wind Stance.
Still, he was only going to let her hit when he wanted her to.
"Come on, keep Focused and you might hit me some time next week!" He taunted, glad that on top of everything else, she was keeping a cool head despite how frustrating this exercise might be.

Bison was the First Person to enter followed by a Viscus Armour, now moving far slower and jerkier since he was "down-graded".
"Viscus Drone: Guard" he ordered as the armour stood still at the end of the bed, red eyes glaring at Furiae with enough anger to even make it's lifeless face seem emotional.
"Well...Inuart, was it worth it?..." He asked, glancing at the scared woman, clearly still not keen on letting something like that in the bunker.
"Look, we can talk ab-"
"No, we talk, you listen. we lost 12 men in there because of her and your clearly disobeyed a direct order from yours truly, something that tends to set people back in their careers...And lives..."
[STATEMENT: YOU ARE BOTH PROHIBITED FROM LEAVING THE BUNKER UNTIL CEO LORD BERNSTEIN ARRIVES] the Viscus Drone said, clearly merely a shadow of his former self.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Med Bay
Time: Midday

Blackharte | Kurumu | Kyre | Armageddon

BlackHarte seemed to twitch with annoyance, but his body held itself as rigid as steel. His hands would not move from his master, not even to help Kurumu, who had inconveniently passed out. That was a task that would fall under the jurisdiction of another. The technomorph gave a nod to Armageddon.

In a burst of flame and soot, the warhorse had transfigured himself into human form, long fiery hair and dark armor on deathly pale skin. He was a gaunt fellow, almost reaper-like in his appearance. Armageddon walked over to Kurumu's body and hoisted her up on one arm before walking over to an empty cot and placing her atop it.

"Things are going to shit around here aren't they?" Armageddon mused.

Blackharte replied gruffly as he finished cleaning Kyre's system of the foreign substances, "Things could be better, yes. However, I think I can start to 'fix' the young master."

Armageddon laughed skeptically, "'Fix' indeed my friend. What is it that you plan to do? Feed everyone to her so that there aren't any more troubles to be had?"

"Nothing so drastic, I just think I might know what's wrong with her. But there's a lot of magic in her system. It should be a while before she comes to. And thank whichever lord presides over this plane for that." BlackHarte picked up Kyre and carried her over to Kurumu's cot before laying the Anti-Mage's small frame next to the Succubus.

"Perhaps she will be happy with this arrangement. Never the less," BlackHarte turned to leave and motioned Armageddon to follow him, "we have to talk with Red Mage."

Rugal, Slindis
Slindis noted the taunts during the training, remembering that the point of it was to make her lose her temper and slip up - much like she just did when Rugal tapped her a few times to indicate that she'd messed up yet again. However, she persevered, and the taps from Rugal were more showing her the weakness in solely being focused on agility.

In return, she decided to take a more aggressive approach to force some openings as the taps rained down again, but the taps at this point were more for correcting minor issues and partly to pester her as the Wind Stance started shifting over to a more overwhelming attack. Of course, it was still simple for him to sidestep the attacks, but he saw that mother and adopted daughter shared the same drive to improve in them.

Caim, Melethia

Melethia was walking past the training rooms after her long round with Rugal when she saw the morose Caim in in one of the training rooms standing there and looking lost and walked in there. "Hmm, aren't ya that guy that's with Redscale all the time? Why are ya lookin' so down?" The young elf looked up at the man, trying to find out what bothered him. Maybe it was because his armor hadn't been taken care of in so long. After all, who would let their armor get so nicked up and banged around like that?

Rugal, Slindis

"See! Now you are beginning to understand!" Rugal exclaimed as he saw a MASSIVE improvement in her fighting skills as the training went on.
Her punches were far more quick, beneficent and powerful, Her overall speed and mobility had increased, He could feel the Ki inside growing in both quantity and quality.
"Alright now, time to finish this, come on, really try to hit me for once." He said as he kept this dodging game up as Slindis tried for a hit.

The Drow managed to close a lot of distance between herself and Rugal, managed to avoid any taps for wrongful techniques or other mistakes, but the main problem of out fighting the King of Fighters still remained.
Even when he didn't dodge, he was still able to parry her attacks and evade them.

Caim, Melethia

"Hmm, aren't ya that guy that's with Redscale all the time? Why are ya lookin' so down?"

Caim turned to see the small elf child before him, not even bothering to put on his trademark scowl this time around. It would have been disconcerting, had Melethia known Caim better. Instead, the frown that crossed his face was one of confusion, and the warrior 'spoke', "Redscale..? Oh, you mean Angelus. Yeah, I am. Look, were you going to use this room? I'll just get going then. I'm not really using it."

Sidestepping around Melethia, Caim moved to leave.


Inuart gritted his teeth, and stood very calmly from his seat, "You knew my intentions from the start, Bison. I said I would do anything for her life. You threatened that, and so I attacked. If anything, I have done nothing but fulfill my end of the deal. I've done your work, and I'll keep working to get rid of this debt."

Taking a look at his frightened love, Inuart softened his tone in an attempt to reason with Bison, "Fine, we won't leave the Bunker... Just.. Does that thing have to be right there? It's scaring her."

Furiae watched all of this in horror, and looked to the large man with the armored (?) creature. An imposing figure, and one Furiae felt... Enmity(?) towards, but couldn't quite place. Something about him seemed familiar, and it made her stomach clench. But, he certainly seemed to think that she had done something wrong. Inuart had mentioned that her 'alternate form' had wreaked havoc in the resurrection chamber, but he didn't go into the specifics of it, so, she decided to ask, "Excuse me... What exactly did I do? I can't remember anything about that... 'Event'... Except for being angry about something, I think. You say I've killed 12, but I don't remember a thing! What is going on?!"

Rugal, Slindis

It was clear that her aggressive approach wasn't going to help, so she decided to switch to a more passive and fluid approach. The punches and kicks she threw out at this point seemed to be parrying his parries until she lashed out with a flowing strike immediately after one of his parries, hopefully getting through the guard. Rugal's Feng Shui engine quickly notified him that the next punch was backed by Ki and noted that it would be frigid.

Slindis uses 5 Ki to use Flowing Water Strike with a roll of 17. If it connects, it's dealing 15 points of damage after Rugal's DR 3/- is taken into account, and 9 points of cold damage.

Caim, Melethia

As the man moved to leave, she rolled her eyes then pulled at his arm. "Look, it would really help if ya could help me. So what do ya say? I'll patch up that armor of yours if you do~" Melethia's eyes ran over the breastplate covering the man, taking note of its dinged up condition. Maybe if she could touch it up, he'd have a bit more energy.

Caim, Melethia

Caim looked over his armor, his breastplate scratched from blocking many strikes, his armguard having seen better days... With a sigh, he began tugging at the straps holding the arm-guard in place. As he did so, he asked, "You wouldn't happen to have a whetstone and a cloth, would you? I left my stuff in my room. I have some weapons to attend to while you fix up the armor..."

Upon removing the arm-guard, Caim went to the breastplate, removing it with quick efficiency. From Melethia could see, he was very much used to even sleeping in the thing, if the grooves in the lining were anything to say about it. After taking a cloth from the girl, Caim began polishing the family blade with the borrowed materials. Another funny thing Melethia noticed, that despite the initial brusque nature of the warrior, the way he began to clean and care for the blade was on par of artists pouring over their work. It was a strange dichotomy to his uncaring in slaughter.

As he did so, a question sprung from the PDA: "So, you said you needed my help? What's the issue, kid?"

Caim, Melethia

While she pulled out the needed equipment for the maintenance, she absentmindedly chatted with the man. "Well, I just learned something and I was gonna see if I could get some actual practice of it so I could see how to use it in combat or other stuff." A few tests with her various metals told her that the metal was a fairly durable alloy, and the armor was crafted by an experienced blacksmith.

Melethia began pulling out the pieces of metal for the repairs and heated the repair areas as well as the metals for the patches with a small wand. "I pulled out the extras for ya, but it's really nice to see someone that actually wants to take care of their stuff. The armor's the odd one out there, but bein' around someone that makes sure their stuff's in top shape is a really good shift. As I always say, treating your stuff good will treat you good later on."

Come to think of it, Caim had never really seen the girl's blades at all. It was clear to anyone that the girl kept her items in top shape from the way she talked despite the condition of her chainmail at the moment, and the fact that it had gotten such a young child through that fight meant that it had been kept in excellent shape.

Caim, Melethia

Caim chuckled, "Your right, I don't look after that poor thing enough. I suppose it's because it's like my skin now. You don't really think about your skin until it's hit. But by now, I was so used to little scratches on it, I had almost given up polishing it..."

His eyes wandered to the blades, and Caim nodded appreciatively at their condition; "It's good to see you take your advice too, kid. And thanks for the repair. Gods know I don't take good enough care of it... As for my weapons..."

He lifted up his family blade to the light, checking his handiwork and then sheathed it. Following that, Melethia saw a wheel of sorts floating behind the warrior, it turned a few notches and another weapon sprung into his hand from it, this time the glistening red blade from the battle with the Angels. Thus, he began to clean the blood caked on this blade. As he did so, he spoke again, "So, learn something new eh? What exactly is it? My strengths lie in my variety of weaponry, proficiency with each, and how to use the magic locked within them. Otherwise, I make a decent sparring partner."

A cocky smirk appeared after those words, the man finally seeming distracted from his troubles, at least for a moment.

Caim, Melethia

She continued the work on the armor. "Well, if you don't keep up on it, those little scratches become big ones. It's how I look at it, and if ya want, ya can see some of my weapons. Made 'em all myself! The only thing I've gotta find out is how I can use that Sonic Boom thing with my blades, because it'd be really neat!" While she said that, she pulled out a few blades from her pack so Caim could see them.

After pulling them out, she continued her work on hte armor, making sure to reinforce the areas with particularly bad damage.

Caim, Melethia

Caim gave an impressed nod as he inspected the weapons, surprised that a girl this young could pick up an art as delicate as blacksmithing. Going out to the console, Caim set up a few dummies in the room and went to test each one on them. To his pleasent surprise, he even found that the weapons in question had enchantments on them, albiet, a bit more passive than what he was used to.

After returning the weapons to Melethia, Caim pulled a different weapon out of the wheel, this one a glowing green blade (Slaughterism). Returning to the manikin, he began to slash at it, the PDA speaking as he did so, "I dunno bout this Sonic Boom thing of yours, but if it acts like the magic I'm used to it'll be... Something. Like. THIS!"

After landing one last hit on the Manikin, Caim kicked his 'opponent' to the ground and raised the blade up high, bolts of blue lighting coming down hard on the groups of manikins.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal rolled 4, This gonna hurt...

That's it, That's it... Rugal thought as he parried her attacks, between herself and her daughter, He'd hit upon two great students.
That was when Slindis began to counter-act his parries, using punches and kicks that were safe on block, making his defense harder to pull off.
By the time his Feng Shui Engine picked up the incoming attack, it was too late.

"OOOF!" He grunted as Slindis flat out socked him on the nose, though it was more due to the cold damage rather then the actual punch that affected him, Frostnip instantly appearing on his face upon impact.
He reeled back a little, The Drow fearing she had hurt him (Which she did).
Before he went over to help, he motioned for her to stay put and gave a small laugh.
"...From now on...THAT'S HOW YOU LEFT STRAIGHT!" He chuckled as rubbed his nose, feeling the cold effect on his face.
"Amazing, I didn't even get to show you how to use Water based Ki. Clearly, I was right when I sensed your power. Much like your daughter, you'll go far as a Fighter!" He stated as he offered to shake her hand.

Rugal, Slindis

She shook Rugal's hand, and when she did so, she wondered what the next facet of the training would be. She'd picked up a lot from the training, but she could pick up more. "Need some help with your nose?" Slindis began to use some of her magic to cast a Cure Moderate Wounds on Rugal's nose. Now that the fighting had stopped, the Feng Shui engine could pick up a few other cores of Ki besides the elemental ones, but they were mainly for redirection.

Perhaps it was because of how she'd been raised, but she had picked up a lot fairly quickly.

Rugal, Slindis

"If you wish..." Rugal said as Slin used some light magic on his minor frostburn.
"I like to consider myself the perfect student, able to pick up on nearly any aspect of any skill near instantaneously, but you're progressed much faster then I could have ever have anticipated!" He said, clearly impressed with the level of skill she processed.
"Take 5, grab a drink, catch your breath and we'll move onto Evasion."

After 5 minutes, Slin returned to the center of the room with her teacher.
"Now then...During Battle, it's important to be able to take a hit as well as you can give it. However, given what I saw of you during your Offense training, I believe it'd be more in your interests to focus on Evasion, least for the time being. That and I find that Durability Training takes a long time to gain any clear benefit and this is a time of war in which we might be attacked at any moment. So in order to do this..." He said as he used his PDA to set a time limit up on the Training Room Scoreboard: 10 minutes were added.

"...We are going to spar again. This time, I'll be on the offensive and your task is to merely be standing when the timer runs out. As you've seen for yourself, I pride myself on my skill and power in combat, but rest assured, I will not kill you." He said as he put his PDA out of the way and cracked his neck.

"...But not though lack of trying...Prepare yourself!"
Thus the timer started counting down.

Before the first second had passed, Rugal was racing towards his student with a powerful palm strike, he was clearly not going to make this easy for up and coming Monk.

[quote="bluecrimson" post="540.101127.16425229"]

Rugal, Slindis

Slindis sidestepped the attack and rolled to to the side, getting a good bit of distance as she eyed the man up to see how he'd be attacking. Panicking wouldn't help, and this would probably be a fair turnabout. Rugal's Feng Shui engine quickly pointed out the shift that Slindis had made to the water Ki, and it would probably give her an edge.

Slindis is shifting to Monk Stance: Adept of Rain: The eternal ocean focuses on redirection and the supernatural. Ocean Stance grants +2 Wisdom, +2% dodge, and +3 to all Saving Throws at a cost of -2 Strength.

Rugal, Slindis

After seeing her dodge his first attack, he instantly dashed towards Slindis and began to swing massive heavyweight hooks and jabs, showing off his ability to switch between two completely different styles of fighting (Karate and Boxing) on the fly.
Her stance ensured she avoided them with ease, but clearly allowing him to get this close was not a good idea.
This fact was proven as he went into a fast hurricane kick capable of hitting several times.

Rugal, Slindis

She rolled out of the way of the attack a moment too late - the Tatsumaki landed a good portion of the hits on her, hurting her but not taking her out of the fight. Okay, I've got to focus here. Versatile, able to pick away at the defenses, but there's going to be a way to outlast this or wear him out. For all that she had to unlearn for this training, there was still a good bit that she could keep. The main thing was that steadfast determination she had acquired through her time.

The main thing here for her was to watch his movements, to see if there were some things that she could pick up for herself. At the very least, the basics of what Rugal did would help her in a fight.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 9:30

After getting a good few hits out his spin kick, Rugal then proceeded to keep his offense up and more importantly staying within striking range.
He wasn't enjoying this as he would say, beating up Tomoya or even Dillon, but experience is a masterful teacher and by god Slindis would learn.
Once he was in range he went for a powerful Anti-Air style attack, but he held off using his trademark Genocide Cutter for reasons relating to lethality and went for a less powerful somersault kick instead.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 9:00

Slindis was beginning to get more comfortable with the movement patterns and slid under the attack, recovering quickly enough to stop a punishing retaliation from the King of Fighters. It wasn't simple, by any means, but she was quickly picking up the details here. After all, it was better to be able to use whatever means she had available for her defense. The versatility in Rugal's moves was also something she could pick up on as well - not the exact moves, but the whole principle of keeping their foes guessing until you could set them up for whatever you wanted to do. It wasn't simple, but the execution was fairly ingenious.

And I still have a good amount of time to be facing this man. Just keep an eye out and see what I can learn, and try to stop a foot from being lodged down my throat in the process. Great. She threw a low sweeping kick out to show Rugal she'd not be easilt beaten and also pick up on what one would do to counter it.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 8:30

During his flip kick, Rugal watched as Slindis slid under his attack, avoiding it cleanly and getting a perfect counter attack position as a result.
Clever Girl... He thought as he landed and the Drow went for a leg sweep.
But it wasn't that simple.

As he landed, he instinctively crouched and got into position to catch the leg sweep. (Pic on left)
"Nice try!"
Slin felt her leg get grabbed before a fist buried itself in her gut with extreme force, sending her back several feet from the force of it alone.
"BUT IT'S NO USE!" He shouted before sending a "Reppu-Ken!" racing across the ground her way while she recovered.

DC5 to dodge, Slindis is out of Striking Range

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 8:00

Slindis rolled a 6 with the Water Stance modifier.

She was barely clipped on her feet as she instinctively rolled out of the way of the blast. Maybe if I did that... Yeah, it could be a plan. Slindis sprung back up to her feet, brushing her left arm with a touch and causing a fog to cover the center of the room before brushing it again to send a Hadoken at the man. It was mainly to get the man off guard for a moment and see the effects the Hadoken had on the fog, but seeing how it was countered would also be a huge benefit.

Slindis fired a Hadoken with 10 Ki, leaving her at 26 Ki.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 7:30

Rugal watched as Slindis rolled out of the projectiles path, smirking with her ability to keep going after a blow like that.
What he didn't expect though was for her to use her Dragonmark to bring up a blinding fog, though he had to admit, it was a smart move.
"Ah! Extremely good move. Don't go pushing your luck though, proceed with Extreme caution." He warned as he saw the glow of the incoming fireball race towards him.
Not bad at all... He thought as he brought up his Dark Barrier.
The Hadoken hit the Barrier and was sent back towards the Drow as he attempted to follow it's path to get her location.

DC5 to dodge, Fog: -2 on all future Rugal Attack DCs while he's within it's AOE, Slindis is still out of Striking Range

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 7:00

Slindis jumped and did a heel slam on the ground by one edge of the fog, then sprung into a much quieter roll to the left of the impact while staying outside of the fog. From the sound of it, that blast earlier didn't do much to him, but if I could catch him off guard, it would open up a decent amount. Most anyone would call this training unorthodox, but a trial by fire was the best way for Slindis to learn.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 6:30

Rugal was easily able to see though Slindis's distraction, she was much too quick on her feet to make that much noise during movement, though props for creativity.
Thus he ignored the sound and proceeded to walk in the opposite direction until he was out of the Fog.

DCs back to normal

Once he was out, he began looking for his target, making sure to check his rear in case she was following him.
Finding nothing, he proceeded to edge around the Fog until he had regained sight of the Drow.
Gotcha... He thought as he shoulder charged at the Drow with great speed.

DC10 to Dodge, Slindis is not in Striking Range

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 6:00

She heard the attack coming from her side and tried to get out of the way of it but was too late: Rugal rammed her into the wall. "Gah~! It was clear that if she was going to try that again, she'd have to change it up. Even in hre pinned state, she threw a knee at the man's gut to try to free herself up.

Slindis is throwing out a knee to the gut! DC7 to ignore the attack.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 5:30

The knee did little against steel toned abs which had survived MUCH worse.
Getting a hand around Slindis's neck, Rugal held her both off the ground and into the wall.
"Shoulda aimed lower." He snarked before brutally showing her how to knee someone in the gut, several times in fact.
Had Slindis not been in the way, He could have dented the wall.
"Come on! If you can't win in a fist fight, what will you do to those who have swords and guns!?"
Once his demonstration was over, he flung the Drow across the room in the opposite direction before leaping up in the air for a large knee drop into her spine while she was down.

DC10 to Dodge, yadda yadda yadda

Caim, Melethia
Slindis held the longswords in both hands while she did the motions for the Sonic Boom, but it didn't get her much more than an odd look from Caim and a bit more of a workout. Perhaps the blades threw off the balance slightly, but she was intent on doing it until she got it right. The girl was darn persistent if nothing else. It would take a bit more than persistence to get this right, though.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 5:00

The combination was brutally efficient, and the knee drop didn't help things much. However, she was able to roll the man off and focused again as she tried to focus in on how she could turn this around. Okay, that hurt, but it doesn't mean you're out of this. It was clear that the attack had hurt her, but she began to focus until she started to draw the shadows of the room around her, cloaking her body as she focused getting a bit of space.

Slindis used 15 Ki to use Shadow Fade, adding a +5 bonus to evasion checks for the next minute of the fight. Ki left: 5.

Kalastryn teleports back onto the rising dawn after having a very... very long talk with the FEAR cleric that had helped them before. The cleric could not come with them as a construct from the stone, and began to fade away due to the lack of the stone to keep her... well you couldn't quite say "alive" but... in existence. She lands on the deck, from a much safer distance this time... a white ring in her palm, adorned with a strange symbol she couldn't recognize.

She tries to slip the ring on, and it sizzles for a moment. She had of course been told it would only be easily wielded by someone with a pure heart. The ring stopped it's protest after half a minute or so, once it had found Kala to be quite a pure heart and soul, despite the chains she bears on both. "well, she said it would serve as a good weapon, but I wonder what it does?" she asked to herself as she went into an empty training room to test exactly that.

She input in the computer just a few, rather easy targets... the computer screen came up with "Inadequate challenge detected"... but after the last time it said that, she wasn't going to let that happen, so she disabled that feature for a while. She focused rather intently on a sort of dual wielded Gatling gun, and after a few minutes there was a white, almost see through version of it in her hands, with the ammo pack on her back.

As it was actually an extension of her will, it was weightless and she began firing on the dummies, realizing after a few minutes that when they actually got hit it looked downright painful were it on a living target... but that was a rare case with it's accuracy. She then clapped the two guns together and the ammo pack shifted and built itself into a stationary manned turret with shielding in the front, and firing that way made it a lot easier to aim.

It was around that time Rugal and Slindis started their 10 minute showdown in a separate room. Kalastryn thought it best not to interrupt, and went off to the canteen to see if she could find anyone there.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 4:30

Much to his disappointment, Rugal managed to land his knee drop into Slindis's spine.
...Come on, you're tougher then that... His inner dialog said as he thought of a way to urge her on.
"5 Minutes....Not bad for a first time..." He taunted before the Drow managed to roll him off her and get back into the fight.
"Thatta Girl..." He let slip before he went in for another attack, opting for a flat out massive straight.

Before the move connected however, Slindis used Shadow Fade and became for the most part invisible.
"What the?....New trick, Slin!? Not bad, not bad at all..." He said as he began to scan the room for her presence, his fist glowing slightly as he checked for any sign of her existence.
She recognised this as the move he used back in the Temple, the "Power Wave", a simple ground based projectile much like the Reppu-Ken.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 4:00

She saw the power wave come out and easily sidestepped the blast before casting a few light healing spells to regain some stamina and faded back into view to Rugal's left in a bit better condition as she observed the man's attacks. Even though Rugal had gotten in some massive attacks, she just saw this as a way to learn more about the various ways to fight and her eyes showed that she wasn't going to stop just yet. If she did give in before the match was over, it would be incredibly disrespectful to the man that was giving her the best training she'd ever gotten.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Midday | January 2nd

Airship Rising Dawn - The Canteen

Devon | Ella

He went and ate some more of the ribs before answering. "Well, I dunno exactly what it was, all I know is that it related to Caim, that Furiae chick's related and possibly has the worst screech I've ever heard, and that redheaded dude looks like a total fucking tool. Still, is the food working for you or did you want something different?" It seemed that Devon had recovered, although the mood of the dinner was likely ruined.

"Heh, want to take the meal somewhere else so I can stop embarrassing the both of us?" He laughed more at himself botching the situation and hoped that he hadn't made a complete ass of himself.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 3:30

Once Slin was back in view, Rugal quickly capitalized on this and locked on his next attack.
"Not Bad! But a lot can happen in 3 minutes!" He shouted, thankful she weathered that beating.
Back to the fight, Rugal brought his fist down into the ground under him, going to cause a small blast around Slindis's feet.
Once that attack was done, he jumped over and went for a large fiery kick.

Two Rolls: DC 5 to dodge Seismic Hammer, DC10 to dodge Burning Kick


Bison glared at the pair of them, when he had offered to revive Furiae, this was not while what he had in mind.
"Humf! That was before you..."Parter" Here was kind enough to preform some layoffs...
The Viscus Drone Stays, I'm not taking any chances..."
He bluntly answered as he pulled out his PDA.
"As for you Ms. Fury-eh (Mis-pronounced), This should answer your question..." He said before handing it over to her.
It was the CCTV from the experiment.
(Let you decide how damning it'll be)

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