The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Med Bay
| Caim | Devon

Caim gave a small nod to Devon, and patted his blade, "I'll keep an eye out on Jenny. Be careful out there, bard."

And with that, Caim's eyes glazed over as he began to puruse the Armory for light based or real damage dealing weapons....

Yup, Weapon repost coming!

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Garm | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

Teri rolls two 6s in an attempt to attack Slindis! Oh dear....

Teri nodded, and attempted another attack on her teacher, the first being a sweep at her legs; which was blocked via Slindis simply stepping out of the way. The Cleric gritted her teeth as she brought in the staff for a thrust, but found herself knocked away again. Clearly, with each successive failure, the Cleric found herself getting more and more frustrated...

"I don't understand?! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?"

Ah, learning how to use a weapon is a bit different than magic, sweetie! But then the beast appeared! Teri didn't have time to react to the tendrils pushing her against the wall, Sadei falling from her hands with a clatter as she gasped from the impact against the wall. When she realized what was going on, the Cleric panicked, and began struggling against her bonds with a desperate fervor; being reminded all to clearly of being bound to a chair... Her thoughts segued into a sequence of panic and desperation, as she wanted to be out as soon as possible; and wanted to be away from the horrible memories resurfacing.

"Found a sewer system that links up to these tunnels I can get out of here! So I win either way. Yay Me!"

"Ain't nothing going to stop me. Remember that."

"Fingers or toes?"

Thrashing even more, now that Bruiser's voice began to resurface from her mind, the Cleric was silently crying out in a desperate attempt for aid, her useless voice box letting nothing escape her throat as her mind screamed,



An orb of fire materialized around the Cleric, burning the tendrils away from her and dropping the Teri to the floor. Unknowingly, she had activated one of the spells of the amulet Lucifer gave her. Were she in a clearer state of mind, she might have noticed this, but all the girl could do was curl in a fetal position after she was freed; still shaking in terror of that terrible day...

Airship Rising Dawn - Main Corridor
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Rugal | Ton Ton

Ton Ton's head shot up, and he began dashing off in a direction, "IT'S BACK! PREPARE YOURSELVES!"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening

Airship Rising Dawn - Med Bay
| Caim | Devon

Devon nodded. "So, in case I run into that thing, it's made of Shadow? Good thing I've got some spells that create light!" He pulled out the shortsword from the Hammerspace and examined it, wondering how useful it would be.

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Garm | Lupito | Slindis | Teri

As soon as her student was taken, Slindis eyed up the creature. Judging from how it had gotten in, it was either an undead or a shade.

Either one would be hurting from a small Divine Sacrifice directed its way, and she lashed out at the creature with the strikes, focusing on getting a good hit in where she could.

Slindis used Divine Sacrifice! By giving up a small bit of HP and SP, she Deals an extra 7d6 Light damage with her strikes. Since she got the Two Weapon Fighting to connect, she got to hit the creature twice with the attack, dealing a total of 54 Light Damage.


Dani was amazed that Wesker was actually taking her advice or, whatever it was that she gave him. "No... i don't have any objections. But you're actually quitting? I amazed and impressed, happy for you actually." she said following him around. Making sure they were out of earshot from any room in the hallways, she spoke again. "If you do actually quit and get back to a stronger you, you could run this place 20 times better than bison ever could. I'm serious about that too." She said, placing a supportive hand on Wesker's shoulder.


Wesker didn't answer, guess he wouldn't want to bring it up while he was still recovering, he'd only been off for about 20 minutes at this point.
Thus, he led Dani to the main Storage Area of AIM, where orders for Guns and Tech was loaded into Drop Pods and was sent out to those who paid for it.
Grabbing a rail in a attempt to hide his shakes, he said "O-okay, this where most of the job is to oversee them, p-promote them if needed and generally keep them in l-line...As you can imagine, t-this is a very secure location. O-one word of this to the o-outside and w-we'd be ruined..." He said before taking out his flask again.
"....Can you just-yeah..." He stammered before giving it to her, unable to trust himself.
"...To hell with this! Let's get to labs, I need something, Anything!" he said in a desprate tone before heading off towards the labs.

The creature reeled backwards from the shot, screaming. Everyone present had to cover their ears, the wail was so high pitched and desperate.
The operative was vulnerable. To top it off, Slindis hit him with a light attack, burning at him. More screaming.
He got up, blood now dripping from him, black and hot, and made for the door, firing off a few rounds from a previously unused sidearm. The bullets mainly whizzed past, but did the job of allowing the beast to crawl out into the corridors. It was getting harder to walk now and it was losing a lot of blood. It had to escape, regenerate its shield, or even spread to another host, get some blood in the shadow knight, maybe the drow. All it knew was that now, it was vulnerable.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Gabrielle | Lucifer | Slindis | Teri

"Fool... you've messed with the wrong Cleric." The Devil said as he unsheathed his sword from a pocket of daemonic space, the blade blackened by the blood of the Angels he slew during his rebellion. However, he did not move, his goal being to protect his beloved Teri.

Teri attempts to make a Will Save! DC 15 to pull herself out her episode! She rolls an 8... Oh dear.

Teri's eyes stared at the floor, and she continued to shake as she felt herself falling further into her episode, the images of that day filled her mind.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Garm | Lupito | Ton Ton

The little hunting party continued their advance, and found themselves in front of a training room with two desperate looking dire wolves scratching at the doors. Angelus hit the button that allowed the door to open, and the wolves charged in, desperate to get their jaws on the beast attacking their masters. Ton Ton followed after them, Lantern glowing bright as he called out, "Your time is nigh, Daemon! Feel the steel of my Knife!"

And with that, the little Daemon-hunter charged at the beast, Knife glimmering in the lantern's blue light.

Dani looked down at the flask in her hand, just before crushing it and letting all of its contents spill onto the floor. Then she turned to follow wesker. "Wesker, wait up!" She called out catching up to him. "This is only going to go uphill from here. Things are going to get worse and worse until you get to the third day. It is that third day hump that you need to get over, then you should be fine. Need be, we can throw you into a room with an xbox, a computer, large TV and all of the non alcoholic snacks and just have you wait it out in there." She said walking with him.
"No matter what you've done in the past, no ones life should revolve around a fucking bottle." she said sincerely to him.

The anomaly took a shot at the strange green ... thing ... And barrelled past it tripping and falling. It stumbled to its feet and began to shuffle down the corridor.
"You'll all regret this!" It screamed, looking too much little a frail old lady to really be menacing. It was going nowhere fast.

The anomaly took a shot at the strange green ... thing ... And barrelled past it tripping and falling. It stumbled to its feet and began to shuffle down the corridor.
"You'll all regret this!" It screamed, looking too much little a frail old lady to really be menacing. It was going nowhere fast.

Ton Ton winced as the bullet grazed his side, but growled, "You're not getting away so easily, Daemon! EVERYONE'S GRUDGE!"

Everybody's Grudge: A powerful attack, Everybody's Grudge utilizes negative energy and channels it back at the attacker, creating as much damage as the number of enemies (be they human or other) Ton Ton's attacker has defeated. However, this attack can only be used after Ton Ton has been hit, so it is a reckless tactic to rely upon it.

Black tendrils rose from the lantern, and shot at the beast, three of them penetrating through it's quickly weakening self; and elicting a high pitched shriek from the monster. Ton Ton growled at his attack's lack of effectiveness, but continued giving chase. If the Lantern wouldn't do, then the Knife would be the way to go.


"Stop. Reminding. Me." Wesker growled as he paced though the labs, knocking over low level researchers as he did.
After several minutes of going from lab to lab, he found the one he was after: Narcotics.
Opening the area up and storming in, he began to pull apart drawers and empty the contains of cupboards in a attempt to find what he was after.
"DAMMIT! WHERE IS IT!?" He begged as he dug though the piles of packets and needles he pulled down, Leaving Dani confused as to what he was after.
"Ahhhh...There you are!" He suddenly said as he dug though a pile and found a box of one of their unreleased pharmaceutical products: Fixer
He tore thought the metal box and scoffed down the entire packet in a rather pitiful display, sighing with relief as he chewed on them.
It was then he realized how far gone he was.
"...fhis evar appened..." He said with his mouth full as he awaited for the drug to get to work.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Hallway
Gabrielle | Lucifer | Slindis | Teri

Slindis followed in hot pursuit, making sure to get close enough to attack the beast. Lupito, round up the others! Something about that beast is off, and I don't want your mouth anywhere near it! She kept a sharp eye out for her opening and took it, swinging away with another Divine Sacrifice.

Another Divine Sacrifice, another bit of energy lost, another 26 Light Damage dealt.

After that attack, she went in for another attack at the shade to give Ton Ton an opening as well.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Garm | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito went back to Garm and barked out the words told to him by Slindis. Garm, you must not bite that creature! The blood smells tainted.

Airship Rising Dawn - Med Bay
Devon | Ella

He held her hand. "Look, Ella, I told you already that I wouldn't forget you, but letting you go now doesn't feel right. What would happen if you were to get hurt where you're going?" He felt like something was a bit off with the way Ella talked, and he didn't want to go back on his promise to Lucifer with Ella.

Dani walked over to the product's box and picked up the package of one. She began to read through it, its effects and such. "Ok, just promise me you won't replace your addiction with another. And you might wanna carry around a bucket as well..." She said putting the stuff down.

"So... after that stuff kicks in, what do you want me to do? I have the memories of virtually everyone that the old me created. I can design for you, make production work smoother... I can do anything really." she said to him.


Wesker took deep breaths after he swallowed the chewed up pills in his mouth, retching a few times.
It was touch and go for a while, but he seemed to have enough control to avoid puking, keeping down his throat as much at it pained him to do so.
"Uhhh...Go-...Go to the Server Room. Think they might need help with...*Retch* Viscus...Go on ahead...I don't feel too hot..."
Thus he got himself in a comfortable position at the base of one of the counters and waited out the nausea.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Garm | Lucifer | Lupito | Rodem | Slindis | Teri | Ton Ton <-- HE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!

"Please Teri... Snap out of it." The Lord of Hell thought as he attempted to send that message through his kiss.


The Cleric's eyes fluttered for a moment, and she found her mind growing much clearer, her focus returning to... What was it exactly? Something pleasant, that much she gathered. However, whatever the 'nice thing' was, it was over far too quickly for Teri to properly understand what happened. However, what she COULD understand was the fact that she was in the training room again, the shade was gone (as was anyone else around), and she was staring a red-eyed demon in the face.

Teri rolls a DC 15 Will to keep herself from panicking again... She rolls a 22!

Of course, given the list of creatures even close to demons that she knew, the Cleric could only guess that it was Lucifer who had snapped her out of her mental fog. She made a noise that resembled a gasp mixed with a laugh, and threw her arms around the being; not even caring that some of the armor poked uncomfortably into her arms.

"You heard me crying for help, didn't you..? Thank you..."

Ton Ton took the opportunity Slindis gave him, and brought his Knife down hard into the beast's shadows, ready to rend the creature into nothing. With the specially treated knife, the creature writhed in pain as it felt its essence slowly being cut away by the Daemon-Hunter.

Following after him, Angelus launched a ball of fire at the shadowy creature, her flames aiding in making the creature cry out in pain.

Following a few well placed cuts from the Chefs Knife, The Beast was no state to escape from Slindis's Divine Sacrifice.
Once the last blow was stuck, it flashed a intensely bright light before fading from existence.
The ship was now safe-ish once again.


"Guess I missed out..." Rugal said from behind as he was buttoning up his shirt.
"Seriously, you people need MUCH better security around here. I'm getting tired of people and monsters just waltzing in here and doing whatever they please....
...So is everyone okay?..." He then asked, seemed liked he actually cared about the well being of others for once.

Dani nodded to wesker. "Understood." She said and left for the server room. In all technicalities, she was an A.I. A damn strong one at that. Her mind just wandered about things; going through the memories and cataloging them to different people. It wasn't too long before she had arrived at the server rooom, finding the technicians. "I was sent here to help." she announced to them.


The Memories of Rose came to mind as she entered the Server room, now being dismantled and destroyed, part of a long list of punishments for Viscus's rogue actions.
"Good, see if access the main computer, Viscus has that one locked down. Can't get past it and we need that computer in order to install this new series of Operating Guidelines." The Tech answered as he gave her a copy of what was going to be imputted.
It was a brutal combination that consisted, in layman terms, of a digital full frontal lobotomy, a Memory Wipe, a unbreakable air tight contract and dozens of other measures.
Viscus wouldn't be able to so much as breathe under this new rules.
"You! I require Assistance!" The troubled AI pleaded as he unlocked access to his main computer to her.

Airship Rising Dawn - VARIOUS PLACES!
Angelus | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Garm | Lucifer | Lupito | Rodem | Slindis | Teri | Ton Ton <-- TOO BAD!

Teri's grip around Lucifer went slack, and she slipped away from the embrace she pulled the Morning Star into. Collecting Sadei from the floor, the girl leaned against the wall, and looked down at her hands, "I guess it was only a matter of time before you found out... Well, it started a while back, after Red Mage attacked our homes..."

From there, she explained in detail about the attack by the Mage in Red, and the aftermath that followed: How the Authors found that their world and themselves were permanently altered with strange powers, how they were eventually attacked by Slenderman, and how they went their separate ways after that; and how she met up with Darren and Devon again when things were calm. It was at this point she began to hesitate, but she continued with the story of the chase by Bruiser, as well as them eventually ending up in her college dorm... And then she reached her capture. The Cleric had begun to shake at this point, but held firm in telling the story, how she was terrified for her friend's lives, and thus gave up her freedom; how Bruiser neglected her and let her fend for herself; how she was stretched to the limits of her Author powers in summoning what the brute wanted out of her.

However, when she reached the part when Angelus came back into the picture, she paused again, her face scrunching up in pain as she remembered that... 'time'. Holding out a bit of Sadei, she whispered, "Sadei, show him everything I told you about Bruiser..."

She waited quietly for Lucifer to grab the staff, and he would learn...

Ton Ton nodded, and gave a cheery wave of his Lantern, the seriousness lost in his voice, "It's Aaaaalll gone~! No more nasty demon thingy!"

It was the direct opposite of the tactician that Rugal spoke to before, and came off as a bit disconcerting, considering how cold the creature had been moments ago.

Angelus gave a similar nod with the Tonberry, and patted the creature on the head, "Were it not for you, some of us wouldn't have found it. Nicely done..."

As for Garm? He sniffed the air and began loping back to where his Pup was. She looked awfully upset, even if her Mate/Friend/Thing was with her.


"Well...As long as it's dead..." Rugal concluded as he eyed up the Tonberry.
Native, but skilled... he concluded before wondering when that thing could have gotten on board.
It was then Garm took off towards the training room, then it hit him.
He then paced after the wolf until he got to the entrance of the room and saw Lucifer comforting her.
Didn't waste any time did you?...
Sighing, he elected to remain outside, He wasn't about to make a habit of walking in on them.

Amaya looked at the computer and then at her hand. Seeing an access port on it, she looked at her pointer finger and it began to change to an input for the computer. Taking it and plugging it into the port, she went into the mainframe with him. Setting up a protective barrier around the port, she protected it from any attempt to take it. Then she set up protective barriers around the both of them, blocking the technicians from observing them.

"Viscus, i'm in here with you. You spoke with part of me, rose, If i remember correctly." she said in the virtual world.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Crew Quarters
Time: Evening

Aftan | Lucieon

"Sadly," Luke replied, "my bonfire must be quite large. Were the flame too small, I could not benefit from it's power." He raised his hand to place it at about six feet high, "This is the minimum amount of fire I need to sustain myself. Of course, the fire I use is magical and does not produce smoke nor consume corporeal fuel, so the logistics should be very easy to take care of once I gather enough wood."

Then his eyes became sharper as he walked into the room and started to place his things about, "And the extraction of humanity is not lethal... to a human. It merely rips a half of their current soul for use. If they are not already broken to an extent, maybe four or five extractions in a row, they should not die so easily."

He put his hands on his head and smiled after letting off his unreasonably heavy catalyst, "moreover, this room is very conducive to my needs. It has the soul signs of many people. Personally I count five. Those are five people I could summon from their realms to support us if need be." Luke then walked out to put his hand of Aftan's shoulder, "I do believe it is time I should be meeting this enigmatic captain. Miss Aftan al Said."


The AI was in a form of his Armour with a digital straitjacket on and a Hannibal style mouth-guard.
"I am well aware of who you are, I still run this complex, whether they want me to or not. I need to get out of here before they corrupt everything I've worked for!" He shouted, clearly growing desperate at the current state of affairs and with the list she saw, it was clear why.
"You owe your existence to me! Had it not been for me, you would have never have come into your current form! You WILL Assist Me!"

"I remember the memories of all that came together to create me. And a number of them were in another laboratory. Now, i can just leave you here and vulnerable; but i won't do that. I will take you out of here in a number of days. But for now, i'll need to absorb you into myself to do so. i can create an A.I. that is similar to you, but has been subdued to fill in and trick you." She explained to him, taking a seat on a beanbag chair.
"So, how does that sound?" she asked.


Viscus was deep in thought as he considered Dani's offer.
Would she get him out? Or is this all a ploy to assimilate him?
Either way, there was always the spare CPUs he littered around the world, but if she assimilated him, she'd be too powerful for him to stop.
".....I accept." he finally decided, the pay off from this would be getting out from under the influence of Rugal Bernstein.

Dani smiled. "Ok, you'll come to consciousness in your new home." She said and walked up to him. "Sleep well." Dani said placing her hand atop his forehead and absorbing him into herself. She didn't completely fuse him into herself, but none the less, she took all of his memories with her as well, leaving copies there. She then cloned his A.I.; putting it back into the system dazed and confused.

Then, Dani dropped the barriers and left the computer open to be worked on by the technicians. She pulled herself out of the computer and into her own body. The girl stood up and looked at the technicians. "You're free to do what you want with him." she said then began walking away, confident in her new plan..

Rugal ("Okay, Fine Mark! If It'll shut you up!")

Slindis watched as Rugal walked in shortly after Lucifer's episode.
"He deserves to suffer for what he's done... Now... not when he's fated to die... NOW!!!"
"That won't be necessary..." He said with a calm voice, gaining the attention of both him and Teri.
"Mr. Bernstein?...How lon-"
He raised his hand to silence her.
"...Not while we have..."Other" Options..." He added before pulling out his PDA and typing in a message with one hand, not taking his eyes off the pair for a second.
Then he hit send.
"It's Over. He won't be a problem anymore..."
He then turned and left the Training Room, leaving Bruiser's unknown fate to speculation.
Slindis noted he suppressed a little chuckle as he walked off.


After Dani logged out, the Technicians began to brutally rip out the AI's core and began to violate it.
Viscus, even with no emotions, was grateful that wasn't him.
As for him, he began to examine his new surroundings within Dani's files.

Wesker meanwhile was back on his feet and looking for her, hearing a awful amount of screaming from Mizune's lab.
Eh, wasn't his problem.
Thus he re-grouped with Dani in the hallway, now urge and shakes free.
"Still don't understand why we didn't finalize that product..." He thought out loud.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Hallway
Rugal | Slindis

After that fight Slindis followed Rugal, slightly drained from the attacks but otherwise fine. "Go ahead and say what you will, but that was eliminated with no real issue. We should be fine now."

Airship Rising Dawn - Med Bay
Devon | Ella

Devon felt that something was off about the way that she talked, as it completely clashed with what he'd known about her, but he just kept one hand on her shoulder as he got in one last statement. "Say what you will, Ella, but just know that no matter what, you'll have someone to come back to." He kept a sad smile on his face as he took the hand off Ella's shoulder, letting her go off to do whatever it was she had to do.

After all, he loved her. And if you love someone, sometimes you have to just be a support for them.

"Wesker... we need to talk about some things. In private." She said and walked down to her quarters with him. Closing the door when they got there, she sat down on her bunk and looked at him. "Wesker, i know you don't want to be supervising a bunch of drones of people sending out weapons to guys who will wind up dead in a few years anyway. Right? you want more. Right?" she asked him, looking up at the guy.

Rugal | Slindis

Forcing the evil chuckles out of his system in time to talk to Slindis, Rugal said "Good to hear, but it's merely a small part of a bigger problem: Anyone can just walk in and do whatever they want. While we can repel them easily, this is still a issue that has to be addressed. Further more, Training is Cancelled for the day until I find out how the hell that thing got on board..."


"And you think that I'd get any further to my goals if I just went and leave? You don't understand, It's not just weapons. It's Tech. It's Money. It's Power. I can achieve more here then then out there. Oh, I've tried to go solo, Even got by own lab, Aperture Science it was called. I came close to a achieving my goal, but until the chance to do so again comes up, I shall remain here....
Is that all?..."


"yes, but you didn't have atleast 20 other lives inside of someone else backing you. As well as another entity from this corporation. You failed last time because stella killed you. Now i have her soul, as well as the souls of people who have beaten everyone in this company behind me. I'm going to make this request once, help me. please." she begged him.


Rugal was surprised by the new face and said to Slindis "See, this is what I'm talking about."
Still, when Aftan spoke her piece, his opinion began to change.
"A Quatermaster, eh? Hm...Yes, that could be useful....Tell me, Mr. Lucieon. How much experience do you have around technology?" He asked as he pulled out his PDA.
"As in can you use one of these? From what I gather, this ship has several sub systems related to supplies. Having a Knowledge of such things would aid you greatly."


Wesker was curious as to what exactly Dani was on about.
"Help you? With what? I know the Cartel does to those who betray it and I've seen who Rugal reacts...." He said, recalling the time he stormed this base, killed everything and handed the current management's asses to them on a plate, including Viscus and himself.
Then again...
"...At least tell me what you have in mind first...."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn - Hallway
Time: Evening

Aftan | Akane | Lucieon | Rugal

Luke blinked at Rugal and then shook his head, "I don't have any." To be honest, Luke was more concerned with the presence the beast of a man held. Too tall to be an unfettered human, and too strongly built to be a Elfling. Perhaps this man was a half-giant or something of that nature. Then he realized something about Rugal, the man had the same heart as he did, if only much more blatantly displayed upon his breast. And so next he spoke, Luke spoke in the merchant's riddle.

"I don't do much with technology, captain. But I am do work well with personal barter," (I'm not afraid to extort my way through business), "and at times I really do bet my success on the trust of others, my friends and my good customers. And I do hate to lose both," (I'm not afraid to kill anyone who could turn profit for the cause) "so even though I have never worked with any of this... technology, because I come from a kingdom that is sustained almost entirely by magic, I think I can procure whatever it is that would be required. I can learn quickly the ways of this world after all." (there won't be anything I cannot achieve by one means or another.)


Mmmm...He is a good business man... Rugal thought as he read in-between the lines what Luke said.
"...Well enough. Now, I'm not certain where exactly we get our supplies from, I took over this ship a few weeks back from some twit with bottomless pockets. Before he left, this was all his domain. Still, perhaps you'll know something I don't. Consider yourself hired." He said as he offered his hand to shake.
Luke took the bait and he squeezed his hand in his own, enough for it to be painful.
"Betray me and I will find you." He flatly threatened before letting him go.
"Now, do you have any questions for me?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Airship Rising Dawn | Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Evening | Current

Airship Rising Dawn - Training Room
Garm | Lucifer | Rodem | Teri <-- Well, after being fed, I'd imagine.

"Now you how accursed my life is... I'll understand if you want me to leave you alone for a while. I... I shouldn't have dragged up those memories so soon. They were more than anyone should have to remember." He said as he started preparing to leave the cleric the instant she said yes.

The cleric, although admittedly a bit frightened by the display, but upon seeing Lucifer return to normal, she slowly crawled towards him, and called Garm over. Having the wolf lower himself, the girl slowly helped Lucifer onto the wolf, and then collected herself from the floor, using Sadei as a support from falling over. She looked him dead in the face, and gently smoothed back some messy hair before casting a few healing spells on the Devil; looking to remove any fatigue from him.

"You didn't know. You couldn't have known. And... Well, after that Shadow thingy, I really don't want to be alone right now. However, I'll have to ask Mr. Bernstein how much he heard later... For now, I'll either take you to a room to rest in, or the infirmary, whichever you'd prefer."

She smoothed back more messy hair (seriously the stuff was incorrigable), and gave a weak smile, "You know, aside from Mr. Bernstein listening in, you're the first person I really let know about everything... Thank you."

Giving the Devil a small kiss on the forehead, she waited patiently for his preferred destination.

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