The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 7:30

Rugal watched as Slindis rolled out of the projectiles path, smirking with her ability to keep going after a blow like that.
What he didn't expect though was for her to use her Dragonmark to bring up a blinding fog, though he had to admit, it was a smart move.
"Ah! Extremely good move. Don't go pushing your luck though, proceed with Extreme caution." He warned as he saw the glow of the incoming fireball race towards him.
Not bad at all... He thought as he brought up his Dark Barrier.
The Hadoken hit the Barrier and was sent back towards the Drow as he attempted to follow it's path to get her location.

DC5 to dodge, Fog: -2 on all future Rugal Attack DCs while he's within it's AOE, Slindis is still out of Striking Range

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 7:00

Slindis jumped and did a heel slam on the ground by one edge of the fog, then sprung into a much quieter roll to the left of the impact while staying outside of the fog. From the sound of it, that blast earlier didn't do much to him, but if I could catch him off guard, it would open up a decent amount. Most anyone would call this training unorthodox, but a trial by fire was the best way for Slindis to learn.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 6:30

Rugal was easily able to see though Slindis's distraction, she was much too quick on her feet to make that much noise during movement, though props for creativity.
Thus he ignored the sound and proceeded to walk in the opposite direction until he was out of the Fog.

DCs back to normal

Once he was out, he began looking for his target, making sure to check his rear in case she was following him.
Finding nothing, he proceeded to edge around the Fog until he had regained sight of the Drow.
Gotcha... He thought as he shoulder charged at the Drow with great speed.

DC10 to Dodge, Slindis is not in Striking Range

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 6:00

She heard the attack coming from her side and tried to get out of the way of it but was too late: Rugal rammed her into the wall. "Gah~! It was clear that if she was going to try that again, she'd have to change it up. Even in hre pinned state, she threw a knee at the man's gut to try to free herself up.

Slindis is throwing out a knee to the gut! DC7 to ignore the attack.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 5:30

The knee did little against steel toned abs which had survived MUCH worse.
Getting a hand around Slindis's neck, Rugal held her both off the ground and into the wall.
"Shoulda aimed lower." He snarked before brutally showing her how to knee someone in the gut, several times in fact.
Had Slindis not been in the way, He could have dented the wall.
"Come on! If you can't win in a fist fight, what will you do to those who have swords and guns!?"
Once his demonstration was over, he flung the Drow across the room in the opposite direction before leaping up in the air for a large knee drop into her spine while she was down.

DC10 to Dodge, yadda yadda yadda

Caim, Melethia
Slindis held the longswords in both hands while she did the motions for the Sonic Boom, but it didn't get her much more than an odd look from Caim and a bit more of a workout. Perhaps the blades threw off the balance slightly, but she was intent on doing it until she got it right. The girl was darn persistent if nothing else. It would take a bit more than persistence to get this right, though.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 5:00

The combination was brutally efficient, and the knee drop didn't help things much. However, she was able to roll the man off and focused again as she tried to focus in on how she could turn this around. Okay, that hurt, but it doesn't mean you're out of this. It was clear that the attack had hurt her, but she began to focus until she started to draw the shadows of the room around her, cloaking her body as she focused getting a bit of space.

Slindis used 15 Ki to use Shadow Fade, adding a +5 bonus to evasion checks for the next minute of the fight. Ki left: 5.

Kalastryn teleports back onto the rising dawn after having a very... very long talk with the FEAR cleric that had helped them before. The cleric could not come with them as a construct from the stone, and began to fade away due to the lack of the stone to keep her... well you couldn't quite say "alive" but... in existence. She lands on the deck, from a much safer distance this time... a white ring in her palm, adorned with a strange symbol she couldn't recognize.

She tries to slip the ring on, and it sizzles for a moment. She had of course been told it would only be easily wielded by someone with a pure heart. The ring stopped it's protest after half a minute or so, once it had found Kala to be quite a pure heart and soul, despite the chains she bears on both. "well, she said it would serve as a good weapon, but I wonder what it does?" she asked to herself as she went into an empty training room to test exactly that.

She input in the computer just a few, rather easy targets... the computer screen came up with "Inadequate challenge detected"... but after the last time it said that, she wasn't going to let that happen, so she disabled that feature for a while. She focused rather intently on a sort of dual wielded Gatling gun, and after a few minutes there was a white, almost see through version of it in her hands, with the ammo pack on her back.

As it was actually an extension of her will, it was weightless and she began firing on the dummies, realizing after a few minutes that when they actually got hit it looked downright painful were it on a living target... but that was a rare case with it's accuracy. She then clapped the two guns together and the ammo pack shifted and built itself into a stationary manned turret with shielding in the front, and firing that way made it a lot easier to aim.

It was around that time Rugal and Slindis started their 10 minute showdown in a separate room. Kalastryn thought it best not to interrupt, and went off to the canteen to see if she could find anyone there.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 4:30

Much to his disappointment, Rugal managed to land his knee drop into Slindis's spine.
...Come on, you're tougher then that... His inner dialog said as he thought of a way to urge her on.
"5 Minutes....Not bad for a first time..." He taunted before the Drow managed to roll him off her and get back into the fight.
"Thatta Girl..." He let slip before he went in for another attack, opting for a flat out massive straight.

Before the move connected however, Slindis used Shadow Fade and became for the most part invisible.
"What the?....New trick, Slin!? Not bad, not bad at all..." He said as he began to scan the room for her presence, his fist glowing slightly as he checked for any sign of her existence.
She recognised this as the move he used back in the Temple, the "Power Wave", a simple ground based projectile much like the Reppu-Ken.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 4:00

She saw the power wave come out and easily sidestepped the blast before casting a few light healing spells to regain some stamina and faded back into view to Rugal's left in a bit better condition as she observed the man's attacks. Even though Rugal had gotten in some massive attacks, she just saw this as a way to learn more about the various ways to fight and her eyes showed that she wasn't going to stop just yet. If she did give in before the match was over, it would be incredibly disrespectful to the man that was giving her the best training she'd ever gotten.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Midday | January 2nd

Airship Rising Dawn - The Canteen

Devon | Ella

He went and ate some more of the ribs before answering. "Well, I dunno exactly what it was, all I know is that it related to Caim, that Furiae chick's related and possibly has the worst screech I've ever heard, and that redheaded dude looks like a total fucking tool. Still, is the food working for you or did you want something different?" It seemed that Devon had recovered, although the mood of the dinner was likely ruined.

"Heh, want to take the meal somewhere else so I can stop embarrassing the both of us?" He laughed more at himself botching the situation and hoped that he hadn't made a complete ass of himself.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 3:30

Once Slin was back in view, Rugal quickly capitalized on this and locked on his next attack.
"Not Bad! But a lot can happen in 3 minutes!" He shouted, thankful she weathered that beating.
Back to the fight, Rugal brought his fist down into the ground under him, going to cause a small blast around Slindis's feet.
Once that attack was done, he jumped over and went for a large fiery kick.

Two Rolls: DC 5 to dodge Seismic Hammer, DC10 to dodge Burning Kick


Bison glared at the pair of them, when he had offered to revive Furiae, this was not while what he had in mind.
"Humf! That was before you..."Parter" Here was kind enough to preform some layoffs...
The Viscus Drone Stays, I'm not taking any chances..."
He bluntly answered as he pulled out his PDA.
"As for you Ms. Fury-eh (Mis-pronounced), This should answer your question..." He said before handing it over to her.
It was the CCTV from the experiment.
(Let you decide how damning it'll be)

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 3:00

Slindis saw the shockwave coming and jumped over it. By this point, the Ten Minutes from Hell had given her what was needed to see that Rugal would follow up with another attack, so she decided to follow up with one she had seen earlier in the match:


It didn't have quite the same amount of energy behind it, but the attack should still catch the man off guard.

Rugal is being countered?! Roll against a DC10.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 2:30

Rugal rolled 5, ouchie!

...Wow...she's good Rugal thought before she used the Rising Rage Flash that he himself used earlier in the fight to counter his jump in attack, a pair of heels striking his jaw and causing him to fall flat on his back.
At this point it seemed less of a matter of her learning to evade and more her actually trying to beat him.
The second he processed this, he decided to stop holding back as he jumped back onto his feet.
"Most Impressive! Been a while since I had such a good sparring session. But lets. see you dodge this!" He called out as his hand began to glow blood red.
Slindis knew what it was, his Slashing Aura.
Things were about to get rough...

Once he was ready, He dashed in and let out a series of kicks followed by a huge downward chop.
If it connected, the best she could hope for was that only her outfit got cut.

Slashing Aura: +2 to all DCs, Cutting Effect added to all Rugal's physical attacks. DC12 to Dodge

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Midday | January 2nd

Airship Rising Dawn - The Canteen

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Puce | Ton Ton

Angelus shifted uncomfortably, and whispered, "It is not entirely my place to say in public. Perhaps in private I could speak with you about this? You know most of the situation with Furiae already, so you understand my need for discretion, right?"

Airship Rising Dawn - Crew Quarters


As the Cleric finished up the shower and turned off the water, she thought she heard the sound of yelling coming from outside her door, but she couldn't quite make out the words being said. With a light frown, Teri decided to do nothing about it. If it was an argument between the Devil and the Reaper of Souls, she wanted nothing to do with it. As she readied herself for bed with the usual rituals (brushing her teeth, drying her hair, etc), the glint of red-gold caught her eyes, and saw that she hadn't taken off the charm. If anything, it had to have been made of good stuff to not have been affected by the water. With an inquisitive thought, Teri waved a hand over the necklace, casting "Detect Magic" over it and focused for a few moments... To her surprise, she found 4 separate magical auras hidden within the item, and thought long and hard about what they could be...

Teri makes a bunch of Spellcraft checks! She gets the following results:

1st Aura: 25 - This spell is a Conjuration, Subtype: Calling spell.
2nd Aura: 16 - This spell is an Abjuration (protective) spell
3rd Aura: 21 - This spell is a Transmutation (skill enhancing) spell
4th Aura: 24 - This spell is an Abjuration (protective) spell

The Conjuration spell was probably what called him to her and Slindis' location, so Teri could easily write that one off of the pieces functionality. As for the other three enchantments...? Teri had no idea, but balked at the number of enchantments on the item anyway. Why would Lucifer give her such a thing? Although the enchantments were individually low power ones, hence her ability to decipher their schools so easily; the fact that they were all placed in one item made it a wondrous piece.

"I really need to thank him for this," she thought to herself, "That is, the next time we meet.."

The girl stopped herself when she thought that; 'next time we meet'? Why would she think that?! Giving herself a light tap on the head, her thoughts continued, "No... That's a silly thought. I'll probably never see him again. His job's done, whatever it was helping my brain out was for. With the Reaper right outside my door, there's no reason to assume he'll be back anytime soon."

Finally getting into bed, the Cleric gave the trinket ones last look before closing her eyes. Even if the gift was from a less than savory character, she couldn't help but admit that it was something to be appreciated.

Caim, Melethia

Caim watched Melethia's display in confusion, and asked again, "Hmn.. Maybe this is a bit more similar to what you're trying to do?"

Going to another one of the dummies, Caim slashed at it for a few moments, and in the midst of his combo, Melethia saw his weapon give off a flash of light, and then he released a shockwave of purple light, knocking the dummy in question off it's 'feet' and onto the floor.

Airship Rising Dawn Network:: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

Dimitri frowned, but kept going, "Forgive me for being impudent, Ms. Vermilion, but I am seeing that the life support systems are acting... off. Environmental regulation is several degrees below optimal temperature, food production is getting faulty... Little things of that manner. However, I am also finding in my attempts to alleviate this situation, I am being blocked... With the Angelic AIs eliminated by Viscus, and Viscus via us, I cannot help but think you might be involved somehow. So tell me the truth, Vermilion... Are you, and if so, why?"

The dropping of the 'Ms.' in addressing the AI had caught Vermilion's attention immediately. Dimitri was being serious, but his eyes were not unkind. Rather, they were hurt more than anything. For an AI built to serve, to have his partner in service go against such protocols must have been a conflicting set of processes for the butler.


Inuart watched in horror as Furiae looked at the PDA, the screams of her demonic form reverberating from the device as the footage went on. When the footage ended, Furaie's grasp on the device went limp, and looked at her hands in horror, "I did all of that? That was me in that footage?! Why I can't I remember it?! Why?"

Burying her face in her hands, the woman began to shake, the images from before flashing through her mind.

"What if I do this again?! Oh Gods help me!"


Inuart slowly tried to pat his frightened love on the shoulder, but recoiled when she cried out, "Don't touch me! Don't even look at me! I'm- I'm- I'm a monster!"

A choked sob gasped from the woman, and her shaking grew with each cry that fell from her. As she cried, the men began to notice something beginning to stir from underneath her gown....

As Kala was walked into the canteen and saw Ella and Devon having dinner, a nervous smile had crossed her face for but a moment. She really hoped Devon wasn't under Allure or anything, but overhearing the last bit of their recent conversation, she gathered that that probably was not the case. "Well hello you two... I guess this may not be a good time to interrupt..." she said to the pair. "But if I'm going to be working with the two of you I may as well know your names." she said rather politely, the white ring glowing slightly in Ella's presence. Kala wondered if it were sentient somehow, as it tended to glow and get a bit... heated... around unsavory creatures. Not that anyone would notice also, since they weren't looking, even Kala didn't... but the flames in the fireplace seemed to stand on end and point like a needle of some sort directly towards Kalastryn. She didn't even notice, but she was about to gain unrivaled power over flame, more-so than she already had.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 2:00

Slindis rolled a 7...

The effect of Rugal rushing in with the combo had Slin instinctively guard her organs. This is what people in the business of killing things calls a Good Thing, since it sliced through the cloth and left decent sized gashes in her arms instead of the much more gory alternative. The pause after the last attack was a flawed one, though, as what would have been an overhead slash through a collarbone instead had the man slashing through thin air as the last bits of the Shadow Fade from earlier kicked in on that exact moment, giving the Drow time to leap back to give her a good amount of space between herself and Rugal. Although she couldn't even hope to copy that aura, she could still pick up a good bit from how the man went to close the space and see how she could counter that.

Slindis made space between herself and Rugal.

Caim, Melethia

She shook her head. "Nah, that doesn't give the ranged option. Only thing is that I've never seen one of my weapons flash like that before, though. Whatcha gotta do to have that happen?" Melethia's eyes glinted when she saw the attack. Learning it would give her another option in close range combat, making her that much more versatile. However, she hadn't really shown Caim how she fought yet in the room, and there was no guarantee that he'd seen her fighting at the Temple.

Kalastryn | Devon | Ella

He gave a fairly polite wave to the Tiefling with sauce on his fingers. "Kalastryn, I'm Devon and the woman with me is Ella. Believe me, there's worse ways to have interrupted the meal." For someone that had thrown the world of Eberron on the path to destruction, he seemed like a fairly calm man. The mouthwatering smell from the kitchen indicated more ribs were on their way, but it seemed the two were almost done with the meal.

"Do you want the rest of the meal on its way? It's quite good"

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 1:30

Rugal nearly lost his balance as he over committed to the final strike, allowing Slindis to slip away and get some space.
Mentally he was counting down the seconds left, it wasn't a lot so he wanted to ensure that she fought for every single one of them.
As she examined her cut marks, The Drow looked and saw Rugal bracing for a massive attack.
"KAISER!..." He shouted as he gathered energy.
"WAVE!" He finished as a huge fireball the size of a car and just as fast raced towards her.

DC7 to dodge

Bison watched the woman's breakdown in full and as a result was the first to notice the first stages in her mutation.
"What!? Again! Viscus! Sedate her!" He ordered as the drone raised his hand and fired point blank into her chest.
"NOOOOO!" Inuart cried as the armour fired a kind of gun at her with enough force to stun her on impact.
[STATEMENT: OBSERVE THE SUBJECT.] the machine blindly answered as he pointed to the woman.
Inuart looked and saw her pick some kind of dart out of her gown as the movement underneath her subsided.
"AIM Brand Power Suppressor. I'm sorry, but until we full understand her triggers and her "Other Side", we cannot allow her outside this ward. Dr. Cortex will be with you all soon. Once you two are finished catching up: Get back to work..." Bison coldly explained before leaving, The Viscus Drone staring lifelessly at the pair.


"No thank you, I'm not really all that hungry. Anyway... after I gave you probably one of the harshest slaps I gave in my life... I've been thinking that I don't really know your point of view on utterly destroying the world I lived in... care to share?" she asked... not to seem rude and try for one of said ways to more rudely interrupt their meal... but more out of geniune curiosity... and maybe a bit of frustration on not being able to comprehend the situation from only her point of view.

"I won't blame you if you don't want to dwell on it... I'm trying not to dwell myself... but I can't really put the pieces back together if I don't know what the puzzle looks like, if you catch my drift." she said to maybe soften his conscience on the subject before he answered. slightly more noticeable now, the fire started getting hot enough that Devon could feel it across the room as if he was sitting directly next to it.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 1:00

Slindis was able to jump out of the Kaiser Wave in a way that allowed her to keep out of the way of the immediate charge as she kept a very sharp eye on the man, trying to keep an eye on his movements and see what she could pick up. It was extremely likely that he'd go for a pin if he got close, and she didn't want to give him the chance.

Ella | Devon | Kalastryn

He looked at the ground, clearly not too happy with himself for what had happened to Eberron. "Kalastryn, I never intentionally wanted to destroy your home. Hell, it was one of the most unique places I've ever seen. That's probably as useful to you as an asshole on an elbow, though. Still, no matter what, it happened and I owe a debt to you, Slindis, and Melethia. I start getting mopey, go ahead and hit me with something."

Ella looked at Kalastryn with a somewhat angry glare. "What's the deal with ruining me and Devi's meal, Tiefling?!"

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 2:00

Caim, Melethia

"Hmn.. I never really have to think about it, but I'll see what I can do. I'll have to warn you know, I'm not the best teacher."

And so, Caim tried to explain to Melethia the idea of building up magical energy in a blade, "Maybe it's just a thing from my world, but when a blade is used in battle, it gains a charge of sorts. This charge enable a user to properly use the magic that the blade was enchanted with. It shows up in two ways. The first is simple enough, it's the magic granted to that weapon, like that lightning you saw earlier. The other is a bit more universal. As opposed to using the latent magic of the blade in question, you use that energy to knock your opponents back instead. This manifests in a couple of different ways..."

He swapped out a few weapons in the Wheel to demonstrate. For some, the shockwave was around the warrior, in others, it sent a wave in a single direction.

When he finished, he looked back to Melethia, "It probably functions differently from casting spells, but I think you get the general idea. It's a process of gathering that battle energy and using it in one burst. It doesn't last long; but it regenerates quickly. Do you understand so far?"


After Bison left, Inuart gave Furiae's hand a light squeeze, "I understand this is extremely stressful for you; and I've probably haven't help along either. However, do know that I'm here for you; and I'll do anything in my power to make this transition easier for you. Please do what the doctors say, and do your best to stay calm... As far as I can tell, when you're upset, the beast seems to stir."

Furiae gave Inuart a small glare at that, but the bard continued, "I desereved that... But.. Furiae, these people will try to help you along to control this. But please, do your best to remain calm. Don't give them a reason to attack, for they're not as forgiving as I am... And... I'm sorry that this happened the way it did. Had I had known this process would have had the effects it did, I probably would have found a different way to restore you. Unfortunately, I have to go now, but I'll return as soon as I can, alright? You're not alone here..."

After giving that hand one final squeeze, Inuart got up and slowly walked away, his gaze not leaving his love's conflicted face till he left the area.

As for the former Goddess? She merely stared at the machine watching her like a hawk, and mulled over all the things going on at that moment; her fear being replaced with confusion. What was going to happen to her now? Inuart had been a kind enough guide in this new and strange world, but that did not mean she understood everything going on around her.

captcha: Easy as cake

"This can't be too hard for you kid, you make magic stuff. Certainly you know how to channel that magic?"

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 0:30

Time to finish this... Rugal thought as he focused on closing the gap between him and Slindis.
Basically sprinting at this point, he quickly closed the gab she worked so hard to widen and was now back within Striking Range.
The Drow, like him, was counting down the seconds as she easily evaded a few halfhearted jabs from her trainer.
"Right, watch out for this..." He said before feinting a mid attack to view her reaction as well as psyche her out.
"Here it comes..." again as he feinted a high punch.
"You ready!?" Rule of three as he entered the Kaiser Wave stance.

Then the real attack showed itself, the coup de grace: "GENOCIDE! CUTTER!"
A extremely fast and powerful rising kick imbrued with his Slashing Aura and aimed dead on at Slindis.
All she had to do was either dodge it or block it, either way she just had to last a little longer...



Ella looked at Kalastryn with a somewhat angry glare. "What's the deal with ruining me and Devi's meal, Tiefling?!"

She sighs and looks to the two of them... then chuckles a bit. "forgive me madam, I did not mean to intrude. Also Devon... hit you? No, I already got out what I needed to in the temple. Besides, I hate to admit it but as much as that place was my home... it was more often than not no more kind to me than hell would be to you. So as bad of an ending it is, I'm at least a little glad that chapter is at a close. You need know however... Slindis or Melethia may blame you... but I for one do not.

she again apologizes to Ella for the intrusion... but between her clearing her mental demons, forgiving Devon, and coming to the realization she might not go to hell after all, the flames in the fireplace seemed to fly rapidly at Kalastryn... swirling around her and then seems to be absorbed into her hands... which then light themselves with glowing white fire, so hot it makes Devon a bit uncomfortable... then it fades. It would appear she found some newfound power from these recent developments...

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: :15

The attack came at the Drow too fast to dodge, so she just braced for impact as the kicks shattered her guard. To say the attack hurt would be an understatement to the sheer force behind it. For many others, the amount of damage it inflicted would kill them outright. However, Slindis got up out of a sheer force of will. "...We're...not...done...yet..." It was here that Rugal saw one of the great strengths Slindis had: no matter what, she would keep going at something until she had seen it done. And although it seemed impossible that she was still living, she was standing right in front of him with a fierce pride in her eyes.

Rugal's training had served to awaken the potential she would have never shown had she kept fighting in the way she did, and she raised battered and torn up arms to show that she wouldn't back down or disrespect Rugal by giving in.

Caim, Melethia

She nodded. "It makes sense, Mister. Wanna check one of my blades to see if it's not just them messin me up?" Melethia handed over the crackling longsword which was more of a shortsword to the man, and he found that she'd made it with exquisite balance.

Devon | Ella | Kalastryn

He looked at the flames that had surrounded Kalastryn and slowly got ready to leave. "Well, Slindis doesn't want to kill me and Melethia seems to get on well enough with me. And whether or not you liked it, it was your home. You had family and friends there. Keep the memories close to you, because in the end, that's all you really can keep about them." The way he spoke made it completely clear to Kalastryn that Devon was speaking from experience.


"That may be the case Devon... but also, It may not be... I survived, and so did Slindis and Mele... I very highly doubt we were the only ones who escaped." The flames now completely disappeared. "And again, you've my apologies for intruding on what I assume is a date with your... friend... there. Anyway I'll be going now so you can continue without my interruption again" She says as she stands up from the chair and walks off to her room... where she collapses on her bed, very quickly getting to sleep.

Rugal, Slindis : Time remaining: 0:00

Rugal soon landed after his attack, noticing first off that there was blood on his leg from where the move connected with the Drow.
He frowned as she seemed to have failed at the final stretch.
He looked over and was pleasantly surprised to find Slindis still standing, if barely.
A quick examination found that the Genocide Cutter had slashed her arms deeply from where she tried to block it.
However, as her guard was broken, she also had a rather nasty cut on her chest and a smaller one that ran along her neck, barely shallow enough to not be fatal.
For the remainder of the time, they stared at each other as she bled, each waiting for the last few seconds to pass.

A alarm singled the end of the session, allowing Rugal to start tending to Slindis.
He saved the words of praise for even surviving that for until her bleeding was brought under control.
"Okay, okay, lend me your hands or you'll bled out..." He said as he sat the victor down on the down so she could rest and catch her breath as he tried to fix her up.

"Right, how did this go again..." He said as he rubbed his hands together before holding them above her arms.
Nothing happened.
"Come on, come on..." He said as he focused, clearly he wasn't one to do healing spells often.
As a bead of sweat rolled down his brow, the first she'd seen in this entire fight in fact, his hands glowed slightly as her arm cuts began to seal themselves up much to his relief.
In case he forgot to explain, he said "Something I picked up from your other half. Hold still, this is harder then it looks..." before moving onto her other cuts.


Minutes passed with no word of either this "Dr. Cortex" or anyone else for that matter.
This gave Furiae time to more deeply process what had happened over the last hour, coming back to life, her attack, everything all under the watchful eye of her guard, Viscus.
".....Who are you?...." She asked, seeing how either he nor she were going anywhere, it'd be nice to talk to someone.
Trouble was, Viscus was not really one for words.
"...Wh...what are you?..."
Again no answer as the AI now running it couldn't speak properly.
"...What about my brother?....His name is Caim...Have you seen him?...."
Even if Viscus wanted to answer that, he couldn't.
" he dead?...."
Thus the loneliness of her situation began to set in as she turned over in her bed and tried to rest, anything to take her mind off the nightmare she seemed to be in.

Sometime later

After an unknown amount of time passed, during which she dozed off, Cortex finally arrived, hovering in on his repaired hoverboard.
"Good Morning, Ms...Furiae....Mm, no second name listed here. Oh well, no matter. Now, my Co-worker Bison, Red Uniform, Hat, dead eyes, said you had a minor Mutagenic Episode after that mess in the Test Chamber. Now rest assured, I'm the best there is in my field, which is everything from atomic science to veterinary medicine and I'm certain I can find something to remove or suppress these episodes." He kindly explained as he took note of the contents of some IV Drips.

"But first, I have to ask: How exactly did you come to obtain such strange powers? Might help my research."

Rugal, Slindis

She kept her focus as she placed her hands over the injured neck, casting a Cure Moderate Wounds spell to seal the wound on her neck. "...that was some of the best training I've ever had, Rugal. I know I may have gone too far in the match, but what was I going to learn by fleeing? I wish I'd lasted a bit longer in it, though." Due to the cloth on the left arm being torn in multiple spots, Rugal could see the markings on her arm that had the same coloring as her hair. If it wasn't for the Ki being intertwined with the markings, it would have been easy to mistake it as an extremely well-made tattoo.

At the same time, she hadn't been touching the Mark for more than an anchor to use the more advanced techniques.

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal noticed the Marking and thought back to the Temple when that false version of Slindis bore the exact same, though she was more..."Open" (Under-statement of the year) about showing it.
"That is the point of training, to push limits and to learn. To actually punch properly." He gently teased as finished her arms, gently rotating them to check his handiwork as well as to get a better look at her Mark.
"Still, Most impressive on your part, especially with the Rising Rage Flash around the 3 minute mark. You are a very fast learner, no more like myself." He continued as looked up at the slash across her chest.
"Though I was really hoping you'd dodge that last attack..." he admitted, his expression growing a little sad for a moment there.
"Now then, please don't go taking this the wrong way..." He warned to her confusion before he held his healing hand above her chest, the cut soon sealing up as a result.

Rugal, Slindis

As Rugal healed up the last attack, she laughed. "I know about that final attack, but the move just came out at such an incredible speed. I don't know many that could have lived after taking that kind of attack, but I've had to live with much worse." Although the situation was a bit awkward, she knew that Rugal was aiding with the healing.

"I'll do my best to improve on what you showed me, though. Any less would be disrespectful to you."

Rugal, Slindis

Rugal felt his ego get massaged, something he always enjoyed, but rather then the standard "I'm the best at everything!" vibe, it was more quiet pride.
"Ahhhh yes...The Genocide Cutter. That move has seen me to victory time and time again, against flesh and steel. Never fear a man who has done 10000 kicks once, but the man who did 1 kick 10000 times." He said as he was careful to not bring his hand in too close.
"And don't go doing it for me, but for yourself. While I appreciate the thought, at the end of the day, you are still using these moves to fight and the other guy won't be kind enough to help you get back up..."
Soon, he was done and her cut was sealed without any scarring, not bad for someone who only learned the spell a day ago.
"Now then, can you stand?" He asked as he offered her a hand up.


Furiae took a deep breath to calm herself with the appearance of the strange doctor; reminding herself that she was in a strange world with monsters, oddly shaped people, and what have you; and spoke with a soft voice,

"As far as I understand from Inuart, I was placed within a construct called the Seed of Resurrection. As far as I remember from the myths and legends from our world, they are said to either herald the destruction or rebirth of mankind... As far as I can tell, placing me within it has cause the former rather than the later to our world..."

She paused for a moment, mulling over the events of a few hours prior, and spoke up again, "Doctor, do you know of a man named Caim? He's a bit taller than I, does not speak, and wields a black blade with matching armor. He is my brother. I am afraid to ask Inuart because the two have had a long standing feud with one another. Not that I am ungrateful for being brought back, but if I knew about anyone else from our world being here, I-..."

She looked away, her intentions being very clear. She was still lost and scared in this new world; and desperate for some semblance of familiarity.

Rising Dawn - Living Quarters

Teri awoke after some time of slumber, and after a quick status report from Dimitri, found that the Time Bubble about her had finally been dispelled while she slept. With a stretch and a yawn, Teri found that her various bits of equipment had been cleaned as she slept, another task that could be chalked up to her AI's devotion to his mistress. Taking her time getting herself decent, Teri placed the gloves and the goggles lent to her by Melethia with the intention to return them, and wandered to the Canteen. She had intended to only grab something portable, as the girl wanted to get to her post; where she suspected she'd have some time alone to think. A lot had happened in a few days, and the Cleric wanted to be able to piece things together and try to make sense of everything.

Although the encounter with her... Well, Teri decided to revert to Persona terms and decided to call it her 'Shadow'; it made things easier to define. After her encounter with her Shadow, Teri did admit to feeling a bit lighter, but she still felt confused about her encounters with Lucifer, Rugal, and her feelings regarding her subsequent deaths of the Preacher and the Angels. Perhaps when she felt ready to talk to someone (which would probably come after food in her stomach and some time to sort out her feelings), things could make a bit more sense. Grabbing a bowl of Cheerios and a water bottle from the Canteen, Teri made her way to the Med Bay, and to her surprise, saw a familiar Pokemon sitting on one of the beds expectantly. With a small noise of from the back of her throat, Teri's Tablet went off: "Ms. Jenny! Erm.. Not trying to sound rude, but what are you doing here?"


Cortex flipped open his Notebook and made a memo about Furiae's past revival, circling and underlining the "Seed of Resurrection" part.
"So it's a Arcane Magic Enchantment then? Rest assured, I might be a priest but I know how to get rid of a Demon." He said, showing excellent bedside manners for a Mad Doctor.
He then froze for a moment once she asked for Caim and seemed to grow un-comfortable.
"...You are his Sister!?" He exclaimed, clearly taken aback by this.
"You know him!?" Furiae asked, the first bit of possible good news all day.
"...Well....I know of him. I met him once, travels around with a Dragon named Angelus and a few others who call themselves the Rising Dawn. They go about saving the world and what not, actually they're doing that right now but that's another story..."

Cortex then looked over his shoulder and leaned in closer to whisper "Be very careful who you tell that fact to. Now I wasn't around for most of it but there is some very bad blood between your brother and the higher ups at this facility. So long as you keep it to yourself, you should be okay, but if you just start throwing his name around..."
He didn't finish.


After finishing her soup and prying herself away from Akane's warm embrace Jenn-
"*AHCOO!* *Sniff* Uhhhh this horrible cold. Wonder if there is anything in the medical bay?..."
And that was basically it, she went to the Med Bay to find some medicine for her cold.
Least before Teri walked in and saw the Pokemon.
Despite what happened to her, she seemed alright aside from a slight shiver every now and again, a side effect of her chilling.
"Mm?....I'm sorry, Have we met? Oh, I was just looking for some cold and flu medic-*ACHOO!* I can get rid of this *Sniff* Cold of mine....Do you work here? Just, I don't recalling meeting you, how do you know my name, Miss?..." She asked the author, nothing her strange Cleric Uniform.


Furiae deflated a little when she heard Cortex tell of her brother having a bad reputation with the members of this facility; but was still felt a bit of hope in hearing that her brother was indeed alive and in this world. With a small smile, Furiae gave the doctor a quiet thank you as he continued scribbling notes down about her condition. Perhaps she had found a (somewhat) friendly face in this compound after all? At the very least, she knew her brother and his dragon companion were indeed here, and that alone was enough to elevate her spirits in this dark place.


Teri silently kicked herself for being so forward about Jenny's name, realizing that the Pokemon didn't know her at all; even if the Author knew plenty about her. Thus, she decided to go for a different approach, and as she wandered to the medicine cabinet and pulled out the appropiate bottle for the Pokemon, "Apologies if that seemed a little creepy, Miss, but when you find out someone's come back from the dead, it's not easy to forget their face or their name; especially when a raging dragon is calling out for you. As for your question, I am Teri, a Cleric of God and on ship medic to the Rising Dawn. My Master and Senior Officer is Slindis, who you may or may not have met already met. You know, tall woman, grey skin, redhead?"

Jenny noticed that as Teri 'spoke', she found that the voice in question did not come from her mouth. No, the girl's lips didn't move at all. Rather, on a strap from her shoulder was attached a Tablet PC, and from that, a voice emitted from a speaker. Strange, but Jenny noticed that her long-time ally Caim had a similar device. Another mute? Either way, the Pokemon couldn't help but feel a calming sensation wash over her as the Cleric fussed about in the Med-Bay, setting down her makeshift breakfast as she got Jenny a glass of water to go with the medicine. Whoever this girl was, her intentions seemed true enough, and the kindness in her words was a genuine thing.

Caim, Melethia

Caim tested out the blades, giving each a routine set of sword strokes to follow through before shrugging, "These blades seem perfectly fine to me. As I said before, the technique I showed you is about building up raw energy, and then using it in a burst of sorts. I've been doing this for some time, so it's not really easy to teach someone how to do it. It'd be like asking a fish to teach someone how to swim. When the fish has been doing it for so long, it just becomes part of their nature... And, as I mentioned before, it could easily be a property of how the weapons in my world were made, or how magic worked there. I don't sense any enchantments in your blades that are as aggressive as the ones in mine. Your's, although wonderful blades in their own right, are passive constants. They stay that way. The magic in mine needs that same buildup and activation to work the magic in them or to use the shockwaves..."

Caim gave Melethia back her weapons as he switched back to his familial blade, "Doesn't mean you can't try again. Come on, one more time."

Rugal, Slindis

She accepted Rugal's hand and got up, worn out and battered but clearly alive and kicking. "That's also a good point, but the techniques I learned today will help me a great deal later on. But more importantly, I'll need to sew these clothes back together. I may not have used it recently, but it's one of the small things that I picked up." Her face showed more than a small amount of embarrassment with some of the more unfortunate areas that the Genocide Cutter had hit.

Devon | Ella | Kalastryn

Devon held Ella tightly and hugged her. "So, there's no way that I can really help you with this? I've already promised fifty years of my afterlife to someone, but if there was a simpler way that I could help you now, I would be for it." He didn't know it, but the way that the man was so genuine despite having been in Hell made it easier for the two to be near each other.

Caim, Melethia

She nodded as she took the blade back. "Well, Mister, mosta the blades you've got feel a bit weird, if ya know what I mean. Like there's some weird story behind each of them..." She began delivering slashes to the dummies, and of special note to Caim was that each spot the girl got was something that would be a confirmed kill slash - through the neck, into the chest cavity, across the gut and between the legs.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Midday | January 2nd

Airship Rising Dawn - Crew Quarters

Jack | Lucifer
Jack stayed silent, letting the Devil work out his issues. He sighed once, deciding it was best not for him to meddle in the Fallen One's affairs outside of work. He debated leaving a note with his pager number for the Cleric, but decided not to. Even if he failed at his chance to love in life, how was he qualified to take another's chance away?

As Lucifer stepped through the portal he heard a whisper on the wind. "I'm sorry...Good luck..."

Jack had already vanished himself. More work was ahead of him, thanks to Tomoya.

Jake awoke from his nightmares drenched in sweat. Grumbling, he staggered into the shower and let the hot water wash the grime away. 10 minutes later he was dressing himself, in Australian camouflage, as it just felt better than the material the US cams were made out of. He finished up by gearing up, webbing, pistols, rifle and sword. "I should really stop by the armoury and grab a bigger damned gun..." he mumbled.

A quick stop by the canteen and he had a sammich, and he snuck out to wander the ship. 10 minutes of wandering and one finished sammich later he found himself down by the training rooms. Seeing two of them already occupied, he walked a bit further along looking for an empty one, hoping none of the occupants wold notice him through the windows.

His luck was pretty shit though.

The Kitsune bid Jenny farewell as she went off to find some medecine. She had helped and that was excellent, and Jenny was alive. Smiling genuinely, she returned to her Knights by the couches and the sake. Needless to say, a very jealous Gabrielle near instantly jumped at Akane's tails.

And there was nothing wrong with that, the Kitsune thought.


After several more minutes of questioning, Cortex finally came up with a treatment for Furiae's Demonic side.
"Okay, Now I'll need more time in order to get a permanent cure for your condition, but I can give you something to keep it in check." He explained as he flicked back a few pages in his notebook for a drawing he did.
After finding it, he showed the Ex-Goddess a page with strange kind of metal bracer with needles in it.
"It is a portable IV drip, filled with the Power Suppression Serum our metal friend there "Applied" to you during your minor episode. It will ensure a constant supply of the serum will be flowing though your system. While it will require re-filling every now and again, it should do the trick until I can find another way."


Jenny thought back to that woman from Dillon's Wedding as she examined the cold medicine.
"Oh yes, I remember her. And you're her student then?" she asked before taking a few tablets with the glass that Teri had provided.
"Still, guess I did give everyone a bit of a fright...I mean, I still don't know how it happened. I just woke up while I was in the Morgue freezer..." she explained, instinctively warming her arms at the thought of it.
It was around this time she noticed the fact she had a Tablet do the talking for her.
"...Might I ask why is it you use a computer to speak?" Just if it's easier for you, we can talk like this... She asked, switching to Mental Speak halfway though her question.


Slindis's comment brought back a nagging issue Rugal forgot to bring up.
"Indeed, I was actually meaning to ask about that. Just why the sudden switch from Swordplay to Martial Arts? From Armour to Robes? I know for a fact that you are extremely talented with a sword or two so why pick up a completely different style of combat now? Not that it was a poor decision, you clearly have a bright future as a Fighter, but it was still an interesting change..." He asked as walked over to his jacket to recover his PDA.
"...Also, if you feel the need..." He added, offering her his suit jacket just for leaving the training room.

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